Get Boosted

Dabbing for delicate consumers

Dabbing is gross. It’s sticky, and requires metal nails, torch lighters and browned glass tubes. (Key scenes from Intervention come to mind). Since my delivery boys began carrying wax and other concentrates, I’ve been very curious. I asked a lot of questions and heard some tales, but it remained too complicated, and too messy, for my participation. I stuck to the greens.



Last week, a little suitcase showed up (or a boxy structured clutch — it depends on who you ask,) inscribed with Dr. Dabber. I had no idea who or what this was. I lifted the lid and found what appeared to be a science experiment inside. I was confounded. But when I read about what he wanted to do to me, I gagged. Dr. Dabber’s new Boost e-rig claimed to solve my dabbing hangup by replicating the traditional piggy experience with a chic electronic handheld set-up. I finally ordered some beautiful gooey amber wax. Now what?



While many devices have a learning curve, Dr. Dabber had the steepest by far. Unfortunately, he does not come with an instruction manual. Fortunately, there are some stoner studs on youtube happy to give a demonstration. With my laptop open, I took a seat on a custom rug and followed along.







It’s like making out with a chill, chiseled chemist after-hours in his laboratory. He’s a giver, and going to put a smile on your face. The high is unique. It’s lighthearted, it’s fun, it’s happy and it’s surprisingly social. The process is very fast — minutes faster than other devices for dry herbs. Some friends were weary of getting too high, but so far it seems difficult for that to happen. I’m sure you can rip it hard enough to be laid out if that’s your thing. There is always a way.



The device itself feels sturdy, well-constructed, like it will live a long life. While technically portable in the case, it is best for indoors. His balance is a bit delicate, so I’m afraid of him tipping over and breaking the glass. Some small and necessary parts could also get lost. Proper cleaning is a must with this one — residue builds up quickly. This is easily remedied with some rubbing alcohol and causes little downtime.



If you’re looking to move into concentrates, as I was, Dr. Dabber is a great partner. There are many pens out there for wax and oils (Dr. Dabber gained a reputation with this one), but they can be weak and I prefer headier design for public consumption. I think Dr. Dabber is a great investment for a money-saving wax setup. I mean, the battery alone lasts for 50-60 uses, as does a small container of wax. Greens and their technology don’t come close to that.



Dr. Dabber made dabbing suitable for my world, and for this I am thankful. I’m sure there are other prissy stoners out there who will appreciate him as much as I do.





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