Friday 03.24.17


We are so excited to host the viewing of the premiere of Rupaul’s Drag Race at the Liberty Hall at ACE Hotel New York. During past seasons of Drag Race we gathered at Tom’s house to watch the show almost every week. It always felt like a big family gathering; drinks, laughs, snacks, gags, yasss, carrys, intis… It’s always a blast. So, we thought why don’t we share some of that fun with our readers by gathering at a venue with plenty of space so everyone can attend. This Friday, March 24th, we will be at The Liberty Hall, which is in the basement of Ace Hotel NY. It’s a cosy but spacious room with a projector, seats and a bar. It fits about 100 people, perfect right? We’ll have a drink special — which we’re calling The NamaSlay. To help us host the night we invited drag queen Candy Sterling. We recommend you arrive early unless you want to watch the show standing (which might not be so bad as long as you are drinking a NamaSlay.) I am so excited to see some of those new queens in action, I am really into Valentina, Peppermint, Nina Bo’nina Brown, Farrah Moan, Shea Coulee, Alexis Michelle and I am sure lots of you are excited to see Gaga. Who’s ready to gag?

FREE, 7:00PM, Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel, 20 W 29th. St. New York, NY.


Coffee Grinder: Mouthfeel Issue 3 Release Party

The bi-annual print and online publication Mouthfeel Magazine is celebrating the release of their third issue — “its first ever Coffee Issue.” For those of you that are not familiar, the magazine “explores the complexities of food, the characters involved and is written from a gay point-of-view…Each magazine comes in a collectible package and showcases personality forward profiles, essays, articles and original artwork…” This issue features “the untold story and search for prolific 80’s adult film star Buck Hayes, an in-depth interview with coffee media maven Zachary Carlsen of, interviews with international DJ, Kim Ann Foxman (Hercules and Love Affair),” and much more.


The launch celebration is presented by Stumptown Coffee Roasters which clearly makes a lot of sense because it’s all about that good coffee. We love Stumptown, I remember I used to sleep with a guy that worked at the location at Ace Hotel just to get free coffee — you know how expensive it can get to buy a cup of coffee a day  — those of you that need coffee to get their days going can understand where I am coming from. Please don’t bottom right after you drink coffee, please don’t ask me why, you know. Music for the night will be provided by Sean McMahill (Fire In the Hole, Everyody Everybody). They’ll have snacks and a bar.


Below is a preview of what’s inside this issue:








March 24th, FREE, 7:00PM, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, 30 W 8th St. …

Thursday 03.23.17


I have to tell you about this event, it just feels appropriate because it’s getting warmer and Spring is about to finally Sprung — I am desperately waiting for the cum trees to bloom already, more on that later. Daniel Nardicio is bringing us The 6th Annual Mr. Nude York, yes you heard me right it’s a “nude beauty pageant” that’s going to take place at The Cock. Cute right? It’s one of the biggest carry, I went to a past Mr. Nude York event and I had a blast. I don’t know if you know this about me but if you want to make me laugh just show me, or tell me, something inappropriate. I guess naked men competing for $500 is funny to me. Expect music by DJ Scott Ewalk and DJ Nandi. They said clothing is optional, but I’d say, unless you are competing keep your clothes on, it’s not always about you, but then again if you think it is, go ahead and get naked you whore — you have nothing to lose.

$10 (advance) - $20, 11:00PM, THE COCK, 93 2nd Ave. New York, NY.


Thursday 03.09.17

Event: Bailey House Auction

Bailey House provides housing and medical assistance to people living with HIV. It all started in 1983, when “a group of visionary and compassionate men and women organized the nation’s first response to homelessness among men living with AIDS.” Bailey House were the first to do anything to help homeless people with HIV and AIDS. Dealing with the disease back then was hard enough, but also not having a home, now that’s another level of struggle. We’re so happy we can write up this event. The work they have, and continue to, do is impressive!! Each year they do an auction to raise money for the organization and this year they have some pretty impressive artists involved. Alan Cumming is hosting the event and art pieces will be available from artists like Robert Mapplethorpe and Herb Ritts but also newer artists like Gio Black Peter and Sean O’Connor.” While you’ll be helping out an amazing charity, auctions like this are often a pretty smart way to buy valuable art at a discount. It’s an auction after all, so they have to sell the pieces to highest bidder. Sometimes that’s a lot less than the pieces are worth on the open market. Of course that’s not the main reason you should go, but just saying, it’s something to think about.

$100, 7:00PM, Pier 60, Chelsea Piers New York, NY.


Sunday 03.05.17


There’s so much going on this week, I seriously can’t (read this one with a Valley Girl’s voice), like seriously, it’s too fucking much. I just came back from LA, and now we have a magazine to make! OK, let me take a deep breath and let you know what’s happening as part of the NADA Art Fair this week. Gordon Rabichaux Gallery is curating a contemporary drag program. According to Tyler Ashley who is part of it, “everyday of the fair will feature a series of performances, talks, or presentation each day, including film screenings.” For the final day of the fair, Sunday, March 5th, BABY TEA takes over and features a talk between Hamm Samwich and Me, and performances by Matt Savitsky, Merrie Cherry and Patti Spliff. It will then become a closing gay tea dance. On top of all of this, many of the artists included in the contemporary drag program will also participate in a collab with PAOM (Print All Over Me) from which they have designed something that will be available in limited edition.” Check out their calendar of events from March 2-5. It all sounds very fun!



