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Wednesday 04.05.17


If you search for this podcast on iTunes it will come up as S.Town, but it’s really called Shit Town, and for a good reason. It’s about a town called Woodstock, Alabama, that in many ways fits the profile of the kind of place, filled with the kinds of people that put Trump in the Whitehouse. The podcast starts when This American Life reporter, Brian Reed, gets an email from a middle aged gay man in Woodstock name John B. McLemore, alerting him to a supposed murder cover up by his town’s police department. Brian goes to Woodstock to meet John and investigate the cover up. It turns out that the alleged murder, isn’t a murder at all, but that’s when the series takes a sharp turn, which if tell you about it right now, will ruin all the fun. The focus of the podcast is the town, but also John, who is brilliantly smart, funny and...complicated. Shit Town is produced by the same crew as Serial, and like that podcast it’s addictive. It’s only 7 episodes long, and all are available to listen to right now.

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