Wednesday 02.03.16

Party: Casey Spooner’s B’DAY at The Cock

It seems that the Cock in its new location is popping off since it opened, the boys are really into the new space. Even the boys that have never been to the Cock are trying it out. I mean it’s always fun there, just make sure you keep your eyes on your wallet. We got an email from the musician Casey Spooner telling us that he’s celebrating his birthday this Wednesday, February 3rd at the Cock. It’s presented by Dreamhouse, and it’s being called “Nights of the Templar.” I don’t know why, but that’s let’s just go with it, Casey is very creative, recently got a text message from Victor Jeffreys (who’s co-hosting the event along with Gage of the Boone from The Spectrum) with an image of Casey’s head surrounded by a crown of cocks. DJs for the night are A Village Raid and Lauren Flax. Let’s go celebrate Casey’s day of birth with some sleazy fun. If you’re not so familiar with this queen, check out the great feature/interview we did with Casey in GAYLETTER issue 2. Yeah, that’s a shameless plug, but someone’s got to do it! Mmm mmm mmm.

$5 before 1am/$10 after, 11:00PM, The Cock, 93 2nd Ave. NY, NY.


Tuesday 02.02.16

Julian Zigerli A/W 2016/17 Backstage Images

Monday 02.01.16

Hi, Jaime


Jaime is 21 year old Fine Arts student who lives in Madrid Spain. He was born in Extremadura, Spain. Until three years ago he dated girls. However one day he started to experiment with an “especial” friend. One of his close friends told him at the time: “Jaime, you are in love with a boy! You have to accept it.” Jaime seems cool with with being gay now — I am glad that his friend was able to give him such good advice. He told me about his first full sexual experience with a boy “It was a disaster, I didn’t know what to do, and after that day it took me a while to be intimate with a guy again.”

He’s single at the moment, he told me that he’s probably very busy with his studies, so that makes it more difficult to have other commitments. He usually meets boys from Instagram, through friends of friends and at parties — “I’ve met some at museums…My future husband will come out from an afternoon at the museum…” So, feel free to say hi to Jamie if you see him around, especially if he’s looking at art (just don’t clog his Instagram with direct messages.)


Jaime told me that his favorite kind of date is when a boy surprises him. He really loves that and he’s into surprising others. He loves to drink wine on dates and says that he’s a good listener. He sounds like a great catch. His favorite body part is his neck, he feels it’s “the best erogenous zone.” Also, he loves his hair, especially when boys touch it, “it calms my stress.”

Jamie doesn’t have a specific type when it comes to guys, but he usually goes for brown/darker men. …

Sunday 01.31.16

Film: Truth

This film stars the kind of lead character that we all need at the moment to inspire us and shake us out of our snowed-in-winter-ruts. Her name is Mary Maples and she is one of the best journalists out there, she broke the Abu Ghraib story and a few years back was unceremoniously fired, along with CBS anchor Dan Rather, for some stupid bullshit reason. Basically she worked on a 60 Minutes story alleging that George W. Bush had not only skipped out on the Vietnam war by having his daddy’s friend get him into the National Guard, but he even skipped out on the National Guard for a whole year. The White House basically said Mary and her team had presented faked documents to support their story and, surprise, surprise the media went along with it. But she hadn’t!! It was all true. They were telling the truth and big biz, special interests, lobbyists, and shady people threw them under the bus. Cate Blanchett plays Mary and is in top form. She’s all fiery and unblinking and not afraid to stand up to the bullies. There’s moments where even glimpses of Blue Jasmine come out to play (she loves her white wine and Xanax). This film is very much in the vein of Erin Brockovich. It’s fast paced and fun to watch and the fact that they made a film out of this story is satisfying, because even if Mary and Dan lost their jobs back then, at least the whole world now knows who was telling the TRUTH!

In Cinemas Now


HUMP 1.27

At the party's new venue Rumpus Room

Saturday 01.30.16

Party: Kwik

Here’s a new monthly party for you bitches, brought to you by artist/dancer Richard Kennedy. “Hiii! Yes it’s my new monthly! It’s in prime Williamsburg and it’s a straight up dance party” I say yessss 2016 keep the new parties coming — Kwik come thru! The DJ sets at this party are all under an hour, they’re Kwik, get it? I think this is great because you’ll get a nice variety of talents in the same night. Richard told me more about Kwik, (the name does have a nice sound to it, I can’t stop repeating it) “The venue is small and run by my homie. I haven’t done my own party in a while and I aim to create a space that’s less about exclusivity and hype and more about dancing, not super gay but very mix-y. Very music focused and showcasing of my favorite New York talents…there’s a great sound system and a stage. It’s way nice to hear people performing on a proper system.” The line-up seems promising, it includes some cool people: Slava, DJ DJ DESE, DonChristian, Prince Harvey, Tygapaw, Avillageraid, Andy Pandy, Mistervaction, Robofoxnyc, and more. The party is booked through April and they are promising “lots of surprises.”

$5, 11:30 PM-4:30 AM, Muchmore's, 2 Havemeyer st. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 01.29.16

Performance: Ann Liv Young

This performance contains adult content.” I love a show that includes that as a disclaimer. And when it comes from a woman often described as an “art world provocateur” even better. Performance artist Ann Liv Young is back with her first American commission in over 8 years, and we couldn’t be more excited. “Created in collaboration with Annie Dorsen, the epic evening begins with her potent and corporeal vision of Sophocles’ story of a family steeped in murder, revenge, and deception — Young plays the title role with an intrepid cast of performers (including her 8-year-old daughter, Lovey), cycling through versions of the text splintered by pop songs and sequences of bold, jarring movement. A lush intermission features performances by a special musical guest from Norway, drowning the theater and inviting a visit to the lobby bar. The evening rages on with Young’s critically acclaimed, rough and tumble Elektra Cabaret.” The point of the show is to get the audience to challenge social norms. Ann is a unique artist and I love the intention of this work — be an individual, think for yourself, get free. We’re into it.

$15, 7:30 PM, New York Live Arts, 219 W. 19th st. New York, NY.


Thursday 01.28.16

Party: Owl at Julius – January Edition

We wrote about this party the last time they threw it, and we try to not repeat, but we can’t help it because we love Julius way too much. That bar is a fucking institution. I’m not one of those people who bemoans gentrification, as far as I am concerned cities change, we all evolve, it’s a part of life blah, blah. HOWEVER, Julius needs landmark status. If that bar were to close, I would be majorly bummed. But fear not, it is open this Thursday for the latest edition of Owl. To give you some idea of what to expect the organizers of this party have decided to share with us the 3 things they believe in: “1. Disco music that ripples the buns. 2. Free mini-therapy sessions by an actual therapist. 3. Bad caricatures.” So, yes, admittedly they are three pretty obscure things to have a strong belief system around, but gay people are weird, and if you’re planning on going to this party you’re probably weird to. So just go with it. Dance, having some therapy and take a drawing of yourself home as a souvenir.

FREE, 10:00PM, JULIUS, 159 W 10th St. New York, NY.


Wednesday 01.27.16


The Canadian artist Zachari Logan is back in NYC for a residency at Wave Hill at their Winter Workspace Program. During his time here, he has a few things coming up and we are gonna tell you about one you shouldn’t miss. Just to give you some background on Zachari, his drawings are amazing and a lot of his work deals with “the intersections between masculinity, identity, memory, and place.” In previous work, related to his current practice, Logan investigated “his own body as a site of exploration...” In this early work he used to be really into himself, naked and often flaunting his massive penis. Now I think I got the attention of some of you. He will be giving a talk at the New York Academy of Art this wednesday, January 27th at 1:00PM. He told me that he’ll be discussing: “the narrative and material shifts in my work away from the exclusive pictorial use of the figure (my figure), to an engagement with the queer embodiment of space, landscape and nature, where ideas of my body as ever an ever-present catalyst, explore intersections between masculinity, identity, memory and place.” Sounds deep, just don’t forget to show the peen!



Sunday 01.24.16

Do: Guys On Ice

Well this is about the darn cutest thing I’ve ever hear of. It’s a gay skating and tea dance on ice at Bryant Park. And even better they are serving booze! That’s right: gays, ice skating and vodka, what could possibly go wrong! I’m kidding, this sounds like a fucking blast. Season 6, RuPaul's Drag Race contestant, and GAYLETTER issue 3 contributor, MILK (pictured) is also doing a live performance. We’re super excited for that as I have a feeling that queen is pretty good on ice. Music is by DJ XAVIER and there’s also performances by Michael Paul Dionysiou, and the Drags On Ice Spectacular. Also a portion of proceeds go to benefit the Ali Forney Center. I mean, what are you waiting for, lace up those skates and getting down to Bryant Park this Sunday, January 24th. We’ll be there, just don’t get in our way, we’re real cunts on ice.

$25 advanced, $30 at the door, 5:00PM-10:00PM, Celsius NYC, 41 W. 40th St. NY, NY.