Wednesday 04.27.16


I am not the biggest Prince fan. I know that’s sacrilegious to say right now, but growing up all his music kind of sounded the same to me. I never really connected to him in the way others did. Which is why this event might be good for me. The idea behind Classic Album Sunday’s, which began in London, is that they play a record, from start to finish, on the best sound systems they can find. The purpose is to give your undivided attention to the experience, and hopefully come away with a new, and deeper appreciation for the work. This Wednesday they are playing Prince & The Revolution’s ‘Around The World In A Day.’ Afterwards the place turns into a big dance party with DJ Spinna and Good Room paying tribute to Prince all night long. If you’re a diehard fan of the man then this is a dream event. If you’re like me, and lukewarm about him then this might lead to a holy conversion. Or not. No biggie.

Free with RSVP (, 7:00PM, 98 Meserole Ave, BK NY, .


Friday 04.15.16

Event: Fuck Everything

We have made our love of the legendary queer smut zine, Straight To Hell, loud and clear to anyone who is a longtime reader of the newsletter or our magazine (we featured them in issue 3 of GAYLETTER Magazine.) The zine has been publishing smutty stories for decades and is not afraid to share it’s contributors love of cum, piss, cocks, ass and public sex with the world. This Friday the magazine is curating an evening of short films by Straight To Hell contributors “& comrades” including: Steve LaFreniere (David HurlesOld Reliable), Justin Spring (Sam Steward), Ryan Foerester, Kristian Kozul, Antonio DeSilva, Brian Brennan (Latino Fan Club), Anthony Viti, Randal Wilcox (Al Baltrop), & others to be announced.” The night is programmed by current S.T.H editor Billy Miller. It’s $5 to attend but know one will be turned away for lack of funds. Fuck everything else you have planned at this event and check it out!

$5, 7:00PM, BGSQD, 208 W 13th St. Rm 210, NY, NY


Tuesday 04.05.16

The Center Presents ‘The Eighties’

An advanced screening and panel with Don Lemon in NYC


A few weeks ago I saw a commercial for CNN’s upcoming seven-episode original series ‘The Eighties and immediately thought to tell my mom. My parents were married in ’84 — when it was appropriate for my mother to serve Bon Jovi hair and my father could wear shorts way above his knees (now you know where I get my style cues). And then more recently, I was reading something in Out, where a man described another man as “so pre-AIDS,” and thought: Wow! What a largely insensitive (though more or less accurate…) way to describe someone! What I’m getting at is that the eighties were a decade that defined so many of today’s references, and while all of it’s glam rock and politics still carry heavy agency today, most of it has become romanticized for the worse. However! This is CNN we’re talking about! So it will be not done for the worse! (I assume).



Because such a large part of the ’80s was defined by the AIDS crisis, ‘The Eighties’ features an episode “that examines the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s, which developed into a pandemic with enormous political and cultural consequences. It’s a story of ignorance and heartbreak, but also one of compassion, courage and dedication.”



On April 5th, at 6:30PM, The Center will be showing an advanced screening of this episode followed by a panel discussion and Q&A moderated by Don Lemon, anchor of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.” It’s the perfect thing to do this Tuesday even if the weather blows, but this should be a really chill time, and educational to boot. …

Friday 03.25.16


This is the second event by the zine Straight to Hell at the Bureau of General Services - Queer Division. They’ll be featuring artwork from S.T.H. contributors and comrades. The event will feature photography and “special editions” from artists Anonymous, Luke Abbey, Michael Alago, Brian Brennan (Latino Fan Club), Matthew Burcaw, Walt Cessna, Wayne Coe, Thomas Dozol, Michael Economy, Greg Endries, Danny Fields, Ryan Foerester, Torrey Grobes, David Hurles (Old Reliable), Erik Hanson, Charles Hovland, Steve LaFreniere, Patrick Lee, Yeni Mao, Bobby Miller, Slava Mogutin, Bob Nickas, Josh Olsen, Christopher Schulz, Terry Smith, Daniel Trese, Jan Wandrag, Cornelius Washington, Jimmy Wright and more. I know I just listed a whole bunch of names, but trust me that’s a good thing — this will be a full on queer party. Expect a performance at 7:00PM. The show will remain on view until March 25th. I smell piss!

FREE, 6:00PM-9:30PM, BGSQD, 208 WEST 13TH ST. ROOM 210 NY, NY.


Thursday 03.17.16

Event: Miss FIT 2016 Drag Pageant

Our cunt 22-year-old friend Christy Burlington Coat Factory told us that FIT was gonna host a Drag Pageant and there’s rumor that Bianca Del Rio is gonna be involved. We were very interested and were like, really the queens there have a pageant??? After that I have been googling and trying to find all the details. I’ve got to say, these queens are very bad at promotion. How are you gonna have a drag event in NYC and not plaster it all over the tristate area? How you gonna be a drag queen if you can’t promote yourself? I went to FIT and it’s gotta be one of the gayest school in the world — THANK YOU for that. The best way to get a ticket is probably to show up to the Dubinsky lobby and ask. Searching through FB, I found this status update: “This year for our 10th anniversary, we’re planning the biggest presentation ever!!!! Hosted by your crowned Queen of Comedy, hint, she’s another Ru girl...This is going to be amazing.” Girls, we’ll help you get the word out, you’re welcome!



