Hi, Jorge

Jorge is a 26 year-old man and from Chihuahua, Mexico. Yes, Chihuahua. I know a lot of people reading this are only thinking of, like, Paris Hilton’s dogs, but Chihuahua is a place — he actually just moved to Mexico City in December. “In Chihuahua you don’t really see any guys holding hands in public and we still have this “macho” culture,” Jorge tells us, but that didn’t stop him. He came out to his mother when he was 15 because he was beginning to like boys, and just a year prior he lost his virginity to another guy. “We were horny, we liked each other and we were curious [but] it wasn’t pretty. I was extremely nervous, on top of that his parents were home, I wanted that moment to feel more special,” he says. As for women, Jorge hasn’t even tried. “It’s not my thing.”


Jorge’s favorite part of other guys are their legs, eyes and arms. He likes his own lips “because [they] are big and you can always bite them,” but he’s not just sex appeal, boys! He’s honest too. He likes his eyes, “because I’m very transparent, so if I’m feeling very happy you can tell right away.” That’s adorable, right? But wait, it gets better, because playing video games makes him happy; as does being with friends, reading a good book, and “having a walk or taking my dog to the hills in Chihuahua while I ride my bike.” Books? Dogs? Hills? I mean… If you’re trying to score a date with him out in Mexico City, he would like it to be outdoors (no surprise there) with chit-chat about “good movies and books, and maybe a cup of coffee to finish the day.”


If you’re wondering about his body, he tries to exercise five times a week, “and I try to run during the weekends.” Basically, he’s making a lot of us look like crap, but hey, we’re trying, Jorge, OK? To supplement his body he keeps his skin looking smooth by washing his face with cleanser first thing in the morning, and right before bed. “If I don’t do it my face gets super messy because I have very oily skin,” he said.


Jorge sleeps naked when it’s warm, and only undies when it’s cold. His go to drinks are a Greyhound, a Screwdriver or a Gin Fizz. If he’s busy, the amount of times he has sex decreases “drastically.” So, are you trying to be fit into Jorge’s schedule? We are too. In the meantime, show him some Internet love and check out his selfies in, and out, of our GAYLETTER classic t-shirt!