Monday 02.18.19

Gauntlett Cheng Fall/Winter 2019

Tuesday 02.12.19

Patrick Church Fall/Winter 2019 “Dearly Beloved”

Monday 02.11.19

Happy Birthday Aquaria! Farewell Stawecki…

Two icons, One night at Acme

Strut at Acme 2.5.19

Live shows by Lolita Golightly and Maria Canaria from Les Ballets Trockadero

Backstage at Palomo Spain Fall/Winter 2019

Friday 02.08.19

TELFAR Fall/Winter 2019 “COUNTRY”

A show in collaboration with playwright Jeremy O. Harris & performances by the industrial band Ho99o9 and Oyinda


Backstage at their Fall / Winter 2019 show in NYC

Thursday 02.07.19

Backstage at NIHL Fall/Winter 2019

Tuesday 02.05.19

Vasilis Loizides F/W 2019 presentation

Monday 02.04.19

Westgay 3.0 featuring Sharon Needles

Westgay returns!!!


A book featuring some of V&R's editorial highlights

Viktor and Rolf are a power duo that have designed an intricate body of work together that successfully bridges the worlds of haute couture fashion and conceptual art. They met at the Arnhem Academy of Arts and Design and began working together directly after graduation. You’ll crack open this grandesque book to find stunning handiwork and elegant silhouettes combined with concept driven overtones that won’t be lost to the craft.



Their work together defines fashion as art, “contrasting romance and rebellion, exuberance and control, classicism and conceptualism”. In an interview with exhibition curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot, the designers consulted that they themselves don’t consider their work fashion or art exclusively but simply make what comes to mind. Initially V&R’s work was accepted into the sphere of art rather than fashion but with growing fame their company slowly formed into a recognizable fashion house.



Tony Ellwood of the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne put it best in the foreword, “Art plays an intrinsic role in the personal and creative lives of Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, who together create some of the most provocative haute couture of the twenty-first century. It was the art world that first embraced Viktor & Rolf’s designs early in their career and now, as they celebrate their twenty-fifth anniversary, their work is more than ever at home in the contemporary museum.








It became clear to me as I sifted through the pages of the archive that the work inside was masterful in taste and execution; the designs bring together costume and couture with the exhibition value of contemporary sculpture. …

Wednesday 01.30.19


This was the last ball hosted by the Spectrum on January 26, 2019