[Buggereau (b. 1956)] Untitled #1 & [Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938)] Gymnasium.

Thursday 09.11.14

Mark Beard – Alter Egos

Painter Mark Beard has schizophrenia, but he’s used it to his advantage. About twenty years ago he started taking on various alter egos to channel his creativity and talent. In his new show opening at ClampArt, aptly titled Alter Egos,there will be works on view created by Mark’s first five personae — Bruce Sargeant (1898-1938), his teacher Hippolyte-Alexandre Michallon (1849-1930) Edith Thayer Cromwell (1893-1962) Brechtholt Streeruwitz (1890-1972) and African American painter Peter Coulter (b. 1948). I am best acquainted with the first persona Bruce Sargeant whose homo erotic fueled paintings of dressed and semi undressed men with titles like “Athletes,” “Locker Room,” “Gondolier” and “Two Wrestlers” are a pure delight, and expertly executed with a timeless unwavering palette. Apparently the re-invention doesn’t end there and Beard has gone as far as creating a transsexual graffiti artist named Princess Ormalu (b. 1979) who’s work will be on view as well. Attend the opening and meet Beard who is friendly, fascinating and sure to attract a bevy of handsome intellectual men!

FREE, 6:00PM-8:00PM, ClampArt, 521-531 W. 25TH ST. New York, NY.