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Wednesday 06.14.17

Los Angeles Pride – Resist March

In lieu of the Pride Parade, Los Angeles held a Resist March with crowds gathering to march in solidarity against the U.S. government’s regressive social agenda. Countless Hollywood names came out to show their support: Adam Lambert, America Ferrera, and Rupaul among them. The fucked up political climate reminds all of us to stake claim and fight for our rights.

Tuesday 06.13.17

Orlando Pulse – 1 Year Memorial Rally at Stonewall Inn

Hosted by Gays Against Guns

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Thursday 05.04.17

TODAY: Protest Trump Back In NYC

Don't let him think he is welcomed!

Today, May 4, as you may know, Donald Trump arrives in New York. The visit will be his first as POTUS. “In the last 100 days, he’s threatened to deport our neighbors, take away our healthcare, reject refugees from our shores and give even more tax breaks to billionaires. Not to mention spend millions of our money to protect Trump tower.”


The rally, which will meet and begin on 12th Avenue between 52nd and 54th, is a “Cacerolazo.” A Cacerolazo (or casserole) is a protest that is something akin to New Years Eve, but today is not a celebration, it’s a battle cry. For this specific kind of rally, you’re meant to bring your pots, pans, and stainless steel utensils. This kind of kitchen-wear is representative of Latin American countries, and with every hand locked and loaded with metal to clang together, the cacerolazo will bang their way to Trump’s gaudy tower on 5th Ave. If all goes well (as it probably will, New Yorkers love to yell and throw shit) the noise of the protest will drown out anything Trump even attempts to think.


“Wear white in honor of past immigrant and civil rights movements and bring pots and pans to drown out Trump and show that he and his policies are NOT welcome in New York.”


Take a late lunch at 2:00pm and get over to the gathering. He needs to be reminded we’ve heard enough out of his trash mouth. …

Saturday 04.29.17

Event: 100 Days of Failure – Trump Protest

I don’t know why they want to protest Trump’s failures as a president, as far as I am concerned, the fact that he hasn’t managed to get anything done makes him a great success, because all his ideas are terrible for the country. This shouldn’t be a protest it should be a party where we all celebrate how wonderfully ineffective our orange cheeto prez is. His travel bans have been blocked, his funding restrictions to Sanctuary Cities have been stopped, his healthcare bill went nowhere, the only thing he’s done is elect a Supreme Court Justice, and that only happened because congress blew up the filibuster rule. Regardless, this is a worthwhile event to attend, whether you want to protest the moron or cheer him to keep on “winning” like the true loser he is. Bring a sign and let your voice be heard. “We will rally outside of Trump Tower to share all the ways that Trump is putting people at risk and making life harder for ordinary folks, with signs, flyers, and chants detailing 100 ways that the administration is reversing progress.” SAD!

FREE, 12:00PM, Trump Tower New York, 725 5th Ave. New York, NY.


Thursday 03.30.17

Event: ACT UP: 30th Anniversary March and Rally

Act Up was started in 1987 as a response to the AIDS crisis. Gays were dropping like fucking flies and surprise, surprise, the hetero, white majority who ran this country didn’t give a shit. Remember when Ebola was a thing a few years back? Remember how that one straight, white doctor returned from Africa to New York with the virus and the whole fucking country jumped into action to stop it from spreading? That was the opposite to what happened when AIDS was killing, not one, but thousands of gay men across the country in the early 80’s. When a smart, responsible reporter named Lester Kinsolving decided to do his job and ask Reagan’s press secretary, Larry Speakes, about the epidemic in 1982, he was laughed at. “'What’s AIDS?' Speakes asked.” “It’s known as the ‘gay plague,'” Kinsolving replied. “I don’t have it,” Speakes replied. “Do you?” At this point 20,849 people in the United States had died of the disease. The president wouldn’t even say the word “AIDS” until 1985. Act Up was a response to a criminal and callous government who was so blinded by their homophobia they willfully let thousands die. I couldn’t think of a better group to celebrate than Act Up, this Thursday, March 30th at their 30th Anniversary March and Rally. And I couldn’t think of a better time to recommit to protecting the lives of LGBTQ people across the country, and the world.

FREE, 4:00PM-7:00PM, AIDS Memorial, 200-218 West 12th St. NY, NY.


Monday 03.27.17

Trumpy the Rat

Help make this inflatable Trump-esque “Scabby the Rat” a reality

There’s a long history of scabby rats being used to symbolize resistance and ridicule. However, there’s no historical instance of a president worth resisting and ridiculing with a 15 foot inflatable scabby rat. At least not until Donald Trump (ooof!). BravinLee programs (manned by Karin Bravin and John Post Lee) and artist Jeffrey Beebe have teamed up to design a huge rat — complete with Trump’s “too-long tie, ill-fitting suit and ludicrous comb-over.” Honestly, the only thing missing would be the fake tan — but rats can’t tan. That’d be silly!


The purpose of this project is three-fold. On the most basic level, BravinLee would like to have this inflatable rat manufactured (it’d take about 12 weeks from funding to completion) so that it could be used in New York and elsewhere in anti-Trump protests. A longer-term goal is to form the Public Display of Disaffection Political Action Committee (PDDPAC) which would use the power of art to influence and strengthen opposition to Trump and his administration. Beyond either of those tangible goals, however, is the less-tangible but just as significant intent to show that art and creativity are crucial in times of darkness.


The maiden inflation is slated for July, 2017, and you can help bring all this to fruition. According to the Kickstarter campaign, $10,000 in funding needs to be raised. Presently, $4, 524 has been pledged by 114 backers but there are still 23 days left!


You can help fund the project and learn more about the campaign here. …

Monday 02.06.17

LGBT Solidarity Rally

People gathered at Stonewall National Monument in New York City

Wednesday 02.01.17

POLITICS: Ruth Bader Ginsburg in conversation with her biographers

With the “prime time” announcement last night that our Cheeto Faced Pres has nominated Neil Gorsuch for his Supreme Court pick I thought I would offer an antidote in the form of a conversation with the brilliant Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It took place today (Feb. 1, 2017) at the Virginia Military Institute. “United States v. Virginia (1996), was a landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States struck down the Virginia Military Institute (VMI)’s long-standing male-only admission policy in a 7-1 decision.” In the conversation, Ginsberg talks about this progressive case, and how it was another woman, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, whose ruling allowing a man to train at an all-women’s nursing school lay the groundwork for the VMI decision. One of my favorite quotes from RGB is “My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.” Ruth has being an independent woman her whole life, surely exceeding any expectations her mother ever set out for her. At 83 she is still going strong. She only needs to stick around the Supreme Court for another 4 years if we are to maintain its current structure. So please, watch this conversation, and every morning when you wake, send her your love, light and energy. In the words of Rumi “the wound is the place where the light gets in.” Our country is deeply wounded right now, so just imagine how much light can get in.

Available at


Monday 01.30.17

Protest in Battery Park NY against the ban on Muslims