Friday 05.27.16

Party: CRUISE 2

It’s been a year since the first edition of Cruise. Cruise 2 is brought to us by GAYLETTER contributor Tanner Cohen, and his friend Ivan Dutton. This Friday they will be celebrating their one year anniversary with a “tropical, nautical, cute-fest at one of Brooklyn’s most special hidden gems...” I found the venue, The Call Box, super interesting. It seemed like the bar had not changed in decades — it was a good contrast with all the young queers at the event; lots of them probably weren’t even born when the bar opened. Here’s what they are promising besides the fact that it’s gonna be “catered by McDonald’s (seriously). “Everyone will get laid. We just want to celebrate the fact that we’re stuck together in the city by drinking as much rum as possible and pretending we’re on a yacht. A sad, old, but cute yacht filled with LITERAL hunks and babes and queens and extremely fun music for you all...” OK!



Thursday 05.26.16


We wrote about this a while back but it feels like the right time to mention it again — it’s finally getting warmer, (I guess at least for now, NYC weather is not coming thru). This is a super chill party, it happens at Metropolitan Bar, on the last Thursday of the month. Here’s what to expect: “Pulling out the freshest of their collections, we give you the treatment of deep disco, with a touch of soul, funk, house & techno…” DJs for the night are Madam Baran, Porkchop and David Sokolowski (from the parties Psychic and Hot Fruit). The performance for the night is by Elizabeth James, and it’s hosted by Sparklez. $4 drafts, get to know dive bar, yassss.  Also, maybe unrelated, but super important, we’ll be hosting another Pride Ball on June 25th, at the Wythe Hotel, so mark your calendars. It’s gonna also be 70’s theme. Disco!!!

FREE, 10:00PM-4:00AM, Metropolitan Bar, 559 Lorimer St. BK, NY.


Saturday 05.21.16


Another weekend, another new party. Keep them coming! Sean B. from the Spank and Xanadude parties told us about the launch of this new night called POWERHOUSE. “If you’ve been to Xanadude or SPANK or Paradisco that will give you a good idea of the crowd and vibe — arty, cute and ready to dance all night.” It’s going to take place at Analog which has an amazing sound system and a great layout, I’ve enjoyed partying there many times. Sean told me how the party came about, “We had such a blast spinning at Wrecked’s 5-year Anniversary party at Analog BKNY, so we decided the gays deserve to dance in a space like that more often...and bring back all that energy to the dancefloor in ways New York is historically well known for since the 70s.” For the first edition of the party they invited Vin Sol (Clone Records/Club Lonely) to DJ and visuals will be provided by Deputy. Sean added: “We want everyone to arrive with their energy levels fully charged and only leave late in the morning when their batteries run out.” I’m glad it goes late, I always hate it when a party ends early. Get tickets here.

$10,$15,$20, 11:00PM-Late, ANALOG, 177 2nd Ave Brooklyn, NY.



The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: Music by DJ Macy Rodman and DJ Pandy! Performance by The Dauphine! Hosted by Birthday Kids Lucas Blair Charlene. Tea Set Winner Giancarlo Corbacho!

Sunday 05.15.16


You know we treat you well and never let a new party slip by. Here’s a new one and it sounds very promising for the summer. It’s called MARGOT, and I don’t know why, but whatever. I chatted with the lovely Paul Iacono who is one of the organizers and he told me to expect a “sexy, subversive, and stylish” event. It’s “a new weekly Sunday daytime rage on the luxurious rooftop of STK Meatpacking. Brought to you by the creative team from HUMP.” It’s nice to see some of these people during the day. It’s outdoor, and starts at 3:00PM which means you can be completely wasted by 6:00PM if you are smart. Paul also told me that the party is a group effort  and that he’s very excited about the others involved. Some of them include Shoshana Fisher (who we looooove), Jake Greene, Rachel Wark, Andrew Shute, McCade Smith, Michael Cohen, Serichai Traipoom and so many more. The special performance for the opening night will be by Blake Deadly (pictured) — plus music for the night will be provided by DJs Chapman and Michael Cavadias. Bring a good face and a good attitude, remember the party starts during the day and people can see everything. Maybe bring a big hat just in case.



Sunday 05.08.16


I know, I know, I know, you have to work on Monday. And I’m sorry about that, but you chose to live in New York, a city with a nightlife scene that could give two shits that you have to be at your desk at 9:00AM each morning with a stupid smile on your face. Suck it up homo. Pour yourself a strong coffee, pop an Adderall, do whatever you have to to make it to work, work, work because it’s time to go out. This Sunday, May 8, at Ladyfag’s much needed (it’s gonna be poppin this Spring/Summer), and still kind of new party, Battle Hymn, GAYLETTER is hosting! We haven’t hosted a party in a hot minute so we are super excited and can’t wait to see you all there. I was at the first Battle Hymn a few weeks back and was super impressed. It’s at the Flash Factory which is a really big, comfortable space with an intense sound system. You can expect music by Kim Ann Foxman and Honey Dijon and a launch celebration for the Berlin and London based fashion magazine King Kong. Let the battle begin. See you Sunday!

Free bEFORE 9:00pm, $10 after, 8:00pm-3:00am, Flash Factory, 229 W 28th St. NY, NY.


Thursday 05.05.16

Party: AVAF x Tom of Finland x PAOM Launch Event

Here’s a cool event and a chance to come hang with us this week. We will be co-hosting this party along with Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Tom of Finland, Print All Over Me, Artspace, Culture EDIT and the porn star Adam Killiam. “A collaboration between contemporary artists Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson of assume vivid astro focus, Tom of Finland Foundation and Print All Over Me. AVAF was given access to the complete Tom of Finland archive to morph his body of work with their visual language and code, resulting in a seamless continuation of AVAF’s application of cultural references and the most vivid adaptation of the Finnish artist’s drawings to date. This collection is set to add a “multi sensory splash and color overdrive” to the rainbow of Tom’s Men.”  This is your official Invite to join us to celebrate the launch of collection.  The event will take place at Atlas Social Club with videos by Robin Radenman and the music will be provided by JonJon Battles. Check out the promo video here!

FREE -, 8:00PM, Atlas Social Club, 753 9th Ave. NY, NY.



Tuesday 05.03.16

Assume Vivid Astro Focus / Tom of Finland Foundation / Print All Over Me / Artspace Launch party

The event is May 5, 8:00PM at Atlas Social Club in NYC

Saturday 04.30.16


Abi and I both really enjoyed this venue when we went there a few weeks back. It’s a new space in Brooklyn and it’s not very convenient for us to get to, but it has a really comforting, spacious, inclusive feeling about it. It’s big, clean and the sound system is cunt. The Wrecked boys this Saturday are inviting the guys of Honcho from Hot Mass in Pittsburgh to join them for the latest edition of their regular party at Analog. That means that Aaron Clark & Clark Price of Honcho party fame will be djing alongside the Wrecked boys Ron Like Hell DJ & Ryan Smith DJ. They’re telling us to “dress to sweat” so don’t be afraid to wear something slutty, or nothing at all — it’s Saturday night, this is a gay party, no one will bat an eyelid. You do you girl. We’ll likely be there, although we like to wait at least until the pill kicks before we take our panties off. We’re a little coy like that.

$11.25, 10:00PM, Analog, 177 2nd Ave. Brooklyn, NY.