Friday 01.26.18


Gummies, Peppermints, Brownies… edibles come in all kinds of form now. They even get delivered to your doorstep or anywhere you are. Point is, we’re in the age of eating weed and damn, it’s great! Recently our office is super into with edibles. After a friend gifted us a few sour patches, we had two each and our evening was perfect. If you’ve never watched America’s Next Top Model on an edible — we can recommend. You can seriously watch any trash show on an edible and feel totally normal. The edibles transform the ridiculous amount of stupidity you’re watching and transform it into hilaaaaarious, glorious TV. It’s perfect for watching The Great British Baking Show (which we told you about in a previous newsletter). It’s just the right speed. We recommend you start slow with your edibles, eat one and see how it feels. No two edibles are ever created equal. In the winter it can be kind of annoying to go out, especially on Fridays after you’ve had a grueling ass week. This is another reason why we’re recommending edibles, because the high is not like a face-plant, it’s more post-coital, like being tucked into bed with a beautiful Matteo blanket. It’s even better when you have rice and dumplings from Nom Wah next to your head. Oh, add a beautiful Montepulciano into the mix too. Duh! One thing to note is that the dosage on the edibles you’re getting lately aren’t like the pot brownies you bought from Josh Wheeler in high school. We’ve been schooling life on at least two each, FYI. Even a friend’s mom got into the mix while she finished her martini at Le Turtle — she giggled all the way back to her hotel. We giggled all the way to our beds and woke up feeling fucking correct! Happy dosing.

Wherever you get your organic free-range greens.