Courtesy of Pansy Ass

Pansy Ass x Tom of Finland

Pansy Ass pay homage to the legendary Tom of Finland in their latest series of granny ceramics. The Canadian combo of Andy Walker and Kris Aaron are relatively fresh on the art scene, but their pretty as fuck illustrations painted on equally pretty (but in a daintier sense) ceramics, have built up a huge following. The one-of-a-kind pieces feature men riding hard while proudly proclaiming the virtues of being a ‘pole smoker’ or a ‘pillow biter.’ Not only is this collaboration a perfect fit, it’s also a celebration of old and new, honoring Finland’s legacy with a modern pinch of “heyyyy.”


Here’s what Pansy Ass has to say about their inspiration: “Like many queer artists of our generation we’ve been heavily influenced by Tom of Finland’s work.  What is most striking to us in Tom’s hyper-real fantasies are the expressions on the men’s faces. Smirks, winks and mischievous grins make his work playful yet equally kinky and fetishistic.” The end result is something super sexy, super fun and most importantly SUPER GAY!


Not only is each piece custom made, but a slice of the profits go directly to the Tom of Finland Foundation which “offers a safe haven for all erotic art and continues to educate the public as to its cultural merits promoting healthier, more tolerant attitudes about sexuality.” So not only are you getting a unique piece of gayness but you’re helping to demystify sexual expression and break down all those gay taboos. Plus, wouldn’t you just love to have a hot policeman on a ceramic plate, winking at you?








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