Saturday 04.29.17

Event: 100 Days of Failure – Trump Protest

I don’t know why they want to protest Trump’s failures as a president, as far as I am concerned, the fact that he hasn’t managed to get anything done makes him a great success, because all his ideas are terrible for the country. This shouldn’t be a protest it should be a party where we all celebrate how wonderfully ineffective our orange cheeto prez is. His travel bans have been blocked, his funding restrictions to Sanctuary Cities have been stopped, his healthcare bill went nowhere, the only thing he’s done is elect a Supreme Court Justice, and that only happened because congress blew up the filibuster rule. Regardless, this is a worthwhile event to attend, whether you want to protest the moron or cheer him to keep on “winning” like the true loser he is. Bring a sign and let your voice be heard. “We will rally outside of Trump Tower to share all the ways that Trump is putting people at risk and making life harder for ordinary folks, with signs, flyers, and chants detailing 100 ways that the administration is reversing progress.” SAD!

FREE, 12:00PM, Trump Tower New York, 725 5th Ave. New York, NY.


Friday 04.28.17

Party: The Final 11:11

Ladyfag brought us the party 11:11 for over four years, that’s a long time for a NYC gay party —  Congratulations for keeping it going so long! The party is now coming to an end with the final edition happening this Friday, March 28. Ladyfag told me that “it’s bittersweet for sure, it could have kept going for a lot longer, but I think it’s always wise to leave any party while it’s still fun and not at the end of the night...the same applies here. It’s been an amazing 4.5 years, it’s been a home sweet home for so many of 11:11 wish really did come true...So much love & gratitude to my amazing team & most of all big thanks to my partner in crime Michael Magnan who has been my rock through it all.” Awe that’s sweet, we love Michael too, he’s such a great DJ and a sweetheart. Come to the last edition of 11:11, it’s time to say goodbye to another great NYC party. Music for this last event will be provided by Fatherhood (Michael Magnan & Physical Therapy), Christy Love, Donkey (Josh Sparber & Mikey Fuentes) and Will Automagic. Lots of hosts including the fabulous Amanda Lepore, Aquaria, Stephanie Stone, Bailey Stiles, Marco Ovando, La’fem Ladosha, Will Sheridan, Sussi and many more. Oh, and one more thing, I heard rumors that Lady might have another Friday night party coming soon, so stay tuned.

Free before 11:30 $10 after, 11:11PM, 244 East Houston St. NY, NY.


Bon Appétit by Katy Perry

Oops... Katy Perry did it again!

It seems that once again Katy Perry’s latest single has been totally ignored. This time, she can blame the gorgeous weather in New York City. Though you’re probably outside taking a really long lunch — maybe having a chilled class of pinot, or if you’re really gay: a glass of rosé — I do want to draw your attention to Miss Perry’s latest because it’s definitely better than her previous.


“Chained to the Rhythm” came out last month (I think?) and did not perform well on the radio, or on the charts. The beat was catchy, and ushered in a new, albeit contrived, direction for the ever-changing brand that is Katy Perry. However, Bon Appétit (feat. Migos), which she released on this glorious spring Friday is way cuter and deserves a listen.


Earlier in the week, Perry fans tweeted photos of pies they baked after Katy tweeted that if you baked her a pie, “you may get a surprise.” I was confused and didn’t follow the Twitter trail because that is always exhausting, but nevertheless, the singer’s Martha Stewart endeavor ended up being another really odd marketing strategy (RE : the disco balls no one tended to) for another new single.


Bon Appétit (feat. Migos) is really reminiscent of that kind of feel good track I only associate with Nicki Minaj’s “Roman Reloaded.” This is the kind of pop music that you can listen to at any given moment, meaning that it really has got no deeper meaning than what I assume is money-making. …

Thursday 04.27.17

Event: Expanded Visions: Fifty Years of The Leslie-Lohman Museum

More often than not you will you see us promoting an opening up at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. Charles Leslie and Fritz Lohman who founded the museum have spent more than 50 years accumulating artworks and showcasing artists that speak directly to the LGBTQ experience. Over the weekend, the New York Times ran a piece about the current archiving taking place at Prince’s Paisley Park. It sounded crazy, with warehouses full of clothes, candles cataloged mid-melt, and discovered napkins with original lyrics, but to read about it was totally exhilarating and made me think that we aren’t often honoring custodians of what you could call niche art. The work these archivists and teams like Leslie and Lohman do for community building and for future historians is as relevant as it is overlooked. To celebrate the museum’s golden anniversary, curator Branden Wallace will talk you through “the process of curating this historic retrospective of the museum’s vast collection. The exhibition honors the foundational start of the collection, reveals how it has grown and gives clues to where the collection will go in the future. The mission was to build an exhibition that is welcoming to the entire queer community.” Luckily for New York queens like us, we’re only a few blocks away from this legendary collection. Hats off to the museum and its founders for keeping hope alive in the queer art circuit, and we’ll see you at the 75th!

