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Sunday 02.11.18


The first time I ever heard the name Leonard Fink, I was an impressionable journalism student in my second portraiture class — my professor showed my class some of his self-portraiture work and I remember being enamored. Fink’s self portraiture at times is rather straightforward: a photograph of him shooting his reflection in a mirror. But at other times, he manages to photograph himself more in terms of his identity and the implications that came with his gayness in the context of 1970s- and 80s- in New York City. Somehow, his self-portraiture transcended — still transcends — his self. If you’ve never heard of the dude — I mean, he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page — or even if you have, Leslie-Lohman Museum in SoHo is giving you the chance to see it. The exhibition OUT FOR THE CAMERA: The Self-Portraits of Leonard Fink just went on view and will remain so until early August. The exhibition is the first “to focus on Fink’s photographs that explore themes of exhibitionism and identity. It also includes several related works of self-portraiture and images of New York City piers by such artists as Gail Thacker, Tee A. Corinne, Del LaGrace Volcano and others.” These comparisons are not intended to only provide context to Fink’s photographs; rather, they will “draw out the singularity of Fink’s vision.” Clock me gagging over it during my lunch break.

$9 SUGGESTED, 12:00PM-6:00PM, Leslie-Lohman Museum, 26 Wooster St. NY, NY.


Saturday 02.10.18



This is the artist’s fourth exhibition of photography by artist Mark Morrisroe titled Boy Next Door (Beautiful But Dumb) which, as highlighted in the press release, is a reference to one of the key images included in the show. Here’s a bit more background on Morrisroe and this exhibition: “Mark Morrisroe was born in Malden, Massachusetts, north of Boston, and grew up in the area before attending the prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where he first met such artists as Doug and Mike Starn and Gail Thacker, and was inspired by older photographers such as Nan Goldin and David Armstrong. It was there that Morrisroe befriended fellow student Pat Hearn, and the two spent a summer together in Provincetown in 1980. By early 1983, Hearn moved to New York City where she established her eponymous gallery in the East Village and began selling Morrisroe’s work. ClampArt’s exhibition is comprised primarily of photographs acquired directly from Hearn before her untimely death at age forty-five in 2000.” Click here to see a preview of the exhibition, which is on view until March 24th.

FREE, 11:00AM-6:00PM, ClampArt, 247 W 29th St. New York, NY.


Friday 02.09.18

Carlos Campos F/W 2018 – NYFWM

Party: Battle Hymn: Honey Dijon Record Release Party!

Honey Dijon is unquestionably one of the funnest DJs to dance to. She really knows how to get a crowd moving. Which is saying something in the age of monotonous techno where songs blend from one to the other with little difference. Honey is about to release an album, which means we can listen to her when we’re washing the dishes or walking to meet a trick. Honey’s album is titled “The Best of Both Worlds” and we have it on good authority that she will be playing it “ALL NIGHT LONG!!!” This Friday. We’re told that two of the artists who did tracks on the album will also be performing live: Sam Sparro & Cakes Da Killa. “In the past year, Honey has spun fashion shows, major festivals and clubs internationally, and was named number two on Mixmag’s list of the top 20 DJs in the world... It may seem to many like Honey is an overnight success, but having watched her work so hard over the past decade, I can say that her recognition is both earned & well deserved... we’re so proud of you Miss Honey!!!!” We are too. Show some love for the queen bee this Friday, she deserves it!

$20-$25, 10:30PM, FLASH FACTORY, 229 W 28th St. (BETWEEN 7 & 8th Aves.) NY, NY.


Thursday 02.08.18

Heaven On Earth: Lady Gaga

Performance: FIRE AND AIR

On Tuesday the latest issue of The New Yorker arrived in my mailbox. Naturally, I screamed. Joan Acocella, for those who do not know, is a staff writer for the magazine covering mostly dance, and sometimes other shit, but her dance writing is where it’s at. I breezed through her most recent article on Terrence McNally’s Fire and Air.” The play follows the mythic relationship between the Ballets RussesSergei Diaghilev and the camptastic Vaslav Nijinsky. “The play has only one set,” Acocella explained. “Two gilt-edged mirrors, a scattering of gilt chairs — and only six characters.” It turns out, GAYLETTER knows one of the actors. James Cusati-Moyer is “much handsomer than the real Nijinsky,” according to Acocella. I can attest to that. James is gorgina. Directed by John Doyle (at Classic Stage Company), Fire and Air explores the “rich history” of iconic-lovers Diaghilev and Nijinsky during their time spent working inside of the iternant dance company. I haven’t seen the show, but I desperately want to. The stage-direction mostly calls for scenes backstage with the characters in the company, so the script details Nijinsky’s past lover, Prince Lvov (there’s a whole other juicy gay-romance there), and his hairy ass. Lord knows I love a furry hole — I guess Nijinsky did too!

Tickets from $60, through Feb. 25, Various times, Classic Stage Company, 136 E. 13th St. NY, NY.


Wednesday 02.07.18

Backstage at Luar F/W 2018 – NYFWM