Friday 10.20.17

Canon: Photographs by Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo & Andrew Mroczek

The Museum of Sex is presenting a new exhibition celebrating the Peruvian LGBTQ community — ‘Canon,’ “a multi-part series of photographs and sculptures” by artists Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo and Andrew Mroczek. I just saw a preview of the images that will be on display at this exhibition and it made me tear up, this work is so powerful. It’s a call to action against the violence that the LGBTQ faces in Peru. Another reminder that people like us struggle everywhere in the world.


Featured is ‘Virgenes de la Puerta’ (Virgins of the Door), “a photography series that reimagines transgender women as historical and religious icons inspired by Spanish colonial painting and 19th-century vernacular photography, such as the iconic religious imagery of Santa Rosa de Lima or the Tapada Limeña.” There’s also ‘Los Chicos’ (The Boys), in this series the boys pictured “represent an important, emerging, community within Peru’s culture. Defying patriarchal machismo and the antiquated social mores of masculinity, these young gay men have exhibited tremendous courage and tenacity by allowing themselves to be seen, publicly, as a thriving community within a slowly changing environment of acceptance.” The third series of photographs is the ‘Padre Patria’ (Fatherland), that “reveals the Peruvian landscape as spaces of evidence within the extreme, and rather common, circumstances of violent hate-crimes toward the LGBTQ community, which include rape and murder, as well as domestic violence.”















Also, the show they will premiere the video performance piece ‘Anda,’ featuring “eight gay Peruvian men in varying stages of personal or public acceptance of their sexuality.” The exhibition shows the artists’ effort to highlight the social cruelty that the Peruvian community is facing and to celebrate “the resilience, power, and beauty of their subjects.”


Canon is on view at MoSex until January 15, 2018. …

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Wednesday 10.04.17

Behind The Scenes ‘TV’

On a perfect mid-summer day, we traveled to Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn to shoot a story for GAYLETTER Issue 7 tittled ‘TV’ — the story was very simple, we just wanted to recreate what we often do with our friends: gather at someone’s house to watch TV, usually with some nice blankets, comfortable looks, snacks, smokes and lots of wine, beers or whatever is available after 5 hours in. It became a joke to us that we would go watch TV at a friends’ house and then end up sleeping on the floor until 4:00am. It’s prob the best thing to do while it’s cold in NYC. It’s like Netflix and chill but without the sex.


We headed to our shoot with photographer Cody Chandler (who scouted the location), a groomer (Boswell from Best Barber), a stylist (Christopher Rao) a few models and our small team. During breaks we hung outside — the breeze was right, the sun felt perfect.


Cody took a few behind the scenes pics of Alex, Elvis and Chris during a smoke/vape break…We thought we’d share them with you here.








Alex, Elvis and Chris wear pants by Marc Jacobs.



To see the full ‘TV’ story, grab a copy of GAYLETTER Issue 7. …

Tuesday 09.26.17

Grand Opening of Kismet at Club Cumming

Presented by Paul Iacono

Monday 09.25.17

BUSHWIG 2017 – DAY 2

BUSHWIG 2017 – Day 1

With Alyssa Edwards!

Wednesday 09.20.17



Surprise, you dear readers are the first to get a glimpse at the latest issue of GAYLETTER Magazine — Issue 7.  It’s our Fall/Winter edition and it is full to the brim with some very enjoyable stories, interviews and explorations into the queer world of 2017.


We’d like to give a big thanks to all those involved, starting with our cover image, photographed by the endlessly talented Kostis Fokas. We knew the moment he shared the photo with us that it had to be on our cover.



Inside issue 7 we have contributions by Tyler Akers, Ross Bleckner, Tom Capelonga, Cody Chandler Vincent Dilio, Benjamin Fredrickson, Brian Kenny, Matthew Leifheit, Danielle Levitt, Benoît Loiseau, Andrés Mañón, Slava Mogutin, Daniel Nicoletta, Gio Black Peter, Manuel Solano, Cyle Suesz, Luis Venegas, Gerardo Vizmanos and more.



This is an especially prideful issue, so we encourage you to carry it prominently as you move through the world. As we say in our editor’s letter, there’s a young queer kid out there who more than you could ever know needs to see that our flag, and you, exist.



Get it here. …

Thursday 09.14.17


featuring Ongina from Rupaul's Drag Race

Wednesday 09.13.17

20 35mm DRAGCON NYC Photos by Cyle Suesz

Friday 09.08.17