Image courtesy of Levi Jackman Foster


Levi Jackman Foster is an artist whose new show FOLLOW features photography and ready-made objects “to inspect the pervasive self-objectification of modern Men and Gay Men: why they do it, how they do it, and the extremes they will go to for adoration.” That’s a deep summary, but we wanted to hear more so we asked Levi a couple of questions. Levi tells us he’s been planning this show for 3 years, but began shooting 1 year ago. For him this show was a necessity. “I created FOLLOW because I couldn’t hold these thoughts in any longer. It’s like another level of coming out for me. I’m expressing my real thoughts on the social media persona I created. I have a lot to say to, and about, modern men.” He tells us. He is calling the show “Follow” because it’s “focused on self-objectification and validation seeking behaviors in modern men which are heightened in our social media age. “Follow” is a request, a trade, a cliche, a command and a tool. It also has religious significance to me personally having been brought up Mormon and many primary school songs having the lyric “follow” (referring to god, Jesus or prophets) in them. I touch on this in the show.”


It’s a fascinating area to explore. Personally, I am having social media exhaustion. Looking at Facebook is triggering in too many ways and I am questioning if the benefit of staying in contact with friends through it is really worth the negative shit that it also brings. Just the kind of thoughts you can ponder at Levi’s opening this Saturday, Nov. 4th.


FREE w/RSVP:, 7:00PM, Lytehouse Studio, 356 Devoe St. BK, NY.