Saturday 03.29.14


The nightlife legend Susanne Bartsch is still going strong and there’s no sign that she’s going to stop creating some of the most exciting parties in NYC. This Saturday she launches Kunst at this new space in BK, Verboten, with a great sound system. It’s “equal parts warehouse, gallery and dance club,” It’s Susanne’s first party in Brooklyn: “I decided to do a promo shoot for the party on the L train, there I was in full Punk Ball gown regalia and ran into about 15 people I know and admire...If I had any doubts about Brooklyn, that confirmed that I’m going in the right direction...I think it’s gonna be a stellar crowd.” The name of the party has such a nice sound to it, it reminded me of one of my favorite words... I asked Susanne how she came up with the name, she explained “My team and I kicked around a couple names before we settled on that one. It became the obvious choice for a few reasons — I’ve been working for quite awhile incorporating art into my events and ‘Kunst’ means art in German, my native language…The music, the dancing, the dressing — It’s all Kunst!...and of course Kunst sounds like Cunt, which is traditionally a ‘forbidden zone’ but has also taken on another meaning in the street culture, meaning cool, as in ‘OMG that dress is cunt!’” I am so glad we are on the same page with that one. Susanne is so excited about this party I barely had to write anything for this post, “for Kunst I’m working with a quite few people for the first time. A good party is like a good dish — different ingredients play off each other to create unique flavors. I’ve added a few different ones to this particular recipe and now I’m ready to serve it up and see what happens, but from the mix I’ve got I think it’s gonna be cunt, lol.”

$10-$20, 11:00PM, Verboten, 54 North 11th st. Brooklyn, NY.