Tuesday 03.21.17

Gerardo Vizmanos’ Hidden Figures

"Hidden Figures" takes Vizmanos' anonymous subjects into the gallery

You may have already seen Gerardo Vizmanos work before. Possibly on Instagram. Possibly on Tumblr. His knack for crafting particular views of the male form are myriad in their emotional experience, and the work remains endearing regardless of how often it may be shared across the internet. The anonymity of his subjects keeps his viewer in the grip of a desire to know more about the body’s story.


Some of Gerardo’s work seems foreboding, like the ones where a protruding spine is focalized, but some of it is wild with tenderness. When we asked Gerardo to shoot our Tea Party story in Issue 4, we ended up with a cover. Our limited-edition GAYLETTER (which sold out) featuring the United States-of-skin-tone are a result of our day in the studio with him. He played around with body shapes, we brought some pastries and the models got comfortable with each other as well as Gerardo. He is vocal behind the camera, knowing which parts of the body are meant to go where in his frame.


We couldn’t be more thrilled to hear his work will now take to exhibit at Prince Street Project Space (of Leslie Lohman), Hidden Subjects — “is about the subject and particularly this is an investigation of the substance of the subject through the form,” he said.


Over email, Gerardo let us know that “Hidden Subjects is the result of my own experience. There is something present and something hidden. …

Saturday 03.11.17


The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men blowout "CONTEMPORARY DRAG" with NADA X Print All Over Me, PERADAM & EAI, Curated by Gordon Robichaux. Theda Hammel and The Dauphine in Conversation, with performances by Matt Savitsky, Merrie Cherry, Patti Spliff, and The Dauphine!

Friday 03.10.17

Early by Ryan McGinley

In 2010 I was in high school (don’t be ageist), but Abi and Tom were busy achieving some kind of New York goal. The New York Times said they were amongst the creme-dela-creme of NYC nightlife, but one dude at Gawker wasn’t having it. He wrote a playful though slanderous post degrading every person featured in the Times’ article. He came for GAYLETTER because of a Ryan McGinley “name-drop.” Now, I’m not sure what a Gawker writer covering parties knows about art, but there’s no fault in a Ryan McGinley name drop. He’s one of the youngest to ever exhibit a solo show at the Whitney. Plus, he’s gay! You’ve got to give credit where credit is due.


His latest show Early is up at Team Gallery and looks like a real treat. “The photographs in this exhibition were made in New York City from 1999 to 2003, a period defined by hopelessness for many Americans — synonymous with the onset of the Bush Era, 9/11. These vérité images capture the exploits of the artist’s social circle, members of an outlaw creative community based in New York’s Lower East Side.” McGinley feels he’s part of a tradition synonymous with many other artist’s series where there is an acute desire and eventual need to document your friends. You’re in for a bit of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll at this one, and because it’s McGinley, probably several moments of nudity and severe tenderness. Enjoy!








On view through April 1st, Team Gallery, 83 Grand St. …

Thursday 03.02.17


I read the notes for this photography and video show opening and got, well, horny! It’s been really easy to fetishize any kind of urbanite Slavic boy as of late. Honestly, I think even Trump has caught wind of this fantasy. “What once was the Eastern Bloc is now defining itself with and against a consumer history it never really had. Raw desires and energy — youth culture — come into tension with the ghosts of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. Larry Clark and Gosha Rubchinskiy greet each other in the Brutalist architectural spaces of conformity and power.”


A handful of artists are included in the show, including our beloved Slava Mogutin, so I’m thinking it will be very sexy overall, with a pinch of melancholia. Some of the images I saw were boys in jockstraps; a penis peeking out of said jockstraps. The boys were photographed alone looking just the right amount of dirty. The show’s title Baby, I Like It Raw was enough to get me interested, but they hooked me with this: “If we were to find you all young and willing, easy and free…, and put you in a room, it might be something like this show. It might smell like black cigarettes, sex, and alcohol. It would be cold. It would be hot. It would shine brilliant and real. Clothing would be cast-off with innocence. There might be blood on the snow and the concrete.” I wish this was a lie, but I just put on I Like It Rough by Lady Gaga. …

