Wednesday 12.13.17


The runway show was staged at the Strand Bookstore

Friday 12.01.17

Parson James presents: SugarCube

The new monthly party included special guests Lil Kim, Amanda Lepore and Zeke Thomas

Tuesday 11.14.17

Heaven on Earth – Against The Music: Britney vs Madonna

Monday 11.13.17

Zanele Muholi at the Stonewall Inn

Masihambisane - On Visual Activism as part of Performa 17

Wednesday 11.08.17

Yayoi Kusama – Festival of Life

If you haven’t heard of Yayoi Kusama you probably live under a rock. She’s an artist that I’ve been dying to see for years now (she’s been featured at countless galleries and museums all over the world for years) and she’s returned to David Zwirner gallery where her 2013 show made waves with Festival of Life. The show up at Zwirner is catching the eye of nearly every aspiring photographer, artist, gay person, fashion designer, trendsetter and anyone else who thinks they have the most refined taste in the tri-state area. (Trust, just search #infinityroom).


Her work was installed at the Guggenheim for a bit, but much to everyone’s greatest fears, really ridiculous people who are more interested in Instagramming (please don’t do that) the work rather than looking at it ended up damaging one of the mirrored rooms and caused over $800,000 in damages, so it’s no surprise that people are freaking out that the popular artist is back in town — she’s both notorious and sublime.


This exhibition will debut two brand new infinity rooms, so whether you’ve seen the rooms already or not, this is a must-see . Just remember, people from all over the metropolitan area are flocking to see her work, so make sure to be there early so you’re not stuck waiting in line down the block. Last week’s line was too long, so I’ll try again this week.


Yayoi​ ​Kusama,​ ​​Infinity​ ​Mirrored​ ​Room-Love​ ​Forever​,​ ​1966/1994. Installation​ ​view,​ ​YAYOI​ ​KUSAMA,​ ​Le​ ​Consortium,​ ​Dijon,​ ​France, 2000.​ ​Image​ ​©​ ​Yayoi​ ​Kusama.​ ​Courtesy​ ​of​ ​David​ ​Zwirner,​ ​New York;​ ​Ota​ ​Fine​ ​Arts,​ ​Tokyo/Singapore/Shanghai;​ ​Victoria​ ​Miro, London;​ ​YAYOI​ ​KUSAMA​ ​Inc. …

Pathway to Paris After Party

After the evening's performance at Carnegie Hall, guests headed to the Weill Terrace Room & Weill Music Room

Tuesday 11.07.17

Opening reception: Jack Pierson’s Angel Youth at Maccarone gallery

Monday 11.06.17


Saturday 11.04.17


Levi Jackman Foster is an artist whose new show FOLLOW features photography and ready-made objects “to inspect the pervasive self-objectification of modern Men and Gay Men: why they do it, how they do it, and the extremes they will go to for adoration.” That’s a deep summary, but we wanted to hear more so we asked Levi a couple of questions. Levi tells us he’s been planning this show for 3 years, but began shooting 1 year ago. For him this show was a necessity. “I created FOLLOW because I couldn’t hold these thoughts in any longer. It’s like another level of coming out for me. I’m expressing my real thoughts on the social media persona I created. I have a lot to say to, and about, modern men.” He tells us. He is calling the show “Follow” because it’s “focused on self-objectification and validation seeking behaviors in modern men which are heightened in our social media age. “Follow” is a request, a trade, a cliche, a command and a tool. It also has religious significance to me personally having been brought up Mormon and many primary school songs having the lyric “follow” (referring to god, Jesus or prophets) in them. I touch on this in the show.”


It’s a fascinating area to explore. Personally, I am having social media exhaustion. Looking at Facebook is triggering in too many ways and I am questioning if the benefit of staying in contact with friends through it is really worth the negative shit that it also brings. …

Tuesday 10.31.17

Off Your Heads! A Halloween party hosted by Ellen Von Unwerth