Friday 09.13.19


Featuring Forbidden Denimeries, Julia Heueur, Vanessa Schindler, Yvy and our dear friend Julian Zigerli

Wednesday 09.11.19


Can't wait for 2020...

Tuesday 09.10.19

Backstage at Helmut Lang S/S 2020

Monday 09.09.19

Bushwig NYC 2019 Day 2

Sunday 09.08.19

Bushwig NYC 2019 Day 1 – Pt.2

Saturday 09.07.19

Bushwig NYC 2019 Day 1 – Pt.1

Wednesday 09.04.19

Julian Zigerli F/W 2019 – Ring My Bell

Prints in collaboration with Swiss artist & textile designer Christoph Hefti

Friday 08.30.19

Jake Bain

From the locker room to limelight

Whether you first encountered him as a smoldering Instagram model, an excitable guest on The Ellen Show, or an openly queer Division 1 footballer, Jake Bain likely left an impression. When the square-jawed athlete came out to his peers at a 2017 high school assembly, local and national media outlets quickly took notice. In a matter of months, the Missouri based footballer was launched into national relevance on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. In the midst of all this, Jake found the time to meet up with the photographer, Alex Marsh King, for a refreshing moment in Fern Glen, Illinois.


After having spent a year playing collegiate football at Indiana University, the 20 year old is currently taking a gap year to focus on activism and modelling. Though based in St. Louis, he has momentarily relocated to L.A. and from the looks of his instagram, he’s living. During our conversation, he opened up about his goals as an activist and his thoughts on the barriers faced by queer people today.


If nothing else, Jake believes in the power of positivity. During our conversation, he stressed the importance of encouraging young people to express their sexuality and accept the sexual identities of others. Through doing so, he hopes to create communities where young queer people feel comfortable coming out to their friends, family, and community. At the moment, Jake believes that the queer community’s principal challenge is the overwhelming negativity that many feel towards LGBTQ+ people. He believes positive representation in the media is the best way to fight this stigma. …

Wednesday 08.28.19

Gayflower: It’s Britney, Boat

With music by Ty Sunderland and Dicap — Hosted by Linux, Terence Edgerson, Ruby Fox, Austin James, Remy Duran, Airik Hendersōn, Matt Kays and Matte Giv McMahon

Monday 08.26.19

Fancy at No Bar

A brand new party presented by Rify Royalty — with performances by Patti Spliff and Serena Tea

Wednesday 08.21.19

BE CUTE celebrating Juku’s Birthday!

Featuring performances by Juku, West Dakota, Magenta and Tinkerbell

Friday 08.16.19

The Rest of it: Hustlers, Cocaine, Depression, and Then Some, 1976-1988 by Martin Duberman

Hustlers, cocaine, depression and then some — quite a weekend, but also the subtitle to The Rest of It, an autobiography from acclaimed biographer, historian and activist Martin Duberman. In particular, Duberman focuses on 1976 – 88, the darkest, most difficult period of his life. His book offers an intimate view of the intense personal struggles that ran parallel to the professional successes for one of the LGBTQ movement’s most important figures.


It opens with depression, the void Duberman fell into after the death of his mother. From there, in search of inclusion, acceptance and some kind of solace, Duberman careened among various therapies, eventually returned to the theater, and overindulged in the titular hustlers and cocaine. Drugs, sex and an extraordinary book deal temporarily lifted him out of despair, before a massive heart attack and growing depression pushed him into rehab and a reevaluation of his life.


Duberman paints a raw, honest portrait of his struggle to find balance between his desire for excess and his burgeoning career as a history professor and prominent gay activist. He doesn’t shy away from the undignified aspects of his life, nor in the gossipy passages do his gay, activist and literary co-conspirators go unnamed (Gore Vidal, Norman Mailer, Vivian Gornick and Kate Millett each make an appearance).


When this chapter of Duberman’s life comes to a close, he is working to found the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) at the City University of New York, the country’s first university research center dedicated to LGBTQ issues. …