Thursday 02.16.17

Art: Tales of Our Time

I had the pleasure of wandering around the Guggenheim earlier this week to enjoy this new show featuring art by Chinese modern artists. Called Tales of Our Time — it features many video pieces that are meant to challenge the conventional idea of “place.” The show includes artists’ Chia-En Jao, Kan Xuan, Sun Xun, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Tsang Kin-Wah, Yangjiang Group and Zhou Tao. While the often dreamy video pieces are well worth seeing the real winner of this show is the giant robotic sculpture that takes up a whole room for itself. It’s basically a massive industrial robot arm equipped with a squeegee. “Programmed by the Beijing artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, a husband-and-wife duo with a reputation as Chinese enfants terribles, the robot mops up liquid, with the viscosity of molasses and the color of blood, according to a set of rules: When a sensor detects that the liquid has flowed past a certain boundary, the robotic arm swoops down and cleans it up off the floor, and splashes the white gallery walls with the red fluid, like in a slasher film.” It’s an amazing sight to see. It’s both mesmerizing and menacing. It contrasts dramatically to the rest of the art in the museum’s collection. If you find yourself on the upper east side, check out Tales of Our Time before it closes.

$25, 10:00am-5:45pm, Guggenheim Museum, 1071 5th Ave. NY, NY.


Bjarne Melgaard: The Casual Pleasure of Disappointment at Red Bull Arts New York

Sunday 02.12.17

Art: Visionaire Presents Toiletpaper’s Paradise

This sounds like a fascinating exhibition. Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s ‘more is more’ installation is an interactive immersion into Toiletpaper magazine’s wild aesthetic. Through psychedelic reimagined domestic settings, the exhibition reveals vibrant vignettes featuring Toiletpaper’s art and product collaborations all stacked, layered, and pastiched. Attendees are invited to touch, play, move, sit, recline, and position themselves in the physical manifestation of the minds of the artists. Some areas, best described as Mad Men on acid, includes a mock headstone that reads ‘The End’. Lounge and bedroom are subverted living areas full of absurd possibilities and combinations. Interspersed among all the high-impact accessories are a few standout pieces imagined by Toiletpaper and produced by Gufram, as well as homeware produced by Seletti customized by TOILETPAPER’s founders with their off-beat imagery.” Cadillac House is where we saw the Palomo Spain fashion show last week. It’s a very clean, new space that has something (I’m not quite sure what) to do with the car company Cadillac. Regardless, for fans of either ToiletPaper or Visionaire, this is a must-do exhibition. It’s happening from now until Feb 22nd.

FREE, 7:00PM, Cadillac House, 330 Hudson St. NY, NY.


Saturday 02.11.17


What a great excuse to go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art! It’s a gay private tour at the museum with Andrew Lear (who “has taught art history and Classics at Harvard, Columbia and NYU. He is the founder of Oscar Wilde Tours, the first company to offer tours focused on LGBT history.”) The tour explores “some of the Met’s prized homoerotica, from ancient Greek nudes and erotic vase-painting to works from the Renaissance and the present day, many expressing same-gender desire. Famous artists and subjects appear, but so do lesser-known artists and works whose homoerotic charge is often ignored, including phallic totems from the Met’s Oceania collection.” Each tour is limited to 20 people, “it departs promptly, and lasts approximately two hours.” Sounds like a truly lovely way to spend a Saturday. Gay art at the Met, in a small tour group. What wonderful times we live in.

$35-$95 (GO TO FACEBOOK FOR TICKETS), 11:00AM-4:00PM, THE MET, 1000 5th Ave. NY, NY.


Friday 01.27.17


Opening reception of 'Divided States of America' at The LGBT Community Center curated by Alison M. Gingeras, Stuart Comer and Robb Leigh Davis — Assisted by Ariella Wolens

Sunday 01.15.17

Matthew Leifheit’s Your Giorgio

Matthew Leifheit, former photo editor of vice and publisher of the savvy MATTE Magazine, is presenting a new show opening Friday, Jan. 13th at MAW. “Your Giorgio presents 13 translations from the secret scrapbooks of George Platt Lynes made by Leifheit in the past year. These works — comprised of a collaged book, short short film, and original photographs of varying scale — attempt to reanimate the queer archive through various poetic approaches to documentary.” We met and worked with Matthew nearly two years ago now when he shot some intimate portraits for GAYLETTER Issue 3. I can remember he spoke in a tender tone toward the craft of photography, and I went to find the latest issue of VICE at Printed Matter after I met him.


The work placed in Your Giorgio draw upon photographs of the actual materials Lynes left behind, they remain assertively personal and elegiac.” Head out to the opening on Friday evening if you can, but if not, be sure to pop over to MAW over the weekend to get a look at his show. Should definitely be a fulfilling experience.













FREE, 12:00PM-6:00PM, MAW, 56 HENRY ST. #SE. NY, NY. …