Thursday 10.08.15

Event: Food Book Fair – GAY FOOD 101: AN ORAL HISTORY

Another food event? Yes! The Fall is here and it’s time to eat. While that might sound crazy to all of you with “Instagram bodies” (you know, those guys that are simply a body and nothing else, they spend most of their time at the gym, they kind of behave like models, but in reality the only agency that represents them is Instagram) but for everyone else this cold weather means it’s time to eat. Just to put it into perspective, two weekends ago Tom and I had brunch twice in one day. We figured that if they didn’t see us at the other restaurant eating no one was the wiser. We were all giggles about it because eating in excess can be hilarious and fun. The Food Book Fair is starting a monthly event called the Food Book Party and this is the first one. Sarah from the awesome zine, Put A Egg On It, who’s one of the moderators, told us more about this event: “We are looking at ways in which gayness/queerness shapes food — from a historical standpoint (James Beard was gay, for example) to how the queerness of chefs and waiters and bartenders shapes the restaurants and bars we love — service as performance in a way.” Also, the queer food magazines Mouthfeel (pictured) and Jarry (recently launched) will be part of this event. Go have some free hot dogs!

$10, 6:30PM-9:00PM, Berg’n, 899 Bergen St. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 10.07.15

Event: Slice Out Hunger’s $1 Slice Night

I’m gonna be honest with you, I hate $1 slices of pizza. I love pizza, it’s just that the $1 version of pizza is always so shitty. Cheap sauces, cheap cheese, you gotta be stupid drunk to enjoy that shit. This Wednesday however I will be chowing down on as many $1 slices as I can fit in my stupid mouth. That’s because it’s for a good cause, and because the pizzerias making these $1 slices are some of the city’s best. Over 50 of them, including Motorino, Nicoletta, Roberta’s and Lombardi’s will be serving $1 slices to benefit the Food Bank for New York City at the St Anthony Of Padua Church. The event was created by pizza lover Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours (yes, he actually gives tours of the city’s best pizza restaurants.) Honestly I can’t think of a better way to spend a night than this — there’s going to be over 1000 different pizzas on offer for fucks sake! If you’re really serious about helping you can pre-purchase a ‘VIPizza Passport,’ which costs $100 and gets you 10 slices, but more importantly it puts you at the front of the line so you don’t have to wait with the general public (gross). Nom, nom, nom. Enjoy!



Sunday 10.04.15

Event: The Bowery Mission 2nd Annual L.E.S. Art Drive

The Bowery Mission was founded in 1879 by the Reverend Albert Gleason Ruliffson and his wife. It’s a Lower East Side institution that provides much needed support to the down-on-their-luck residents of lower Manhattan. They’re religiously affiliated but they’re not all Kim Davis about it. Ultimately they help a lot of homeless people and because of that they deserve our help. This Sunday is your chance to support them at their 2nd Annual L.E.S. Art Drive. “Lower East Side galleries will welcome art enthusiasts from around the city for the first ever Art-A-Thon, a day of music, poetry, art making and gallery-hopping to raise funds to support The Bowery Mission. The kick-off event at Ludlow Studios will include music by DJ Treats, poetry by The Nuyorican Poets Café and portraits by fashion designer-turned-photographer Brian Reyes” This is an awesome opportunity to see some great art and also support a great cause. Who knows, you might even be able to pick up a piece of art at a bargain price! Wouldn’t that be a win-win?

12:00PM-3:00PM, Ludlow Studios, 40 Ludlow Street NY, NY.


Saturday 10.03.15

Event: Dirt, Sex, Passion – Rumi Missabu in Conversation

Back in the 70’s, in San Francisco, there was a psychedelic family of drag queens called The Cockettes. At the height of their fame their Haight St. commune housed over 60 queens, many of whom weren’t even gay. Women, straight men, even a baby boy were members of this hippie drag queen collective. One of the most famous members was a queen called Rumi Missabu (real name James Bartlett.) Bartlett has toured for years showing shorts he created during the 70s, along with the Cockettes cult feature, Elevator Girls in Bondage (1972). This Saturday he will sit down for a conversation at the Bureau of General Services — Queer Division at the LGBT Center (so many acronyms!) for a wide-ranging talk about “how he went from Disney to soft core porn in a span of just three short years, what happened when he touched Andy Warhol, why he kicked Allen Ginsberg out of his house, how he accidentally snubbed Jean Paul Gaultier in London, why Ethel Merman called security on him at Macy’s, the pitfalls of having sex with your stalker and what Rasputin’s daughter told him about her very first job in America.” It will undoubtedly be an entertaining evening. There is a small entrance fee for the event, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. So you have no excuse not to attend queen!

SUGGESTED DONATIONS, 7:00PM, BGSQD, 208 West 13th St. Room 210 New York, NY.


