Friday 06.23.17

Sean shows Pride

Sean Ford, CockyBoys newest exclusive model, thinks “entering porn is entering politics.” While that may sound unbelievable to some, Sean’s idea captures the progress made by our LGBTQ forebears. Without their fighting at the Supreme Court and rallying year after year on the streets all across the country, Sean probably would have grown up in fear like so many other queer youth who are still afraid, ostracized, lonely and uncertain in regards to their inherent sexuality.


We took Sean’s super cute, super proud self to be photographed by Gerardo Vizmanos (who photographed one of our past covers — He sure knows a thing or two about butts) to celebrate Pride Month with messages of strength and support. Sean was very comfortable with being nude on set, and we found that very refreshing. (It was much appreciated, Sean!) It also made him super easy to work with. Considering how pleased we were, we’re going to release some of those beautiful nudes in our next printed issue (GAYLETTER Issue 7 coming soon). You’re welcome!


Being proud doesn’t come easy to everyone, but the statements written on caps and t-shirts encourage us to remember those who we are fighting for this month: our trans, bi, two-spirited siblings, the queer youth and each other.


We are here and we are queer. Be proud for one another.


Sean wears a t-shirt by Tom of Finland Foundation x Lockwood51, briefs by Undie Bandit.


Enjoy Cock Muscle shirt by Lockwood51, jeans by Rufskin. …

Thursday 06.15.17

The Faber Book of Gay Short Fiction

Edited by Edmund White

Like the very best jewels from the family vault, Edmund White, in 1991, gathered together these 32 stories about and by gay men. Spurred on in his idea by a very enthusiastic Robert McCrum, renowned editor of the equally renowned Faber and Faber, White set about to unearth as many gay treasures as he could: those he remembered liking the first time he read them, those he had heard positive words about, along with a few outings from (at the time) new writers, lending the collection a contemporary as well as a historical feel.


The Faber Book of Gay Short Fiction is a valuable and valued anthology. More than twenty years after its publication, its stories crackle with vitality and talent. Here is a gala gathering under the roof of one book of every legend of gay culture and the gay literary world, men now gilt in myth, gay history and the magic of words. So many versatile writers cover these pages, it is difficult to know where to begin —


Henry James’ The Pupil, quite the most amusing of the lot, delights with its tale of a near-unresolvable bond between a teacher and his young student. Gore Vidal’s bitter vetch piece, Pages from an Abandoned Journal, appears here and the old contrarian’s voice rings out eager and strong. Here also to be found is the tenderness of Denton Welch’s alarming encounter at a Swiss ski chalet, as well as the always salty, backwater perversities of James Purdy. …

LINDA at The Public Hotel

A new party by The Misshapes

Back in 2004 I used to be a regular at the party Misshapes, which was created by the NYC creative collective of DJs Greg Krelenstein, Leigh Lezark and Geordon Nicol (pictured). It used to be THE party to go to every Saturday, I probably made out with half the people there. It was lit and kissing everyone in sight was the thing that young drunk kids were doing. The party got so big that even Madonna came to DJ, I remember we all went nuts! The Misshapes are back with a weekly party called LINDA starting June 15 at the rooftop of the Public Hotel.


I reached out to them to learn more about it. Geordon told me that “The name LINDA just randomly came up and then about a week after talking about it I was watching the Gregg Araki movie ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’ which is set in this county in California called Loma Linda, then coincidentally I was watching ‘Enter The Void’ and the first line of the movie is “Hey, LINDA” so I took it as a sign…..” Leigh added: “Those Lindas over there, Linda Evangelista, ¡Qué Linda!” The Misshapes will DJ every party, but they will also have a group of rotating DJs and hosts. Some of the peeps involved are Ty Sunderland, Joey Quiñones, Avie Acosta, Eli Escobar, Roman Jody, RJ King, Martin Gregory, Jordan Stawecki and many more. …

Wednesday 06.14.17

Los Angeles Pride – Resist March

In lieu of the Pride Parade, Los Angeles held a Resist March with crowds gathering to march in solidarity against the U.S. government’s regressive social agenda. Countless Hollywood names came out to show their support: Adam Lambert, America Ferrera, and Rupaul among them. The fucked up political climate reminds all of us to stake claim and fight for our rights.

