Friday 06.01.18

Event: Callen-Lorde to Host Annual Pride, ROAR 2018!

It’s June 1st and yes we have a Pride Party for you to go to! Were you ready for that? No, well, honey, be ready! It’s our month and this is the absolute best way to kick it off. Callen-Lorde is the leading LGBTQ health service clinic servicing our community free of judgement or from lack of funds in New York City since Stonewall, and they are opening in Brooklyn very soon, which is really beneficial to our community. More of us will have the chance to be seen, nursed and worked with by LGBTQ+-sensitive employees and doctors in the near future! ROAR 2018 is at the Central Park Zoo, and while it may not be the all-night take your clothes off kind of pride party you’re looking for (you can wait until the end of the month, OK?) it sure as hell has a ticket price that suits a better cause. But you’re not just going to the event for animals, light environmentalist-commentary that high-definition Central Park air; there’s food, an open bar for those of you legal, a performance by Rupaul's Drag Race Season 10’s Yuhua Hamasaki (Forgot she got eliminated and that’s the T.) a silent auction and a drag-queen story hour! You can’t spell wholesome without some hole, so I am sure there will be cuties to say hello to there as well, but aside from my large use of camp in this post, GAYLETTER absolutely loves this organization. Our friends and our office are patients, and we try and show our support in anyway we can. As health-care is rapidly being pried from the most needed, Callen-Lorde needs our support now more than ever because we’re going to need them more than ever. Start Pride Month right and show the community your wallet… I mean love!

Tickets start at $95, 6:00-9:00PM, Central Park Zoo, E 64th Street & 5th Ave. NY, NY.


Thursday 05.31.18

2018 RuPaul’s DragCon LA

Featuring Kim Chi, Meatball, Violet Chachki, Peppermint, Sasha Velour, Love Masisi, Valentina, Trixie Mattel and more!

Monday 05.14.18


A signing and celebration of Jack Pierson's new magazine, Tomorrow's Man 4.

Thursday 05.10.18


Did you pick up your copy of GAYLETTER Issue 8? If you answered no, I suggest you change that. We featured a bunch of beautiful, beautiful people, and among them is pop-music-alt-damsel Cody Critcheloe, better known as SSION. When Cody told us he had a new album coming out we got super excited. He had just released “Comeback,” which tells the story of an old flame returning to the appropriate lover who is more than willing to accept that skank back. It’s also a pretty obvious play on words. Ssion hadn’t released new music since 2012, so a new single six-years later is most definitely a comeback. “O,” out on May 11th, is Ssion’s third studio album and to celebrate the release he’s throwing a cute party at Mission Chinese. There’s going to be food, drinks and he’ll be playing the album. I’m stoked about it because when we got together to create his feature for Issue 8 (with Slava Mogutin) he was telling us all about how he made it in a basement in LA. Cody said he just kept inviting people to be on the album so that it had the flavor of a mixtape, like something corny you’d curate in high school, but with indie-pop and indie-rock royalty (Sky Ferreira, Devendra Banhart, Ariel Pink). The official singles, “Comeback,” “Heaven Is My Thing Again,” and “At Least the Sky Is Blue” (check out our behind the scenes coverage) have been on my Apple Music repeats for a while now. I am eager and ready for more!

FREE, 9:00PM-12:00AM, Mission Chinese, 171 E Broadway New York, NY.


Wednesday 05.02.18

Eat: Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN Screening + Dinner

Y Tu Mamá También is the first phrase I learnt in Spanish. Growing up in Australia we didn’t have much need for the language so it’s not really taught in schools. I studied Indonesian in high school which was sooooo useful! lol. I learnt the phrase Y Tu Mamá También because it’s the title of the 2001 Alfonso Cuarón film that is screening tonight in Brooklyn at the Alamo Drafthouse. When it was released 17 years ago it not only launched the careers of its director and its stars Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal, but it was also the highest box office opening in Mexican cinema history at the time. And it did that by only making $2.2 million it’s opening weekend. “The film tells a coming-of-age story about two teenage boys who take a road trip with a woman in her late twenties. The film is part of the road movie genre, set in 1999 against the backdrop of the political and economic realities of present-day Mexico, specifically at the end of the uninterrupted 71-year line of Mexican presidents from the Institutional Revolutionary Party and the rise of the opposition led by Vicente Fox.” It is a very sexy, gritty and engrossing film with a rather queer twist ending. You can see it tonight (May 2) at 6:30pm with a Mexican-inspired menu created by the Drafthouse executive chef Ronnie New, with drink pairings from their beverage director Vincent Favella. This is a much better way to celebrate Mexico than partaking in the upcoming Cinco De Mayo nonsense. A disfrutar!

$80, 6:30PM, Alamo DraftHouse, 445 Albee Square W #4 Brooklyn, NY.


