Friday 12.15.17


Ho Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!

Universally infamous and an inspiration to baby prostitutes everywhere, Willam Belli is back with a new music video for the Christmas season that’s sure to land her on the naughty list. A parody of the iconic ho anthem “Once Upon A Time” by Mariahlynn, Willam’s song Ho Ho Ho Ho tells the tale of one lucky lady’s close encounters with the most generous man of legend: Santa. Throughout the bitter months of decay in the wind-tunnel also known as Manhattan, I keep myself going with the insight imparted to me by legend, icon, and total star, Cardi B: a ho never gets cold.” While I can promise you that sometimes a ho definitely does get cold, in this song Willam affirms Cardi’s wisdom by detailing the many hot gifts to come from Santa’s sack — money, cookies and a questionable serving of milk.


In the video, Willam is a vision in red and denim. The look is at least halfway Christmas inspired and tinged with a familiar dominatrix touch. She might have been going for a Louboutin endorsement by becoming… a red bottom. Willam exercises that sometimes the point is to wear not anything at all, and of course, bill your promiscuous expenses. Unfortunately, viewers are asked to sign in to watch due to YouTube’s age-restrictions.  The uncensored (and super spicy) version, however, is available on Willam’s Patreon page for the staggering $1 dollar. You won’t see Willam’s milk and cookies, but the sexy cast of dancers and Santa himself leave you with plenty to unwrap. …

Party: 11:11 — Holiday Reunion Special

I got a good laugh when I saw Ladyfag post the flyer for her 11:11 Holiday Reunion Special. For those who don’t know (maybe you’re a new gay), 11:11 was Ladyfag’s weekly Friday night gig on the Lower East Side that ushered some of nightlife’s now most-famous faces through it’s doors. Honey Dijon was resident DJ for a while, Sussi used to host before she moved to London to work Gucci parties, and everyone’s favorite flawless queens Aquaria and Amanda Lepore kept the haunt in their party repertoire up until the party’s very end. In the spring we heard 11:11 was no more, which was sad but also forgivable, considering summer was starting and all of the outdoor functions were taking off. I’ve mouthed off to a few people at this party and rolled my eyes at a model I booked for forgetting my name. What am I saying here? The party is ego-friendly and ego-encouraged. Ladyfag brings out the most camp people the world has yet to see. Getting photographed by GAYLETTER at a Ladyfag party is honestly a riddle for fucking success. Head to our party library on the .com to see some of the parties past, and take a gander at the models and industry insiders you’ll be boozing and bumping with. For the reunion special, Lady has booked some of the party’s favorite DJs from seasons past, including Christy Love and Michael Magnan (who started the party with her). As for your hosts, the gangs back in town. Expect to see La’Fem LaDosha (shout out to her work at the New Museum), Stephanie Stone, the polished as hell Ryan Burke, everyone’s favorite punk-rock priestess Harry Charlesworth, plus the legend herself, Amanda Lepore. Bring your wallets, the bar is pricey!

$10 after 11pm, 10:00PM-4:00AM, Open House, 244 E. Houston St. NY, NY.


Thursday 12.14.17

Party: Straight Acting – Fresh Tilapia

Do you remember Gia Gunn’s entrance in season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race? If you don’t, you gotta do your Drag Race homework. It’s one of my favorite entrances ever — “Just got off the boat, you know, little trip from Asia, just landed like fresh tilapia.” — while throwing her X-Large Hula Hoop Runway Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 bag on the worktable. I still don’t know whether it was a good fake or the real bag, but it doesn’t matter. Gia has contributed to the world some of the best quotes in Drag Race herstory, here are a few: “Gia’s a fishy girl, she’s C.C.C.: Crazy, cuckoo, cunt!,” “I’m feeling my oats, let me feel my ooooooooats!” If you are a fan of Gia here’s your chance to see her perform live. The party also features a group of Straight Acting regulars and special performances including Rify Royalty, Dusty Ray Bottoms, Vic Sin, Queen Robert, Shitanya Fayce and more. Lets just end this post with another Gia Gunn quote: “Feelin’ like pussy, feelin’ like cunt!” Let's say it one more time: “Feelin’ like pussy, feelin’ like cunt!”