Friday 03.03.17

Event: Stand Up Against Rape at Littlefield

While there have sadly been an uncountable amount of horrific things that have happened since the Brock Turner case (hi Donald), the Committee to Recall Judge Aaron Persky is not just going to let this one go. On Friday night they’ll be putting on Stand Up Against Rape, a comedy fundraiser. The money raised will go towards collecting signatures to get Judge Persky on the ballot in California so he can then be voted off. Otherwise he won’t be back on the ballot until 2022 and most likely never face the consequences of his actions. To remind you, Judge Persky sentenced rapist Brock Turner to only six months in jail, ignoring the minimum sentence of two years. Not to mention his long standing record for biased outcomes in favor of white, male athletes. He’s a real gem! Hosted by Blair Socci and Farah Brook, Stand Up Against Rape will feature comedy from Lane Moore, Janelle James, Marcia Belsky, Giulia Rozzi, Arti Gollapudi and Marlena Rodriguez. There will be raffles, prizes and a chance to celebrate the demise of misogynists. Come join the fun!

$15-$20, 7:00PM-11:00PM, Littlefield, 622 Degraw St. BK, NY.


Friday 02.24.17

Event: GAYLETTER AT Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair

Soooo, we know that this is taking place in Los Angeles but we have some readers on the West Coast, and this is a super special shout out to them. The LA Art Book Fair is taking place this weekend (there’s a press preview Thursday night, and it goes until Sunday Feb. 29th) and we (as in GAYLETTER Magazine) will be there! Come say hi to us at our booth (X11). We’ll have copies of all the issues of the magazine for sale. And also a few other goodies. The fair is taking place at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, which is super exciting as it’s one of my favorite places to visit whenever I’m in LA. Last year they had 36,000 attendees. That’s 3,000 less than attended the last NYC fair (we can’t help but win as a city) but still very impressive. Besides us there’s gonna be booths from all kinds of mags and art book publishes from all over the world. It really is one of the most unique events you can attend, whether in LA or in New York. Come say hi and have a kiki with us — we’re very very very friendly.

FREE, 11:00am-6:00pm, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, 152 N Central Ave. LA, CA.


Thursday 02.23.17


Sound is one of the most severe senses as it gives us the ability to hear the things we want, when we want, and hear the things we don’t want, when we least expect it. I sound like I’m talking about being politically correct and I am; there are many words in the American lexicon that are dedicated toward degrading immigrants and minorities, and everyone loves to fucking use them. The Ace Hotel and B&O have teamed up for an awesome installation dedicated to providing the space for “stories, sounds and songs of a courageous and pioneering immigrant population” to be heard. The work featured (via an open call) will range from “those of travel, respect, immigration and tolerance and overlapping sounds will create a unified din with moments of interplay, harmony and tension.” The installation’s mission is to evoke the myriad voices that make up the everyday sounds of America and with our current state of foreign affairs (i.e. immigration ban) “B&O PLAY plans to use their voice to advocate for acceptance and celebration of our country’s glorious history as a melting pot. We’ll be quiet and let other stories be heard.” The event will also accept and make donations to the ACLU and The New York State Youth Leadership Council, the first undocumented youth led organization in New York.

FREE, 5:00PM, Ace Hotel New York, Lobby, 20 W. 29th St., NY, NY


Wednesday 02.22.17

APPARATUS Auction – A benefit for The LGBT Center

The NY-based design studio APPARATUS is hosting a silent auction for The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center on February 22nd at 7:00PM at their NYC studio. “The auction will raise funds for the ever-growing youth programming at The Center. The services provided by The Center include programming that address poverty and substance abuse among young people.” We are super excited for this event, we love the work that LGBT Center does — we even shot our last cover at their iconic Keith Haring bathroom. “The center is the nation’s first ever outpatient treatment program specifically designed for LGBT youth and young adults.”


I went to the APPARATUS studio last year and I was very impressed with the space, it’s beautiful and done with great taste. I left that place thinking WOW these boys (Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson) have such great taste — they are not playing… We learned from the press release that they “have been invested in The Center for a few years and were personally drawn to The Center’s youth outreach when they had the opportunity to visit The Centers youth camp last summer.” The event involves a great committee including the amazing Mx Justin Vivian Bond who will be the M.C. for the night. Other hosts include Rupaul’s Drag Race season 7 winner Violet Chachki, Ali and Cass BirdKeith PollockJamie Drake, Caleb Anderson, Casey Kenyon, Keith Pollock and Adam Selman. The music will be provided by DJ Lina. …

Wednesday 02.15.17


I was watching PWR BTTM’s new video and as usual it was queer as all hell. It got me thinking a lot about queer spaces and how having fun in the winter can be hard because you’re carrying, but also literally carrying a coat, which is not cute. Just last week, I was at a party where Abi was feeling himself and touched a stranger’s faux-fur. I’m won’t name the victim, but my point is that coats can be fun, but without one you can overdose on glitter and that’s more fun. The Footlight is having their first monthly queer party and they asking you to “glitter up or die.” The theme is Anti-Valentine’s (amen) and they note they “will party hard in the name of resistance against the capitalist machine that forces us to fall for this bullshit concept of what is love in relation to mula!” Maybe glitter up or die is an extremity, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and if you want looks to be brought, ultimatums are key. People are protesting President Dump every week, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some have been arrested, and legal fees are nuts, so this party is raising funds to help them out. “LET’S DANCE FOR OUR LIVES AND LIBERATION OF ALL PEOPLE. We will rise above our oppression in the outside world and unite this space where radiance and true love always prevail.” I’m with them on that one!

$5-$10, 8:00PM-2:00AM, THE FOOTLIGHT, 465 Seneca Ave. Ridgewood, NY.