Tuesday 11.24.15

Holy Mountain: Journey XIV

A few images from the latest edition of HM at Slake

Wednesday 11.18.15

George Platt Llynes: A Life in Portraits By Allen Ellenzweig


Before Robert Mapplethorpe there was George Platt Lynes. Born in East Orange, New Jersey Lynes quickly became recognized as one of the most revolutionary photographers of the early 20th century. Despite contributing to renown publications such as Vogue and Bazaar, he is primarily known for his photographs of male nudes.  Characterized by their homoerotic quality and formal beauty, these photographs are truly stunning and captivating.


Lucky for you the The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art will be hosting an event tonight, November 18, celebrating Lynes’ work. Allen Ellenzweig, author of The Homoerotic Photograph, will be leading a presentation about the incredible life and times of George Platt Lynes. You will get a chance to see several of the amazing photographs taken by the artist, including his images for the New York City Ballet and his Surrealism inspired images, while also listening to a brilliant commentary about the artist’s work as a whole.


FREE, 6:00PM-8:00PM, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, 26 Wooster St. NY, NY.



Tuesday 11.03.15

PSYCHOPOMP: A Halloween Club Night

Monday 11.02.15


Scenes from the epic Halloween event at Bedlam

Saturday 10.31.15


Thursday 10.29.15

Steven Arnold’s Epiphanies

A preview from the exhibition at Daniel Cooney Fine Art in NYC

Enlightening the Path 1986_GAYLETTER

I didn’t know much about Steven Arnold’s work before learning about this exhibition, that opens this Thursday, October 29 at Daniel Cooney Fine Art. One of the great things about doing this newsletter is that I get to learn about new things and people all the time. Here’s what I learned so far, Steven was based in LA in the 80s and early 90s, he was a protégé of Salvador Dali and was mainly known for his photography, but he was also interested in filmmaking, painting, illustration, set and costume design, and “assemblage” sculpture. “For several months he lived communally, taking LSD every day, experimenting with paints and costumes and taking up residence in caves. Arnold recalls: “This new drug [LSD] was so euphoric and visionary, so positive and mind expanding… I ascended to another dimension, one so beautiful and spiritual that I was never the same.” Now, his work makes more sense to me.


This is the first exhibition of Steven’s vintage prints. He created stunning and intriguing “tableaux vivants” surrealistic images photographed in black and white. “Arnold was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988 at the height of his popularity and died in 1994.” Also, don’t miss a Visual AIDS sponsored conversation on Nov. 3 between Esther McGowan (Associate Director of Visual AIDS) and Vishnu Dass (Exec Director of Steven Arnold Archive).



Below is a preview from Steven Arnold’s exhibition:


















FREE, 6:00PM-8:00PM, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, 508 – 526 West 26th Street. …

Tuesday 10.27.15

We Three, a short film in remembrance of David Armstrong published by


I first laid eyes on the work of David Armstrong when I was 14. His book, The Silver Cord, which is filled with portraits of beautiful young guys, quickly became one of my favorites. Armstrong rose to fame in the 1970’s and went on to become an influential force in the world of photography. A year has gone by since his passing and in remembrance has released a short film created by Armstrong himself, GAYLETTER contributor Jack Pierson and Ryan McGinley. Entitled We Three, the film reveals an up close and personal look at a weekend in 2008 when McGinley and Pierson visited Armstrong at his home in upstate New York.


All three artists are shown creating together, their laughter and smiles suggest they are enjoyed every second of it. One of the best scenes is of a shirtless Ryan McGinley treading through the snow in heels and a pink tutu. But, what is most eye-catching is a snippet of what appears to be a moving photograph on the wall of Pierson drawing McGinley. The film is accompanied by a voice over by McGinley talking about the weekend and several other memories he had of his time with Armstrong. Spontaneous and intimate, We Three, is a sweet recollection of not just the artistic talent of David Armstrong, but also his kind character. May he rest in peace.











Click here to watch the video.




Sunday 10.25.15



The only reason I’m recommending this hot mess of a “docu-series,” that premiered in May of this year on Showtime, is because it features so many god damn people I know and so many bars I’ve spent many drunken nights in. 3AM tries to appear “real” but is noticeably not. It follows the lives of 5 New York nightlife personalities including an escort, club doorman, deejay, party photographer and social media personality named Josh, who you might know as the Fat Jew. The character I was most interested in was Markus (pictured), the doorman who’s thrown shade my way many-a-times when he worked at Westgay at Westway. Markus, as I learned from the show, is trying to make his name as a stand-up comedian. He is probably the most entertaining character, the others (beside the deejay and escort) range from obnoxious to out-right disgusting.


I loved watching the obviously scripted scenes featuring Markus and a few GAYLETTER regulars. At one point he’s seen picking up, and making out, with Max Ryder at a Chelsea bar, which I can promise you was strictly for the cameras. Our friend Eric Worsech is also in many scenes as Markus on-again-off-again love interest. Eric is an exhibitionist in the most wonderful way so I got such a kick out of watching him act out for the cameras. There’s plenty of great TV on at the moment, so I’m not suggesting for a second you put this show before any of your favorites, however if you find yourself one rainy Sunday afternoon with nothing to watch, give 3AM a shot, just fast forward the scenes with the Fat Jew, he’s exhausting. …


With the help and talent of many, The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men celebrated their trans sisters and brothers by donating to FIERCE NYC. The event was sponsored by Purity Vodka

Friday 10.16.15

Printed Matter celebrated the opening of their new home

The new location is at 231 11th Avenue