Saturday 04.01.17


The name of this party speaks to me because my friend William and I got stoned the other night (for a change, lol) and were discussing some ideas about how to do fake nudes. I still have that paper with some of those ideas, so who knows, you might see some appearing in GAYLETTER. It seems that with all the ridiculous censorship going around on social media, fake nudes is a good approach. Chatting with Paul Tomasiello (one of the creators) of the party via FB, he told me that he got the name from the orange clown in the WH saying: “fake news.” “I thought it’d be funny to play off that and use fake celebrity nudes for the flyers.” He told me that he started the party in February with his friends Candy and Sookie Sterling (these queens are cute — they just helped us host a Drag Race viewing at ACE hotel). This one will be the third time they are doing the party. We also heard from Candy and she added that the event is “for queers and queens and the people that love them. Great music, backyard open all night, we usually do 2-3 sets of shows. Great vibes. Warm, friendly...Our performances usually consist of me slamming my pelvis into the floor to a disco track and Sookie charming every man in the audience for tips.” Also, this night they’ll be celebrating the birthday of Philip Sieverding, he’s lovely, he was in our poppers shoot for Issue 5. Now, we want to see some real nudes, DM us!

FREE, 10:00PM, The Rosemont, 63 Montrose Avenue BROOKLYN, NY.


Tuesday 03.28.17

Mouthfeel Magazine Issue 3 Release Party

The party was hosted by Stumptown - with beers from Sixpoint and burgers and fries from Shake Shack!

Friday 03.24.17


We are so excited to host the viewing of the premiere of Rupaul’s Drag Race at the Liberty Hall at ACE Hotel New York. During past seasons of Drag Race we gathered at Tom’s house to watch the show almost every week. It always felt like a big family gathering; drinks, laughs, snacks, gags, yasss, carrys, intis… It’s always a blast. So, we thought why don’t we share some of that fun with our readers by gathering at a venue with plenty of space so everyone can attend. This Friday, March 24th, we will be at The Liberty Hall, which is in the basement of Ace Hotel NY. It’s a cosy but spacious room with a projector, seats and a bar. It fits about 100 people, perfect right? We’ll have a drink special — which we’re calling The NamaSlay. To help us host the night we invited drag queen Candy Sterling. We recommend you arrive early unless you want to watch the show standing (which might not be so bad as long as you are drinking a NamaSlay.) I am so excited to see some of those new queens in action, I am really into Valentina, Peppermint, Nina Bo’nina Brown, Farrah Moan, Shea Coulee, Alexis Michelle and I am sure lots of you are excited to see Gaga. Who’s ready to gag?

FREE, 7:00PM, Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel, 20 W 29th. St. New York, NY.


Thursday 03.23.17


I have to tell you about this event, it just feels appropriate because it’s getting warmer and Spring is about to finally Sprung — I am desperately waiting for the cum trees to bloom already, more on that later. Daniel Nardicio is bringing us The 6th Annual Mr. Nude York, yes you heard me right it’s a “nude beauty pageant” that’s going to take place at The Cock. Cute right? It’s one of the biggest carry, I went to a past Mr. Nude York event and I had a blast. I don’t know if you know this about me but if you want to make me laugh just show me, or tell me, something inappropriate. I guess naked men competing for $500 is funny to me. Expect music by DJ Scott Ewalk and DJ Nandi. They said clothing is optional, but I’d say, unless you are competing keep your clothes on, it’s not always about you, but then again if you think it is, go ahead and get naked you whore — you have nothing to lose.

$10 (advance) - $20, 11:00PM, THE COCK, 93 2nd Ave. New York, NY.


Sunday 03.12.17

Party: Femme – a queer monthly homecoming

It’s kind of nice when you hear people creating a party that promotes boys being ‘fem’ or embracing their feminine side. Masc is just so boring. Masculinity is a prison – tell that to anyone that tries to tell you that it’s not ok to be feminine. Tell them that they suck! This is the second edition of Femme,’ which started back in November. It’s created by Matty Glitterati, Gabriel Mikal and Justin Harter. Matty told me that the last party was “incredible” and that he felt an amazing energy in the room. It’s a party that wants to include all of you, “Open to all genders, nationalities, races, religions and creeds…” Music will be provided by Johnny Dynell & Glitterati. Also involved in the party are Bean Elene, Killer Panda, Gogo Squad (these last two will be the gogo boys) and Stormy Leather will be performing. Matty added: “There are so many parties right now that are so drenched in masculinity it’s ridiculous...We wanted to really celebrate all things femme. Gay, straight, lesbian, trans, etc. and provide a safe place for people to be as queer as they damn well please without having to worry about not being ‘masc enough.’” Thank you!

