Friday 06.02.17


We always say that it’s very hard to keep a party going in NYC for longer than a couple of months. As easy and fun as it sounds to produce a party it’s also a lot of hard work. “We can’t believe it’s already been a year of dancing and prancing at Powerhouse! This party has been everything we hoped, huge sound at a killer space with an amazing mix of BK beards and Manhattan booty.” Powerhouse is celebrating its one year anniversary with what they are calling a “blow out.” We have been to the party, and hosted it a few times, so take our recommendation seriously! If you are looking for a party to dance and sweat this weekend, then this is it. Analog is a really cool, open space and their sound system is amazing. Open Vodka bar from 11:00PM-Midnight. Visuals by Deputy and music by Sean B. (Spank/Xanadude) and Tad Haes (Occupy The Disco/Paradisco). Limited $5 tickets on sale now. Go and get one before they run out. Happy one year anniversary!

$5,$7,$10,, 11:00PM, Analog BKNY, 177 2nd Ave. BROOKLYN, NY.


Tuesday 05.30.17


Sunday 05.28.17

Party: The Sliiide (daytime)

I might or might not have been on mushrooms when I visited The Woods a few summers ago, the location where this party is happening. I know it doesn't really matter what my state of mind was, but I guess what I am trying to say is that I am still no sure if I have or have not been there. Anyways, Amber Valentine and JD Samson) two of our favorite DJs in NYC) are bringing us a new monthly Sunday afternoon Disco party at The Woods. Joining them to DJ is Beppe Savoni (who I haven't seen in ages, hey Beppe!) and Justin Strauss. This sounds more exciting to me because I love an outdoor party that involves day drinking. Expect "special guests, delicious food, and ice cold drinks..." It's also the celebration of Amber Valentine's Birthday. Happhy Birthday, girl! As I write this post, I'm crossing my fingers that they'll have a slide there. I really hope so.

FREE, 2:00PM-10:00PM, The Woods, 48 S 4th st. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 05.26.17


Last Friday, I graduated from college, but this Friday, I am going inti. We love hosting Battle Hymn because it’s fucking nuts. You’ve got to hand it to Ladyfag: she throws New York’s gayest party, in the gayest neighborhood, next to the gayest school. I’m usually confused as to why this party isn’t filled with twinks; FIT is around the corner, but then again... their students have never been the brightest. Battle draws the most rambunctious crowd, so if you’re not willing to take your shirt off, lick the wall, or break a shoe, I suggest you don’t bother waiting on that line, which is nearly a block long. I’m often shocked people would wait the hour and pay the $20 cover, but I suppose the desire for dick always prevails. If you’re worried about getting in, fear not, because not only is Battle open this Friday, May 26th but it’s back for its Sunday, May 28th spot as well. Honey Dijon and The Carry Nation will be fucking me up on Friday, and on Sunday, Hex Hector and Quentin Harris are spinning. If this is your first time, you should dress light (at some point, it seems as though everyone is naked and on some next shit), pee before entering and hold off on breaking the seal until you swear you might pee yourself, since the bathroom line is also a block long. You probably could wet yourself and no one would bat an eye though. Maybe try and get on a list, but if you’ve got the will and a pill, do join us in kicking off the first weekend of summer. We’re ready to sweat!

$20 after 11:PM, Doors at 10:30PM, FLASH FACTORY, 229 W. 28th st. new york, NY.


Monday 05.22.17

Bubble_T Part. 2


Introducing the new Asian, Pacific, Queer party

Friday 05.19.17

Party: CRUISE 2.0

The Summer came back this week which is perfect timing for Cruise 2.0 to return! We’ve covered this party the past two years. Here’s what I said when I mentioned it last year: “Everyone will get laid. We just want to celebrate the fact that we’re stuck together in the city by drinking as much rum as possible and pretending we’re on a yacht. A sad, old, but cute yacht filled with LITERAL hunks and babes and queens and extremely fun music for you all...”  Yeah, someone was carrying with this quote. The party is happening at Rosemont Bar in Brooklyn, which is a hot spot at the moment, Rosemont is in this letter twice (see Thursday). Music will be provided by Dick Owens, Ivenchy & Tanny Cohen. Expect “Free White Girl Rose while supplies last and epic visuals will keep you dancing until morning. Nautical, sailor, mermaid, pirate & downright fishy attire is strongly encouraged. Bring everyone you know as it’s going to be an epic night to remember!” Ok, got it.

FREE, 10:00PM, The Rosemont, 63 MONTROSE AVE. BROOKLYN, NY.


Thursday 05.18.17


I got an email from Nick at Confetti System (Google it, they are in Brooklyn and make some cool stuff), he told me that they are throwing a new Queer Asian dance party called Bubble_T. He told me what the party is all about “Lately we’ve been feeling the urge to organize an official night that reflects the Asian/Pacific/Queer diaspora that we belong to. Its a mix of karaoke culture, Asian divas, and bubble tea that feels like home.” As far as I am concerned we need more of these type of parties, there’s just not enough diversity in our community. “It’s a Queer Asian dance party for everyone, it’s also about celebrating our diverse group of friends and our collective upbringings, lewks, references, faggotry etc... Visibility, inclusion and support are important for all of us post election.” I couldn’t agree more. Other hosts of the party include Bichon, The Henry, Pauly T, Vivianne & Jacky (from the Galbi Mermaid Inn), and Daniel & Tin (from the NYC/Vietnam based fashion collective CFGNY). Music will be provided by DJ Tito Nonon, who’ll be “serving 90’s Hip Hop and R&B meets Old School Filipino Garage party sprinkled with Pinay freestyle legend Jocelyn Enriquez and Pinay girl groups One Vo1ce and Premiere!” and DJ Skypewilliams, who’ll be “giving you highkey Latino block party, midkey gay bops & lowkey hood anthems.” Also, expect giveaways by Massive Goods and the Boba Guys (Bin and Andrew), “purveyors of gourmet bubble tea.”  That’s all the_T we’ve got!

FREE, 10:00PM, The Rosemont, 63 Montrose Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Monday 05.15.17

Battle Hymn – 5.12.17

Saturday 05.13.17


This is the most exciting news I have received this week. I am a huge fan of Nina Bonina Brown since the first episode of this season’s Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9 when she walked down the runway with her head painted like a peach and said “take a bite of this peach.” As far as I’m concerned, Nina should be the winner of this season or at least top 3. I’ve never seen any queen with this approach to makeup and that padding...her looks are just nuts in the best possible way. Again, Frankie Sharp brings us another Rupaul’s Drag Race queen to his party Metro Sensual at Metropolitan. Thank You Frankie. He’s also Djing with La’Fem Ladosha and Dicap. Plus, “$en$ual gent$” Nico, Richard and Teo — they are going to be shaking their asses on stage just so we can have some extra entertainment. I’m hoping that Nina gives us another look with a fruit, an animal, or some other object as her head. It’s Nina Bonina banana fofana Osama Bin Laden Brown boom boom.

$5, 10:00PM, Metropolitan Bar, 559 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY.