Saturday 02.06.16


I love that almost every letter in 2016 so far has featured a new party. We heard from Dream about this new one. “I’m throwing a new party with Katie Rex at Alphaville in Bushwick. It’s called Software and it’s an all-femme lineup, which I think is sort of unprecedented and super important in the Brooklyn queer scene — NYC’s queer scene is still primarily dominated by cis white men…” Dream told me that Katie is one of her favorite DJs in NYC, who also runs the all-girl collective Factory Girls. “We both love being girly and dancing to techno, so throwing an all-femme party together seemed obvious. Katie and I both identify as female and primarily work in the gay scene, so we wanted to throw a party by gurls, for everyone.” I’m so glad that Dream is so good at writing a party description, let me just do one more last quote: “This party is to remind them [people] that the girls know how to turn it out — and look amazing while doing it. The name Software perfectly embodies this, juxtaposing our soft femininity with our mastery of technology, making you sweat on the dance floor…” DJs for the night are  Serena Jara, Katie rex, Suga Shay, Umfang and Dream gurl herself. Performances by Slater G. String and Momo Shade. Girl power, get it girls!

FREE until 11:30PM/$7 AFTER, 10:00PM, ALPHAVILLE, 140 Wilson Ave. BK, NY.


Wednesday 02.03.16

Party: Casey Spooner’s B’DAY at The Cock

It seems that the Cock in its new location is popping off since it opened, the boys are really into the new space. Even the boys that have never been to the Cock are trying it out. I mean it’s always fun there, just make sure you keep your eyes on your wallet. We got an email from the musician Casey Spooner telling us that he’s celebrating his birthday this Wednesday, February 3rd at the Cock. It’s presented by Dreamhouse, and it’s being called “Nights of the Templar.” I don’t know why, but that’s let’s just go with it, Casey is very creative, recently got a text message from Victor Jeffreys (who’s co-hosting the event along with Gage of the Boone from The Spectrum) with an image of Casey’s head surrounded by a crown of cocks. DJs for the night are A Village Raid and Lauren Flax. Let’s go celebrate Casey’s day of birth with some sleazy fun. If you’re not so familiar with this queen, check out the great feature/interview we did with Casey in GAYLETTER issue 2. Yeah, that’s a shameless plug, but someone’s got to do it! Mmm mmm mmm.

$5 before 1am/$10 after, 11:00PM, The Cock, 93 2nd Ave. NY, NY.


Sunday 01.31.16

HUMP 1.27

At the party's new venue Rumpus Room

Saturday 01.30.16

Party: Kwik

Here’s a new monthly party for you bitches, brought to you by artist/dancer Richard Kennedy. “Hiii! Yes it’s my new monthly! It’s in prime Williamsburg and it’s a straight up dance party” I say yessss 2016 keep the new parties coming — Kwik come thru! The DJ sets at this party are all under an hour, they’re Kwik, get it? I think this is great because you’ll get a nice variety of talents in the same night. Richard told me more about Kwik, (the name does have a nice sound to it, I can’t stop repeating it) “The venue is small and run by my homie. I haven’t done my own party in a while and I aim to create a space that’s less about exclusivity and hype and more about dancing, not super gay but very mix-y. Very music focused and showcasing of my favorite New York talents…there’s a great sound system and a stage. It’s way nice to hear people performing on a proper system.” The line-up seems promising, it includes some cool people: Slava, DJ DJ DESE, DonChristian, Prince Harvey, Tygapaw, Avillageraid, Andy Pandy, Mistervaction, Robofoxnyc, and more. The party is booked through April and they are promising “lots of surprises.”

$5, 11:30 PM-4:30 AM, Muchmore's, 2 Havemeyer st. Brooklyn, NY.


