Manta Ray

A newcomer on the queen scene reviews IMTOY's men's stroker — the Manta Ray

It was a dark and gloomy evening. Rain pitter-pattering on her Greenpoint apartment’s fire escape — a luxurious New York terrace. Maybe not luxurious, but a queen needs her outdoor space. It was nippy — one of those autumnal times that’s more indicative of impending winter than a bygone summer. She gets into her cozy bed — it’s still too early to turn on the radiator — so she snuggles up with her down comforter, silken sheets, and a tattered copy of Jane Eyre that she’s read a couple times.


Just kidding, no Jane Eyre. She gets into bed with her IMTOY Manta Ray vibrator. And “she” is me.


Let me describe this thing to you in case our photo isn’t loading on whatever device you’re reading this on. It’s millennial pink in color (something I’m yassing, to be totally honest) and made of this really soft silicone. The shape is disarming but not so strange once you realize what you’re supposed to do with it (namely, wrap it around your dick and move it up and down? — at least this is what I’ve gathered).


Not pictured in the photo: you can control the toy via an app on your phone. In all transparency, I haven’t tried out this feature because that’s extra, and despite my name, I’m not that extra when it comes to getting myself off. Maybe when it comes to getting cute boys off, but not myself. Also not pictured: there are 16 different vibration options for you to choose from. I was overwhelmed but my dick was happy about it, albeit indecisive about which felt the best.


I’ve used it now with, and without, vibration to varying degrees of success, but success nevertheless. If your dick is a la thicky (also yasss), the toy might not wrap around it that well. Which makes it really difficult to grip the toy and your dick with just one hand…so you can use two hands, which is what I had to do. But then I couldn’t scroll through my porn Tumblr on my phone. If you’re not as thick, then you should be able to multitask swimmingly. Unless you got tiny lil Tr*mp hands (n’inti Mama).


The Manta Ray has been marketed as an “orgasm delay trainer” but I didn’t experience any orgasm delay. It didn’t make me cum faster, either, but I will say this: the toy certainly extends — by a factor of two or three times — my orgasm each time I use it — which is the yassiest thing of all.


$99.99, Get yours here.