Selfies by Christian

Hi, Christian

Meet Christian! He’s a 23 year old Georgia peach. We asked him about his first sexual experience and he told us that he was “extremely sexual with girls in my early youth. Kissed dozens.” But, fear not queens “girls are not my thing. I never, ever would cum with a chick.” Females aside, Christian says he’s liked boys for as long as he can remember, “probably about six or seven. I remember having fantasies about the male Real World cast members as a kid.” It’s here we must stop and acknowledge that Davis from the Real World Denver was a total twunk. He for sure could have been a Sean Cody model back in 2007; hopefully this was who Christian was fantasizing about, and not that queen Tyler… but at 19 Christian had his first sexual experience with a boy, and lost his virginity to his then boyfriend, at 20. Christian was slow to embrace his own sexuality, saying that he always fought it, but experiencing monogamy with another man opened his eyes. “Once I fell in love, it was like a brick wall. I had to face it and be honest with myself. It was a very passionate experience.”

Christian went to school for communications but hopes to someday work in music. “My dream career would be working as A&R for a record label. Working with artists would be a dream.” He also collects vinyl and loves to frequent record stores. With that being said, it’s not surprising that Christian likes a man who can talk about art and music, “Muscles are nice, but good music taste is even better.” One of his favorite things in another man are the lips, “from the beginning to the end of body contact, lips give the most TLC.” That’s a very pretty way of saying it, for sure, and “a nice cock is a close second.” Correct! To cap off his musical affection, for an ideal date he would love to just kick back, smoke a bit, and listen to music. “I’m not into fancy dinners or all that stuff.” But if you’re trying to turn him on, be sure to include dirty talk, “Leather is a turn on too.”

He quotes Britney Spears and Lana Del Rey as his favorite artists, “they make me happy.” When he was young, and less out, his Mom bought him Britney tickets because she knew her son wouldn’t, being fearful of the gay stigma associated with pop stars and pop music. (Someone should tell Britney that the early 2000s weren’t just hard for her, but her queers fan had hardships too! CC: Chris Crocker). When he isn’t frequenting record shops, Christian works out six days a week, wow, that’s a lot! “I don’t look at exercise as a chore. It’s like sleep to me, I just do it because there are so many benefits for my mind and body.” He sleeps naked year round and loves a Long Island Iced Tea, “I like to get straight to the point.”



We asked Christian to take some selfies wearing our Classic GAYLETTER t-shirt, check it out below!