Thursday 01.28.16

Party: Owl at Julius – January Edition

We wrote about this party the last time they threw it, and we try to not repeat, but we can’t help it because we love Julius way too much. That bar is a fucking institution. I’m not one of those people who bemoans gentrification, as far as I am concerned cities change, we all evolve, it’s a part of life blah, blah. HOWEVER, Julius needs landmark status. If that bar were to close, I would be majorly bummed. But fear not, it is open this Thursday for the latest edition of Owl. To give you some idea of what to expect the organizers of this party have decided to share with us the 3 things they believe in: “1. Disco music that ripples the buns. 2. Free mini-therapy sessions by an actual therapist. 3. Bad caricatures.” So, yes, admittedly they are three pretty obscure things to have a strong belief system around, but gay people are weird, and if you’re planning on going to this party you’re probably weird to. So just go with it. Dance, having some therapy and take a drawing of yourself home as a souvenir.

FREE, 10:00PM, JULIUS, 159 W 10th St. New York, NY.


Friday 01.22.16


I got a message recently from Matthu Placek about his bi-monthly dance party Wet Noise and it sounds promising to me. Here’s what Matthu told me about it: “I started this party a few years ago and only did the one. It was a huge success and hella fun! The point was to create a party that offered up filthy dirty funk music on vinyl and urged everyone to put their damn phones away, don’t take pictures, check your chatter boxes at the door…” I think that’s a great initiative, but these kids are not gonna put their phones away, he told me that he wishes he could literally omit phones at the party, but he can’t, cos people are cunts when it comes to their devices. Make Matthew happy and at least keep it out of sight all night. You’ll probably have more fun. He also wants “people to be prepared to dance and sweat! I want bass lines that grab you by the taint… anchored straight down the center with pelvic thrust.” Sounds wonderful!

FREE, 10:00PM, FONTANA’S (DOWNSTAIRS), 105 Eldridge St. New York, NY.


Thursday 01.21.16

BABY TEA : 1/17

The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: Music by Charlene and Lemon Verbena! ALL TEA! Performance by Charlene and The Dauphine. Tea set winner Zach Ligas! Hosted by Birthday Boy Ryan Lobo!

Tuesday 01.19.16

HUMP 1.13

The Next HUMP is Wednesday, January 27th.

Sunday 01.17.16

Party: Horse Meat Disco MLK Edition

I forgot it’s a long weekend this weekend. Thanks Martin Luther King Jr., just one more reason to love you! Here’s a party that you will definitely need an extra day to recover from. The London party Horse Meat Disco is in town, at Output this Sunday night, January 17 and they are ready to turn you out. The party goes over two rooms. In the main room is music by Horse Meat Disco and Sean B. & Will Automagic. In the Panther Room (sounds sexy lol) music is by Mike Servito and Ron Like Hell. They’re all amazing DJs that will keep you on your feet way past your bedtime (drink plenty of water queen, but not too much — don’t want to flood your brain, aghhh!) Hosts are Marco Ovando, Paloma Perez, TJ Samson. Tickets are a little pricey at $45 but it’s a special occasion so whatevs. Have fun party monsters. And remember, MLK is one of the few holidays worth celebrating!

$45, 10pm, Output, 74 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 01.16.16

Party: Holy Mountain: Journey XVI

I was looking over links the other day on and in one of the articles from 2010 we said that we pretty much recommend anything that Ladyfag does. She wasn’t a fan of our last write up for Holy Mountain, but we wouldn’t write about her if we didn’t love what she does. And I got to give it to her, she’s consistent, she’s been throwing awesome events even before we started this newsletter. Since we are now at the beginning of a new year, and a new journey, it feels right that we tell you about Holy Mountain: Journey XVI. As Ladyfag puts it, “It’s 2016...the future is now. Crawl out of your cocoons, my sweet cyborg queens & slither your Giger tails & scales out of the primordial ooze to a place where music is god, & dancing will set you free. The truth is out there… 2 Floors. 4 Rooms. 1 Mountain...Holy Mountain!” Some of the best DJs in NYC will be providing tunes for the night: Michael Magnan, Nita Aviance, Ryan Smith, Total Freedom, Dicap, Juliana Huxtable, Greg K. and Chapman. Amazing line up, I’d go for that alone. P.S. If you go all out with a “SERIOUS GIGER OR CYBORG LQQK,” you’ll only pay $5. Yassss Queen.

$5-$15, 11:00PM, SLAKE, 251 WEST 30TH ST. New York, NY.