Friday 10.21.16

Art: Agnes Martin Retrospective

The Agnes Martin retrospective on view at The Guggenheim is one of the best museum shows I’ve seen in awhile. The serene journey up the beautifully curved building follows the development of her work in chronological order, and ends under the sublime light of the Guggenheim’s skylight, shining on some of her best large-scale paintings. Don’t miss the two short videos on view in the museum’s library alcove half-way up the building. I had never seen Martin paint or talk about her work before, and it was a revelation to see her meditative focus as she covers a canvas and discusses how her paintings all represent positive emotions. Her positivity is revealed in some of the titles of her works too – most are untitled, but others in the show are titled “Blessings,” “Gratitude,” and “I Love the Whole World.” I recommend you bring a date — by the end you’ll be enraptured with Martin’s ecstatically minimal paintings, and maybe each other. Afterward you can cross into Central Park for a cute make-out session, or if the weather isn’t great, stop by Café Sabarsky for a Viennese pastry and coffee.

$18-$25, 10:00AM-5:45PM, THE GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM, 1071 5TH AVE. NY, NY.


Black Pulp! Presents: Satire, Comics and Authorship

Panel Discussion featuring Trenton Doyle Hancock, Laylah Ali and Ariell Johnson


I’ve finally decided to dabble in the world of podcasts. A good one can be really wonderful (especially after some weed). It’s lovely to step back and realize wow, I’m not totally warped by the Internet — I can sit and listen to people speaking for 37 minutes! Listening is a skill, one that’s both empowering and rewarding, and it really is easy to forget you can take those skills into your everyday life. For example, you could go to a panel, on October 22nd, like Black Pulp! Presents: Satire, Comics and Authorship and listen!


I’ve always enjoyed a really good panel discussion, usually because they are composed of professionals who know they must hear one another if they’re going to form concise thoughts and also… so they can put on a good show.


I would argue the art of conversation is not gone, and panels remind the public that to listen to one another is to physically put ideas out into the world and in doing so, educate and change the listeners. “Taking cue from the exhibition Black Pulp! (curated by William Villalongo and Mark Thomas Gibson), Black Pulp! Presents: Satire, Comics and Authorship Panel will examine the unique power of pulp and printed matter to redefine dominant cultural narratives from the Jim Crow Era, Harlem Renaissance, and Black Panther Movement to now.”


The event’s panelists include “Trenton Doyle Hancock, Laylah Ali, & Ariell Johnson (Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse) and is moderated by Michael B. …

Thursday 10.20.16

Performance: LADY BUNNY

I went to Lady Bunny’s show Trans-Jester last week at the Gay bar, and National Historic Landmark, the Stonewall. I gotta say, this bitch is crazy, and trust me that’s a good thing. She’s absolutely insane in the best possible way. The show was supposed to close on October 1, but because of its popularity it has been extended, so aren’t you lucky? “In addition to new parodies which re-work selections from Adele, Rent and Bruno Mars to hilarious, effect punctuated by zany Laugh-In style zingers, Bunny has widened her repertoire to include some actually insightful social commentary. (Well, she thinks it’s insightful, anyway.) Trashing the current overemphasis on political correctness...” Trans-Jester is what we expect from a good drag show and more, Lady Bunny dances, talks about RuPaul (they’ve have been friends for yeaaaaaaaars) and sings/lip-synchs songs. Some of the ones I remember went like this: “...please don’t give me white cock,” and “black cock got me hooked...” I think this was in the same song. Lady Bunny reminded me why drag queens should exist, and why it really is a true artform that only those with talent can do right. Miss Bunny is inappropriate, and super fun, you’ll have a good laugh! Click here for showtime and tickets.



Wednesday 10.19.16

POLITICS: Debate Watch Party With Alan Cumming

Hillary is going to win. Hillary is going to win. Hillary is going to win. I’m hoping that if we say it enough it will happen. Honestly, I think it’s pretty clear that she will beat Trump, but I don’t want to plan on it. I don’t want any Brexit surprises. A lot of people in NYC are from somewhere else. If where you are from is a swing state, please make sure you don’t forget to vote there. PLEASE. FOR. THE. SAKE. OF. US. ALL. VOTE! Tonight, October 19th, we are co-hosting a debate watching party at Eastern Bloc. Alan Cumming is also hosting, and there’s going to be music by Occupy The Disco and Matty Gllitteratti. I can’t think of anything more fun than watching Hillary clobber (please Hillary, don’t disappoint us!) Donald Trump in a room full of fired-up queens. I know this event is $30 bucks, but the money raised will go to Hillary’s campaign, so it’s all for a very good cause.

$30, 8:00PM, Easternbloc Bar, 505 E 6th St. NY, NY.


Sunday 10.16.16

Event: The Big Quiet – A Mass Meditation Inside the Oculus

I have been meditating daily for the last two years. As someone with occasional anxiety and O.C.D and a little depression it’s become a habit that I really rely on to help keep me from going too cray cray. I practice Transcendental Meditation as I’ve found it the most effective and easiest to do. T.M. is mantra-based, and really simple to learn, like stupidly simple — it takes about a minute to pick up the technique. There’s a bunch of scientific evidence that mediation is really beneficial for both mental and physical health, and from my own experience I can say that it works. This Sunday at the Santiago Calatrava designed transportation hub in lower Manhattan, called the Oculus, a 1000 person mediation is taking place. It’s $30 to join, but part of the proceeds benefit the H.E.A.R.T. 9/11 foundation, so that’s good. There’s something about mediating with a group of people that intensifies your focus. I’ve only ever done it with about 10 people, and it was powerful so I can not imagine how intense it must feel with 1000. It’s probably incredible. And certainly worth a measly 30 bucks! Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm.



Saturday 10.15.16


I love the name of this party, but it’s probably not for me. Although just because it sounds a bit turbo gay doesn’t mean I can’t get in the mood — you gotta be open to everything. So, here’s the deal, it’s a “one time special event” and “one of the most anticipated events of the season, Trade Saturdays, is returning to one of New York City’s most exclusive neighborhoods…” (That’s what they are calling the Meatpacking District, OK sure.) The event is presented by sweetheart Brian Rafferty and the BR Productions Team, with music by Nina Flores (pictured) and an opening set by Ben Baker. It’s also in collaboration with Scruff — woof, woof, woof. There’s 2 for 1 drinks before 11PM, and maybe the most important part of this event, something to look forward to if you just want to keep it going, is what they “just announced.” Right after Trade, there’s an “all new Mint after hours” at the Gilded Lily — located 3 blocks away from the party ($15-$30), from 4:30am-11:00am, like seriously why go home? Trust me if you wake up early and live around that area, on Sunday morning Grindr and Scruff are gonna be lit. Yup!



Friday 10.14.16

Art: Photography and Homoerotic Desire

Besides ancient Greece, New York is the place most famous for homoerotic art and photography. This is a city where many queer artists who felt ostracized growing up came to find acceptance and freedom. “Led by boundary-pushing artist Robert Mapplethorpe and his patron Sam Wagstaff, alongside pioneering contemporaries George Dureau and Peter Hujar, homoerotic photography found its way into New York City galleries and museums in the 1970s. Join the Museum along with the SVA Photography Department for a conversation about this moment in art history, moderated by critic Philip Gefter. We’ll spotlight the gay men who helped establish the art market for photography during this era and delve into themes of our new exhibition, Gay Gotham.” This sounds like a fascinating talk, and a much better way to spend your Friday night than happy hour drinks at the Boiler Room. Although it only goes until 9:00PM, so there’s always time for those drinks after. Listening makes me thirsty. Xoxo Gossip Girl.



Thursday 10.13.16

Art: Visionaire Presents Autoportrait

ADA0002 is a robot artist who the public can pose for. It will create an artwork, a portrait of you, that you can take home. The show explores themes around technology and art such as “...what happens when, through technological means of perception, automata are able to create with greater precision than their human counterparts? How will creativity be affected when an augmented human or AI can distinguish spectra of light and color that are beyond our native biological abilities? Through the frame of the art world, VISIONAIRE’s AUTOPORTRAIT seeks to ruminate on such assertions.” This fascinating exhibition runs from Oct 13 to the 26th. “Using image processing algorithms, the artist — who is itself synthetic — stylistically synthesizes the image of its audience, transforming the viewer from a tangible being into processed computer data and back into a unique physical object/artwork. This artifact can be hung on the walls of the subjects’ homes, thus completing the cycle of this new artistic paradigm.” The era of robotics is nearly upon us. Are you ready?



Wednesday 10.12.16

Party: BROMO

We mentioned Bromo earlier this year — back in April when the party was brand new — but a few people I know are really into it. If you are in NYC and are starting to feel the cold weather, it’s the right time to go and warm yourself up on the dance floor and possibly find a cuddle buddy, at least for that night. The party is brought to us by Butched (Joey Quinones and JT Almon, pictured) who are also Djing along with Mauro Feola (Beitola, Berlin) and a “special performance” by Angelica Bess of Body Language. Hosts for the night are Oscar Ouk, Jor-El Garcia and Sean Bennett. As we told you last time it’ll be “heavy on the techno” and they are promising “to deliver their friendly blend of fucked-out techno and maddening house tracks all night long for this mid-week debauchery.” It’s a party for “bromos, their friends, and their lovers.” Sounds super fun for a Wednesday night. Everyone is welcome — like always!



Tuesday 10.11.16

Josh McNey’s Olympia, Volume I.


Josh McNey has released his debut book of photography, Olympia, Volume I. The book features model Joe D. Martinez embodying what it means to be an American Man in various cities around the country. Don’t worry we already found Joe on Instagram so you can all properly stalk him.


A 140-page exploration of American masculinity, Olympia features Martinez in notable cities such as New York, Las Vegas and, of course, Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. McNey positions his model as the everyman; a cowboy, a surfer, a party boy. All versions of the same guy mirroring his outward appearance to his geographic setting. What these men have in common is that their self-presentation reads as “confident and fitting.” Well that, and that they all have cute butts. While it is deliberately unclear whether McNey is critiquing, or simply celebrating, our country’s reverence for masculinity, it is clear that these are truly beautiful photographs.


McNey is an artist and creative director based out of New York and Los Angeles. Originally from California, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and then went on to get his degree from Columbia University. His photographs can be seen in art and fashion magazines around the world.


I’m personally curious to see what the next two installments of Olympia bring, but until then you can check out more of Josh’s work on his Instagram and pick up your own copy of Volume I here.


Below is a preview of the book: