Friday 01.22.16


I got a message recently from Matthu Placek about his bi-monthly dance party Wet Noise and it sounds promising to me. Here’s what Matthu told me about it: “I started this party a few years ago and only did the one. It was a huge success and hella fun! The point was to create a party that offered up filthy dirty funk music on vinyl and urged everyone to put their damn phones away, don’t take pictures, check your chatter boxes at the door…” I think that’s a great initiative, but these kids are not gonna put their phones away, he told me that he wishes he could literally omit phones at the party, but he can’t, cos people are cunts when it comes to their devices. Make Matthew happy and at least keep it out of sight all night. You’ll probably have more fun. He also wants “people to be prepared to dance and sweat! I want bass lines that grab you by the taint… anchored straight down the center with pelvic thrust.” Sounds wonderful!

FREE, 10:00PM, FONTANA’S (DOWNSTAIRS), 105 Eldridge St. New York, NY.


Thursday 01.21.16

BABY TEA : 1/17

The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: Music by Charlene and Lemon Verbena! ALL TEA! Performance by Charlene and The Dauphine. Tea set winner Zach Ligas! Hosted by Birthday Boy Ryan Lobo!


Opening Reception for Benjamin's latest show in NYC

When you make it two weeks back-to-back in the GAYLETTER newsletter you must be doing something right. The photographer Benjamin Fredrickson has an exhibition opening this Thursday, January 21 at The Bureau of General Services-Queer Division at the LGBT Center on 13st. organized by Daniel Cooney Fine Art. The photographs presented in this exhibition were created by the artist using paper negatives with an 8×10 field camera. Benjamin told me that he’s very excited for this new direction and process in his work, “I am exploring this alternative process of paper negatives which I feel bridges the gap between camera operator and artist.”



I’m feeling it, they feel very honest, I like the gritty quality and how rich the blacks are in these images.



Fredrickson also appears in some of his own images to continue with his autobiographical approach. As the gallery notes mention “he photographs other men but he never photographs “the other,” instead he is interested in revealing himself, his humanity and his vision of the world around him.” His images continue to be sexual and full of nudity. GAYLETTER loves that!





Check out a few images from the exhibition below:









Wednesday 01.20.16


Charlie Kaufman is the writer of two of my absolute favorite films: Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. Both films had a profound impact on me, their surrealist and beautiful stories literally changing my understanding of what a movie could be. Kaufman’s latest film, which he wrote, and co-directs with Duke Johnson, is a stop motion animation featuring a British customer service expert named Michael Stone, (the author of “How May I Help You Help Them?”) who is completely bored with his life and everyone in it. This is brought to life in a very Kaufman-esq way by having every character in the movie, besides Michael (David Thewlis), voiced by the actor Tom Noonan. That is until he meets a dowdy woman named Lisa in his hotel, voiced brilliantly by Jennifer Jason Leigh. Michael is drunk and can’t get enough of this woman with a voice as unique as his. In one of the movie’s best scenes she softly sings Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” first in English, then in Italian. They fuck. He is enraptured. This is what it means to have someone wake you up. But like many spells cast while intoxicated, it doesn’t last. Anomalisa is a grim look at modern life, middle age and finding love, but it’s also weird and funny and thought provoking. Go see it and tell us what you think.



Helias Doulis’ Nurtured Nature

Helias Doulis is a 23 year old photographer from Greece who currently lives and works in London. His most recent project is titled Parabyss: A Nurtured Nature and features images that explore “the way that homosexuals tend to isolate themselves in order to live freely and away from the threatening ‘public eye.’” This series was shot at Limanakia; a rocky and secluded corner of Greece where Helias felt he and his models could fully access melancholy. Photographs featuring naked men on a tragically beautiful private Grecian coast? I’m into it.


We decided to get to know Helias a little better and asked him some questions about this body of work.


Helias told us that Parabyss is “an earthly vagina, where a dystopian paradise shelters the frightened males, giving them the freedom to show intimacy with one another.” Helias elaborated further by telling us that the photos in this series “reflect the greed of human nature in a world that persecutes its creatures through discrimination, forcing them to resort (to the) creation of a habitat of free sexual expression.”


In regards to his inspiration and what his work is really about, “the main reason that I started taking photographs was to express my personal insecurities and inabilities to perform (in) my relationships and society, to find more insecure bodies and souls like mine to make all of us embrace the beauty of loneliness.” Helias selects his models to be members of his personal melancholy, and refers to them as his multiple “alter egos.” As you can see from these photos, he chose to hide the faces of his subjects. …

Tuesday 01.19.16

HUMP 1.13

The Next HUMP is Wednesday, January 27th.

Sunday 01.17.16

Party: Horse Meat Disco MLK Edition

I forgot it’s a long weekend this weekend. Thanks Martin Luther King Jr., just one more reason to love you! Here’s a party that you will definitely need an extra day to recover from. The London party Horse Meat Disco is in town, at Output this Sunday night, January 17 and they are ready to turn you out. The party goes over two rooms. In the main room is music by Horse Meat Disco and Sean B. & Will Automagic. In the Panther Room (sounds sexy lol) music is by Mike Servito and Ron Like Hell. They’re all amazing DJs that will keep you on your feet way past your bedtime (drink plenty of water queen, but not too much — don’t want to flood your brain, aghhh!) Hosts are Marco Ovando, Paloma Perez, TJ Samson. Tickets are a little pricey at $45 but it’s a special occasion so whatevs. Have fun party monsters. And remember, MLK is one of the few holidays worth celebrating!

$45, 10pm, Output, 74 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 01.16.16

Party: Holy Mountain: Journey XVI

I was looking over links the other day on and in one of the articles from 2010 we said that we pretty much recommend anything that Ladyfag does. She wasn’t a fan of our last write up for Holy Mountain, but we wouldn’t write about her if we didn’t love what she does. And I got to give it to her, she’s consistent, she’s been throwing awesome events even before we started this newsletter. Since we are now at the beginning of a new year, and a new journey, it feels right that we tell you about Holy Mountain: Journey XVI. As Ladyfag puts it, “It’s 2016...the future is now. Crawl out of your cocoons, my sweet cyborg queens & slither your Giger tails & scales out of the primordial ooze to a place where music is god, & dancing will set you free. The truth is out there… 2 Floors. 4 Rooms. 1 Mountain...Holy Mountain!” Some of the best DJs in NYC will be providing tunes for the night: Michael Magnan, Nita Aviance, Ryan Smith, Total Freedom, Dicap, Juliana Huxtable, Greg K. and Chapman. Amazing line up, I’d go for that alone. P.S. If you go all out with a “SERIOUS GIGER OR CYBORG LQQK,” you’ll only pay $5. Yassss Queen.

$5-$15, 11:00PM, SLAKE, 251 WEST 30TH ST. New York, NY.


Friday 01.15.16


I became familiar with The House of Ladosha a couple of years back by the incredible T-shirts they produced (Rihanna even wore one). The collective of both visual and musical artists has been around for awhile now so it’s nice to see that they’re still going strong. The group is putting on a gallery show and they wanted us to tell you that you’re all invited! The opening at BHQFU in Brooklyn is happening this Friday, January 15th, at 8pm. The show titled THIS IS UR BRAIN features many members of the House of Ladosha including Cunty Crawford Ladosha (Adam Radakovich), Neon Christina Ladosha (Christopher Udemezue), Paws Off Ladosha (Riley Hooker), Magatha Ladosha (Michael Magnan), La Fem Ladosha (Antonio Blair), and YSL Ladosha (Yan Sze Li) with collaborations from house members like Juliana Huxtable Ladosha. Following the exhibit there will be an after party with live performances by Contessa Stuto, Thurmon Green, Sam Banks and the House of Ladosha in the same space + drank. We will also have live DJ sets from ABBY, TYGAPAW, False Witness and Juliana Huxtable.” Art show, party, live music, cute kids, what the fuck more could you want from a Friday night in January 2016!?

FREE, 8:00PM-10:00PM, BHQFU, 33 34th St. 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY


Thursday 01.14.16

Tom of Finland & ONE Condoms

A special edition line of One of a kind rubbers

Listen up friends, if you love Tom of Finland as much as we do and want to take your sex life to the next level, you need this rubber. “These special edition Tom of Finland condoms are the result of a unique collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation” and the ONE brand. “The ONE brand is all about promoting sexual health through artistry and self-expression,” and they have taken 24 different Tom of Finland works to be featured for a special edition line of condoms. In true Finland fashion, these condoms feature only the beefiest guys in their most tender moments. Yes, getting groped is absolutely tender and if you were thinking you were the only one who felt this way you were wrong. Who doesn’t love a good “peter squeeze?” Yasss!

I can’t provide you with much of a field report just yet,  but I will say the packaging is pretty cunt. Something about circular packaging gets the dick going as opposed to those square cases your ex-boyfriend’s generic rubber came in. (Lifestyles? What is that?!) It’s something about sex and circumference. Are you catching what I’m throwing? Good.



“During the 1980s, at the height of the AIDS crisis, Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen) began including condoms in his drawings to help curb the epidemic.The ONE brand shares the Foundation’s commitment to promoting healthier attitudes about sexuality, said [his partner Durk] Dehner, Tom of Finland was dubbed ‘the Michelangelo of safe sex,’ promoting sexual health, particularly among gay men.”

As we exist amidst the complete but gradual eradication of HIV and the on-going PrEP debate, I think these are a fun way to litter your room while still being safe. …


Friend and contributor to GAYLETTER, photographer Benjamin Fredrickson, has two new shows happening in January. It’s just the beginning of the year and he’s already so busy. The one we’re talking about this week is a collaborative project titled Nydia which he’s worked on with artist Juan Betancurth. Here’s what Ben had to say about it: “The exhibition features a selection of large format Polaroid photographs that I made with Betancurth’s mother as the subject, wearing Betancurth’s provocative handmade sculptural objects and tools.” When I first saw images of Nydia, my initial reaction was “WOW.” Nydia is pictured in various suggestive situations wearing her son’s sculptural objects. “Bentancurth and his siblings were subjected to his mother’s unusual manner of discipline using self-devised contraptions for punishment. As an adult artist far from Columbia and years from childhood, he has found inspiration in her objects of punishment for his sculptural work.” Interesting! I’d say don’t miss this one.

FREE, 6:00PM-8:00PM, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, 508–526 West 26 St. #9C NY, NY.


Wednesday 01.13.16

THE TENTH VOL. 3 Launch at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA

Their Hollywood Issue is out now! #BLACK #GAY #UNBOTHERED