Kameny and the Mattachine Society of Washington

Sunday 01.07.18

Mattachine Podcast

We love listening to podcasts here at GAYLETTER, and Sunday is perfect for snuggling up with your pillow and taking in a new radio show. We’ve recommended a variety of LGBTQQAI+ themed programs including Making Gay History, Rupaul’s What’s the Tee?, WNYC’s Nancy, and Never Before with Janet Mock. Our newest suggestion is Mattachine, a ten-episode program released on iTunes beginning January 4th. It promises the true story of a secret organization that helped mobilize the LGBT social movements of the mid 20th century. “From a spark of inspiration in 1920s Chicago, through secret speakeasy-style meetings that brought together anonymous homosexuals, the program will open FBI case files to journey through McCarthy-era paranoia and the witch hunt that pulled the communist queer activists apart, scattering the seeds of the movement.” Produced and hosted by Devlyn Camp with editorial advising from Paul Di Ciccio and Chicago theatre critic Albert Williams, Mattachine is a podcast for anybody who wants to know more about this often overlooked part of our history. It guarantees more intrigue than your typical history lesson, uncovering issues that our community still struggles with today: internalized homophobia, misogyny, political pressure, anonymity, and assimilation. Get ready for some drama!