Thursday 09.29.16

Event: Artist Lecture – Ann P Meredith

In Tim Murphy’s brilliant new book Christodora, one of the characters is a woman living with HIV/AIDS. Tim has said in an interview that he created this character because he felt like women with HIV/AIDS often lived in the shadows. When you’re gay and HIV+ it’s a lot easier to find support and understanding than if you are a woman. There’s just so many more gay men with the disease than women, and because of this, less judgement and a stronger community. Ann P Meredith (pictured) is a “socially conscious creative Writer, Director, Producer and Artist” who was one of the first people to “photograph and videotape personal interviews with women living with HIV/AIDS.” Work from Ann’s series ‘Until That Last Breath! The Global Face of Women with HIV/AIDS’ is currently on display at the Leslie Lohman Gallery, as a part of their exhibition ‘A Deeper Dive.’ On Thursday, September 29th, the gallery is hosting an artist lecture, where “Ann will talk broadly about her long artistic practice and her work around women living with AIDS.” We suggest you check it out, especially if you’ve never been to the gallery. It’s an interesting space, and I can’t think of a better reason to visit it.

FREE, 6:00-8:00pm, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, 26 Wooster St., NY, NY


Sunday 09.25.16

Event: Are Queers Ageist?

Are queers ageist? I mean, is that even a question? Of course they/we are. It’s not just a problem in the queer community, it’s a problem in every community. Once people get over a certain age, to many people they become invisible. This is really stupid as older people have plenty to offer, most importantly their experience. We do what we can to feature older artists and writers in our magazine, especially those who never got the attention they deserved when they were younger. Award winning artist Scottee (pictured) feels the same way as we do. This Sunday, at the BGSQD, he is hosting “a dinner party discussion without the food and you’re invited. Around the table will sit some old queers and some young queers to share their ideas, explore where the problem is and ask the burning question – are queers ageist?” The event is only $5, so bring, and pay, for your sugar daddy and show some support for the older generation.

$5 suggested donation, 6:00pm, BGSQD, 208 West 13th St. Room 210 NY, NY.


Saturday 09.24.16


We covered this exhibition in the letter and on our site previously, but we just had to again as it’s a very important exhibition that you shouldn’t miss if you are in NYC — Use this as your reminder, you still have time though it closes on October 23rd. Here’s what one of our writers Chris wrote about it the first time: “Artists, including Kia Labeija, David Wojnarowicz, Robert Mapplethorpe, Bill Jacobson and more, give voice to perspectives that are too often suppressed, and [Art AIDS America] reveals how they have changed both the history of art in America and the response to this disease.” Featuring more than 125 works spanning from 1981 to the present...” This week, BOFFO is co-hosting an “intimate guided tour of Art AIDS America, an exhibition at The Bronx Museum.” The capacity is limited, so you need you to arrive early (15 minutes prior to tour). Reservation is required. Get to it!



Friday 09.23.16

Event: MoMA PS1’s Back to School Benefit

This sounds nuts and bananas in all the right ways. Created by performance artist Ryan McNamara (pictured here making out with the wall), for one night only, he will turn MoMA PS1 into a high school. “Across MoMA PS1’s entirely empty galleries, artists will assume the stereotypical roles of moony art teachers, intimidating PE coaches, goths, jocks, and cheerleaders — but their activities will be anything but typical. Roam the hallways to enjoy participatory performance works, an open bar, and nostalgic childhood snacks, culminating with an epic dance party in the gymnasiums.” Artist involved include Morgan Bassichis, Claire Bishop, Nikki Columbus, FlucT, Nelly Furtado, Jessica Mitrani, Sam Roeck, Jacolby Satterwhite, Justin Strauss, and more. Yes, you read that name right, Nelly “I’m Like A Bird” Furtado is one of the performers. Ryan has been working with Nelly recently. At a party we went to at the Boom Boom Room during fashion week, Ryan choreographed the dancers that performed behind her. It was super cute. Can’t wait to see what she does at MoMA.

$125, 7:00PM, MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave LONG ISLAND CITY, NY.


Saturday 09.17.16

Event: Raak the Block

Red Hook is hosting a lil block party this Saturday from 2:00PM to 8:00PM Here’s what our friend Keith, who is helping to put it on had to say about what’s in store.“It will have everything you could want from a block party: lobster rolls, whiskey samples, free chocolate, handsome chocolate makers (below), and thank goodness, a bouncy castle. The lineup of food vendors includes: Red Hook Lobster Pound, Baked, Hometown Bar-B-Que, La Newyorkina, Cacao Prieto, Raaka Chocolate, and more. For craft beer and spirits, Other Half Brewery, Red Hook Winery, and Van Brundt Still House will pass out samples. Raaka Chocolate will pass out samples (even limited seasonal flavors like Apple Pie and Ghost Pepper), and will also offer free tours of its bean-to-bar chocolate factory; all proceeds from Raaka’s chocolate sales will go to Red Hook Initiative, which offers programs that empower Red Hook’s youth community.” This block party sounds like it will be filled with a lot white people with money, but I am impressed by everything they’re offering. Pick up as many free samples as you can, and enjoy the sun while we still have it!



