Wednesday 05.30.18


By 5:00AM on Saturday, May 26 the cruise ship I’d been aboard for the past week had neared itself close enough to shore, so I had cell service. I practically leaped out of my twin bed as my younger brother snored next to me and got to scrolling on Insta. By 6:00PM that very same day I was at the opening reception for This Is Not Here: RE 21. I saw the flyer on my feed, got my roommates together and said “Girls, I need culture!” and luckily they happily agreed to walk over to the Pfizer Building for the monthly show. Re: Art Show is an ever-evolving, recurrent curatorial project spearheaded by Erin Davis and Max C. Lee. For the show’s 21st installment multi-medium artist and curator Efrem Zelony-Mindell collected a huge group of artists exercising in every medium, though there seemed to be a focus on interactive installation/sculpture, especially those of the larger scale, and a performance went on as well. Among the favorites from my friends and myself were the motorized styrofoam and rock sculptures that hump, accelerate, wedge and die inside a metal ring shape, maybe picked from an old bumper-car (by Leander Knust), a curious albeit simple perception room (by Adam Liam Rose) new work from photographer (and GAYLETTER Issue 4 contributor) Daniel Rampulla and a chair held up by a very brave leaf (by Raul De Lara). I couldn’t have asked for a better evening back in New York. I was pleasantly surprised, had Pabst for old times sake and proceeded to get drunk at a local bar. Pop your head into this one, it’s got over 20 artists, so there’s something for everyone. The exhibition is up until June 17, 2018.

FREE, 11AM-6PM, RE: ART SHOW, 630 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY.