Stills from the music video

LaCroix Boi

Are you thirsty?

There are few things are more refreshing than LaCroix Water products (here at GAYLETTER, we always keep a case in our fridge), but be sure to quench whatever your summertime thirsts are with the new sultry serenade, “LaCroix Boi.” It’s by the absolute cutest rapping cub around, Big Dipper. This sexy and smooth track serves early 2000s R&B in all the best ways — Mimi moment, staccato rap flow, and pillow talk autotune are all fully accounted for; Dipper really went for it with this one, and trust, his unique style turned me all the way out. Be sure to watch the video with a can on hand – I suggest the coconut flavor!


The video for the song, directed by Ryan Ovadia, artfully gives life to the bubbly fantasy Big Dipper provides in his lyrics, and is nostalgic for the soft glow of classic music videos, but not like season one of Drag Race… thank god. As per usual in his music videos and performances, Dipper commands every inch of this set’s neon frame with his encapsulating personality translated through expert choreography.


The real gag of this video is a cameo by none other than Alaska Thunderfuck riding low with Big Dipper à la Gaga and Beyoncé in the pussy wagon. Stun! This project reminded me I should try more flavors of LaCroix (there are 17, oy vey) and it also makes me very excited to see what else Big Dipper has in store for the future. With that name, one should really expect anything…


Check out the video.