Friday 08.18.17

Los Angeles Protests Charlottesville Violence


Where to begin? Woof. Let me get this started for you with the party’s hashtags: #ExplodetheSpectrum #MatrixWide #Bislashtry #ActualShockValue #Morftmtf #FemaleValidation. These should set the tone. Does anyone reading this remember Palisades? That dingy corner spot off the Lorimer (L train) where I used to mosh? Yes? Anyone? I’d seen Juliana Huxtable (pictured) before, but I was there on that fateful night the NYPD party patrol marched their boring asses in and shut down the place. (I was drinking a Modelo at the time when all of the lights came on and men were telling us to get out. Juliana was about to step into her set. One of the parolees happened to be my hometown neighbor. I hid behind my friends who are 5’1”. I’m 5’11”.) The party is totally off the radar like a lot of the gigs at Palisades were. We definitely want to keep it that way because it’s not for everyone. Not sorry!


Shock Value always has a really ridiculous DJ line up, and this installment is no different. It’s a ton of NYC babes (AkanbiBebeCunty CrawfordHelen HarrisHon2ou, plus “Ya Gurl Slash Queen Doll” Juliana Huxtable… ok work) plus two out-of-towners: Ziur (she flew in from Berlin for this gig!!!) and Abby from Detroit. It’s a big old get together. I just met one of the night’s hosts Diamond Stingly the other week at the New Museum where she will exhibit in their forthcoming fall show “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon” and we talked about facemasks but also our bodies as unintentional weapons against ourselves. …

Wednesday 08.09.17

Screaming in the Streets: AIDS, Art, Activism

I think I said this before, but I gotta say it again, every time Brian Clamp (from ClampArt) emails me about an exhibition I look into it because I trust his taste. His gallery and Ward 5B are presenting an exhibition that opened last week and it’s running until Sept. 23. It’s called Screaming in the Streets: AIDS, Art, Activism. It “focuses on the meaning of radical spaces for sexual minorities and reflects upon a generation of lost artists, while illustrating the interconnectedness and collaborative working relationships among them.”


The AIDS epidemic reached its peak around 1995, by which time there were about 48,000 annual AIDS-related deaths. “The story of the artistic and activist responses to this medical crisis were marked by intergenerational, communal, as well as individual associations…. Linked in this way within the context of the exhibition are Kenny Burgess, Haoui Montaug, Keith Haring, Ethyl Eichelberger, Jimmy De Sana, and many, many others.” The exhibition also celebrates the launch of Ward 5B, which is a service that specializes in the archival and curation of “late 20th-century urban ephemera and art, with a focus on punk aesthetic, radical spaces, performance art, drag, experimental theatre, camp, queercore, and guerrilla/street art projects.” I’d say, don’t miss it.








FREE, Tuesday-Saturday, 10.00 am-6.00pm, ClampArt, 247 West 29th St. NY, NY.  …

Saturday 08.05.17


The Dauphine of Bushwick and the Fire Island Artist Residency (FIAR) present a drag dance party benefiting the residency at The Island Breeze. Music by DJ Hannah Lou and performances by Charlene, Merrie Cherry, Patti Spliff, Untitled Queen, and The Dauphine! Hosted by Chris Bogia, Gina Garan, and Pearl!

Thursday 08.03.17


Thursday 07.20.17

The First Edition of the Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair

CRUISE: Rio Edition at The Rosemont

Friday 07.07.17

Slather Cabaret presented by Love Bailey

Thursday 06.29.17


Sunday 06.25.17

CockyBoys’ Show Your Pride Pool Party

Celebrating their 10th anniversary