FREE, 6:00PM-8:00PM, Pomerantz Center @ FIT, 227 W. 27th St. NY, NY.


Wednesday 04.26.17

Listen: Last Podcast On The Left

I know what you’re thinking, another podcast? Yes another! If you haven’t figured this out yet I love podcasts. So get with the program. If you’re into the paranormal, cults and serial killers then this podcast is for you. And when I say ‘into’ I just mean you have fascination with those topics, not like you’re looking for inspiration to go on a killing spree or shave your head and join an end of days commune in the desert. Last Podcast On The Left has been around for a couple of years which means they have a massive library of podcasts you can go back and listen to. It’s hosted by Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and “Unpredictable” Henry Zebrowski.” It deals with some pretty dark shit, but it’s actually a comedy podcast. They are really good at offering up very detailed accounts of true crime events but keep it light by making plenty of jokes along the way. For those who a little squirmism hearing about these dark topics their humor is a great way to balance it out. I’ve listened to their series’ on the Children Of God cult (fuck that was intense) serial killer Aileen Wuornos, Scientology founder Ron L. Hubbard and the Menendez Brothers. I would avoid listening to The Last Podcast On the Left right before bed, unless you want to have a haunted night’s sleep, but for all other times of the day this is a great podcast to wander the city listening to. Man, people can be crazy!

Wherever you get your podcasts


Sunday 04.23.17

Do: Corgi Meet Up NYC April 2017

This event is the kind of thing that is only possible in a population dense city like New York. I mean, could you imagine trying to throw a successful corgi meet up in a place like Scranton, PA? Ludicrous! In NYC you could throw an ‘eldery corgies with diabetes’ meet up and still pack the dog run. “Spring is here! Join us Sunday April 23rd starting at 2pm for our April corgi meet up at Washington Square Park. Rules: Must be a corgi owner or have a corgi, or a dog to enter the dog run. Try not to bring more than 2 guests because we don’t want the dog run to get crowded with humans looking to pet corgi’s. Non-Corgi owners / non-dog owners please observe from the outside. We are sure you will get to pet a corgi as they enter and exit the dog run.” As stated in the “rules” having a corgi is not mandatory, but like a VIP wristband at a club, it’ll certainly help you get closer to the doggies. Judging by the number of people already going on their Facebook page I have a feeling this will overflow into the park, so stress not if you are sans corgie — you’ll have plenty of chances to be around the Queen’s favorite breed of dog, I am very sure of that.

2:00PM-3:30PM, Washington Square Park Large Dog Run


Saturday 04.22.17

Ballet Hispánico at The Joyce Theater featuring all-female choreographers

Earlier this week we attended the Ballet Hispánico at the Joyce Theater (that’s running from April 18-23, 2017) and the show slayed. The legendary Latino dance organization founded by dancer and choreographer Tina Ramirez in 1970 carefully celebrates the vibrance of Hispanic dance and the rigor of traditional ballet with their breathtaking performances. Their current showing features all-female choreographers, including Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Michelle Manzanales, and Tania Perez-Salas. “Our Joyce program this year showcases the talents of three exciting Latina choreographic voices,” said Eduardo Vilaro, Artistic Director and CEO of Ballet Hispánico. “Ballet Hispánico’s commitment to presenting diverse perspectives has never been stronger or more necessary.” The Joyce theatre is a fabulous place to unwind and be entertained — the night promises a bold mix of technical precision, thoughtful reflection, raw passion, and irreverent humor, all fitting together to deliver something unique. Expect silky white caftans which flow extra wide with their stilted arm extenders, male on male dancing, slicked back hair and tight buns.


