Thursday 02.04.16

Event: Math Magazine Launch Party with DJ Hazyl

We love how many new independent magazine’s there are out there. Especially one’s that aren’t afraid to talk about sex, baby. Math Magazine is a “playful and provocative dirty magazine featuring words and images for sex-positive people. Issue One includes photos by Sophie Ebrard, artwork by Stasia Burrington, and words by Tim Josephs, to name a few.” From what we’ve seen it looks like a beautifully designed mag. This Thursday, February 4th, they are hosting a launch party for issue one with DJ Hazyl at Bizarre Bushwick. You can expect “sexy surprises like sex education in a dark corner with Dirty Lola of Sex Ed. A Go Go.” Sounds like a great way to launch a new publication. From one publisher to another, congrats Math Magazine. Welcome to the family!

FREE, 10:00PM, Bizarre Bushwick, 12 Jefferson St. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 01.27.16


The Canadian artist Zachari Logan is back in NYC for a residency at Wave Hill at their Winter Workspace Program. During his time here, he has a few things coming up and we are gonna tell you about one you shouldn’t miss. Just to give you some background on Zachari, his drawings are amazing and a lot of his work deals with “the intersections between masculinity, identity, memory, and place.” In previous work, related to his current practice, Logan investigated “his own body as a site of exploration...” In this early work he used to be really into himself, naked and often flaunting his massive penis. Now I think I got the attention of some of you. He will be giving a talk at the New York Academy of Art this wednesday, January 27th at 1:00PM. He told me that he’ll be discussing: “the narrative and material shifts in my work away from the exclusive pictorial use of the figure (my figure), to an engagement with the queer embodiment of space, landscape and nature, where ideas of my body as ever an ever-present catalyst, explore intersections between masculinity, identity, memory and place.” Sounds deep, just don’t forget to show the peen!



Sunday 01.24.16

Do: Guys On Ice

Well this is about the darn cutest thing I’ve ever hear of. It’s a gay skating and tea dance on ice at Bryant Park. And even better they are serving booze! That’s right: gays, ice skating and vodka, what could possibly go wrong! I’m kidding, this sounds like a fucking blast. Season 6, RuPaul's Drag Race contestant, and GAYLETTER issue 3 contributor, MILK (pictured) is also doing a live performance. We’re super excited for that as I have a feeling that queen is pretty good on ice. Music is by DJ XAVIER and there’s also performances by Michael Paul Dionysiou, and the Drags On Ice Spectacular. Also a portion of proceeds go to benefit the Ali Forney Center. I mean, what are you waiting for, lace up those skates and getting down to Bryant Park this Sunday, January 24th. We’ll be there, just don’t get in our way, we’re real cunts on ice.

$25 advanced, $30 at the door, 5:00PM-10:00PM, Celsius NYC, 41 W. 40th St. NY, NY.


Saturday 01.23.16

Event: Little Joe No.5 New York Launch

I haven’t seen Sam Ashby in years… He’s a friend, and the creator of the film magazine Little Joe, which as far as I know is the best queer magazine about film out there. For those of you that don’t know why it’s called Little Joe, it’s a reference to the Warhol star Joe Dallesandro — who Sam refers to as “the man of my dreams.” Yeah I get it, he looked tasty in those Warhol films and his peen looked correct. The magazine was in hiatus for a bit but now it’s back with the 5th issue. This is the first co-edited issue, in collaboration with Toronto-based curator Jon Davies. “We worked together but apart, through a year of a lot of change for the both of us... The cover is the original cover from Cruising the Movies by Boyd McDonald (founding editor of Straight to Hell) and it’s by the artist Joseph Modica.” He told us. This latest issue is packed with 240 pages of essays, interviews, fiction, and art. This Saturday, January 23th, Sam is gonna be in NYC to launch the issue at Printed Matter. They’ll have drinks, reading, temporary tattoos and you can also get the new issue. I can’t wait!

FREE, 5:00PM-7:00PM, PRINTED MATTER INC., 231 11th Ave. NY, NY.


Wednesday 01.13.16

THE TENTH VOL. 3 Launch at the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA

Their Hollywood Issue is out now! #BLACK #GAY #UNBOTHERED

Saturday 01.09.16


This sounds pretty awesome. After Xmas New Yorkers throw away thousands of Christmas trees, most of them are abandoned like used tampons, thrown in the trash (or street curb). A very clever artist named Michael Neff decided to collect these trees and turn them into an art project. This is how he came to create the Suspended Forest, "a room-filling forest of discarded Christmas trees collected from the streets of Brooklyn. Suspended Forest has been shown twice previously in an unauthorized, unused space under the BQE along Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. Those installations were removed by the city within days. The exhibition at Knockdown Center, on view for a month and configured in a grid, allows for a much different experience, most importantly time for the trees to shed their needles into halos on the smooth concrete floor below. Paired with the subtle pine fragrance of the trees and the opportunity for quiet contemplation, the exhibition encourages repeated viewing." Sounds wonderful. Saturday night the show opens with a reception between 5-7pm. Nothing like spending a Saturday night with some dying trees.



Wednesday 01.06.16


This wonderful exhibition at the National Museum of the American Indian — which by the way is a fucking MAJOR museum, like BEAUTIFUL and old and really cunty, I mean who knew this gem existed in the Financial District — is about to close. Called ‘Glittering World’ it features Navajos jewelry by the Yazzie family (I was yasssing for the Yazzies all afternoon). There’s over 300 gorgeous pieces made by the family in silver, gold, and all kinds of stones (I loved the opal pieces). This family is a big deal in New Mexico where their workshop is based. In fact Lee Yazzie and his younger brother, Raymond, have won every major award in the field.” It was smart of them to keep these beauties behind glass ‘cos when I visited with my friend Beatrice last Sunday we were ready to nab a few pieces for our own collections. Wandering around the peaceful rooms of the museum, examining these intricate and colorful jewels, was exactly what the doctor ordered. Hurry to see the show before it closes on Jan 10th.

FREE, 10:00am-5:00pm, NMAI NEW YORK, 1 BOWLING GREEN New York, NY.


Wednesday 12.30.15


2015 Sashay Away...


We hope you are ready to say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016! Yes queens it’s time for a whole new year. 2016 is gonna be all about Hilary and Rihanna’s new album, and Beyonce finally making an effort with her Instagram account and Seamless orders being delivered by drones, and Rupaul coming back, and dick buffets (more about this in 2016), and all sorts of other wonderful things. We figured we’d make this week’s GAYLETTER an all New Year’s Eve affair.




So please enjoy our selections for the last night of 2015 and the first morning of 2016. Happy New Year!




Also enjoy some of our favorite selfie images from some of the GAYLETTER Selfie stories we published throughout 2015 above each write up.





The Spectrum is closing and this is the last chance you’ll have to dance in this space. For those of you that never had a chance to go there, I am sorry you missed out. We hope another place like this will pop up soon. Say goodbye to 2015 with a legendary party. Music by Iz Hero iQ, De’se, HD, Sadaf, A Village Raid and one of our faves Michael Magnan. There’s an installation by Dreamhouse and performances before 12AM by Kevin Aviance, Dick Van Dick, Raul De Nieves, Davon Rainey, Gage Of The Boone, Richard Kennedy and more. …

Saturday 12.12.15

Event: Mouthfeel Magazine Issue 2 launch

We mentioned briefly the new queer food magazine Mouthfeel back in October, they were part of a food event. Mouthfeel “is a limited-edition, bi-annual print and online magazine that launched in April 2015. The magazine explores the complexities of food and the characters involved, written from a gay point-of-view and designed with a hardcore punk aesthetic. Each magazine comes in a collectible package and showcases personality forward profiles, essays, articles and original artwork in its PLATES section. Mouthfeel also features city guides and regular online features.” Sounds great doesn’t it? If you want to get to know the magazine a little better… Go to the launch of the new issue this Saturday at Printed Matter. Our friend Slava Mogutin told us that he’ll be doing “a drawing/reading performance,” he’s one of the featured artists in the issue. They’ll have complimentary Milagro tequila which means you must get there early, it’s a free event and tequila runs out quick. I have a feeling it’s gonna be one of these events where every homo with the fomo will be in attendance. Expect to eat cake, meet the cover boy, chef Gerardo from El Rey, (he knows how to pickle an egg, trust). Go chill with plenty of other food and dick lovers, could be tasty, no?!

Free, 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM, Printed Matter, 231 11th Ave., New York, NY


Friday 12.11.15

Event: Art After Dark

We told you to go to the Guggenheim to sneak into the Grimes show a couple of weeks ago, and guess what we’re telling you to do it again! But don’t sneak in this time, just sign up to a museum membership and you’ll get into this one and all future parties for free! Yay. So what’s up with this event anyway. Well Art After Dark is your chance to see the museum’s current shows, at night, which is so much chicer than seeing them during the day. Plus they have wine and beer and a DJ. The current exhibition includes Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting and Photo-Poetics: An Anthology. “As you move through the galleries, the museum will fill with the sounds of a live set by deejay Ms. Nix. (aka Nicole Lyn).” Doesn’t that just sound lovely? Yes, yes it does.

Free (For Members), 9 PM, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 5th Ave New York, NY.