It Takes One to Tenga

Let’s be real: there’s a stigma that comes with owning sex toys. I’m all for watching videos of “straight” guys fucking fleshlights, but I’ve always thought that masturbation toys were for guys who couldn’t get laid. I’ve been scared by the idea that someone could walk into my dorm room and ask me about the dick-sized tube by my bed, prompting me to awkwardly explain how I sometimes ejaculate into it.


But the TENGA Original Vacuum CUP (pictured left) and the Tenga Soft Tube Cup (right) has completely changed my opinion on masturbation toys. The exteriors of both toys are very graphic and sometimes they feature a print with a collaborative artist (recently Keith Haring) leaving behind the alien/machine aesthetic that most masturbation toys come with. Having an artistic print on the exterior makes the Tenga more approachable and less creepy. Not to mention the fact that the design allows me to let go of the paranoia of it being found: “it’s a……pencil case!”





Both the Vacuum cup and Soft Tube cup have an air hole at the top that allows you to control the strength of the vacuum suction. The interior of each cup differs, and both offer unique sensations that need to be experienced to understand. I used them with my boyfriend and we enjoyed both.


They’re both a lot of fun, the only problem is they’re designed to be disposable, which to be honest is a tad environmentally unfriendly. They say you get up to five go’s with each Tenga, but from my experience it was more like 10 before the insides got squishy. Just be gentle with them and they’ll last longer…also good advice for the next person you stick your dick in.


Available at Opening Ceremony. Or online