Thursday 12.01.16

Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938): Parlor, Gymnasium & Field

Bruce Sargeant 1898-1938 Parlor Gymnasium & Field_1_GAYLETTER

This show is curated by Mark Beard, who has spent the last two decades keeping alive the legacy of artist Bruce Sargeant. Sargeant is a painter who “largely concentrated on the idealization and celebration of the male form. Had Sargeant not met with a tragic and untimely death at the age of 40, he may have gone on to achieve the fame and renown awarded to such painters as James McNeill Whistler, Thomas Eakins, and Winslow Homer — artists to whom his style is often compared. Instead, Sargeant’s oeuvre remained relatively unknown for years until it was brought to light by the efforts of Beard.”


This Thursday, December 1st, ClampArt is hosting an opening reception for Mark Beard’s show Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938): Parlor, Gymnasium & Field. “The current exhibition gathers canvases in which Sargeant portrays his young models in various private settings such as the parlor and studio; to quasi-public spaces including the gymnasium; on to the field and in the great outdoors.  Mark Beard’s selection of a wide array of scenes reflects his great uncle’s interest in men of all social echelons — from ranchers and people of the working class up the social ladder to sportsmen and art collectors alike.”


Sounds like a wonderful show, and it’s heartening to see a forgotten queer artist finally been given his dues.


Mark Beard [Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938)], “Two Friends,” n.d., Oil on canvas, 20×24 inches, Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City.


Mark Beard [Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938)], “Hunter in Lederhosen,” n.d., Oil on canvas, 60×36 inches, Courtesy of ClampArt, New York City. …

Monday 11.28.16

BABY TEA for T 2.0: A Trans Advocacy Fundraiser Benefiting Callen-Lorde Community Health Center and Trans Lifeline

Thursday 11.17.16

Tell Trump We’re Here to Stay, Nov. 13th

Stand with us and oppose Trump's anti-immigrant, sexist, racist agenda!

Tuesday 11.15.16


March against Trump in NYC...

Palm Springs Pride 2016

Monday 11.14.16

Trump is Not My President, Nov. 12th

March against Trump in NYC...

Sunday 11.13.16

Rally Against Trump in NYC – NOV. 9th

It started at Union Square and we marched up to trump tower...

Friday 11.11.16



I fell for Tinashe when I saw the Boss music video. I mean, this girl was eighteen, wrote a vicious song, taught herself to produce her own music, then self-directed its video. The vision and its execution left an impression. In one red-light setting, with a bright curly lion’s mane of hair, she sidles against an oversized county fair teddy bear, croons up over its head, then playfully decapitates it. And rips out its stuffing. It’s wild. Since then, she’s stayed focused, continually maturing her style.


Tinashe is twenty-three now and no longer needs the heels or hair or glam to prove that she’s grown. Nightride, released last Friday at midnight, is not child’s play. She came for every wig on this bi-coastal mess we call America. Released with a music video statement of purpose, Nightride is the accompaniment and precursor to Joyride, her upcoming sophomore album.


Her position relative to popular music in late 2016 is somewhere between Frank Ocean and Ariana Grande. Like Frank, Tinashe’s been roiling in music industry purgatory, her sophomore album suffering massive delays, her label increasingly hapless at managing her career. Both Nightride and Blonde are dark and pained, isolated (Nightride has zero features), but animated by the singer’s devotional faith in love and self-ownership. Both albums suit these suddenly darker days especially well. Like Ariana’s interstellar pop, Tinashe’s vocals pair dense production with an agile and winking sensibility. But Tinashe’s a more genuinely dangerous woman who belts out a bit more sparingly. …

Thursday 11.03.16



I was thinking to myself the other day “what’s that queen up to?” The queen I’m referring to is Richard Haines, the artist whose show I want to tell you about… I know Richard has been busy, at least according to his social media, he just can’t stop traveling and attending events. I am sure Richard would appreciate that I have been following his “journey,” ha!


This Thursday Richard’s second solo exhibition ‘Larger Than Life’ opens at Daniel Cooney Fine Art in NYC. This is the first time that Richard is showning his paintings, in the past his focus was more on his drawings, and what a lot of people know him for, his fashion illustrations. “For this exhibition Haines finds inspiration in his Bushwick neighborhood’s drag performers, street style and high fashion runways.”


It sounds like the opening will be a fun event… “The second gallery will be an intimate salon of Richard’s small drawings including drag and street style. The smaller works will continue to show Richard’s artistic and conceptual evolution in a more familiar landscape. The exhibition as a whole celebrates and challenges gender, sexuality, beauty, decadence and raunch.” We are so excited for Richard, can’t wait to see the new work in person. Yas queen!


Below is a preview of the show Larger Than Life:










FREE, Opening reception — 6:00PM-8:00PM, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, 508 – 526 West 26 St. #9C, NY, NY. …

Monday 10.31.16

Photographs from BATTLE HYMN – Halloween Edition