Friday 05.09.14


The art world in New York can at times feel a little pretentious...but maybe that’s too obvious of an insight. I guess I’m trying to explain that feeling you often have at big art events where what’s happening feels significant, but at the same time totally inessential. This is perhaps what rubs art attendees the wrong way — we’re intrigued by the art, but we’re unimpressed by the cunty attitudes. Antifreeze is a performance event by The New York Performance Artists Collective that’s meant to act as a “palate cleanser” to the “pristine objects, clean sight lines, and luminous atmospheres of most art viewing contexts,” and in particular the Frieze Art Fair that is happening in NYC this week. The event is hosted by Zackary Drucker and features a bunch of arty performers presenting DIY works including Colin Self (pictured), Joseph Keckler, and Dynasty Handbag. “Channeling the restless ghosts of the downtown underground, the three artists play with various personas to skewer consumerism, gender conventions, and fine art with humor and self-deprecation.” All three artists have performed at some of the most eminent galleries and art institutions in the US therefore are uniquely positioned to make fun of that world. More than anything I hope one of them will do a Klaus Biesenbach impersonation. That really would be everything.

FREE, RSVP to, 8:00PM, Abrons Arts Center, 466 GRAND ST. NY, NY.