Photography by Peter Yesley

Wonder/Through The Looking Glass Houses

Get tripped out in Arrie Davidson’s new performance

There are a lot of Alice in Wonderland remakes out there, but have you ever seen one with a trans White Rabbit, nude ballet dancing, and a pretty twisted rendition of Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams?” I didn’t think so.


Rid your memories of that awful Tim Burton version by checking out a performance of Wonder/Through the Looking Glass Houses, playing at Dixon Place this weekend and next. The kaleidoscopic dance theater performance is by Arrie Davidson, a trans performance artist, choreographer, and writer, and features her “socially progressive” dance company, KineticArchitecture.


Arrie has taken a loooottttt of liberty with Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, giving the boot to the Queen of Hearts and turning the White Rabbit (played by Arrie herself) into the star vixen of the show. There’s a real “old hollywood” moment where White Rabbit pulls up a chair, sits in front of a spotlight, and reminisces on all the rabbit roles she’s lost to perkier, younger women. From Jessica Rabbit to Playboy Bunny covergirl, Arrie’s monologue serves as a poignant and quirky extended metaphor for the difficulties trans creatives face in Hollywood.


This reimagining of Carroll’s topsy-turvy world— one full of interactive game shows and top 40 music— feels fresh and boundary-breaking. Is it remotely faithful to the origin story? Hell no. But as White Rabbit quips to Alice at one point, while both enjoying a dollar slice on stage, “What does it matter?!”


You can purchase tickets here.