Tuesday 06.13.17

Orlando Pulse – 1 Year Memorial Rally at Stonewall Inn

Hosted by Gays Against Guns

Sunday 06.11.17

W Hotels DC ‘Queer Me Out’ – A New LGBTQ Speaker Series

With Mickey Boardman, Trae Harris, Levi Jackman Foster, Abi Benitez & Tom Jackson

Thursday 06.08.17



Everyone loves pride. High schoolers fresh out of the closet, tourists, dogs, straight girls, and apparently McDonald’s does too. That’s all very well, but in the heat of commodifying the rainbow and trying to have a G.B.F, it seems that somewhere along the front lines, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera’s march for LGBTQ+ acceptance has gotten lost, and now our designated month to celebrate who we are is just an excuse for corporate America to pat us marginalized folk on the back while accepting our money.


We get it. Its unavoidable. In Trump’s America, pride month is no longer recognized. In fact, while Ivanka is showing us “support” on Twitter, the White House, for the first time in eight years, has proclaimed June as “Great Outdoors Month.” I’ll tell you what we should do with Great Outdoors Month: take all of our queer asses down to the parks, the streets, the piers, where our previous community thrived and died, and fuck each other like rabbits. Clearly, some people want us out from under their roofs, and you know what? That’s fine. Just be one with nature the best way you know how – with your hand firmly placed on your crotch… or someone else’s!


But we digress… for all of the right reasons. It is so easy to get mad in 2017. For 30 days though, let’s use that anger and channel it into unapologetic celebration. Corporate America may want our money, but honey, at least they are putting queer people in the campaigns! …

Monday 06.05.17

Hi, Sean

Sean is a 21-year-old hot little number from Little Rock, Arkansas — aka GlitterRock (“an escape from stupid conservative Republican Arkansas”). Sean first learned what it is to be gay when he was 6 or 7 years old. “I remember seeing news about the marriage equality fights that were happening in some states back then and I asked my parents about gay people. They’re super liberal so they didn’t say anything negative….I didn’t actually know I was gay until 11 or 12. I figured it out how most people do… I had feelings for a boy in school. And feelings for Justin Bieber. Actually, Justin was probably who made me realize I was gay. I know he’s super problematic sometimes but I still think he’s hot…but like such a douche too.” Bieber can get it!


Sean lost his virginity when he was a freshman in college. “It wasn’t a boyfriend. Just some guy I met at a little campus pride parade that like 20 people went to. It was the first gay thing that I went to. He approached me and then we met a couple times and eventually had sex… Shortly after that, I came out to everyone in my life and made queer friends who opened my eyes to beautiful things that really saved me from my depression.” His first romantic experience went all but swimmingly. “I was super naïve and thought it was serious and fell madly in love (and obsession) with this person and they broke up with me after like a month. …

Tuesday 05.30.17


Saturday 05.27.17

Lost Merchandise Of The Dreamlanders

Back in 2015, we attended the opening reception of John Waters’ exhibition titled ‘John Waters: Beverly Hills John’ at Marianne Boesky gallery in Chelsea. Tom and I were hoping to see the show (naturally) and to maybe meet John Waters and give him a copy of GAYLETTER Magazine. We are big fans of John and have been fascinated with everything he does. We got to the gallery and it was difficult to say hello because the gallery was super crowded and we were not the only ones that wanted to chat with John or take a photo with him for their social media. We waited for a while until we finally got close to him and told him we loved the show and wanted to give him a copy of our magazine. He told us to leave the magazine with the receptionist at the gallery, he refused to touch the magazine, I guess he didn’t want to carry a mag around at his opening — people probably try to give him things all the time.


This new show, curated by Tyson Tabbert, that’s opening this Thursday, May 25th (6:00PM) at La MaMa Galleria is not a John Waters show but the curator gathered a group of artists to create a “showcase of kitschy and ironic retail items based on the early films” of teh Baltimore director. “Discover forgotten toys, home decor, and seasonal artifacts featuring familiar Dreamlander movie personalities. Presented in the spirit of a Sunday morning garage sale, the exhibit revels in the strange, nostalgic appeal of the 70s and 80s.” From what I’ve seen online, I’m very intrigued. …