$5 before 11:00pm, 9:00pm, METROPOLITAN BAR, 559 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY.



On a private tour, Festival of Life took our breath away

Search “#Kusama” on Instagram and notice how many polka-dotted mirror selfies clog the feed. You’ve probably seen these playful rooms online before. When seen digitally, the rooms that appear to extend for miles look like elaborate set designs. They’re photos are a curiosity all their own, and knowledge of their context or not, they look like art clearly made with the millennial in mind.


Yayoi Kusama’s work is worth millions of dollars. That should come as no surprise. Aside from being one of the most widely shared and known working artists today, Kusama has been shocking crowds since the 1960s when Andy Warhol and his factory were camping up the line between the commercial and the gallery, but Kusama was right there inside the movement — goofing up the seriousness of art-culture and debuting work in a handful of mediums including painting, performance and sculpture.


In 1965 the then-young artist premiered “Infinity Mirror Room: Phalli’s Field.” It included hundreds of soft, phallic forms in a room under 300 square-feet that enveloped the viewer in a kind of psychosexual encounter; one that commanded attention due in part to the total copiousness of it. Since then, Kusama has debuted several more of her now world-famous infinity rooms and have since been exhibited in galleries, museums all over the world, not to mention broadcasted on social media ad nauseam.


Yayoi Kusama: Festival of Life at David Zwirner has been drawing crowds since it opened on November 2nd. Including sixty-six paintings from the iconic My Eternal Soul series, plus the premiere of two new infinity rooms and three new large-scale flower sculptures, the show reconstitutes the artist’s prolific nature and invites art-lovers and social media bloggers alike to the gallery where lines to see the incomparable work have extended into several hour wait periods. …

Wednesday 12.13.17

TV: Search Party Season 2

If you are not watching Search Party Season 2 then you’re really missing out. Season 1 was a bold mixed-genre experiment that followed a character named Dory (Alia Shawkat) as she becomes obsessed with the disappearance of a young woman named Chantal Winterbottom (Clare McNulty). This season 2 picks up with a much, much darker story — It is gripping, darkly funny TV. Dory again involves (implicates?) her friends, Elliott (John Early) and Portia (Meredith Hagner), as well as her boyfriend Drew (John Reynolds) in a mission to cover up a murder that none of them are prepared to handle. John Early (pictured) is a stand out in this season. His character feels much more developed than in season one. He by far has some of the funniest moments in the whole series “that moment your hair falls out!” (you’ll understand that once you watch the show.) You can find all episodes online.

Available online from TBS.



The runway show was staged at the Strand Bookstore

Saturday 12.09.17

Party: After Dark – A Discovery! at Julius Bar

Oh Julius, we love this local bar. It’s an institution, but unlike many institutions there’s nothing stuffy about this place. It’s alive and popping. Maybe not on a Wednesday afternoon, but whenever they throw a party it’s generally crammed to the rafters. Which is maybe annoying for some people, but I find it wonderful. I love been crammed against a bunch of warm bodies. Back to the party. “Winter is HERE! Time to snuggle tight into your leisure-wear and dance the cold away at After Dark! Your monthly disco-rock-new wave dance getaway (from REALITY) celebrating the best music from the best years of After Dark Magazine! Come on down to Julius and grab a cocktail, one of their 'AMAZING' burgers, or other super snaxxx!” The party After Dark- A Discovery! has no cover, and there’s also a happy hour from 8pm-9pm! What more can you ask for???

FREE, 9:00PM, JULIUS, 159 W. 10th St. NY, NY.


Friday 12.08.17


Our recommendations for the holiday season and beyond!

Attention all holiday shoppers, you don’t have to look any further! Whether you’re shopping online to soothe your social anxiety, or are just Mx. Last Minute like many of us, consider the hardest part about gift-giving done for you. We’ve done the research and sifted through a bunch of outlets to provide you with the perfect gifts for your friends, family members, partners or that person you really want to sleep with again. They might be femme, they might be trans, they might be gay or they might be questioning, but who cares! Anything on this list you can gift to those you love with with light in your eyes and good-taste in your heart. Expect a “Yas!” to sashay right out of their cute little mouth once they get to unwrapping.


