NSFW: Bruce La Bruce’s ‘Moonriver’ by Slava Mogutin

A short film by Slava Mogutin featuring Bruce LaBruce

Bruce LaBruce is many things, but shy is not one of them. The incendiary filmmaker — and GAYLETTER Issue 3 subject — has made a career out of putting all of himself out there, from his unwavering politics to the skin of his own ass. It’s the reason why his career has endured for over twenty years, starting out in the queercore scene in Toronto and stretching all the way to his film retrospective at MoMA earlier this year. He is queer transgression personified, a critical lightning rod known just as much for his exceptional arthouse cinema as for his exceptional hardcore porn.


This past spring, we caught up with LaBruce following his MoMA retrospective for a chat about his life and career, as well as a photoshoot with Slava Mogutin and a squad of boys. One thing led to another (par for the course when you put two queer legends, handsome boys, and a few bottles of rosé in the same room), and the pair of artists decided to make a music video in Slava’s bathroom. It’s a quaint short film of LaBruce, really, set to an outré cover of “Moon River” performed by the man of the hour himself. It is also one that may appeal to that watersports fetish you don’t tell anyone about. Who knows!




Check out the full, uncut NSFW film below: