QuickDraw 300

A 420 field test

As the newly minted GAYLETTER greens correspondent, I was asked to review a vaporizer sent to us by Vape World. Luckily I had the perfect field test already confirmed for the weekend: Fantasia Barrino Live at the newly opened (and gorgeous by the way) Kings Theater in Flatbush.



Let me start with first impressions of the QuickDraw 300 Triple Action Vaporizer. It’s like opening a toy chest. We have vape pen, three cartridges, a complete charger and some custom tools. The pieces add up to a Smart-Cartridge System that allows seamless switching between ground material, fluid, and concentrates. Its look says sci-fi and 2015 with a sleek masc overtone.



With a vaporizer, I have a few basic expectations. Discretion, cleanliness, easy loading and a smooth, soft draw. It’s similar to bottoming. The first act of the Fantasia show was a metal detector and pat-down, and the QuickDraw performed flawlessly. Its slender profile can be comfortably nestled into a number of hiding places. A couple of hours later, it’s show time and I’m ready for a top-off. I memorized the somewhat complicated button sequence for powering on and firing up the ground material container. It took a little fumbling to get going in my pocket, but once it activated, it heated quickly without burning my soft skin. The inhale was long and smooth, skipping the the harsh and so-much-vapor-you-gag-on-it draws from other devices. I was soon feeling great and singing to I’m Doin’ Me¬†with a down¬†grandma in the next seat.



The night continued as QuickDraw and I enjoyed an Uber back to Manhattan, driving over the bridge and not bothering the driver once. It was time for a refill at my next destination, but the repacking process left something to be desired. It’s not easy to empty and refill the cartridge on-the-go without the provided tools or a makeshift alternative. However, after an overall successful evening, we went on a group date the next night. With a bit more repack planning, everyone was able to enjoy the company of my new found friend. I recommend you be introduced.


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