Tuesday 09.29.15

Event: Fashion Underground: The World of Susanne Bartsch

If I was asked to describe Susanne Bartsch in one word it would be “enduring.” The woman has been on the New York nightlife scene longer than I’ve been alive. And she is still killing it. If this show (featuring 100’s of her outfits from the 1980’s to today) is anything to go by Susanne Bartsch has a wardrobe the size of the World Trade Center, and nothing in there is remotely boring. The show’s curator Valerie Steele had this to say about Susanne’s closet to the website Racked: “In the 80s and early 90s, there was a lot of this kind of excess of fashion, but it sort of disappeared. But Susanne is still waving the freak flag for that sort of thing, and I think a lot of people miss that...It’s a nice moment to remind people that there’s other aspects of fashion.” Yesss honey, it’s time the kids of NYC stepped up their game. Life’s too short to be dressed in all black, find some feathers and a bejeweled corset and a lime green alien jumpsuit and have some fun. It’s fashion, not brain surgery. Fashion Underground is on now until Dec 5th at FIT. Don’t miss it darrrrrrling!

FREE, 10:00am-5:00pm, Museum at FIT, 227 W 27th St. NY, NY.


Friday 09.25.15

Event: An Evening With the Creators of ‘Serial’

OK, I’m aware that this is about the whitest event we could possible promote (white girls smiling - pictured), but this letter was created to highlight the things we are interested in, and along with pretty much every other fucking person in New York, I was obsessed with the Serial podcast. If this highly addictive podcast, about the murder of a young woman in 1998, also left you with as many lingering questions as it did me then this Friday is your opportunity to ask the podcast’s creators, Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder, all of them. But get in line, cos there’s no one I know who listened to Serial in its entirety who doesn’t have a couple 100 questions about the case they desperately need to be answered! I checked and their are tickets left, but I could only see about 30 — so grab them before they go. This is sure to be a fascinating evening...with hopefully a satisfying ending that none of us saw coming!

$35.00-$65.00, 8:00PM, BAM Howard Gilman Opera House, 30 Lafayette Ave. BK, NY.


Thursday 09.24.15

Event: Vogue panel with Elegance for Visual AIDS

When Elegance Bratton visited us this weekend at our booth at the NY Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 and told us he was speaking on a Vogue panel, my first thought was that’s cool, Anna Wintour is getting behind underground artists and filmmakers. However it’s not a “Vogue magazine” panel but a “Vogue ball” panel. Which honestly is more our style. “The discussion features artists Luna Luis Ortiz, Milton Ninja Garcia, Kia LaBeija and Elegance Bratton, moderated by Martez Smith, discussing the development of their creative practice as well as the ball scene as a context for a range of activist pursuits with regards to HIV/AIDS.” As you probably know we throw a Pride Ball each year, so are intimately aware of how vibrant, talented and brilliant the current houses are. The ball scene was created in NYC but it’s influence can be found in art, music and culture the world over. One example that comes to mind is FKA Twigs, who unlike Madonna — who coopted the scene for her own fame and financial gain without giving proper credit — has gone to great lengths to celebrate the performers who keep the community alive. I’m sure this and many other topics will come up. Elegance isn’t afraid to speak his mind and we love him for it!

FREE, 6:00PM, La MaMa Galleria, 47 Great Jones St. NY, NY.


Monday 09.21.15

Scenes from the 10th annual Printed Matter NY Art Book Fair at MoMA Ps1

Friday 09.18.15

Event: Erotic Life Drawing

When I saw the email for this event I realized that I’ve had an inordinate amount of experience with nude drawing in my life. I did a whole semester of it in college, I have posed as a semi-nude model, on not one, but two occasions, and I’ve drawn nude models on at least three other occasions. This is unusual only because I am a terrible drawer. I mean really bad. In college I would wince when the model walked around to look at our sketches. I would make it clear to her (it was always a her, our teacher was a straight perv) that she was much prettier than the grotesque sketch on my page. This Friday is your chance to practice your drawing skills with a partner! For the sake of your relationship, I hope you can create more flattering images than I was able to. “This two-hour class will begin with a basic lesson on figure drawing, then couples may split into pairs and use their newfound skills to draw each other in different poses. Our instructor will be on-hand and available to offer tips individually and to the group.” They supply everything from paper to pencils to the booze needed to loosen you up. Get nude and get drawing. This event is sooo going to turn into an orgy by the second hour. lol.

$75 couple, 7:00pm-9:00pm, 557 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Thursday 09.17.15

Event: GAYLETTER AT THE NY Art Book Fair

We are so excited for the New York Art Book Fair. It starts this Thursday, September 17, with a preview night (6:00-9:00PM), then is open for the rest of the weekend (Friday 1-7pm, Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am-7pm) at MoMA PS1. We are so excited to see Klaus walking around the fair — he has white hair, you can’t miss him. The NYABF is the biggest, baddest art book fair in the world (40,000+ publications), it’s also the first chance you’ll have to grab a copy of GAYLETTER issue 3 with Susan Sarandon on the cover. Come visit us at our booth (N11) where you can also pick up copies of our past issues along with all sorts of GAYLETTER supplies. The issue is packed with amazing stories, and features original artwork and photography from Tanner Cohen, Vincent Dilio, Dan Donigan, Thomas Dozol, Hadar, Ren Hang, Chris Mears, Will McBride, Bruce LaBruce, Slava Mogutin, Daniel Moss, Zanele Muholi, Robert W. Richards, Mike Rinaldi, Eli Schmidt, Patrick Sweeney, Eric Torres, Jan Wandrag and many more. You are gonna love it so so so much. Promise ;)