Thursday 01.18.18


“It’s the dawn of a new age of Asian Dominance, caucasian slaves, non gender binaries, and Melanin Opulence!” Despite what you are thinking, Gia Gunn actually didn’t write that, it was the organizers of this party. She did, however, bring Drag Race some of the best Asian one-liners the show has ever seen: “Just got off the boat, you know, a little trip from Asia.” It’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Asian queens slay, unless you’re thinking of Kimora Black, but over the last year a handful of queer-Asian centric parties have popped up across Manhattan and Brooklyn providing a space for queer-Asians to mingle, get drunk, carry, slay and of course, do fucking drag. Off the curtails of spaces curated by the promoters behind BUBBLE_T, Onegaishimasu is a new queer Asian-Pacific Islander party “showcasing the beauty and vibrant richness of the community, and those with MELANIN all over NYC.” Their hosting a swimsuit fashion show based on those queens who are “C.U.N.T.” but the flyer also says come in your best “S&M looks,” so… I guess pack a bag if you want to compete. She’s a two look party! Hosted by iconic asians like everyone’s favorite Massive Goods, plus a bunch of other really sexy people I’ve never heard of before like Henry Bae, David Chan, E.T. Chong, Paulie Wog and The Henry who is one of my fave go-gos in New York. Onegaishimasu actually means “Please.” I like that because “Please” can be inserted into many sentences: Please fuck me, Please go away, Please stop talking, Please blow my back out, bitch, Please! I’m sure you’ll think of some other campy things to say when you’re there.

FREE, 9:00PM-4:00AM, Mood Ring, 1260 Myrtle Ave. BK, NY.