Selfies by Will

Hi, Will

Will is 24 years old and was born and raised in Nederland, Texas. He told me about when he first discovered he liked boys, “I can remember back in first grade having a little kid crush on a classmate, as little kids you play truth or dare, and I can remember this one day where my friend was dared to kiss this boy and so we made this huge deal of it and she finally kissed him and I remember watching and thinking I wanna do that!!! But with the boy… That’s when I knew something was up.” Will has a boyfriend: “I’m in love right now…”


His favorite body parts are his calf muscles, “being a dancer makes me have some real powerful legs and I’m very proud of my calves…” On another guy Will is attracted to “nice and strong arms, and the eyes — I’m all about getting lost deep into someone’s soul through their eyes. Is that creepy?” A perfect date for him would be a picnic in the park, “Some good conversation, a cheap glass of red wine and some Strawberry shortcake.”  He feels sexy when he’s dancing in his 6 inch black heels to Beyonce’s new album.


Will is currently a contestant on this season of America’s Next Top Model and apparently he’s the only gay model on the show, “I am really proud of myself for making it on the show and being the only proud gay man.” He told me that he really loved working with Tyra, she’s “the most amazingly fiercely perfect thing in the world! YAS GAWD.” Will told me more about the show: “it such a vulnerable experience to put myself through and I would love if all the things that I share and my personal struggles can help anyone else out there who’s also struggling.” 


When it’s time for him to go to bed, he’s more comfortable in the nude, “Do people wear clothes when they go to bed?” He’s the happiest when he is “in the arms of those I love or just being with my family.”  His dream career would be a “dance teacher for the rest of my life — I teach dance back home in Texas and nothing gives me more joy than to see kids grow and learn how to dance.” 


We asked Will to take a few selfies wearing our GAYLETTER Classic T-shirt, here’s what he came up with…