Friday 09.16.16

BCALLA SS17 Presentation, NYFW

In collaborations with Print All Over Me, MAC, Dr. Martens, Pinky's' Nails, ISLYNYC, Avery Noyes, Dick and Virgil, Possessed, House of La Rue and Ms. Fitz

Sunday 09.11.16

Area Spring/Summer 2017, NYFW

Tuesday 09.06.16

Colby Keller by Javier Cortina

Some intimate photographs of everyone's favorite porn star


A few months ago the Spain-based photographer Javier Cortina asked us if we wanted to feature an interview with Colby Keller in our printed issue along with new images. We responded that we love Colby, but that we already featured him in GAYLETTER issue 1. But, since we can’t get enough of Colby, we told Javier that we’d like to publish his images on our site.


Javier told us more about how this shoot came about: “Colby and I are in contact since 2014 hoping to find the time to match and to collaborate together. This past May he came to Barcelona (Spain) for the recording of a porn movie and he gave me some of his little free time to shoot some photos in my studio. I’m grateful for that…Colby transmits a special magnetism, has a classical and sculptural body. The Perfect match for work with any kind of light.”


His peen looks good too. We figured you guys would enjoy these photographs…You’re welcome!









Thursday 09.01.16

AFROPUNK Festival Brooklyn 2016

Alpha, Beta, Omega

A solo show by Zak Krevitt


As the boring little white boy that I am, I’m all for learning about new kinks and fetishes. Although I’ve heard about the Human Puppy community in passing, I’ve never really been exposed to much about it which is why Zak Krevitt’s new solo show, Alpha, Beta, Omega at Ray Gallery in Brooklyn looks so fascinating.


Krevitt is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose art focuses on the inner workings of Queer people. The show explores the “Puppy Play” community both in and out of their gear, many of whom still adhere to the pack-like structure consisting of an Alpha, Beta, and Omega member. Hence the name of the exhibition. “In ‘Alpha, Beta, Omega.’ this act of becoming something more than human is examined, as is the burgeoning community surrounding it. We are on the cusp of the cyborg age, and here individuals have taken it upon themselves to strip away their human flesh and replace it with the imaged fur of a canine.”


The exhibition features 25 photographs and a site-specific installation that’s bound to intrigue, entice, and even titillate. Who knows, maybe by the end of the night you’ll be asking around for the nearest leather store.


Below is a preview of the show:


















Thursday 08.25.16


The Dauphine of Bushwick and Tommy & Victor present Baby Tea Fire Island! Music by Lemon Verbena and Qossip Qurl. Performances by Merrie Cherry, Patti Spliff, Claudia Cliffer and The Dauphine. Hosted by Mamma San Kazuko and Casey Spooner.

Friday 08.05.16



I met the artist Sean O’connor out and about when I was going to FIT in Manhattan and used to party 6 days a week (I think Monday was my day off). Basically I met him drunk. I think he was straight at that time or pretending, or just trying to do bro-masc, I was too drunk to remember the details.


Years later I saw him again and he told me he was working on some art and because GAYLETTER is always interested in what’s new, I asked him to share some of his work with me. After we saw the work, we got really into it. Which is why we want to tell you about his first solo exhibition in NYC, which features large paintings, works on paper, as well as “edition prints that depict vast and intricate floral patterns, paired with muscular men and athletes, snakes and reptiles, and classical icons of beauty.”


His work is “rooted in traditional decorative art practices such as “Toile de Jouy,” and printed textiles, and he repurposes these mediums to portray a contemporary look and examination of idealized male beauty in gay culture. The imagery in his work references historic and artistic symbols of masculine beauty ranging from ancient Athenian vases, to mid-century male pin ups and athletes, to current prevailing notions of manhood.  His work searches for the humor within the ‘homo-bromo’ social-media fixated culture, and also explores when appreciation for beauty and aesthetic morphs into vanity and narcissism.” It’s super sexy. …

Tuesday 07.26.16

Opening of Faggotry: Bruce LaBruce Photo Retrospective

Scenes from the Bruce LaBruce’s solo retrospective at the Lethal Amounts Gallery in Los Angeles

Sunday 07.24.16

BTS Images from KATAMA S/S 2017 Presentation at NYFWM

Hair by Lisa Raquel and Make Up by Mark Edio

Friday 07.08.16


A conversartion with the artist about his latest exhibition


I discovered the 22 year old artist Daniel Marin Medina on Instagram months ago, we chatted online, then he drew me. After that we stayed in touch and I asked him to do a drawing for the last printed issue of GAYLETTER. I am so happy for him that he’s having his first solo show in NYC titled ‘Journal Entries’ which is opening this week, July 8th. “The process of drawing these became similar to writing in a journal. Something would happen and I’d jot down my thoughts in the form of a drawing. They’re coded passages in a diary, which is kind of fun to think about. Along with these drawings, I will be showing figure drawings done of some of the most interesting people in my life.” We had the chance to chat with Daniel about this show and other fun stuff.



Why is the show called Journal Entries? The process of drawing these became similar to writing in a journal. Something would happen and I’d jot down my thoughts in the form of a drawing. They’re coded passages in a diary, which is kind of fun to think about.



How did this show came about? A friend reached out, said she liked what I was doing, and offered me the space. The universe at work!



When did you start drawing? I like to joke that I’ve been drawing since before I was born, having done Lascaux-style cave paintings in my mother, but no one really finds that as fun as I do. …