Walk on Clouds with CBD Gummies

I’ve tried CBD before. A guy in my neighborhood used to sell CBD lollipops for five bucks. He’d drive around in a green van with marijuana leaves painted on the sides. I’d buy the lollipops for shits and giggles, of course, but I never really felt anything. It’s not like I was expecting to get stoned, but I wanted to at least feel a little different. I was always left disappointed, and for a long time I didn’t get the CBD hype. This week I discovered Highline Wellness Premium CBD Chews and these gummies have blown my mind. Clearly, buying those five dollar lollipops was amateur hour. This isn’t the candy your grandma gives you after digging around in her purse. These gummy bears pack a punch.


30 gummies come in a plastic bottle, and each little bear has 10mg of CBD. I was skeptical at first, but I started eating a few gummies before and after work. I live and breathe anxiety, and working all day can make me a little tense. The gummy bears are the sweetest treat. They’re tasty and make me feel like I’m walking on a cloud. I’m not even exaggerating. Walking into work and munching on a CBD chew gives me that same feeling as walking into my room and getting in bed after a long day. I don’t feel high, but I become so relaxed that everything seems a bit more manageable. My breathing slows, a gentle sense of calmness washes over me. I feel good. I’ve also used the chews to help with hangovers, which was surprisingly effective. The gummies are all around an easy way to add relaxation and positivity to your life. And don’t worry, Highline makes vegan gummies, too. And they’re not just vegan, they’re gluten free, dairy free, fat free, and every other “free” you can think of. So try it. Live your best life in your best headspace. Like Highline says, “Avoid the chaos, take the Highline.”