Monday 02.17.14

Hi, Ruud

Ruud is a 21 year old boy who was born in Sint-Michielsgestel, a small town in the south of the Netherlands. For the last 2 years he has lived in Amsterdam, next to Vondelpark, behind Museumplein. He’s studying branding. After he finishes school he’s hoping to “explore the world for a bit. See more of Europe, Asia and probably the US. See what’s out there and get to know other cultures…” He realized he was different when he was 10, “I was different than the other guys in my class. At 13 I realized that I also looked at boys often. But I tried to put that away and forced myself to ignore those feelings. I felt attracted to girls, but deep inside I knew it wasn’t for me…After finishing high school I accepted myself as bisexual…and came out of the closet to friends and family, a year later I got ok with being gay. I was almost 18.”


When we found Ruud on Instagram, the first thing we noticed was his beautiful healthy hair, then those lips… We asked him about his beauty routine… “I wash my face with water, put a drop of argan oil on my hair and that’s it, I use hair products from Revlon (Rough Paste 12). Of course I use deodorant, some eau de parfum (Yves Saint Lauren Homme le nuit) and occasionally I use a Cattier (not Cartier) Gommage Argile, I use this face mask when I’ve had several rough weeks and everything looks blah and tired.” …

Thursday 01.09.14

Hi, Jake

Jake is a 23 year old college graduate originally from Colorado who’s trying to discover himself. He’s been moving around a lot in the last two years: he’s lived in Los Angeles, Phoenix and New York — he’s now back on the West Coast. He’s a buddhist and a vegetarian. Even though Jake has a fit body, he never exercises — “I think I spent a total of 3 hours in the gym last year lol.”  His beauty routine consists on using “a rough exfoliating pad in the shower and a vitamin e compound for moisturizer. I also use something called ‘Magic Pads‘ for break-outs that has changed my life. Sounds like a plug but it actually works and I would be their spokesmodel for sure.” His favorite part of his body are his legs, “I used to play soccer a lot so I got these big bad boys as a result.”


He tells us that the first thing that he does when he wakes up in the morning is check his phone “most likely Instagram.” His first gay experience happened naturally three years ago, “I was always treated so nicely by gays and I decided one day I wanted to be treated the same way I treated girls and turned out it was AMAZING. Never looked back.” He’s in a complicated relationship at the moment.


His dream is to be “the 21st century Buddha — I’d say that’s the big dream. I’ve always wanted to write. …

Tuesday 12.17.13

Hi, Mikey

Mikey is a 30 year old boy from Orange County who spends a lot of his time in LA. He lost his virginity when he was 19 and he’s a gold star gay, “I remember being 12 years old and always thinking boys were cute.” He is single and considers himself a “traditional” when it comes to a date — “I like dinner and a movie. Maybe go for walk along the beach.” He also told me that he usually goes for “guys who have an edgy look to them. Guys who are not afraid to look different.”  


His beauty routine involves smoking greens daily and using Lush‘s Ocean Salt scrub,” in fact he told me that he was a “little high” when we were chatting. His dream career is to be a Zoologist. He has two dogs named Shorty and Iggy.


He has a tattoo that reads: “Born To Die” which is a tribute to Lana Del Rey, “she’s my favorite artist” he said. He has many other tattoos but doesn’t have a favorite. However he really loves the owl on his neck… “It came out exactly how I wanted.”  The thing that makes him the happiest is to be around close friends or family.


Here are a couple of selfies that he took using his iPhone 5. I think our t-shirt really suits him…









Wednesday 12.11.13

Hi, Gavin

A new series in which we ask cute boys around the world to send us a couple of selfies. It’s very cerebral.


Gavin is an 18-year-old Marketing freshman studying at Philadelphia University. He was born in Scranton, PA. He is single and lost his virginity when he was around 15 with a boy, he’s never been with a girl: “I’ve never ventured into the other side.” He told us that he’s very simple when it comes to going on dates “My dream date…hmmm. I enjoy the one on one personal talk, getting to know someone is always the best part. So I’d have to say dinner and a walk somewhere. I’m easy to please.”


He loves to travel a lot and he really loves movies, “I have to say I go to the movies around 6 or 7 times a month.” When it’s time for him to go to bed he usually wears just his underwear, but when he’s “feeling adventurous,” he prefers to sleep completely naked.


We first saw Gavin on Instagram and we thought he was adorable, so we decided to mail him a GAYLETTER t-shirt and told him to send us a few selfies of himself wearing it — and of course shirtless. He used his iPhone 5 and here’s what we got… He looks very handsome wearing our t-shirt and rather comfortable, don’t you think?