Tibault from Paris

We sat down for a conversation with this fine french butt.

In the first of our conversations with butts from around the world we meet the butt of Tibault. Tibault is a cute young Frenchman that Abi and I met at a party in Chinatown. He may be new to New York, but that hasn’t stopped the slut from causing some trouble. For someone so young, we were impressed by how thoughtful and honest his answers were. He didn’t hold anything back. Just the way we like our French butts!


How old are you Tibault? 21


And where are you from? From Paris, France. But I was born in Brittany. In the west part of France.


How is your butt feeling today? Good, it feels clean and cool and nice. Perfect.


Was your butt feeling cool and clean and nice yesterday? No yesterday it had a cold. It was coughing. It went out too much, it got a butt cold.


So what was the first thing you ever put inside your butt? I think it was a tooth brush, when I was 13.


You didn’t put your fingers in first? No, I liked the idea of something outside of my body in there. It was in the shower, at my parent’s house.


Who’s brush was it? Haha, it was mine. It was a blue toothbrush…the color of my eyes.


So do you consider yourself a bottom? Yes, most of the time. The other way I get bored. I like being active in my passivity. I like the idea of tricking a guy into thinking that he’s in control, but then I’ll flip him over at the end, and ride him, and show him that I’m really controlling the vibe and that I’m fucking him.


So you say you’re into control. Does that mean you’re not into a guy being rough with you? It depends. I think what’s most important is that you can enjoy giving someone pleasure. It’s all about what you’re feeling at the time. Sometimes slowly in and out is good, sometimes it’s nice to feel someone pumping you. It’s all about the communication between the two bodies.


Wow, that’s a very profound attitude to sex for someone of 21. I have always felt this way.


What’s your favourite position to be fucked in? In a doorway. You know when you hold the frame, with your legs spread. It works better if you are with a tall guy.


Have you done that recently? No. I did it with one of my ex-boyfriends, but that was maybe a year ago. But it was so great that I really remember it.


Do you do exercises to enhance your butt? No, I’m not a very sporty person…and I work a lot. And besides, I’m not very superficial. I’m very into natural things. And I think my butt is just fine.


When was the first time after the tooth brush that you had a man in your butt? It was actually 6 months after the tooth brush. I was 14. I started to go on gay websites because my parents were away for the summer sailing around the South of France, and I was often very bored. I’d been chatting with this guy online, who ended up coming to my town for some conference. He asked me out for dinner. And because I had run out of food in my house, I thought why not? As I got to know him that night, I thought we had a strong connection and I decided it was the right time to do it. So I asked him to come to my parent’s house. And then we had sex…in my parent’s bed.


Did you use a condom? Yes, yes. He was a lot older. I was 14, he was 34, so I thought it was safer to do that.


Did it hurt? No, no. After we had been fucking for a while, he asked how many guys I’d been with. He assumed I’d had sex before because I was so relaxed. He was shocked when I told him he was my first. But I just knew it was the right thing to do, so I had no stress.


So you were ready to fuck? Yes, I think so.


Do you masturbate much? No, I’d rather be fucked. I think I’m more sensual than sexual. The times that I do masturbate, I have to touch my whole body and feel every part of myself.


Are you a clean bottom? Yes, but you know, I have to be honest, shit happens sometimes, it’s part of the game. I mean we don’t have pussies. Once I had been fucking this guy for 2 hours and it happened and he screamed at me, and told me I was disgusting. I said ‘I’m sorry but I’m a guy’, I’m not how you say, plastic.


When was the last time you got fucked? It was two weeks ago. It was a friend of this girl I know. I was a little sad, because this guy I like said mean things to me. So I got a little bit drunk and this guy just jumped at me. And because I need to feel loved, I brought him home. But it wasn’t that nice. It was stupid.


Why wasn’t it good? Because he was fucking me like a rabbit, which I hate. It wasn’t interesting.


So what makes it interesting? I like the moment before anything has happened, when you are flirting with each other. I like building up that pressure. After that sex is much better.


Have you ever waxed or shaved your butt? Ha, I have tried this but it is very hard to shave your butt. Because my butt is very round, so it is very hard for me to see the back. I mean, I tried, but again I’m a fucking man, so if I have some hair down there, it’s normal. I don’t have to feel ashamed about that. Plus I’m blond so a bit of hair, you can’t even notice. And most of the guys I’ve been with didn’t care either way. And the ones that do, I think it’s because they want to fuck someone who looks like they’re in a porn movie, which is not interesting to me.


So you would never bleach your asshole then? Again, no, why do that!? Are they hyper-focused on your anus. I don’t want to be considered a sex toy. In sex stores you can find those fake arses. Just buy one of those if you want the perfect arse.


Do you consider yourself having a tight butt? You know, if I want to be tight I know how to be tight, and if I want to be like a highway, I can be like a highway. I have a lot of control.


Have your ever tried DP (double penetration)? Ah, no, but I was thinking maybe to try it. But I’m not sure yet. It looks funny. But again, like the first time I had sex, I think when I am ready, I will just do it.


After you cum, do you mind if the guy keeps fucking you? Honestly, it rarely happens. But I will make the effort to keep going if I really want the guy to cum in me. But I know what to do to make him cum very quickly.


What do you do? You tighten your muscles, then you go a little bit to the right, then to the left, until he is like ‘aghhh’. Because it is so cool to feel a person inside you as they are cuming, when their muscles contract and they are expressing so much pleasure. Ah, it’s great.