A weekend at the Stickett Inn

We were invited to spend a weekend in Barryville (Upstate New York) about a month ago from the owners of the Stickett Inn (hehe get it? stick-it-in). Barryville is a tiny town where everyone knows everyone. There’s a diner and a general store, plus a cute antique store and a German style restaurant. That’s about it. However the surrounding forests, and the Delaware River, make it the perfect place to spend a lazy summer weekend.


The Stickett Inn was founded by Johnny Pizzolato (entertainer and co-owner of the International Playground shop and showroom) and Roswell Hamrick (Production Designer for TV and Film, Interior Designer) at the start of 2013. The owners are a cute couple who clearly have excellent taste. We were so impressed by the interiors we decided to take a few photos to share with you. The boys told us that their vision for the inn was for it to be a “Sexy Boyscout camp for gays — a modern enclave in the woods with all the conveniences of the city, but away from it all… girl.” Cute.


What follows is a diary of our weekend at the Inn. We were joined by two of the GAYLETTER family: William and Mossy.



GAYLETTER’s in town!


This is the living room of the Steam suite (the rooms are named after their major feature — the Steam Room has a steam machine in the bathroom and the Eat room, where Mossy and Tom stayed, included a full kitchen).


The rooms are filled with art by Trey Speegle. The boys seem to really like his work cos it’s in all over the damn place.


The furniture is very comfortable, it’s a mix between mid-century modern, and plain ol’ modern. All the pieces were thoughtfully chosen by the duo and cleverly arranged.


Cute stationary very reminiscent of the Ace Hotel.


More art. Thoughts?


And good morning to you too!


Our friend William checking his Instagram likes (he’s really popular).


The garden outside our rooms. Mossy and Tom slept in the room upstairs, William and Abi were down stairs (where they belong).


We had a hot tub on the first night after the drive from the city nearly killed us (google maps screwed up and took us 2 hours in the wrong direction — two bottles of wine probably didn’t help either). We were drunk and starved by the time we arrived, so a warm soak was just what we needed.


This New York Times‘ Book Review looks lovely against the wood.


Before we started our day we headed to the Woodloch Pines Spa for a much needed treatment. This spa definetly needed some homosexuals, we got a lot of looks from the visitors there, but you know, living in the woods it’s hard to find handsome progressive men like us… but we had a great time — we all had massages by nice middle aged men, we used their facilities and drank their nice tea. We felt like ladies after and headed back to the hotel…


The water is warmmmmmmmmmm.


We stopped to do some vintage shopping at this great local shop called  ‘Barryville Antiques Emporium.‘ We loved it there. Junk for days hunty!


Our vintage shopping looks which involved boxers worn as shorts and our Riudavets sandals.


Then we met the owner of the vintage shop, she was lovely we had a nice long conversation with her about the art market in NYC, her time as a model, how much stuff she sells each season (all of it)…Mossy and her got on like a house on fire.


Tom’s guacamole. Fresh as it gets.


Last resorts.


On the last day it really started to pour, after a couple of puffs of some greens it was really quite a beautiful sight.


The hammocks on the front porch are the perfect place to chill, rain or shine.


Work it Dominicana!


There’s nothing more refreshing than a shower in the rain…


The tub in the Steam room. The perfect room for those into water sports.



Our GAYLETTER tote travels so well, this one looks great next to whatever that thing on the right is.


The steam room in the bathroom (of the Steam Room) has colorful lights to create a more dramatic experience.


On the Delaware side of the river their was this amazing bar wit an original 20’s 4-lane bowling alley on the 2nd floor. It was really beautiful. Tom is run-waying along it. Moments later, once we headed back downstairs to the bar, we nearly got in a fight with some wasted local girl and her closeted boyfriend (he was hot). Luckily we left before things turned ugly (there was 2 of them and 6 of us, so clearly they didn’t stand a chance against all us butch queens) but still, our clothes are too nice to get bloody.


We went to eat at the Henning’s Local this tasty farm to table restaurant about 20 minutes away. All the produce was from nearby farms. We highly recommend this place.


The view was just surreal, love the fog.


Tom and Daniel’s room. Messy bed: “Maid!”


William and Abi’s.



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