Thursday 04.19.18

Party: Mattachine 10 year Anniversary!

This is a big one. I can hardly believe that this party is 10 years old. Nuts! Started by Amber Martin, John Cameron Mitchell, Angela Di Carlo, PJ DeBoy and Paul Dawson, Mattachine happens once a month at Julius’ — one of the oldest gay bars in the country, if not the world. The point of the party is pretty straightforward. They “spin vintage vinyl from queer yesteryear” and encourage those in attendance to have a dance, have a drink and have a good time. There’s not much space in this tiny bar for bad attitudes so please come correct. The bar serves food from its improbably placed kitchen throughout the night and the crowd is always wonderfully mixed. Young, old and everything in between. I have run into all kinds of queens at this party, from Dita Von Teese, to Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler, Parker Posey, Michael Stipe, Drew Barrymore and Zach Quinto. It’s really one of those parties where anyone could show up. Congrats on 10 years of carrying. That’s a long time when it comes to a party. Can’t wait to help them celebrate!

FREE, 10:00PM, JULIUS', 159 West 10th st. NY, NY.


Tuesday 04.10.18

Miss Vanjie is Magic at Magic Hour – Vanessa Vanjie Live!

Monday 04.09.18


Featuring two performances by Miz Cracker at the Grace Hotel in NYC

Saturday 04.07.18


A few weeks ago you read Tom’s brief report of David Bowie Is: the sprawling, several gallery museum exhibition that features the late musicians costumes, personal ephemera and more. As a part of their Target First Saturday’s series, the Brooklyn Museum has tapped local nightlife go-getters Horrorchata and Tyler Ashley to bring their acclaimed Bushwig party to take over the Beaux-Arts Court and… thrown down. The show lineup is gaggy, mostly cause it features so many amazing NYC/Brooklyn performers who I’ve had the blessing of seeing many times, including the haunting Untitled Queen, Charlene: queen of all things that make you say wow, Patti Spliff, Maxxx Pleasure (amazing drag king I used to see perform at our Alma Mater, Purchase College) and others. If you haven’t been to one of these first Saturdays, I’ll quickly clue you in because one time I ended up at one by mistake and on a really high-dosage edible. The event will feel brief, and the space is a little bit moot, but it makes it the perfect place for Horrorchata and her gang to take over because lord knows they can make any space work. Plus, there is a bar, so really you just need to show up. If you’re a good time, you’ll arrive at 5:00PM on the dot to make the most of the happy hour(s), which goes until 7:00PM, and if you’re smart you’ll wear a lock that pays homage to David, the grandfather of all things bisexual and hero to butches, femmes, fags, dykes and punks everywhere.

FREE, 5:00PM, performances 6:30-8:30PM, Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway BROOKLYN, NY.


Friday 04.06.18


I haven’t been to Nowhere bar in years, but I always tell people from out of town to go there when they ask me for a recommendation of where to go for a gay local bar. You know, Nowhere bar is your classic, gay, easy, no frills, no pretentia, gay dive bar. This Friday, April 6th, (wow we are already in April, wtf!) Cameron Cooper (who also has been DJing this party with Zah Cole of Gag) is bringing us his monthly party Cruise Control, which happens the first friday of every month. This time around with guest DJ Reaubert who told me that he’ll be going for “that dive bar aesthetic and sound” playing “a vinyl set of disco, house, italo disco and new wave.” Sounds super chill. Cameron created this party after doing a Pride event there, he told me that they wanted the music to be “classic gay 1970’s sexy music you’d want to hear while cruising someone. Disco, synth new wave that kind of vibe…Patrick Crowley, Grace Jones, Donna Summer, Divine, The Normal stuff like that. The mood board is Peter Berlin, Tom of Finland, tight tees heeled leather boots. But again that’s just the mood board only a few people show up like that.” Now, that you got all the details, get off the cruising phone apps for one night only and get to cruising real guys LIVE. Doesn’t it sound thrilling to do that in 2018?

FREE, 10:00PM, NOWHERE BAR, 322 E 14th St. NY, NY.


Thursday 03.29.18

Heaven on Earth: Britney vs. Nicki vs. Kesha

Images from the latest edition of Heaven on Earth, presented by Ty Sunderland and featuring performances by queens Charlene, Ruby Fox and Wench

Monday 03.26.18

The premiere of the party MOUTH YOUR BODY

Photos from Ladyfag's latest gay rager

Friday 03.23.18


You know Ladyfag loves a good Friday night rager. At least, she told us that straight up, but her Friday night track record is lit: 11:11, Family Function, Clubber Down Disco — she knows how to turn up after the work week is over. It seems like Midtown is having some kind of gay-rage resurgence. There are a few parties that have just premiered above 35th Street, and while I’m naturally inclined to stay below 23rd, if someone’s hosting, I’m traveling. Trust and believe. Mouth Your Body is all tongue and cheek according to Lady. It’s at the old space that used to house Asseteria, so the dancefloor has a rich history. Lady said she brought the party back to a little Time Square underbelly street cause its dirty and that’s the way she likes it. There’s always a new generation of trans-kids, queer-clubbers, and flaming homos that are thirsty to take NYC nightlife by storm. I can’t keep up with the crowd that frequents Lady’s parties because they are all stars and I am Miss Congeniality. So, if you’re feeling like it’s your time to star-light, star-bright, the new Lady party is the place to start. Amanda Lepore will be there, Aquaria will be celebrating because Season 10 Ep. 1 is behind her, and the DJ line-up includes Lady staples like Michael Magnan (he’ll bring the techno), Just Dosha (she’ll bring the grime) and DiCap (he’ll bring you the pop). There’s more to the party, and GAYLETTER is sending a photographer. You know we love to make a bitch famous. Pay the cover and get your jush!

$10 before 11, $20 after, 10:30PM-4:00AM, 135 W 41 ST. NY, NY.


Saturday 03.17.18

Party: UNTER Spinoff

My favorite invite-only underground techno party, Unter, is launching a new spin-off party aptly titled Unter SPINOFF. They take the idea of spinning off a new party, spinning out, and spinning into new directions and concepts seriously by shifting the timing, format, and vibe of the new party. In contrast to Unter’s dancing-focused, dark techno, and darkroom-style concepts; SPINOFF is a tool to “explore other genres of music and new and different formats of events.” Instead of being an afterhours party with Unter’s 2am-10am or later timeline, Unter SPINOFF is day party, running from 4:00pm to midnight. Even with my NYC nightlife and graduate school fueled sleep schedule, I appreciate a refreshing day party. You can have a hearty breakfast, rave to exhaustion, and still go to sleep at a reasonable hour. One of my favorite things to do in Berlin is sleep in, head to the club at midday, and arrive as the denizens of the night are at peak dance and drug induced hysteria, and fresh reinforcements of bright-eyed clubbers fill the dance floor to an energetic frenzy. Speaking of Berlin, the Berghain/Panorama Bar residents Boris and Roi Perez (also frequent performers at the infamous Snax fetish parties) are taking lead musical duties along with SPINOFF resident Rachel Noon. A beer and wine bar, comfortable seating, and sprawling yard will be provided; so expect less G zombies and K-hole kittens than your typical techno party, and more fan snapping acid garden queens kiki-ing about the queer utopian revolution. She’s feeling carnivalesque, psychedelic, and cute. Find tickets here. I’ll see you there!

$20-$25, 4:00PM-11:59PM, SECRET LOCATION, NY


Tuesday 03.13.18

Heaven On Earth: Rihanna

Presented by Ty Sunderland, with Mazurbate, Ruby Fox, Aquaria, Youvegotnomale, Linux, Terence Edgerson, Airik Henderson, Justin Angel and many more