Photography by Monty McKinnen

The Naked Rugby Players 2018 Calendar

Thirst-trapping for a good cause

I’m a slut for organization. I love making to-do lists, writing my weekly projects and deadlines down in a notebook, and even keeping a calendar scheduled down for coffee dates. There’s very little that gets in the way of my system for staying on top of my life, but the one thing that will turn my world upside down is a cute boy. But, what if that one boy was actually a cohort of sweaty, naked soccer players?


Back again with their 2018 calendar, The Naked Rugby Players features 52 players from six LGBT+ rugby teams across Britain. As per standard, the boys are naked to support awareness for testicular cancer and inclusive sportsmanship – both important and often overlooked causes in present-day society. Queer visibility in sports has been on the rise and supporting this project only continues to assert a right to the seat at the table we’re so often denied. Partnered with the Balls To Cancer charity, the calendar features a monthly reminder to check over one’s own equipment for any indiscernible lumps or bumps that could be indicative of testicular cancer. I’m not one for sports, as you might imagine, but I definitely have a fond appreciation for some good ball handling, and this calendar doesn’t disappoint.







Get your copy of the 2018 calendar here.