Many of the dances are centered around the drama of Latin fashion — the first of three short but dynamic acts begins with a single female given a powerful presence in a red dress with a long train which she throws from one muscled male dancer to another. We gagged! In another, the performers wear orange and yellow sombreros with a tongue-in-cheek nod to Cheech Marin‘s song Mexican-Americans. The range of the performers is stunning. They effortlessly move from flamenco to contemporary between steps — from one style of movement to another to without hesitation. …

Party: METRO*Sensual with Rupaul Drag Race’s Charlie Hides Live!

Until you’ve been to the /r/rupaulsdragrace subreddit, you may not know how far a carry can go. These internet children go in really deep to get a gag. As I’m writing this, an image from our Katya story, in the latest issue of GAYLETTER, is trending in the “hot” section. The magazine isn’t even in stores yet and we’re pretty sure we never posted this spread online. Yet, there she is. Every member of the subreddit chooses a queen from the current season to appear next to their username. Before Season 9 began airing, the community was feeling Nina Bonina Brown (duh), Shea Couleé (sure), Sasha Velour (I see it), and, Charlie Hides. These kids clearly know everything, so I’ve been leaning on trust for that last one. However, I’m not confident the show has done her justice. Luckily, this Saturday, Charlie Hides is performing for the second installment of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Brooklyn Rusidency at Metropolitan Bar. Can’t stand to watch another queen lip sync? That’s fine, gal! Charlie Hides decidedly, defiantly, and demonstrably does not lip sync. She sings live. And she’s funny. And she’s very sweet. I’m excited to shed her edit and meet the Charlie that built up her decades-long reputation. Drag shows at Metro are about as intimate as it gets — you see it all. It’s the perfect chance to begin a reddit career with some exclusive footage of the Dame herself. Then for the rest of the night, Frankie Sharp and La’Fem Ladosha will be DJ’ing. Hopefully the back patio will be open and bumping too. So stay all night, they’ve got what you need.

$5, 10:00PM, Metropolitan Bar, 559 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 04.21.17

Art: The John Dowd Fan Club

Shannon Michael Cane from Printed Matter is always looking for ways to shine a spotlight on queer artists that never got the acclaim they so rightly deserve. And bless him for that. We do the same in our magazine. It’s amazing how many brilliant queer artists have been overlooked by the mainstream art community because it’s clearly filled with a bunch of homophobes. This week Shannon is bringing to Printed Matter “an exhibition of self-published serial publications and ephemera by late New Yorker John Dowd, a key if often overlooked figure in the correspondence art movement of the early 1970s.” John Dowd is an artist made for GAYLETTER. Like us, John was fascinated with printed materials, popular culture and queer politics. His work was often described as having a “xerox aesthetic” (I love that term), he also had a “perverse sense of humor” which is evident in much of his work, like his pieces featuring Disney cartoon characters. The John Dowd Fan Club traces Dowd’s collaborative output through a near-complete overview of editioned publications and folded broadsheets, accompanied by extensive archival material including unique zines, xerox ephemera, promotional inserts, collages, mail art, correspondence, and original stencils.” The opening reception is on Friday, April 21, 6:00-8:00PM. There’s always a cute crowd at Printed Matter’s openings, and free beer! It’s time to join the John Dowd fan club.

FREE, 6:00PM-8:00PM, Printed Matter, 231 11th Ave. New York, NY.


Thursday 04.20.17


It’s 4/20 so you know what I’ll be doing today. The past few years we have done some fun celebrations on 4/20 from baking a variety of THC infused gourmet sweets to frying tempura with a group of friends, we even had the food magazine Put an Egg On It come to my small apartment to photograph the whole thing. Fun right? I am a bit annoyed that 4/20 falls on a Thursday this year, but whatever, anytime you can take a puff on that day, please do it, your mind and body needs it. I spoke with JT Almon about this party (he’s DJing), here’s what he had to say: “it’s one of those — if you happen to peel yourself off the couch and have a cup of coffee come out to dance — parties...we are just starting it on 4/20. I wanted to start a less gendered party than Bromo to have women and femmes feel more welcomed, but mostly my goal is to provide a free party in Brooklyn with great music where they gays can hang and feel comfortable — accessibility is a really important thing to me.” The party is at Bossa Nova in Brooklyn which JT describes as a cute and intimate space. Other DJs joining him are Bearcat and Physical Therapy. Plus hosts for the night are Patti Spliff (she’s lovely), Jason Scott Rosen (lovely name) and Gio Rgi Mjavanadze (also lovely). For god sakes, please, please, please don’t forget to get high.

FREE, 10:00PM, Bossa Nova Civic Club, 1271 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY.