Friday 02.05.16

Kenneth Ning NYFW: Men’s Show A/W 2016

Thursday 02.04.16

Wood House NYFW: Men’s Show A/W 2016

Wednesday 02.03.16

Gyspy Sport NYFW: Men’s Show A/W 2016

Tuesday 02.02.16

Julian Zigerli A/W 2016/17 Backstage Images

Monday 02.01.16

Hi, Jaime


Jaime is 21 year old Fine Arts student who lives in Madrid Spain. He was born in Extremadura, Spain. Until three years ago he dated girls. However one day he started to experiment with an “especial” friend. One of his close friends told him at the time: “Jaime, you are in love with a boy! You have to accept it.” Jaime seems cool with with being gay now — I am glad that his friend was able to give him such good advice. He told me about his first full sexual experience with a boy “It was a disaster, I didn’t know what to do, and after that day it took me a while to be intimate with a guy again.”

He’s single at the moment, he told me that he’s probably very busy with his studies, so that makes it more difficult to have other commitments. He usually meets boys from Instagram, through friends of friends and at parties — “I’ve met some at museums…My future husband will come out from an afternoon at the museum…” So, feel free to say hi to Jamie if you see him around, especially if he’s looking at art (just don’t clog his Instagram with direct messages.)


Jaime told me that his favorite kind of date is when a boy surprises him. He really loves that and he’s into surprising others. He loves to drink wine on dates and says that he’s a good listener. He sounds like a great catch. His favorite body part is his neck, he feels it’s “the best erogenous zone.” Also, he loves his hair, especially when boys touch it, “it calms my stress.”

Jamie doesn’t have a specific type when it comes to guys, but he usually goes for brown/darker men. …

Sunday 01.31.16

HUMP 1.27

At the party's new venue Rumpus Room

Friday 01.22.16

1 Boy 2 T-shirts



ONE.T.SHIRT is a fashion brand offering limited-edition T-shirts from collaborations with talented peeps.



For their latest edition, Spanish artist Silvia Prada created a series of portraits of “iconic Hollywood figures that have each shaped and marked GENERATION X in their defining years.”



Choose from Tom Cruise and Matt Dillon (both seen here on our model Thomas Gibbons) along with Drew Barrymore, Demi Moore, Johnny Depp, Lisa Bonet, Corey HaimWinona Ryder and many more.




For more, click here to get a copy of the magazine…








This story was previously printed in GAYLETTER issue 2. …

Thursday 01.21.16

BABY TEA : 1/17

The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: Music by Charlene and Lemon Verbena! ALL TEA! Performance by Charlene and The Dauphine. Tea set winner Zach Ligas! Hosted by Birthday Boy Ryan Lobo!


Opening Reception for Benjamin's latest show in NYC


When you make it two weeks back-to-back in the GAYLETTER newsletter you must be doing something right. The photographer Benjamin Fredrickson has an exhibition opening this Thursday, January 21 at The Bureau of General Services-Queer Division at the LGBT Center on 13st. organized by Daniel Cooney Fine Art. The photographs presented in this exhibition were created by the artist using paper negatives with an 8×10 field camera. Benjamin told me that he’s very excited for this new direction and process in his work, “I am exploring this alternative process of paper negatives which I feel bridges the gap between camera operator and artist.”



I’m feeling it, they feel very honest, I like the gritty quality and how rich the blacks are in these images.



Fredrickson also appears in some of his own images to continue with his autobiographical approach. As the gallery notes mention “he photographs other men but he never photographs “the other,” instead he is interested in revealing himself, his humanity and his vision of the world around him.” His images continue to be sexual and full of nudity. GAYLETTER loves that!





Check out a few images from the exhibition below:









Wednesday 01.20.16

Helias Doulis’ Nurtured Nature


Helias Doulis is a 23 year old photographer from Greece who currently lives and works in London. His most recent project is titled Parabyss: A Nurtured Nature and features images that explore “the way that homosexuals tend to isolate themselves in order to live freely and away from the threatening ‘public eye.’” This series was shot at Limanakia; a rocky and secluded corner of Greece where Helias felt he and his models could fully access melancholy. Photographs featuring naked men on a tragically beautiful private Grecian coast? I’m into it.


We decided to get to know Helias a little better and asked him some questions about this body of work.


Helias told us that Parabyss is “an earthly vagina, where a dystopian paradise shelters the frightened males, giving them the freedom to show intimacy with one another.” Helias elaborated further by telling us that the photos in this series “reflect the greed of human nature in a world that persecutes its creatures through discrimination, forcing them to resort (to the) creation of a habitat of free sexual expression.”


In regards to his inspiration and what his work is really about, “the main reason that I started taking photographs was to express my personal insecurities and inabilities to perform (in) my relationships and society, to find more insecure bodies and souls like mine to make all of us embrace the beauty of loneliness.” Helias selects his models to be members of his personal melancholy, and refers to them as his multiple “alter egos.” As you can see from these photos, he chose to hide the faces of his subjects. …