Monday 10.10.16


Scenes from the weekend at Tom's House in Los Angeles

Saturday 10.08.16



The ignorant, arrogant, moronic, privileged, attention-whore Lucian Wintrich is taking his #daddywillsaveus #twinksfortrump “art” show bullshit to BK this weekend — they are even having an after-party/pro-Trump celebration. I mean, where the fuck are the parents of this kid? Of course we can all chose to ignore this event, but it’s a bit hard to ignore it when it has become such a talked about thing. I mean Trump might not hate gay people, but the party he is a head of is clearly anti-LGBT. Some of you might think it’s best to not even discuss this and ignore the stupid kid, but I think it might be also nice to show up there and protest and hopefully close down the event. We also heard that the kid is exhibiting some images of these “twinks-for-Trump” without their consent, so that also means that he’s pretending that all of these kids are pro-Trump, when I know that many of them are not.


Pablo Torres posted this on Facebook about the protest: “I think any action is valid. I find it difficult to accept staying at home while they are partying and celebrating what they call art. I work on myself to accept any form of expression, but it all changes when one of the leaders of the exhibition publicly attacks people of color and uses our vulnerabilities to turn LGBTQI people against each other.” The artist Gio Black Peter has a different, but equally valid point: “these talentless hacks feed on attention — best fuck you is to ignore them and their event — a better protest is to spend your time making anti-fascist art that promotes queers, women, people of color, trans lives…” Another boy Damon Stang, also had a good point: “shaming the venue online might be a very interesting strategy though…” I’d say we can take some action and stop or interrupt this event, maybe just bringing a few anti-Trumps signs, just avoid any physical altercations. …

Wednesday 10.05.16

‘Queer ‘90s,’ A Snapshot of the Watershed Decade in Cinema

Nowhere (1997)
Directed by Gregg Araki
Shown: James Duval

I heard from a few people that I must check out the newish Cinema Metrograph in the Lower East Side. My friend Charlie Kuder is always like “I’m heading to Metrograph, are you coming? It’s a great place.” Their ‘About’ page says that “Metrograph is a unique experience of seeing prestigious films; of stepping into a special, curated world of cinema, a world of hospitality harkening back to the great New York movie theaters of the 1920s…” You can have a proper cocktail, have a bite, they even have a bookstore — it’s the perfect excuse to wear something cute for the theater.


This week they are opening their ‘Queer ‘90s’ series, which features over 30 films that they’ll be showing until October 30th. “The 1990s was a watershed decade for the visibility of queer bodies in independent, documentary, experimental, and studio films. The emergence of “New Queer Cinema,” a movement of filmmakers reacting to the rightward shift in culture and the specter of the AIDS plague, produced formally radical and political works about and specifically for LGBT audiences…” This sounds absolutely marvelous, I can’t think of a better fit for GAYLETTER. We’ll be going there a lot for the rest of the month.


The Crying Game (1992).


Gia (HBO) January 31, 1998.


Go Fish (1994).


High Art (1998).


Poison (1991).


Set It Off (1996).



Monday 10.03.16

BABY TEA : 9/25

The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: BABY TEA back-to-school special!! Music by Adi J and Claudia De Chalon! Tea set winner and bday gal, Adi!!

Saturday 10.01.16

Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival 2016


We just had the most surreal experience waking up in Tom of Finland‘s bedroom, in his actual bed, in Echo Park, Los Angeles. The entire house has the strongest branding I’ve ever seen, even the pillowcases on the bed we slept on are leather. Around the bedroom there is original artwork, and even Tom’s leather jackets and boots.


We’re at his house for the Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival and we’re selling all 5 issues of GAYLETTER Magazine and other goodies. If you happen to be in Los Angeles, come say hi. Along with us there are vendors from all sorts of places, many selling erotic art inspired by the Finnish artist, who’s real name is Touko Valio Laaksonen.


At 12:00PM the house is also hosting a live nude drawing session. If visiting us isn’t enough of an incentive, then I’m sure the chance to sketch a hot guy in Tom’s legendary house will be! You can always just come mingle, have a drink and pick up a guy, everyone seems to be horny here.


Very horny!




The fair is Saturday October 1 and Sunday, October 2. From 11:00AM-6:00PM. Tom’ House is located at 1421 Laveta Terrace, Los Angeles, CA.





Friday 09.16.16

BCALLA SS17 Presentation, NYFW

In collaborations with Print All Over Me, MAC, Dr. Martens, Pinky's' Nails, ISLYNYC, Avery Noyes, Dick and Virgil, Possessed, House of La Rue and Ms. Fitz

Sunday 09.11.16

Area Spring/Summer 2017, NYFW

Tuesday 09.06.16

Colby Keller by Javier Cortina

Some intimate photographs of everyone's favorite porn star


A few months ago the Spain-based photographer Javier Cortina asked us if we wanted to feature an interview with Colby Keller in our printed issue along with new images. We responded that we love Colby, but that we already featured him in GAYLETTER issue 1. But, since we can’t get enough of Colby, we told Javier that we’d like to publish his images on our site.


Javier told us more about how this shoot came about: “Colby and I are in contact since 2014 hoping to find the time to match and to collaborate together. This past May he came to Barcelona (Spain) for the recording of a porn movie and he gave me some of his little free time to shoot some photos in my studio. I’m grateful for that…Colby transmits a special magnetism, has a classical and sculptural body. The Perfect match for work with any kind of light.”


His peen looks good too. We figured you guys would enjoy these photographs…You’re welcome!









Thursday 09.01.16

AFROPUNK Festival Brooklyn 2016

Alpha, Beta, Omega

A solo show by Zak Krevitt


As the boring little white boy that I am, I’m all for learning about new kinks and fetishes. Although I’ve heard about the Human Puppy community in passing, I’ve never really been exposed to much about it which is why Zak Krevitt’s new solo show, Alpha, Beta, Omega at Ray Gallery in Brooklyn looks so fascinating.


Krevitt is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose art focuses on the inner workings of Queer people. The show explores the “Puppy Play” community both in and out of their gear, many of whom still adhere to the pack-like structure consisting of an Alpha, Beta, and Omega member. Hence the name of the exhibition. “In ‘Alpha, Beta, Omega.’ this act of becoming something more than human is examined, as is the burgeoning community surrounding it. We are on the cusp of the cyborg age, and here individuals have taken it upon themselves to strip away their human flesh and replace it with the imaged fur of a canine.”


The exhibition features 25 photographs and a site-specific installation that’s bound to intrigue, entice, and even titillate. Who knows, maybe by the end of the night you’ll be asking around for the nearest leather store.


Below is a preview of the show: