Phoebe and Ilana Glazer

Wednesday 02.08.17

Sooo Many White Guys Podcast

Contrary to what the name suggests, Sooo Many White Guys is a podcast refreshingly free from white guys. As a white guy myself, I’m more than OK with this. I mean, have you turned on the news lately? White guys are back running the country and look at all the bullshit that has happened in only the last 3 weeks. Created by comedian, and writer Phoebe Robinson, the podcast is exec-produced by the wonderful Ilana Glazer of Broad City fame (she occasionally pops up on the podcast to chat, or apologize on behalf of white people for Gwen Stefani: “I’m sorry about her wearing a bindi and using Asian people as props. I don’t know how we missed that.”) Other guests include comedians, performers and writers like Margaret Cho, Lena Dunham, the musician St. Vincent and activist Janet Mock. It comes out weekly and is the perfect antidote to all the political crap we have to deal with every day. Plug in, tune out and have a good laugh in a white guy free zone!

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