From the beloved New York-based Malin+Goetz, to the brand-spanking new LIT by Char Defrancesco, please pour yourself a drink and have a gander at this here list. It includes Amanda Lepore, Tequila, Tom of Finland, Marc Jacobs and a bunch of other very sexy ideas for the holiday season. It’s shopping with a queer-twist and was curated with our community in mind, because the world is waiting for us to fail and go away, but here are a bunch of gifts that reminded us that damn, queers really do have the best taste!



MALIN+GOETZ – Cannabis Eau de Parfum
Combining the faint aura of cannabinoids with sophisticated and seductive earthy notes, Malin + Goetz’s latest scent, casually named “Cannabis,” is an cheeky gift to give anyone who loves the occasional puff. …

Exclusive Premiere: Buckle Up by Amanda Lepore

Hot off her forthcoming EP, Lepore's first single is fabulous as usual.

Amanda Lepore — nightlife starlet; model; muse, and the world’s most expensive lady — is back with with “Buckle Up,” her first single out since 2011’s EP I… Amanda Lepore brought us several camp-anthems like “My Pussy,” “Champagne,” and “My Hair Looks Fierce.” Premiering exclusively with GAYLETTER, “Buckle Up” is off her forthcoming EP Lepore. (Due out Feb. 16.)


Seeing Ms. Lepore perform live is quite the thrill. Her over-the-top outfits, usually featuring a considerable amount of shimmering jewels, and high-brow nipple tassels, has been captivating audiences since the 90s when the store-clerk turned model took the New York nightlife circuit by storm, and began appearing all over the world, blowing kisses and drinking champagne with her fanbase. With a penchant for all things fabulous, Ms. Lepore continues to brings old time flavor to the rapidly evolving club scene.


Buckle Up,” returns Ms. Lepore to her post as the reigning vocal-star of all things nightlife. (Though if you’re partying in New York, you know that Ms. Lepore is a permanent fixture, a real working woman; she appears weekly at several of the city’s most sultry parties.) With a playful, retro-swing, it will be no time before Ms. Lepore is up on stage performing “Buckle Up.” She sings about taking the night, and taking a mister home, lyrics that will surely serenade her usual audience of club-kids, queers and celebrities. Ms. Lepore knows how to strike up applause from the world’s most glamorous audiences. …

Party: Maricón

Of course I grew up in the Dominican Republic hearing the word “maricón” around town, and I always pretended that I didn’t hear it whenever someone was saying it to another as an insult. For those of you that don’t know, “maricón” best translates to “faggot,” which we all know is not very nice. Sometimes Dominicans use to use the word and add ‘azo’ at the end, “mariconazo,” because I guess it sounded more dramatic and you know we Latinos love some drama. I personally never thought about the word when I lived there, it didn’t really haunt me, it just sounded ugly to me and I just decided to ignore it. But, after I came to NYC and I started to learn more about the power of words and the effect that they can have on others, I started to pay more attention and realized that language has way more power in America. Egos are also bigger in America and it’s easier to activate their collective pain bodies… All kinds of words get too much publicity here, and people give them bigger platforms, but I understand not everyone is able to remove the power from a word and just ignore it. People seem to just be more sensitive in the USA. I spoke to José (one of the organizers of this party, who's also DJing) because I was curious about why he called it Maricón. “I called the party Maricon because that’s a word that growing up I would hear constantly that I actually really hated, I just wanted to reclaim the word.” He told me that the party started about three years ago with his friend Sam, but he didn’t have time to really focus on it. Now he’s bringing it back! He told me to expect “lots of reggaeton, dembow, baile funk and more.” He seems very excited about it, I am too. “What I can hope for is lots of dancing, sweating, loving and celebrating of our roots…” Music by Stud1ntDraquéHon2ou and Joselo. Los Maricones!

$10, 11:30PM - 4:00AM, Mercury Lounge, 217 E. Houston St. New York, NY.