FREE, 10:00PM-4:00AM, Drexler’s, 9 Avenue A New York, NY.


Saturday 03.11.17


One of GAYLETTER’s friends, Matthew Placek, is throwing another edition of his party Wet Noise at the Mockingbird in the East Village. He’s thrown this party before, and he told us that the last edition was “off the damn chain.” It’s “a filthy funk dance party.” That means be prepared to dance. Matthew told us before that he’s trying “to make a place for people to release HARD and all night :).” When this party came about he wanted to “create a party that offered up filthy dirty funk music on vinyl and urged everyone to put their damn phones away, don’t take pictures, check your chatter boxes at the door…” At times like these, that seems like a pretty great idea. Music for the night is by Ana Matronic (from Scissor Sisters) and Amber Martin (she’s one of our favorite people). Cheap drinks! “$5 Well Drinks from 10-11PM & 3-4AM.” It sounds like a great way to release some stress. Something we could all use right now.

FREE, 10:00PM, The Mockingbird, 25 Avenue B (Downstairs) New York, NY.


Tuesday 03.07.17


The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: BABY TEA #NotMyPresident 's Day Edition! Music by Merrie Cherry and Zenobia, and Tea Set Winner Amber Venerable!

Saturday 03.04.17

Party: The Dreamhouse Is The Arcade

This one sounds lit. Here’s what the organizers had to say about this jam-packed party: “We have been long waiting to find the arcade, and now have found one over in Greenpoint. 3 Floors 4 Rooms to play in.... cyberpunk. cybergoth, hackers, TRONS, weLCUM to the motherfucking Queer matrixXx... you are all invited, freaks, geeks, scifi weirdos, Gravers, RAVERS come and RAVEL and unRAVEL. live. action. roleplaY. in our new DIGITAL PLAYYYGROUND. where HI FI and LOW FI collide....” I mean, shit, how are we not meant to go this event after reading all that? On a more specific note, there’s about 20 hosts, soooo, sorry but I’m gonna skip over you guys. Instead I’ll focus on the music. There’s gonna be a live show by Richard Kennedy, then music across three rooms by Joey Labeija, DjDj DESE, A Village Raid vs. Donnatella Presents Metal Dance 1, Films by Robert Fox, Justin Cudmore, Michael Magnan. It starts at midnight, cos as I said it’s lit and goes until 4:00AM. Amazingly they say there’s more to be announced. Get it girl!

$15-$25, 12:00pm, Brooklyn Bazaar, 150 Greenpoint Ave. BK, NY.


Saturday 02.25.17

Party: Sinfectious with Christeene, Will Sheridan + Futurehood DJs

There’s so much going on at this event, I don’t know where to start. This is going to be a Brooklyn, late night rager. There’s about a million different DJs and also a performance by Christeene (pictured). Here’s what the organizers have to say about that: “Christeene (Austin, TX) makes a special NYC appearance for SINFECTIOUS this Saturday, performing in Brooklyn for the first time in nearly a year and a half. Her live show will feature the electro/party-rock/techno tracks that has built her international stage presence over the past decade as well as some new sexy shit.” Christeene is a trip! Also performing is Will Sheridan, who has promised to go “deeper… deeper than you’ve ever been, than you’ve ever been before.” Sounds intense and very enjoyable, bring poppers. The DJs for the night include Mister Wallace, aCeb00mbaP, Jody Sokolowski and Jeffrey Hinton. It starts at 10:00pm but will probably go all night. Should be a blast!

$10-$20, 10:00pm, The Kymberle Project, 1332 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Sunday 02.19.17

Party: BABY TEA – Fuck You, President

Once I read the title of this event, I thought this is what I am writing about, because while pupu-caca orange racist Trump is in the White House, I’ll be promoting anything that’s against his ass. The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men are bringing back Baby Tea. It’s not like the party went away for too long, but I appreciate that the event is also an anti-Trump protest. I think protests should be a party, it just makes everything we are fighting for a bit more relaxing. I am not sure what they have planned for this edition of the party — and I don’t feel like contacting Tyler Ashley to ask (we have faith he’ll bring it as he always does). I’d say bring some anti-Trump protest signs — protest signs make you look even better in photos; it shows you care about real issues, I mean I hope you really care. Music is by Merrie Cherry and Zenobia (Jackson Teague) and photos for the night are by Gypsy Hill. Not sure why I am listing those two together, but it makes sense in my head.

FREE, 8:00PM-12:00AM, WISE MEN, 355 BOWERY NY, NY.