Selfies by Gert

Hi, Gert

Gert is a 20 year old boy from Tallinn, Estonia. He is a high school student, eventually he wants to do something related to fashion. “I love fashion, it’s my life.” I believe him, he’s a very stylish guy. Even though Gert knew he liked guys when he was 13-14 years old, he just recently came out as gay back in January when he posted the following on his Facebook wall: “Well. Yeah, I’m gay. Who cares? I’m still a person? I have the exact same rights as you.” He told me that his sister came out of the closet first, then he did… When he was young he “was very much like a girl, I loved to play with Barbies, 
I was in the company of girls during school…and my sister was like a boy and she loved playing with cars…”  We think that’s just adorable!


As I was chatting with Gert, he pointed out that he was a “special person” because he was born deaf. “My family are all deaf too. He adds, I can’t hear music or when people talk to each other, I can only hear noise, I can feel vibrations and I can read lips slowly.” So, when Gert goes out to dance “I feel the rhythm of the music, but I do not understand the words…” I found this fascinating and surprising, I couldn’t stop asking him questions about being deaf.


The first thing that he does when he wakes up is make “the best coffee,” he usually grinds the beans, then he uses a coffee press. His prefect date would be “going to the beach or to an outdoor cafe.” He likes guys who are more mature than him, sweet, considerate, smart and stylish — this boy has standards, as he should. When it’s time for Gert to go to bed he wears shorts or just underwear. “I’d love to be naked, though, somehow I dont have a private room…” Gert’s future plans are to go abroad and to travel to the ‘fashion capitals,’ Estonia is such a small country and will always be home, but there’s not many activities to do.”


He used his Samsung phone to take some selfies for us, he took most of them in his high school, in the classroom and in the bathroom, then he got home and into bed where he got even more comfortable. He looks very sweet wearing a GAYLETTER t-shirt — he insisted he wanted the fit to be oversized, I have to agree with him, it suits him very well.