Monday 09.25.17

BUSHWIG 2017 – DAY 2

BUSHWIG 2017 – Day 1

With Alyssa Edwards!

Sunday 09.24.17


Rural Ranga's Sexpertise Guide

As queer people, we’re naturally better at doing things than most people. That being said, there’s always room for improvement! Turning a hobby into a craft is an important part of personal development, and it’s a lot of fun when you enjoy what you do. Today’s subject involves something that us queers are kind of known for: fellatio. And that’s (just the tip) of the iceberg, really.


You know about NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 happening this weekend? Come see us at booth A75 and pick up a copy of Issue 7, and make sure to align your visit with good timing for Rural Ranga’s sex ed class, Wank Bank, happening today, on the final day of the fair. If you’re familiar with the grape-fruiting technique, this show is the perfect next step for you to enhance your skill portfolio. The show will make you gag, figuratively and possibly literally, as you embark on a journey of self-discovery with the help of carrots and cucumbers with Mr. Rural Ranga as your guide. Ranga, who is rather demure in person, is all about handheld confidence. He has a range of techniques he teaches, both orally and manually, and demos on a cucumber. Both playful and practical, you can giggle for an hour and take home some new skills to try out on whoever is luckiest on Grindr or already in your bed!



FREE, September 24, 2017 from 4:00PM-5:00PM, NYABF @ MoMA PS1, 22-25 JACKSON AVE, LIC, NY 11101 …

Saturday 09.23.17


Yo… Abi and I went to the season finale of Holy Mountain back in… July, I think, I don’t remember, and we arrived at 3AM (pictured already wasted). The party goes until 4, so call it fashionably late, we’ll just call it a night out. It was actually my first time and we had just come from seeing Peppermint at Metropolitan, so I was on my gay shit and said hi to our friend Joey who was DJing and helped myself to bottle service. I knew the party had some absurd amount of rooms (it’s actually four, but that’s a lot having just come from 500 sq. ft Metro) and I made it a point to check out and dance in every one of them. I don’t know if Abi was with me. We were saying hi and kissing a lot of boys on the cheek. Really it’s a wonder we made it home. The following morning we had a photoshoot for Issue 7, which, if you come to Art Book Fair this weekend, I’ll tell you which one was directed by us while still drunk. So, you can definitely say I am excited that Ladyfag is back in NY with another Holy Mountain for us. The theme is ‘back to school’, and I was considering wearing some of my catholic school garbs, but I’m not sure a sweater is the best answer for this party. It’s definitely more a rave with everyone dressed to impress. Our cutie photographer Sam Gamberg will be there taking pictures, so if you look good, we might put you on our Instagram. Lady is joined by some of her regulars: Jordan Stawecki, Marco Ovando, Muffy, La’Fem Ladosha, Stephanie Stone and too many DJs to name here! Come say hi. We’ll be there after Art Book Fair, but nothing a little bump can’t fix.

$10-$20, 10:00PM, SLAKE, 251 W 30th St. NY, NY.


Friday 09.22.17


We are back at the NYABF at MoMA PS1 and we are super excited because we simply love printed things and the people that love them. Also we get to premiere our latest issue (GAYLETTER Issue 7).“The 2017 NY Art Book Fair will feature over 370 booksellers, antiquarians, artists, institutions and independent publishers from twenty-eight countries.” We will be located right behind the entrance — in the (XE)ROX & PAPER + SCISSORS SECTION that’s right, once you enter MoMA PS1 the first thing you should do is find us at booth A75. The event will take place from September 21 – September 24, we’ll be there from Thursday for the preview which will cost you $10 to enter with “proceeds going to support NYABF17. The first 2,000 visitors to pre-pay online or to pay at the door (while supplies last) will receive a Ticket Edition by Emma Kohlmann.” You don’t have to come to the preview, come say hi any day this weekend, we’ll be there waiting for you with open arms, our team is very willing, ready and able. Come get a magazine, we’ll have a few copies of sold out issues (1 and 4), so come early before they are gone. The fair is also a great place for people watching, or to go on a date or simply to meet your new hook up — I’m serious. Have a few drinks (they have alcohol) and don’t forget to flirt with everyone you can, no need to carry a bad attitude with you. It never works.

FREE, Sep 22 1-7pm, Sep 23 11am-9pm, Sep 24 11am-7pm. , MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave. QUEENS, NY.


Thursday 09.21.17

Party: BOUND

I first heard about Juana through Discwoman, the uber-cool female DJ collective that is based out of Brooklyn and represents female artists who are booked worldwide. I highly recommend you give them a Google if you’re unfamiliar. There seems to be an influx of new parties, or perhaps, better promotion for older parties in recent weeks, so this is another “new” one for you. By new, I mean, it’s never appeared in this newsletter, but Bound has had a few installments at Tilt already. I advocated for this party to be covered because it’s got a great little line in the bio: “fetish attire & queerness strictly enforced at the door.” OK, Berlin. A lot of parties suggest dress codes but usually those are only cover-driven. This seems to be truly trying to create a space that is geared for a specific audience and that’s great. Juana is an amazing DJ, so music will surely be good, a little freaky at times, thank god. Plus the party seeks to heavily focalize consent, which is something you don’t often hear in party culture where some people think anything goes. That’s totally wrong. Whether it’s poppers in your nose, a hand on your back or someone just dancing too close, Bound wants you to remember that “Consent is when someone agrees, gives permission, or says ‘yes’ to sexual activity with other persons. Consent can be withdrawn by either party at any point. It is the responsibility of the person initiating the sexual activity to get [consensual] permission.” Dig your latex out, you won’t regret it.



