Ladyfag for VAGA magazine

Friday 04.28.17

The Final 11:11

Ladyfag brought us the party 11:11 for over four years, that’s a long time for a NYC gay party —  Congratulations for keeping it going so long! The party is now coming to an end with the final edition happening this Friday, March 28. Ladyfag told me that “it’s bittersweet for sure, it could have kept going for a lot longer, but I think it’s always wise to leave any party while it’s still fun and not at the end of the night...the same applies here. It’s been an amazing 4.5 years, it’s been a home sweet home for so many of 11:11 wish really did come true...So much love & gratitude to my amazing team & most of all big thanks to my partner in crime Michael Magnan who has been my rock through it all.” Awe that’s sweet, we love Michael too, he’s such a great DJ and a sweetheart. Come to the last edition of 11:11, it’s time to say goodbye to another great NYC party. Music for this last event will be provided by Fatherhood (Michael Magnan & Physical Therapy), Christy Love, Donkey (Josh Sparber & Mikey Fuentes) and Will Automagic. Lots of hosts including the fabulous Amanda Lepore, Aquaria, Stephanie Stone, Bailey Stiles, Marco Ovando, La’fem Ladosha, Will Sheridan, Sussi and many more. Oh, and one more thing, I heard rumors that Lady might have another Friday night party coming soon, so stay tuned.

Free before 11:30 $10 after, 11:11PM, 244 East Houston St. NY, NY.