Saturday 03.12.16

Prince vs. Michael Party

A costumes encouraged evening at One Last Shag

Prince vs. Michael Party_GAYLETTER

Three words. Charity. Dance. Party. Need I say more? If you aren’t interested in dancing for a cause well then, shit, you and all the other New York narcissists (which is actually nearly everyone) can see yourself out elsewhere. This is for a great cause, so bring your best energy only.


Orchestrated by a long time admirer of Heights and Hills — a Brooklyn non-profit that supports older adults, helping them age with dignity and on their own terms — comes a costumes encouraged dance party hosted by Delirious at One Last Shag. The party will include a five-hour set by “DJ Stylus, celebrating not just Prince and Michael Jackson but the vast funk and pop grooves they spawned. From dub spin-offs of MJ’s classics to the vintage naughtiness of Vanity (RIP) and other Prince proteges, Stylus will be keeping it tight and danceable.” Sounds right. I’m pretty sure every time I hear P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson once my drinks are flowing I low-key lose my shit. Have I type-casted myself? Maybe. Do I care? No, because he made music for dancing, so a party spinning only Prince and the king of Pop himself just sounds correct.


“Plus there will be an opportunity to bid on prizes like: A roundtrip Virgin America ticket (includes Hawaii & Mexico), three $100 gift certificates at Three Kings Tattoo, a one-hour massage at Massage Williamsburg, a color and blowout at Hale Organic Salon, a free tour and 10 drink tickets at Brooklyn Brewery, and a handmade Spirit Eye plate from Demetria Chappo ceramics.”


This sounds like a perfect way to segue your liver into spring-time drinking. …

Tuesday 03.08.16

Art: Mountain Light/Time in Times Square

I avoid going to Times Square as much as possible — the fact that people choose to hang out there on New Year’s Eve is mind boggling to me — so going there for an event that lasts just 3 minutes sounds like the right amount of time to be there. Times Square Arts has partnered with Moving Image to curate a month long GIF performance each night in Times Square. Mountain Light/Time by Lorna Mills is a 3 minute GIF of a sunrise over a mountain. It will play from 11:57 to midnight, every night for the next month. It doesn’t say which of the hundreds of screens it will play on, but I have a feeling it will be all of them. This is a great opportunity to see Times Square like you have never seen it before. Get in, get out. You really don’t need to be standing in that hell hole for any longer than 3 minutes.

FREE, 11:57pm-Midnight, TIMES SQUARE, New York, NY.


Sunday 02.28.16


If you care about the Academy Awards and need a place to watch it here’s a suggestion. We all know that the Oscars is a white event, which is why it’s extra boring. I mean look at the nominations... At least we can enjoy some of the fashion, get drunk, and be with friends, hoping it’s gonna be entertaining, then we can get on Twitter and bitch about how we really feel. Anyways, if you go to watch the show at Wise Men you are probably not gonna hear much (I hope they have subtitles) but at least you’ll be with a fun group of queers and you won’t have to clean your place the next day. Baby Tea is usually presented by The Dauphine of Bushwick (Tyler Ashley) who will be co-hosting with Hamm Samwich, that queen is super funny, she’ll be perfect for this event. I read all of her Facebook updates and watch every video she ever posts, she’s nuts! After the red carper and the show is over the party is gonna get cray cray. Music will be provided by Brent Coover and Horrorchata. On a side note, when I was younger and in that delusional stage, thinking I could do anything and everything, even be an actor, I remember whispering to myself a few times Academy Award nominee Abi Benitez... I meaaaan, ha ha ha



Thursday 02.25.16

Event: What Does it Mean to be Black in America – Black Artists Speak

Lord help me if I know, I’m as white as a fucking bowl of rice, but it’s Black History Month and I’d  love to hear about the experience from people who are living it. Especially when one of those people, Elliott Brown Jr., is a contributor to our magazine. This panel discussion features “a selection of artists from NYU Tisch School of the Arts” and they’ll “consider the social responsibilities of artists, matters of representation and ownership, and the use of identity in Black artists’ work.” Other artists involved in the discussion include: Micah Ellis (actress), Brittany Fenell (writer, director, and activist), Myles Golden (performance artist, photographer, and poet), Saba Green (lyricist, singer, songwriter, and producer) and Chioma Nwana (photographer and poet). The event is moderated by Bria Webb. I’m sure this will be a lively discussion. It’s also accompanied by a one-night-only exhibition on the 8th Floor in Room 814. The discussion will conclude with a Q&A so don’t be afraid to raise a hand if you want to speak up — there are no stupid questions, just stupid outfits.

FREE, 6:30PM, Tisch School of the Arts, 721 Broadway, 12th Floor, Dean’s Conf. Room New York, NY.


Wednesday 02.24.16


Who knew there were so many gay-themed, healthy, social activities one can do in NYC? There’s this group called Guy Social (who we mentioned earlier this year) and they have tons of events aimed at homos. There’s Guy-raoke, Guys Paint Night, even a Guys for Hilary event… and then there’s this one, Gayzer Tag. For $15 you get unlimited laser tag, unlimited bowling and unlimited pool. There’s also $8.00 Grey Goose vodka drinks and $14.00 beer pitchers. Holy shit that’s a great deal. We tried to bowl in Brooklyn last weekend and it was way more than $15. I don’t know the types of guys that are into gayzer tagging, but who cares, bring your own crew and make the most of it. I haven’t played laser tag for years but from what I remember it was a fun, cheap thrill. It’s much healthier than getting wasted, but with the great drink deals they’re offering you can do that too. I mean, you’re only human.

$15, 8:00PM, Bowlmor Chelsea Piers, Pier 60 23rd St. NY, NY.