Image Courtesy of C.Edwards

12 Inch Roommate

Pre-order a copy of the collection of the cult webcomic.

There’s something about gay men and comics. From the 1950s “Batman” issue that has him in bed with another man, to Tom of Finland, to Mikey and Justin’s Rage creation in Queer as Folk — illustrated depictions of sexuality, heroes and ‘outsiders’ have struck a chord with LGBT folks and zealous queer theorists for years.


One of the best gay cartoons online today is cartoonist C.Edwards12-Inch Roommate — a hilariously sexual and very NSFW series that is due to end this year. Created as a parody of 80’s sitcoms like Three’s Company, each strip revolves around two gay friends who are forced to hide their hunky roommate from their landlord, who prohibits well-endowed tenants in his building (don’t you hate when that happens?).


C. Edwards has now collected all 422 strips of his cartoon into one anthology entitled Attack of the 12-Inch Roommate. There’s a pre-order special happening now through Kickstarter, so jump on and check out how you can support this artist and secure your very own copy before it’s gone.