Wednesday 09.20.17



Surprise, you dear readers are the first to get a glimpse at the latest issue of GAYLETTER Magazine — Issue 7.  It’s our Fall/Winter edition and it is full to the brim with some very enjoyable stories, interviews and explorations into the queer world of 2017.


We’d like to give a big thanks to all those involved, starting with our cover image, photographed by the endlessly talented Kostis Fokas. We knew the moment he shared the photo with us that it had to be on our cover.



Inside issue 7 we have contributions by Tyler Akers, Ross Bleckner, Tom Capelonga, Cody Chandler Vincent Dilio, Benjamin Fredrickson, Brian Kenny, Matthew Leifheit, Danielle Levitt, Benoît Loiseau, Andrés Mañón, Slava Mogutin, Daniel Nicoletta, Gio Black Peter, Manuel Solano, Cyle Suesz, Luis Venegas, Gerardo Vizmanos and more.



This is an especially prideful issue, so we encourage you to carry it prominently as you move through the world. As we say in our editor’s letter, there’s a young queer kid out there who more than you could ever know needs to see that our flag, and you, exist.



Get it here. …

Tuesday 09.19.17


Brooklyn-based photographer Gustavo Lopes documents Riis Beach in the midst of summer.

About an hour’s train ride from Lower Manhattan is the iconic (if not well-kept secret) Riis Beach. Named after Jacob Riis (the 19th century “muckraker” journalist and photographer), the beach is just west of Rockaway Park in Queens. At some point or another in the last century or so, Jacob Riis Park has hosted a children’s hospital, WWI naval air station, Art Deco bathhouse, and softball field. And now it’s a cute destination for a delightful day trip with your friend, boo, sibling, or self.


The first time I heard about Riis Beach was one Wednesday evening in June when Abi and I were laying out  GAYLETTER’s weekly newsletter (No. 404). Upon looking for a photo to pair with that Sunday’s “Do: Riis Beach” post, Abi found this wacky photo of a guy wearing this Tina-Turner-Meets-Dragon-Ball-Z wig and said that it fit the personality of the beach perfectly. I knew I needed to see it for myself.


Last month, my best friend Ahmad and I hopped on the 2 train and headed out to Riis. If you’ve never been, the first thing you need to know is that there are two parts to it: there’s the straight side (near where the Q22 and Q35 buses drop you off) and a gay side, which is to the left, in front of the abandoned hospital. That’s where Ahmad and I went, and that’s where Ahmad met Gustavo Lopes. We just happened to go while Gustavo was documenting the beach that day. …

Monday 09.18.17


The fans who nearly stole the show at RuPaul's DragCon NYC

You are probably wondering what queens of the pink carpet are. Well, let us explain this to you right away. For those of you who haven’t attended RuPaul’s DragCon, upon entering, your day is made all the more fierce by a pink hand-tufted carpet that doubles as both a runway and a stage and is the length of a football field. Yeah, it’s gaggy!


While we were excited to see so many familiar Drag Race faces within our midst, the queens of the pink carpet are those who arrived in full looks and wore determined expressions on their painted faces. Traveling from all over the northeast corridor and some from across the globe, these girls nearly stole the show from the queens we’ve come to love and hate from their time on TV.


Violet Chachki, Miss Fame, Vander Von Odd, the Boulet Brothers, Trixie Mattel, Michelle Visage and T.S. Madison were all in attendance, plus RuPaul Charles himself and reigning Miss Drag Superstar, Sasha Velour. Queens offered photos, merchandise, or limited edition products at their booth, and though we were really impressed by the many talented artists exhibiting and selling at DragCon, we were most impressed by some looks.


New York has a large drag community, with countless hometown girls having walked their tucks onto Ru’s runway, so for the convention to finally touch down in the city was — for many attendees – a toot. After taking an hour or two to see who was hot and who was not, plus a brief run in with our favorite punk from season 8, Laila McQueen, we hit the convention grounds with our photographer Connor Atkins to stop a few queens of the pink carpet and pick at their brain beneath the wig to see what was up in their wonderful, international world of drag. …

Sunday 09.17.17

Listen: Making Gay History Podcast

This podcast is must for everyone, and I mean everyone. Call your mom, call your dad, call your senator. Making Gay History is compulsory listening for those who want to learn about the history of our fight for equality (and that should be everyone). The podcast is hosted, and created by Eric Marcus who has authored over of a dozen books, “including Making Gay History, Is It A Choice?, Why Suicide?, and Breaking the Surface, the #1 New York Times bestselling autobiography of Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis.” The series mines Eric’s “decades old audio archive of rare interviews — conducted for his award-winning oral history of the LGBTQ civil rights movement — to create intimate, personal portraits of both known and long-forgotten champions, heroes, and witnesses to history.” I just listened to the Marsha P. Johnson interview. From what I can tell is the only recorded interview with the LGBT advocate who sparked the Stonewall riot that launched the modern gay rights movement — it was fascinating. Season 3 of the podcast starts soon. Before it does, catch up on the first two seasons. They contain interviews with such legends as Sylvia Rivera, Dear Abby and Vito Russo among many others.

Wherever you get your podcasts.