Sunday 04.29.18

Voices 4 Chechnya demostration at Columbus Circle

"These hooded and bound figures represent the many LGBTQ+ victims of extreme violence and torture at the hands of their government and their own families."

Friday 04.13.18


At the home of James LaForce and Stephen Henderson, toasting the upcoming Callen-Lorde Brooklyn.

Saturday 04.07.18


A few weeks ago you read Tom’s brief report of David Bowie Is: the sprawling, several gallery museum exhibition that features the late musicians costumes, personal ephemera and more. As a part of their Target First Saturday’s series, the Brooklyn Museum has tapped local nightlife go-getters Horrorchata and Tyler Ashley to bring their acclaimed Bushwig party to take over the Beaux-Arts Court and… thrown down. The show lineup is gaggy, mostly cause it features so many amazing NYC/Brooklyn performers who I’ve had the blessing of seeing many times, including the haunting Untitled Queen, Charlene: queen of all things that make you say wow, Patti Spliff, Maxxx Pleasure (amazing drag king I used to see perform at our Alma Mater, Purchase College) and others. If you haven’t been to one of these first Saturdays, I’ll quickly clue you in because one time I ended up at one by mistake and on a really high-dosage edible. The event will feel brief, and the space is a little bit moot, but it makes it the perfect place for Horrorchata and her gang to take over because lord knows they can make any space work. Plus, there is a bar, so really you just need to show up. If you’re a good time, you’ll arrive at 5:00PM on the dot to make the most of the happy hour(s), which goes until 7:00PM, and if you’re smart you’ll wear a lock that pays homage to David, the grandfather of all things bisexual and hero to butches, femmes, fags, dykes and punks everywhere.

FREE, 5:00PM, performances 6:30-8:30PM, Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway BROOKLYN, NY.


Wednesday 03.14.18


Today, thousands of students around the country rally in solidarity to end gun violence.

As you know (and I assume our readers are political, hip to the latest news, and support great causes), this Thursday is a nationwide walk out. The students from Florida’s Stoneman Douglas have been working their asses off in the past month since they fell victim to the latest school shooting. In what has become a very familiar story in America’s gun rights debate, Stoneman Douglas students have started rallies, marched on Washington, got major retailers to pull guns off the shelves and have boycotted companies largely affiliated with the NRA. Now that is cunt. There is a lot of bullshit activism going on today, but these kids are the real damn deal. Emma Gonzales, who kind of launched a movement accidentally now has millions of followers on Twitter, and she uses that damn platform like she damn should: for change.

At 10:00AM, in support of the students’ call to action, parents, teachers, students, and schools’ staff are encouraged to participate in #ENOUGH. For 17 minutes, campuses will take a moment of pause to remember the kids who were shot and killed at Stoneman and everyone is encouraged to wear orange to show their support. I feel so jazzed for change every time I see these kids in the media (they’re so earnest and fucking mad… I wish I weren’t so jaded…) and we should be supporting their cause in every way. Pulse happened in our community; I shouldn’t have to write It’s only a matter of time before we’re targeted again. …

Friday 03.09.18

Event: Pussy Faggot: Group Outing to Phoebe Legere’s Speed Queen

We haven’t been to Pussy Faggot in some time. Started by Earl Dax, P.F. was designed to showcase some of the best performance talents in the world. If you’ve never attended a night then you are in for a big treat. Earl is an expert in bringing together some of the weirdest and most wonderful artists alive. The last Pussy Faggot was over a year ago because their resident host (and living legend) Ms. Penny Arcade has been touring her amazing new show. This Friday Earl is gathering “a group of folks to join us for the opening night performance of Phoebe Legere’s Speed Queen, her world premiere original musical at Dixon Place! After the show there will be a little soiree with Phoebe in the Dixon Place Lounge. Get $10 tickets (regularly $19-$22) to this performance when you use code FEMMETOP for advance purchase. The musical is based on the life of “Joe” Carstairs, the lesbian speed boat racing champion of 1926 whose lovers are rumored to have included Marlene Dietrich and Tallulah Bankhead. Phoebe portrays Carstairs and several of Carstairs’ lovers in a musical that blends Legere’s penchant for camp with her formidable musical chops and that gorgeous 4-octave voice.” I mean, I’m sold on that description alone. If you don’t know Phoebe, here’s a quick run down from Earl: “Her career spans everything from starring in cult films like Mondo New York to opening for Bowie on his Sound + Vision tour. She was signed to Epic Records at 16, and performed at the opening night of Pyramid Club where she was often the lone female amongst colleagues like Lady Bunny, RuPaul and Ethyl Eichelberger.” Ok, work. See you Friday, March 9th Ms. Phoebe, Ms. Arcade and of course Ms. Dax!

$10 in Advance, 7:30PM, DIXON PLACE, 161A Chrystie St NY, NY.