Sunday 01.03.16


A brand new Sunday beer blast in the LES

Welcome to 2016! I am so excited to tell you about this brand new weekly party called Trouble, only because it’s the premiere. It starts today, January 3rd, 2016 and it sounds super chill. Paul Short (from the parties Snaxx, SPIT and The House) who is hosting the party, along with DJ Mirch, sent us an email to inform us what to expect from this new event. It’s a “Hunky and Humpy Hair-O-Da Dog, Dance-n-Drink Beer Blast!” Do you follow? Trouble is hosted at Fontanas Bar in the Lower East Side, it’s a “two level multi-room bar, pool table. Bartender Patrick serving up cheap drafts and shots. Wig and Merkin Contest with Special Guest DJ Mike Grimes.”


Paul also told us about how this is all got started: “DJ Mike Grimes and I used to throw a notoriously successful sleaze-fest party called Spit. Ever since Spit, we’ve been looking for the appropriate party venue to try something new.” The party also promises cheap drinks, “a spicy ballroom, no rules, crazy contests, dick dunkin, sassy sluts…”  I’d say check it out, you have nothing to lose, and who doesn’t like a little bit of trouble?


FREE, 2:00PM-9:00PM, Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge St. NY, NY. …

Saturday 01.02.16

BABY TEA: 12/20

The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men say goodbye to 2015 in this last Baby Tea of the year. Music by LVJjay and XOXO QOSSIP QURL! Performance by The Dauphine of Bushwick. Happy Birthday Larissa Velez-Jackon!

Wednesday 12.30.15


2015 Sashay Away...

We hope you are ready to say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016! Yes queens it’s time for a whole new year. 2016 is gonna be all about Hilary and Rihanna’s new album, and Beyonce finally making an effort with her Instagram account and Seamless orders being delivered by drones, and Rupaul coming back, and dick buffets (more about this in 2016), and all sorts of other wonderful things. We figured we’d make this week’s GAYLETTER an all New Year’s Eve affair.




So please enjoy our selections for the last night of 2015 and the first morning of 2016. Happy New Year!




Also enjoy some of our favorite selfie images from some of the GAYLETTER Selfie stories we published throughout 2015 above each write up.





The Spectrum is closing and this is the last chance you’ll have to dance in this space. For those of you that never had a chance to go there, I am sorry you missed out. We hope another place like this will pop up soon. Say goodbye to 2015 with a legendary party. Music by Iz Hero iQ, De’se, HD, Sadaf, A Village Raid and one of our faves Michael Magnan. There’s an installation by Dreamhouse and performances before 12AM by Kevin Aviance, Dick Van Dick, Raul De Nieves, Davon Rainey, Gage Of The Boone, Richard Kennedy and more. …

Tuesday 12.29.15

TRANS: A Memoir

Juliet Jacques' Debut Memoir

As we get ready to ring in the new year, there is so much to look back on and be happy for as 2015 comes to a close. What with the nation wide legalization of gay marriage in America and racial movements being heard world wide, one would think that maybe cultural ideals are beginning to change for the better. However, for every step forward, there is always a step back. Our trans brothers and sisters are continuing the arduous task of fighting to be heard and treated equally. As I write this I am painfully reminded of society’s prejudices, as people gather in Texas sporting t-shirts that read “No Men In Women’s Bathrooms,” and are fighting to keep the LGBT community away from the protection of common laws. Oppressive Conservatives aside, I still feel lucky we have wonderful leaders like debut author Juliet Jacques who continues to push trans-issues to the forefront of the public’s consciousness.
Trans: A Memoir is Jacques tender story detailing her time spent moving from collegiate cross-dresser to eventual gender reassignment surgery at age thirty. Though this is her first book, Jacques is known best for her column Transgender Journey which was written for the Guardian (It has since been credited as the first time the gender reassignment process had been chronicled for a major British publication).
The book chronicles Jacques’ time spent finding herself; in various transgender avant-garde film characters, England’s eccentric alternative pop rock scene, and in previously written transgender theories. Trans, while detailing the ups and downs of the transgender experience, is also centered around gender politics. …

Monday 12.28.15

2 Boys 1 Duvet

The Tom of Finland Foundation has teamed up with Finlayson, one of Finland’s oldest textile manufacturers (established 1820), to create a bedding collection featuring artworks by the legendary artist Touko Laaksonen aka Tom of Finland.


Our friends, the Dupont twins (Jake and Joseph), got comfortable in a bed made up with one of the duvets. They are right at home.


We thought we would share some additional photographs of the Dupont twins that we couldn’t fit in the magazine. Enjoy them below!




For more, click here to get a copy of the magazine…







This story was previously printed in GAYLETTER issue 2.




Wednesday 12.23.15

The Bear-Naked Chef

Adrian De Berardinis' New Youtube Cooking Show

If you are headed home for the holidays and really want to impress your Mom with your new found love for cooking classic Italian dishes, look no further! She’ll be so happy you’ve introduced her to Adrian De Berardinis’ new Youtube show, The Bear-Naked Chef. He’s hunky, topless, and talented! Just make sure you tell her you really are interested in his cooking, and not just his ass which makes an on-screen cameos every time he turns to check the chicken.

Premiering just yesterday, De Berardinis’ show is “a new and innovative cooking web-series that features Adrian De Berardinis cooking good food, naked….why not?” Why not is right. “Recipes include a range of easy-to-cook, accessible food from Italy and beyond,” and for Episode 1 he prepares a Chicken Cacciatore that looks just as good as his chest. (I swear I was interested in the food too, but I am a millennial and easily distracted.)





He told Towleroad “I’m at a juncture in my life where I am fearless about most everything. I am comfortable in my skin and it took me a long time to arrive at this place. My experience has brought me to this point of wanting to share who I am with the world, ‘exposed and un-cut’ as well as my cooking. I have a voice that wants to be heard. My cooking is my art, and I want to share it in my own way, in my own language. Why naked? …

Sunday 12.20.15

TV: Transparent Season 2

I shouldn’t really have to tell you to watch the second season of the incredible show Transparent, about newly out transwoman Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) and her ever evolving family, but in case you were locked in a basement, trapped as a sex slave to some Mormon preacher for the last few years, here’s the deets. Created by Jill Soloway, whose parent transitioned late in life much like the fictional character her show is based around, Transparent is easily one of the best shows available to watch at the moment. Season 2 has an extra treat in that it features the wonderful Hari Nef (pictured right) in flashbacks to 1930s Germany. Those flashbacks all come together in the last 2 episodes, and believe me when I say your patience will be paid off in spades. I was bawling like a baby in the final few scenes. And I’m still distraught, but only because I now realize how long I will have to wait for season 3. Oy vey!

Available Now on Amazon Prime


Saturday 12.19.15

Party: Legendary

Anytime Joey Labeija (pictured) DJs it’s L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y. He played our pride party at the Wythe Hotel this July and it was fucking bananas how good he was. This Saturday is your chance to show some love to Joey and also wish him happy birthday. To help celebrate you can also expect music by Joey along with Le1f, Abby, and Juliana Huxtable. I love how parties are starting later, and later these days, it’s very Spanish of NYC to open the doors at midnight like this one. I mean, nothing really happens at a party before then anyways, so might as well just turn up when it’s time to turn up. This will be the first time this party has taken place at its new location on North 3rd. From what I could tell from a quick google search of the venue it looks like a cool space, with plenty of room for dancing. Which is exactly what we expect you to do. I mean it’s Joey’s birthday, and only a few days before the holiday break, don’t let it be anything but legendary!

$10, 12 AM, LA SALSA AT CANTINA ROYAL, 58 North 3rd St. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 12.18.15

Medium of Desire

The exhibition runs from December 18th to March 16th, 2016

A new amazing exhibition of video and photography opens this Friday, December 18th at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in NYC and it runs through March 16th, 2016. This new show titled Medium of Desire: An International Anthology of Photography and Video‘ focuses on the theme of “desire” and showcases the work of fourteen artists from nine countries. It includes some of our favorite artists such as the Chinese photographer Ren Hang (who we featured in issue 3 of our magazine), Dimitris Yeros, Anthony Gayton, Matthew Morrocco, Tomoko Kikuchi, Jessica Yatrofsky, Joseph Maida, Daniel M. Schmude and others.


This is what the press release says: “Using human beauty, desire, Eros, and sexuality, this new photography based exhibition reveals that cultural differences, whether defined by national borders, sexual orientation, or gender identification, can be simultaneously vast yet familiar. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation or country of origin, feelings of desire, when successfully represented, can serve to minimize our differences and bring us closer.” I had a chance to preview some of the work that are gonna be on display at the show — you are in for a treat. The work is great, there’s also some nudity which makes things more enjoyable for all of us.



Have a look at some images from the show ‘Medium of Desire’ below:


Anthony Gayton, The Collector, 2009, Archival ink on paper, 39.75″x59″. Courtesy of the artist and MiTO Contemporary Art, Barcelona. …

Thursday 12.17.15

Art: Powrplnt Gallery presents – Venus, Gazing

This is some heady shit. Let me hit you with the write up I initially read for the show so you know what I’m talking about. “Curated beside art works loosely organized around the theme of the technofeminist gaze, a transformation of the Venus narrative manipulated through different mediums.” Oh OK... It’s our job to make sense of this shit so let me lay out exactly what this is all about. It’s in a gallery and it seems like the highlight of the night will be the performance by XHOSA. She’s a musician who loves Bjork, especially her song “Venus As A boy,” (I love that song too) so she decided to create a live interactive performance inspired by the song. It all kicks off at 6pm, and she’ll be doing a Q&A before her performance. For those who don’t know anything about XHOSA, she was born and raised in N.Y.C., and is an artist who plays with Hip Hop, R’n’B, and Post Punk influences “to create a unique sound.” I know that last line is vague as shit, but I spent some time listening to her music on Soundcloud and she’s really good. I promise. We don’t promote crap, you should know that by now.

Free, 6:00PM, POWRPLNT, 562 Evergreen Ave Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 12.16.15

Party: HUMP

A brand new party always gets us excited! It’s the reason why we started GAYLETTER — to give us new things to do each week. This week we want to introduce you to HUMP, a new bi monthly affair starting this wednesday, December 16th! The party is presented by two lovely people, Hannah Shoshana Fisher & Paul Iacono. I reached out to Paul and he told me how this party came about: “Hosting nightlife can be a lot of fun but having grown up in the arts my heart has always been in creating. So when Shoshana approached me about the Wyndham Garden in Chinatown, I thought: How deliciously random!  We assembled a magpie ensemble of our favorite nightlife aficionados: Half fresh meat, half veterans, but all from very different niches. The result is HUMP. The evening guarantees opulence, vulgarity and (obviously, because it's me) a dollop of theatrics in the heart of Chinatown.”  For the first week the hosts are Max Ryder, Jacob Brown, Sussi Suss and Slayme Pineshouse, graphics by Nikki Mirsaeid, and music for the night will be provided by DJ Michael Cavadias and DJ DJ DeSe.  It sounds like they are all very excited, I can’t wait to go check it out. It’s so close to me I can crawl back home if I get too drunk. Which is very likely.

FREE, 10:00PM, Wyndham Garden Chinatown, 93 Bowery NY, NY.


Tuesday 12.15.15

Out & Bad

A peep into England's dancehall scene

“Friends are the family you choose” is a common cliche used by all sorts of people. For some, however, choosing this family is a vital part of survival. Out & Bad, presented by Vice’s Noisey follows some of England’s dancehall community, giving us an intimate glimpse into their found mode of survival through dancing, partying, and camaraderie. This probably sounds like a relatable tale and it is but you soon realize that these boys can dance much better than you. They found each other nearly a decade ago when England experienced a mass influx of Jamaican immigrants fleeing anti-gay laws during the early 2000s. The dancehall scene served (and still does) as a friend based family, which for some, were all they had.


Out & Bad rattles off the statistics that have become all too familiar. We are reminded once again just how many black LGBTQ teens are forced out of their homes and left to navigate the most difficult parts of their youth alone. “We all had a common bond, which was black and gay. When we would come together, for a short moment, nobody could touch us. We were untouchable,” says one of the documentary’s main subjects, Marc.

The film is worth a watch. Marc and all of his friends are vibrant, feel-good people who make every group scene feel like you’ve missed out completely, which, unless you frequented bashment parties like Caribana and Bootylicious, you most certainly did. (Highlights include Deejay educating the viewers on how to stand, watch your liquor and give face at bashment parties.) With that being said, I can’t help but feel like Out & Bad feels like another documentary that is fun and entertaining as much as it is disheartening. …