Justin Bieber

Things My Dick Does

A Tumblr Dedicated To Soft Dick Storytelling

In light of Justin Bieber’s vacation nudity, this is a post centered around flaccid dick. I love a soft penis. Some guys are totally insecure about having their flaccid member be seen in the morning after one too many bumps the night before, but some of us (me) like a good lookin’ softy. Not surprisingly, someone has dedicated an entire Tumblr to soft-dick storytelling. This is a whole new kind of graphic narrative. Things My Dick Does is prefaced with, “I’ve always wondered what my dick does in the times he is up before I am. He must get so bored waiting for me to wake up. Happens EVERY day. Poor little guy.” Ok, I knew the Internet was amazing, but not this amazing.


The blog features this guy’s dick in various positions. Baking, reading, hugging a stuffed animal (kudos on the miniature arms), wearing a Batman mask… I mean, the more you scroll down, the more this penis character blows your mind. One of the best staged photos features cum. That’s all I’ll say. The art direction on this blog is bananas and I’m highly interested in a gallery show. The blog features erect penis too, duh.


Please take a look.