Writing this while gagging with excitement and giggling (but also yasssing internally, externally and extraterrestrially)…


We are so happy to present GAYLETTER Issue 6 to you, our wonderful newsletter readers first. Let’s just go head and write out the words written on the sweater, HBA designer Shayne Oliver is wearing, on our cover: cocksucker, faggot, homo, Mary, queer, pansy, fairy, nellie and fem. Yes. That felt good. It’s 2017 and with orange Cheeto face in the WH, and LGBT rights being attacked all over the shop, we felt it was time to use our cover to take a stand for queers around the world. Photographers Inez & Vinoodh were on board with our mission and excited to shoot Shayne in the amazing sweater by artist duo David McDermott & Peter McGough.


Also in this issue: Ms. Katya Zamolodchikova, of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame, photographed by Slava Mogutin; the Academy Award-winning director of Moonlight, Barry Jenkins; trailblazing photographer Bob Mizer; the legendary duo Pierre et Gilles; musician Kevin Abstract; artist Celia Hempton; custodian of the Tom of Finland Foundation, Durk Dehner; and, so much more.


If you plan on ordering a copy, thank you! Read it in public and show the world that you exist. We’re here, we’re queer. Please don’t hide.


Get it here.