Saturday 10.01.16


This is the second installment of this party — they are planning to do 6 of these. Here’s more about it: “I (Simon) have been friends with Antonio Onio that runs a big party in Berlin called Makumba & Chase. Mathey who manages the seminal NYC label DFA Records got together with us to do something new.” They are describing the party as “NYC’s non-stop-dance party for disobedient lovers” I might be making the wrong assumption, but that sounds like you might need molly for it. Simon also told me about the goal of the party: “we aim to create a space in which its very music focused but very sex positive. Everyone is invited, we don’t have a strict door policy. Just be down for it... We like the idea of ‘no rules’, however saying that, the clothes check is at the door.” I like the sound of all of that. Click on this link to Manfreda’s latest track, so you’ll get a taste of what tunes to expect at the party. He’s “heavily praised for his recent releases on Multi Culti & Ivan Smagghe’s new label Les disques de la mort.” Also playing is Gloryhole’16 made up of Chase Mathey (DFA RECORDS) & Simon Leahy (Bottoms).” Panthera Lush is the resident drag queen, I had to mention her name., it’s very cool.


Friday 09.30.16

Party: RuffHouse 2-year Anniversary

This Friday night we will be on a plane to Los Angeles where we are going to be selling our magazine and other things at the Tom of Finland Art and Cultural Festival. For those of you still in NYC, head to Nowhere Bar for RuffHouse’s 2-year anniversary and host Bryan Beretta’s birthday. “With cheap drinks and specials, check your clothing and inhibitions at the door while you bump and grind into the night. This month’s theme: Jocks & Socks — back by popular demand! Come as you are in your jockstrap and sport socks — athleisure at its hottest.” It’s not so cold that you’ll be chilly in your jockstrap and sport socks, so don’t be shy. I have a feeling this could be a bit of a bro-y crowd, but just sissy it up and “woof, woof, woof” them if they give you any attitude!

Free, 10:00pm-4:00am, Nowhere Bar, 322 E 14th St. NY, NY.


Thursday 09.29.16

Event: Artist Lecture – Ann P Meredith

In Tim Murphy’s brilliant new book Christodora, one of the characters is a woman living with HIV/AIDS. Tim has said in an interview that he created this character because he felt like women with HIV/AIDS often lived in the shadows. When you’re gay and HIV+ it’s a lot easier to find support and understanding than if you are a woman. There’s just so many more gay men with the disease than women, and because of this, less judgement and a stronger community. Ann P Meredith (pictured) is a “socially conscious creative Writer, Director, Producer and Artist” who was one of the first people to “photograph and videotape personal interviews with women living with HIV/AIDS.” Work from Ann’s series ‘Until That Last Breath! The Global Face of Women with HIV/AIDS’ is currently on display at the Leslie Lohman Gallery, as a part of their exhibition ‘A Deeper Dive.’ On Thursday, September 29th, the gallery is hosting an artist lecture, where “Ann will talk broadly about her long artistic practice and her work around women living with AIDS.” We suggest you check it out, especially if you’ve never been to the gallery. It’s an interesting space, and I can’t think of a better reason to visit it.

FREE, 6:00-8:00pm, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, 26 Wooster St., NY, NY


Wednesday 09.28.16

Art: Velvet Rage, Flaming Youth, and the Gift of Desperation

I learned about the artists/collective McDermott & McGough after seeing an artwork titled “Violate Me, In Violent Times” created by them at Sperone Westwater a few years ago. I went nuts for it — I even instagrammed it. Then, after I went online to do more research and I loved lots of the work they’ve created. “McDermott & McGough are best known for using alternative historical processes in their photography, including the techniques of cyanotype, gum bichromate, salt, tri color carbo, platinum and palladium. Among the subjects they approach are popular art and culture, religion, medicine, advertising, time, fashion and sexual behavior.” This is their first exhibition at James Fuentes gallery, their new works “are not only an extension of their idiosyncratic practice, but also reevaluations of their oeuvre...” Going through this body of work, I was very impressed. It’s all very present. There’s a very clever hand-carved wooden table with lots of penis and tits that’s just incredible, oil on canvas paintings with golden frames that I’d love to own, works containing typography made out of naked humans and animals, references to early 20th century cartoons, some incredible vases that also happen to have men having sexual encounters on them and some other work that I cannot wait to spend some time looking at in person. Go check out before the show closes on October 23rd. It’s rich.



Sunday 09.25.16

Event: Are Queers Ageist?

Are queers ageist? I mean, is that even a question? Of course they/we are. It’s not just a problem in the queer community, it’s a problem in every community. Once people get over a certain age, to many people they become invisible. This is really stupid as older people have plenty to offer, most importantly their experience. We do what we can to feature older artists and writers in our magazine, especially those who never got the attention they deserved when they were younger. Award winning artist Scottee (pictured) feels the same way as we do. This Sunday, at the BGSQD, he is hosting “a dinner party discussion without the food and you’re invited. Around the table will sit some old queers and some young queers to share their ideas, explore where the problem is and ask the burning question – are queers ageist?” The event is only $5, so bring, and pay, for your sugar daddy and show some support for the older generation.

$5 suggested donation, 6:00pm, BGSQD, 208 West 13th St. Room 210 NY, NY.


Saturday 09.24.16


We covered this exhibition in the letter and on our site previously, but we just had to again as it’s a very important exhibition that you shouldn’t miss if you are in NYC — Use this as your reminder, you still have time though it closes on October 23rd. Here’s what one of our writers Chris wrote about it the first time: “Artists, including Kia Labeija, David Wojnarowicz, Robert Mapplethorpe, Bill Jacobson and more, give voice to perspectives that are too often suppressed, and [Art AIDS America] reveals how they have changed both the history of art in America and the response to this disease.” Featuring more than 125 works spanning from 1981 to the present...” This week, BOFFO is co-hosting an “intimate guided tour of Art AIDS America, an exhibition at The Bronx Museum.” The capacity is limited, so you need you to arrive early (15 minutes prior to tour). Reservation is required. Get to it!



Friday 09.23.16

Event: MoMA PS1’s Back to School Benefit

This sounds nuts and bananas in all the right ways. Created by performance artist Ryan McNamara (pictured here making out with the wall), for one night only, he will turn MoMA PS1 into a high school. “Across MoMA PS1’s entirely empty galleries, artists will assume the stereotypical roles of moony art teachers, intimidating PE coaches, goths, jocks, and cheerleaders — but their activities will be anything but typical. Roam the hallways to enjoy participatory performance works, an open bar, and nostalgic childhood snacks, culminating with an epic dance party in the gymnasiums.” Artist involved include Morgan Bassichis, Claire Bishop, Nikki Columbus, FlucT, Nelly Furtado, Jessica Mitrani, Sam Roeck, Jacolby Satterwhite, Justin Strauss, and more. Yes, you read that name right, Nelly “I’m Like A Bird” Furtado is one of the performers. Ryan has been working with Nelly recently. At a party we went to at the Boom Boom Room during fashion week, Ryan choreographed the dancers that performed behind her. It was super cute. Can’t wait to see what she does at MoMA.

$125, 7:00PM, MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave LONG ISLAND CITY, NY.


Thursday 09.22.16


The only thing I’ve ever climbed are trees back in the Dominican Republic. Growing up there, there was not much to do, so that was one of the only fun things I could do to kill time. Tom is obsessed with climbing anything, so he was like you need to write about this. He said that the Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge “is full of hot climbers” so I was like OK, let me look into it. We sound like teenagers! This is a one-night only event where college students can “climb for free with a valid student ID.” This is the sort of event that’s best if it’s with queer people, so gay it up while you are climbing, yassss show everyone below you that ass. I’m sure there are gonna be lots of “masc” boys, but just show up with your friends and “woof, woof woof” them. I do woofs with my friends sometimes and it’s a good carry. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to fall.

FREE, 5:00PM-12:00PM, Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge, 23-10 41st Ave., Long Island City, NY


Wednesday 09.21.16

Art: The Sickness is the Cure – a screening presented by Carolyn Lazard

This sounds fascinating. The show explores ideas around sickness as not a state we must rid ourselves of, but as a condition that is a natural part of life, and something we can learn to adapt to as part of our journey on this earth. There’s 5 videos that explore this topic from a variety of angles. “In Doreen Garner’s surgical performance, Procedure, animal parts are cauterized and sewn together to a classical music soundtrack. Covered in acupuncture needles, Linda Montano chants the story of her ex-husband’s passing in Mitchell’s Death. Black men voice the personal and social transformation that comes with being HIV positive in Marlon Riggs’ poetic Je Ne Regrette Rien. In Kissing Doesn’t Kill, a series of playful public service announcements, Tom Kalin and Gran Fury push for the politicization of the AIDS epidemic. It’s Cool, I’m Good presents Stanya Kahn as an escaped patient, who leads nurses on a comedic tour of an equally wounded Los Angeles landscape.” In the show notes they mention that “Radical vulnerability might be the only tool we have left in the face of pain.” I love that idea. Surrender is often our greatest savior.

FREE, 7:30PM, Recess, 41 GRAND ST. NY, NY.


Tuesday 09.20.16

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert’s Gender as a Spectrum


…gender is not sane. It’s not sane to call a rainbow black and white.” With this quote by Kate Bornstein, photographer Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert begins his magnificent book of portraits, titled “Gender as a Spectrum.” The book features photographs and interviews of 80 people around the world who run the gamut of gender expression. Everyone from drag queens to trans men and women, to those identifying as gender-queer are represented. Ohlert shot in locations such as New York, Paris and Copenhagen, looking to capture the essence of a person, not only what their outward appearance leads us to believe.

Born in Germany, Ohlert has previously worked behind the scenes of movie-sets and theater productions all while perfecting his craft. When paging through Gender as a Spectrum, the first thing you are struck by is the straightforward gaze of the subjects. The people in the pictures seem to protest the idea that we will simply objectify them and put them in whatever box we see fit. As an audience we are forced to take a step back and register that the person in the photo is first and foremost human.

The interviews are conducted by Ohlert’s collaborator and friend Kaey. Kaey identifies as a transgender woman and discusses how when they started going through their transition there was no literature written about the trans experience by somebody who was actually trans. “I felt that something was missing and I imagined what I would like to find. …