Monday 08.21.17

None Fits All

Jinkx Monsoon opens up about comfort of drag

Despite their performance schedules and Instagram stories, drag queens actually do sleep. Sometimes it seems as though the top billed girls are never out of drag. Rare do we get to see them sweatpants, boy-hair, chilling with no eyebrows on. For Berlin based sleep design brand muun, they asked RuPaul’s Drag Race season five winner Jinkx Monsoon to star in their short film series “None Fits All.”


The series explores muun’s message that true comfort is making your own choices. In a powerful statement of selfhood, Jinkx shares her choice to present herself in drag and why – despite the perceived discomfort heels, endless bobby pins and heavy wigs — this bold self is the one she’s most comfortable inhabiting.”


To coincide with muun’s campaign, Jinkx penned a personal essay on finding the superb comfort within the conventional discomfort of drag. Have a read and watch her in the film below.




Jinkx Monsoon was born when I was about 14 years old. There was a dance at my local queer youth resource center, the theme was fairytales and I decide to go as the Queen of Hearts. It was the first time I ever dressed in full drag.


I just remember looking at myself in the mirror and by all means the makeup was terrible, the hair was terrible, the outfit was basic but I still looked in the mirror and I saw the most gorgeous woman in the whole wide world. …

Friday Night Soiree at the Museum of Sex

Featuring appearances by Justin Angel, Amanda Lepore, Linux, Kyle Farmery, Pauli Cakes, Grisel Lopez, Pan Dulce, Radical Pomm, Baby Yors, Ryker Allen, Heather Jones, Brian Brigantti, Femmeasfuck, Marcus Tyler, Luxury Carcass, Gia Garison, Guvanch, Sassy Cilantro and many more.

Sunday 08.20.17

Dark Side of the Sun

Total eclipse of the bar!

If you haven’t heard yet, this coming Monday marks a total solar eclipse: the moon will pass directly in front of the sun, putting anyone in the path of totality in the dark (yes, during the day, it’s groundbreaking). I don’t know a lot about the stars and space, but I do know that I’m a Leo and that I love a drink — especially if it involves tequila.


To help us celebrate this very special celestial occasion, Jose Cuervo sent over a recipe we thought sounded too delicious, and, with only four ingredients, too easy not to try.


The recipe for “Dark Side of the Sun” is as follows:

2 oz. Jose Cuervo Especial
¾ oz. lime juice
¾ oz. 1:1 simple syrup
½ oz. Crème de Cassis


We substituted agave nectar for the simple syrup because we aren’t simple, and we recommend Lejay Crème de Cassis for your black currant liqueur needs. (It’s only $16!)


Shake tequila, lime, and sweetening syrup and pour into a rocks glass over ice. Top ice with Crème de Cassis and garnish with mint if you actually remember to buy it on your Whole Foods run and a lime wedge because duh.


My favorite part of this cocktail is that you can make your own twist on it and still be (kinda) sure it’ll taste good. The color of our masterpieces turned out on the light ombre pink side, ultimately very gay for our very gay office. …

Saturday 08.19.17


Of course the first question that I had when I read Rockaway Beach, was “is it on the beach?” I reached out to Justin and Matty who are the hosts/organizers of the event. The party is taking place on the balcony and rooftop of The Castle. “It’s a very nice place where they usually hold conference style meetings — MoMA PS1 for example — cause Klaus is out here...” The last time I asked the boys about Femme they told me about the party: “We wanted to really celebrate all things femme. Gay, straight, lesbian, trans, etc. and provide a safe place for people to be as queer as they damn well please without having to worry about not being ‘masc enough.’” It makes perfect sense because Rockaway Beach is lit and it’s super queer. So, I’d say arrive early, enjoy the sun and the beach for a few hours, get your tan on and then head to the party. DJ’s are Matty Glitteratti and DJ Love Story, with performances by Justin Harter, Bombazeen Bean and Tiffany Jones Sterling. In case you don’t know how to get there, here are some options: NYC Ferry, Rockaway Beach Bus, MTA (A train), or simply ask a friend that has a car. Hey Charlie! (Can you drive us sexy?).



Friday 08.18.17


With performances by Quay Dash and Dick Van Dick

Los Angeles Protests Charlottesville Violence


Where to begin? Woof. Let me get this started for you with the party’s hashtags: #ExplodetheSpectrum #MatrixWide #Bislashtry #ActualShockValue #Morftmtf #FemaleValidation. These should set the tone. Does anyone reading this remember Palisades? That dingy corner spot off the Lorimer (L train) where I used to mosh? Yes? Anyone? I’d seen Juliana Huxtable (pictured) before, but I was there on that fateful night the NYPD party patrol marched their boring asses in and shut down the place. (I was drinking a Modelo at the time when all of the lights came on and men were telling us to get out. Juliana was about to step into her set. One of the parolees happened to be my hometown neighbor. I hid behind my friends who are 5’1”. I’m 5’11”.) The party is totally off the radar like a lot of the gigs at Palisades were. We definitely want to keep it that way because it’s not for everyone. Not sorry!


Shock Value always has a really ridiculous DJ line up, and this installment is no different. It’s a ton of NYC babes (AkanbiBebeCunty CrawfordHelen HarrisHon2ou, plus “Ya Gurl Slash Queen Doll” Juliana Huxtable… ok work) plus two out-of-towners: Ziur (she flew in from Berlin for this gig!!!) and Abby from Detroit. It’s a big old get together. I just met one of the night’s hosts Diamond Stingly the other week at the New Museum where she will exhibit in their forthcoming fall show “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon” and we talked about facemasks but also our bodies as unintentional weapons against ourselves. …

Thursday 08.17.17


You never know what you may find in another queen’s closet, if you’re lucky it could be a cute jacket — if you’re not, it could be a body (looking at you, Dorian Corey). I always feel the need to update my own wardrobe as summer winds down, probably a habit developed out of years of back-to-school shopping, and if you’re like me you start looking for your staple fall pieces now. Hosted by Acid Betty and Alotta McGriddles (pictured), this live auction event is sure to satisfy all your vintage/thrift/swap needs. Most items have a starting bid price of $1. GAG. Besides the incredible prices and scream-worthy hosts, the auction will be offering “Costumes, Vintage, Men’s, Women’s, Questioning’s, Jewelry, DRAG Fantasies, Spandex, Designer Apparel, Furs, Accessories and MORE!” I’ve never been to a live auction because the fast talking stresses me out, but this certainly seems to be a night not to miss.



Tuesday 08.15.17


NYC fights back in response to the Charlottesville violence

Monday 08.14.17

Girl + Gay Power Karaoke

Duet with your good Judy

I recently went to a karaoke event and watched my best friend perform Lana Del Rey’s classic song “Video Games” in the style of a dirge. It was the first time I’ve cried in three months. (Not actually, ha, but it was a really good night.)


If you’re like me and you regret not belting your heart out the last time you went to a karaoke party, tonight’s your night to redeem yourself. Girl + Gay Power is the karaoke dance party to save you from the Monday blues; taking place from 8pm until midnight in the basement of Cape House in Bushwick, this kiki is sure to be a hoot and a half. There will be free shots for those who sing, but I’ll say more.


Celebrate inclusivity and unity with your baddest bitches, bring your whole gang of girls and gays out for a night fit for queens. We’re told the mood is a mix of super pink/disco/bubbly/punk/girly, and I’m yasssing my way to the bank because tonight could clearly be anything!


It would seem that if there’s ever been a time to relish in faggotry and throw your inhibitions to the wind, it’s now. Take a stand against those who want you to stay silent — you betta work that microphone, mama.


Click here to watch the promo video. …