Tuesday 07.17.18

Studio by HBO Takeover – Bear Week

GAYLETTER's Bear week in Provincetown included a casting call, a conversation with Max Jenkins from High Maintenance, a fruit bong-making class and a bear hugs benefit — with all proceeds going to the Trevor Project

Monday 07.02.18


Celebrating Pride & GAYLETTER Issue 8 with a special performance by Harajuku — sponsored by Adidas, Threes Brewing, Material vodka & Tom of Finland Wines

Thursday 06.28.18


Wednesday 06.27.18


The queens marched west from Tompkins Square Park to the Stonewall Inn

Tuesday 06.26.18


Celebrating Pride & GAYLETTER Issue 8 — sponsored by Adidas, Material vodka & Tom of Finland Wines

Monday 06.25.18

Slava Mogutin’s book signing for ‘Bros & Brosephines’ at MoMA Design Store

Sunday 06.24.18

Harlem Pride 2018

The 9th Annual Pride Celebration Day

Wednesday 06.20.18

GAYLETTER’s Pride Guide 2018

New York is no stranger to queer nightlife, and pride week’s got it all!

Some of us LGBTQ+ identifying folks behave like it’s Pride year round. It doesn’t matter if its January or February, June or July —  if you want to dance in the streets, dye your hair rainbow colors or parade around in a jockstrap, we think you should! Life is more fun when you’re uninhibited by commercial calendars or social standards. The LGBTQ+ community was born out of rather radical and therefore totally political postures. So, while yes, non-gays should get off the sidewalk when we are walking behind them in June, please carry that confidence with you throughout the rest of the year too. We’re here, we’re queer, and honey, trust and believe there are many parties to go to this week.


New York City is no stranger to queer nightlife. New parties pop-up all of the time; some die, some don’t. For 2018 we combed every platform imaginable to find some of the most fierce things to do in the city to help you feel prideful and ultra-gay.


Pride in NYC has something for everyone. Brooklyn and Manhattan, Downtown to Midtown, GAYLETTER’s pride guide features everything.




Photography by Ben Zank for GAYLETTER Issue 8.




Get your Pride week started by heading down to the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art to see some super queer art. DAYBREAK: New Affirmations in Queer Photography features the work of twelve young photographers of varying backgrounds and identities, all of whom are making work about being queer. …

Monday 06.18.18

Folsom Street East 2018

Pups, Cubs, Daddies, Leather, Ladies and more

Monday 06.11.18


With a special performance by Christeene

Friday 06.08.18

Event: BROOKLYN Nightlife Awards – 6th annual

We have been nominated for this award three times and we haven’t won yet. We are not salty about it, we’re just putting it out there, into the’s time. GAYLETTER FOR THE WIN! lol. We are just kidding. Or are we!? We are….not. Ahahah. Give us the brick, goddammit! For those of you who don’t know the award the hand to you on stage is a brick and the main reason we want one is because we need a new paperweight for our office. And you never know, it might come in handy if someone pisses us off. The Brooklyn Nightlife Awards have been running for many years. It’s a super fun night where all the weirdos from Brooklyn nightlife come out to celebrate each other. No one else is celebrating us, so unfortunately we have to do it for ourselves. The night is hosted by Merrie Cherry (who also created the event) and there is always plenty of amazing performances in between awards. We are presenting an award this year, but we don’t know what it’s for yet. The BNA’s are the kind of show where you have to be ready to improvise. Everyone’s wasted and rowdy and not interested in listening to someone prattle on for too long. Last time we presented an award we pulled down our pants. That seemed to go over pretty well with the crowd, so maybe we’ll go full nude this year. See you there!

$10/$15, 9:00PM, Gold Sounds, 44 Wilson Ave. BROOKLYN, NY.


Friday 06.01.18

Event: Callen-Lorde to Host Annual Pride, ROAR 2018!

It’s June 1st and yes we have a Pride Party for you to go to! Were you ready for that? No, well, honey, be ready! It’s our month and this is the absolute best way to kick it off. Callen-Lorde is the leading LGBTQ health service clinic servicing our community free of judgement or from lack of funds in New York City since Stonewall, and they are opening in Brooklyn very soon, which is really beneficial to our community. More of us will have the chance to be seen, nursed and worked with by LGBTQ+-sensitive employees and doctors in the near future! ROAR 2018 is at the Central Park Zoo, and while it may not be the all-night take your clothes off kind of pride party you’re looking for (you can wait until the end of the month, OK?) it sure as hell has a ticket price that suits a better cause. But you’re not just going to the event for animals, light environmentalist-commentary that high-definition Central Park air; there’s food, an open bar for those of you legal, a performance by Rupaul's Drag Race Season 10’s Yuhua Hamasaki (Forgot she got eliminated and that’s the T.) a silent auction and a drag-queen story hour! You can’t spell wholesome without some hole, so I am sure there will be cuties to say hello to there as well, but aside from my large use of camp in this post, GAYLETTER absolutely loves this organization. Our friends and our office are patients, and we try and show our support in anyway we can. As health-care is rapidly being pried from the most needed, Callen-Lorde needs our support now more than ever because we’re going to need them more than ever. Start Pride Month right and show the community your wallet… I mean love!

Tickets start at $95, 6:00-9:00PM, Central Park Zoo, E 64th Street & 5th Ave. NY, NY.