Selfies by Alexandro

Hi, Alexandro

Alexandro is 25 years old and was born in Málaga, España. Just so you know we did this interview in spanish: he was more comfortable chatting in his native tongue. He’s single and works as a visual merchandizer. He’s never been intimate with a woman, yes he is a gold star gay. The first time he was with a guy was when he was 15, with a boy he ended up dating for 4 years. When we first noticed Alexandro on Instagram we were like OMG, that hair! — We wanted to run our hands through it and maybe pull it a little bit, if he let us do that. “Everyone knows me because of my hair…” Apparently he doesn’t do much to it, he just lets it be, “it’s pretty crazy,” he only puts a bit of hairspray on if he’s going to a party.


When it comes to men, he prefers strong men, men who are older than him, he’s ok with anyone 27 years and older — so if you fit the bill feel free to say hello — if you are younger than him, he’s not getting in bed with you. Alexandro goes to the gym about 3 times a week, looking at that body, that seems to be the right amount. His favorite part of a man is his smile and his hands — “I like well taken care of hands,” get that manicure before you take this boy on a date. His perfect date would be going to “a deserted beach during sunset, some cocktails, a towel…” All he needs is to see the sun. His drink of choice is gin.


We asked him to take some selfies wearing our GAYLETTER t-shirt, look at that facial hair, those eyes, so sexy!