Friday 05.27.16

Party: CRUISE 2

It’s been a year since the first edition of Cruise. Cruise 2 is brought to us by GAYLETTER contributor Tanner Cohen, and his friend Ivan Dutton. This Friday they will be celebrating their one year anniversary with a “tropical, nautical, cute-fest at one of Brooklyn’s most special hidden gems...” I found the venue, The Call Box, super interesting. It seemed like the bar had not changed in decades — it was a good contrast with all the young queers at the event; lots of them probably weren’t even born when the bar opened. Here’s what they are promising besides the fact that it’s gonna be “catered by McDonald’s (seriously). “Everyone will get laid. We just want to celebrate the fact that we’re stuck together in the city by drinking as much rum as possible and pretending we’re on a yacht. A sad, old, but cute yacht filled with LITERAL hunks and babes and queens and extremely fun music for you all...” OK!



Andy Pandy x PowerpInt present: Club Angels

Premiere screening of documentary on Sateen by Andy Boyce with performances by Neocamp, Aja, Momo Shade & Sateen

Thursday 05.26.16


We wrote about this a while back but it feels like the right time to mention it again — it’s finally getting warmer, (I guess at least for now, NYC weather is not coming thru). This is a super chill party, it happens at Metropolitan Bar, on the last Thursday of the month. Here’s what to expect: “Pulling out the freshest of their collections, we give you the treatment of deep disco, with a touch of soul, funk, house & techno…” DJs for the night are Madam Baran, Porkchop and David Sokolowski (from the parties Psychic and Hot Fruit). The performance for the night is by Elizabeth James, and it’s hosted by Sparklez. $4 drafts, get to know dive bar, yassss.  Also, maybe unrelated, but super important, we’ll be hosting another Pride Ball on June 25th, at the Wythe Hotel, so mark your calendars. It’s gonna also be 70’s theme. Disco!!!

FREE, 10:00PM-4:00AM, Metropolitan Bar, 559 Lorimer St. BK, NY.


Wednesday 05.25.16

Listen: Startup Podcast – The Runway

I’m a big fan of the podcast Startup. Season 1 of the show followed C.E.O Alex Blumberg as he created Gimlet Media, his podcast network. It was a frank and revealingly look at what it takes to start a business as a creative person. This season the podcast is looking outside of themselves to all kinds of unique businesses. Last week’s episode was about a woman, named Mary Going, who created a company that makes gender non-conforming clothing (basically men’s suits designed to fit women’s bodies). Luke Malone produced the episode and reached out to us to ask if we would consider it for the letter. I’d already heard it, and enjoyed it thoroughly, so was more than happy to. Here’s what Luke had to say about the episode: “It [the episode] covers the business, but also Mary’s back story: How she wanted to wear a cowboy outfit on her first day of school but her mom put her in a yellow dress and she ended up hanging onto the doorway screaming, begging not to go to school like that; coming out and having her mom pull a gun on her; her struggles to find a suit for her wedding; and how she used all this stuff to build a clothing company for butch women and trans guys, and give them something they needed.” If you’re a fan of podcasts and don’t know about Startup, then get your shit together and subscribe. Also, if you’re gender non-conforming and need a suit, hit Mary up. She seems like a sweet lady, and could use your support!

Find it on itunes or wherever you get your podcasts



Tuesday 05.24.16

Smoke Florals for Summer

With this stunning vapor device from Dopen


Her name is Floral Twilight and she is my favorite toy. And I don’t want to say “new” favorite because this favoritism is timeless. That’s how strong an impression she’s made on me. I usually lead with functionality and physical effects, but her look has to be first in line. She’s a looks queen! But trust me, this device delivers on all points charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.


Her look can be described as the expensive contract signing pen of a very successful near-retirement real estate agent in Sarasota with brightly colored Chanel-inspired suiting and an unmoving manicured bob framed in gold statement jewelry. It can also be described as yes. Opening the box was similar to the curtain rising on Violet Chachki’s crowning look for the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8. For both events I let out a gasp with a hand to my chest.



This device from Dopen is used with oil concentrate cartridges. Like many pens on the market, it’s built with industry-standard sizing and thread count. The cartridges from my green delivery boys slide in with ease. The pen can also be used with e-cigarette liquids, oils and e-juices—gross—but perfect for vape bros who need to sissy it up. A friend told me that vaping oil burns holes in your brain (something about the chemicals used to stabilize the oil) but I’m not sure and didn’t dive into that research. You still get the benefit of inhaling vapor rather than smoke. …

Monday 05.23.16


Sunday 05.22.16


We went to this event a while back and had a ball. Bingo is one of those games that never gets old. It’s a very chill kind of gambling, it’s like a very slow slot machine. It’s great to play on your own, or in a group. I can’t wait till I’m 60 and I can play this every day at 11am with a Bloody Mary and a cigarette, in Palm Springs. Not Your Standard Bingo starts a little later at 10:30pm, but if you don’t have to be up early for work the next day it’s the perfect time. Try one of their giant punch bowls. They come with these very long red straws which allows everyone at the table to enjoy the punch at their own pace. The theme for this week’s bingo is “Bowie.” I’m assuming that means the hosts will be dressed like Ziggy Stardust and the music will be all David Bowie all the time. Sounds like a blast. Count us in! We’ll take 30 cards thanks.

call to RSVP: 212.645.4100, 10:30PM, The Standard, High Line, 848 Washington St. NY, NY.


Saturday 05.21.16


Another weekend, another new party. Keep them coming! Sean B. from the Spank and Xanadude parties told us about the launch of this new night called POWERHOUSE. “If you’ve been to Xanadude or SPANK or Paradisco that will give you a good idea of the crowd and vibe — arty, cute and ready to dance all night.” It’s going to take place at Analog which has an amazing sound system and a great layout, I’ve enjoyed partying there many times. Sean told me how the party came about, “We had such a blast spinning at Wrecked’s 5-year Anniversary party at Analog BKNY, so we decided the gays deserve to dance in a space like that more often...and bring back all that energy to the dancefloor in ways New York is historically well known for since the 70s.” For the first edition of the party they invited Vin Sol (Clone Records/Club Lonely) to DJ and visuals will be provided by Deputy. Sean added: “We want everyone to arrive with their energy levels fully charged and only leave late in the morning when their batteries run out.” I’m glad it goes late, I always hate it when a party ends early. Get tickets here.

$10,$15,$20, 11:00PM-Late, ANALOG, 177 2nd Ave Brooklyn, NY.



The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: Music by DJ Macy Rodman and DJ Pandy! Performance by The Dauphine! Hosted by Birthday Kids Lucas Blair Charlene. Tea Set Winner Giancarlo Corbacho!