Friday 07.28.17

Event: A UNIIQU3 Experience NYC

This post goes out to all the people out there who still like to dance when they go out… UNIIQU3, a favorite NYC DJ of ours (she played our Pride ball two years ago and fucked it up as always) is throwing a “fun lil rager” before dipping out to Asia. Love a transpacific moment. Her sets are undeniably danceable and glowing examples of sexually liberated feminism, with remixes to songs that go like, “Don’t want no car, don’t want no cash, don’t want no date, I just want my pussy ate…” set to looping synths and moans. Despite my undying love of dick, her mixes make me so horny, and I’m so here for it. The event’s description says to come “dressed to sweat,” which means that y’all really should be dancing! It’s cool to mingle and stand around slaying the scene and waiting for a photo but like this won’t be the time or place for that noise. Even better is that it’s all ages and openly 420 friendly. Lit or lit? It’s lit — literally. Don’t miss this.

$5, 10:00PM-3:00AM, Heck, 559 Van Buren St. Brooklyn, NY.


Thursday 07.27.17



Sunday 07.23.17


If you feel like being bad n boujee this weekend, this may be the event for you. Hot Rabbit presents Float: an LGBTQ+ sunset boat party slash dinner cruise (for the older and/or less lit). She sounds like a fun time — there’ll be drag queens, go-gos of all genders, vogue dancers, DJ 2Face and DJ Avg Jo, and optional dinner for those who want not just a dance party but the full city skyline dinner cruise experience.” Jolina Jasmine and Rhedd Rhumm will perform and the House of Olympus will be the voguers fuckin it up. For 500 queers on one luxury yacht with an optional dinner, tickets seem pretty reasonable — $25 if you plan ahead and buy early. You can also save 20% by using the promo code GAYLETTER — ok, work! Just remember to keep your eyes on the time because you don’t wanna get left on the pier with sunset blue balls. You gotta finish your hair and make-up and be on the boat at 6! It will then leave at 7:15 to get that prime sunsetty eye candy. It could also be a good idea to give yourself extra time if taking the train. Who knows what MTA’s gunna hurl at us next.



Saturday 07.22.17


Central Park is normally my favorite spot to people watch, or should I say ogle at the shirtless men parading around Sheep's Meadow. Same thing, right? I'm pretty sure nothing is better than spending a hot summer day in New York doing just that, actually. (The thirst is real and only rosé can act as a semi-quenching substitute.) However, this Saturday I'm breaking away from my traditional plans, but you can still find me in Central Park to see none other than Mama Ru. Could you imagine giving up your plans to stare at boys for anything else? That was a rhetorical question. "Of course not" is the only answer. RuPaul is appearing live for Ozy Fest this year to give a talk titled "Can I Get an Amen?", so obviously I'm really dying to see what she’ll bless us with. RuPaul always speaks so eloquently, she could be reading you for filth and you'd still smile. Some other talent billed for this year includes the delicious Jason Derulo and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand; it’s clear why the Times calls Ozy Fest “TED meets Coachella.” Ok, work! The festival is part of the Summerstage Central Park series, so you'll find the extravaganza at Rumsey Playfield —  which is basically adjacent to East 71st if you haven't visited yet. Ru’s talk is scheduled for 1:40pm, so be sure to get over your Saturday morning hangover in a timely fashion. I suggest you drink a beer or three with brunch.



Thursday 07.20.17

The First Edition of the Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair

Wednesday 07.19.17


Over the past two years, these “paint bar” nights, or “drink & draw” have become increasingly popular across Long Island and wine-moms and white-teens have started to act like they have a BFA in my favorite medium, which they don’t. They just have blonde highlights from my mom who is usually their hairdresser. It’s a small world out there. What’s cute is that I’ve seen photos of some instructors wearing Britney Spears microphones, like saying “lift your brush” really needs to be heard out of an industrial speaker. Listen, I’ve seen some of these canvases results and I will just say they’re always some wonky, on-mushrooms looking sunsets. Anyway, I am such a fake bitch because I stay talking shit about these types of events but this one is in Brooklyn so I was like… yas! I’m not transparent, whatever. While I was browsing this event online, someone in the comments asked “What’s a live figure model?” You’re always going to encounter one or two dummies who should really be attending the Long Island iterations of these kinds of things, but The Living Gallery is a wonderful place that, in a city full of struggling artists and dreamers, deserves our support. The space provides all proper materials; the essential wine and aforementioned live model, which, to answer that woman’s question (and maybe yours too) is a person who will stand before the room and you are expected to draw them. Often, they are naked. Ok work!

$10, 7:00PM-9:00PM, The Living Gallery BK, 1094 Broadway Brooklyn, NY.


Sunday 07.16.17


When I saw this event circulating on Facebook, I really had to stop and ask myself why we were just seeing “the first annual,” rather than the 26th annual or something like that. I mean, it is no fucking secret that the world loves porn. Pornhub has some ridiculous statistics about Americans and porn. Google it. Though on the account of how many times I know y’all masturbate in one week, maybe you shouldn’t bother. Just know you are not alone when you are rubbing one out every day of the week. OK? “Crushed, the first Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair, is a platform for independent publishers of erotic and pornographic material and artists working with sex. Curated by Matthew Leifheit, the fair will feature two small-scale exhibitions, a selection of publications and prints for sale, a program of performances and readings, live nude classical and jazz musicians, smutty film screenings, and an orgy afterparty.” Recently, the GAYLETTER office has been super into vintage porn. Not necessarily video, but photographs. To say that nudes aren’t being photographed like they used to is, well… true. Men and women are aspiring to different standards in 2017, but the 70s and 80s had the most stunning, real looking models with the most chic dicks and breasts. That said, I think sexual imagery ages super well, so maybe in a decade I’ll be saying the same thing about today, but, regardless, head to the fair and check out what your sexual community is making. Not only will you leave horny, but you’ll be walking away with work the world doesn’t want us to see, or doesn’t think we should see. Always celebrate sex. It’s normal. Go forth and CUM!

FREE, 11:00AM-9:00PM, POINT GREEN STUDIO, 260 JAVA ST. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 07.15.17

Event: I’m From Driftwood’s 7th Annual Summer BBQ

If you have been reading GAYLETTER, you know we love an outdoor space. We are thirsty for that outdoor heat and if you ever invite me to a BBQ I’ll bring a nice piece of meat — I am one of those people that will get a gourmet burger, yas mama. We have been trying to sound more gay at the GAYLETTER office, so bear with me for a moment, yes god, yasss queen — I am here for it. So, this BBQ is not free because it’s a fundraiser, but it’s the right type of fundraiser I’m From Driftwood does great things for the LGBT community. For those of you that don’t know, it’s “an online LGBT storytelling archive based in New York,” it’s a platform where people like us can share our stories. This is what they are saying about the BBQ: “Come mix, mingle, drink, and eat at I’m From Driftwood’s 7th Annual Summer BBQ Fundraiser, presented by Merck, in an outdoor courtyard in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen!” Anyone who’s reading this and wants to go can use: GAYLETTER as a code and get $20 off the price. Okurrrrrrrr.

FROM $75, 4:00PM-8:00PM, HARTLEY HOUSE, 413 W. 46TH ST. NY, NY.


Monday 07.10.17


Celebrating the opening of their second location with Untitled Queen

Sunday 07.09.17


We are so pleased to be hosting the grand opening of our very good friend Boswell Scot’s second BEST BARBER shop. The original is over in Hell’s Kitchen, but their new East Village spot just opened much to our downtown delight. Everytime Abi leaves Boswell, I get a selfie with the appropriate “Boswell turned me out.” It’s cute, and Boswell is the absolute sweetest. He’s helped us with so many GAYLETTER shoots. Most of the time the models arrive to set looking all sorts of disheveled and we bat our eyelashes, clasp our hands and say, “Boswell… Daddy… could you please make these boys look fresh? Please, humor us, make these sideburns even.” Without fail, Boswell along with the rest of the Best Barber team, does just that. Join us on Sunday for the very special grand opening party. Boswell loves a Sunday wine, but we’ll have champagne and La Croix on hand if you’re trying to dry out. We’ve also got a performance by our collective favorite Untitled Queen and giveaways by Best Barber, Malin+Goetz and of course, GAYLETTER. The kiki is all day, so come show your face and make an appointment to come back!

FREE, 2:00PM-8:00PM, BEST BARBER, 228 AVENUE B, New York, NY