Friday 09.16.16

Event: New York Art Book Fair 2016

Excuse us while we do a little self-promotion, but this is our website, so if we can’t self-promote here, where (besides Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, and Vimeo) can we? This weekend (September 15-18) is Printed Matter’s Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 and GAYLETTER will be there! Come say hi to us at table A74. What’s most exciting about all of this is that we will have copies of GAYLETTER Issue 5 available to buy. Right now this is the only place, besides our website that you can get it! The Art Book Fair, for those who are new to it, is one of our favorite events of the year. “The NY Art Book Fair is the world’s premier event for artists’ books, catalogs, monographs, periodicals, and zines presented by more than 350 international presses, booksellers, antiquarians, artists, and independent publishers from at least 29 countries.” The preview is on Thursday, September 14, with a special performance by Beat Detectives — it’s $10 on Thursday, but you can attend for FREE the rest of the weekend. Come say hi, we’ll treat you good.

FREE, $10 (THURS), 11:00am–9:00pm, MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, NY


Saturday 09.10.16

Event: Bushwig 2016

If you have an interest in drag in 2016, then Bushwig is really the only place you should be. The event, which takes place this Saturday and Sunday, is a celebration of drag in all its forms. Bushwig was created in 2012 by drag artists Horrorchata and Babes Trust. In that first year they had around 30 performers, this weekend they are expecting more than 150. As demand for the festival has grown, so to has the location for it. This year it takes place at the Knockdown Center, which has both indoor and outdoor space and capacity for 5000 people. They are also adding new areas to the festival. There’s gonna be food, pop-up shops, installations & an all-weekend long techno brunch. Make sure you also check out the after-parties, which seem to be taking place at 3 separate venues. There’s the official one taking place at The Gateway featuring Lauren Flax, DJ BeBe, Amber Valentine, Horrorchata, Lemon Verbena and Hannah Lou. Then there’s The Carry Nation at The Good Room and finally there’s AFTER, which goes from 2:00am-10:00am (you need to sign up for that at to get the address). It’s gonna be a draggy weekend. Dust of that wig I know you have laying around and let the carry begin!

For more info:


Friday 09.02.16

Event: Tribute to Willi Ninja at Bronx Museum

This event sounds super duper lovely. It’s a celebration to the life of Willi Ninja, one the people who, if he didn’t start the Vogue movement, he certainly brought it to the attention of the rest of the world. Willi who died in 2006 at the age of 45 was the head of the House of Ninja. His house was more than just a collection of performers, it was a home to all kinds of talented kids who had nowhere else to go. The generous and nurturing father figure is who Willi should be most remember as. This Friday night the The Bronx Museum of the Arts will host a night of celebration for Willi. “Various DJs will provide music, a photo/video montage will be screened, a performance by the NYC Chapter of the Legendary House of Ninja followed by a brief awards ceremony will take place hosted by some of Willi’s beloved dance and fashion family.” The organizers tell us that Willi’s “memory lives on in each of us who aspire to greatness despite the challenges we all face.” I couldn’t have said it any better than that.

FREE, 6:00PM, Bronx Museum of the Arts, 1040 Grand Concourse New York, NY.


Thursday 09.01.16

AFROPUNK Festival Brooklyn 2016

Saturday 08.27.16


We were in Fire Island last weekend and it was super crowded, that wasn’t a good thing as it’s always more relaxing with less people, but I guess if you don’t have to go to the only supermarket there, or the overpriced wine shop or to the “cafeteria,” then you can prob just chill at your house by the pool and ignore the crowds. I mean it was so basic there, this white man yelled at us because we were complaining that there were too many white generic men on the island: “If you’re gonna talk shit about white people in front of me I have to speak up!” he spat at us. I mean what an idiot. Now that I’ve let that out, I am so glad that this weekend BOFFO is throwing their second annual Fire Island Performance Festival on the island — they really need some culture there. Their program is very good. Some of the performers include Tyler Ashley, Xavier Cha with Rafael Reynoso and Adonis Vasquez, Eartheater, Fluct, Fragile (Wolfgang Tillmans), M. Lamar, Pearl (from RuPaul’s Drag Race), Casey Spooner, Ssion and many more. Expect “a weekend of performance, music, and dance made for the island’s unique social and geographic context.” We’re big fans of Wolfgang Tillman’s work and excited to hear about his “live band project” ‘Fragile’. It was founded in 1983 and will return at the festival 33 years later. It “involves musicians from three continents in varying constellations... I’d say if you are not already there, browse the schedule, take a day trip, bring some greens and try to ignore the basics!