TODAY: Protest Trump Back In NYC

Don't let him think he is welcomed!

Today, May 4, as you may know, Donald Trump arrives in New York. The visit will be his first as POTUS. “In the last 100 days, he’s threatened to deport our neighbors, take away our healthcare, reject refugees from our shores and give even more tax breaks to billionaires. Not to mention spend millions of our money to protect Trump tower.”


The rally, which will meet and begin on 12th Avenue between 52nd and 54th, is a “Cacerolazo.” A Cacerolazo (or casserole) is a protest that is something akin to New Years Eve, but today is not a celebration, it’s a battle cry. For this specific kind of rally, you’re meant to bring your pots, pans, and stainless steel utensils. This kind of kitchen-wear is representative of Latin American countries, and with every hand locked and loaded with metal to clang together, the cacerolazo will bang their way to Trump’s gaudy tower on 5th Ave. If all goes well (as it probably will, New Yorkers love to yell and throw shit) the noise of the protest will drown out anything Trump even attempts to think.


“Wear white in honor of past immigrant and civil rights movements and bring pots and pans to drown out Trump and show that he and his policies are NOT welcome in New York.”


Take a late lunch at 2:00pm and get over to the gathering. He needs to be reminded we’ve heard enough out of his trash mouth.