Sunday 02.03.13

Tibault from Paris

We sat down for a conversation with this fine french butt.

In the first of our conversations with butts from around the world we meet the butt of Tibault. Tibault is a cute young Frenchman that Abi and I met at a party in Chinatown. He may be new to New York, but that hasn’t stopped the slut from causing some trouble. For someone so young, we were impressed by how thoughtful and honest his answers were. He didn’t hold anything back. Just the way we like our French butts!


How old are you Tibault? 21


And where are you from? From Paris, France. But I was born in Brittany. In the west part of France.


How is your butt feeling today? Good, it feels clean and cool and nice. Perfect.


Was your butt feeling cool and clean and nice yesterday? No yesterday it had a cold. It was coughing. It went out too much, it got a butt cold.


So what was the first thing you ever put inside your butt? I think it was a tooth brush, when I was 13.


You didn’t put your fingers in first? No, I liked the idea of something outside of my body in there. It was in the shower, at my parent’s house.


Who’s brush was it? Haha, it was mine. It was a blue toothbrush…the color of my eyes.


So do you consider yourself a bottom? Yes, most of the time. The other way I get bored. I like being active in my passivity. …