Friday 07.22.16


So many fucking parties, please help us! My mother always told me you don’t get tired of partying? Now I am getting older and sort of started to understand what she means, but partying is fun, you know. Why stay home? Socializing is very important for your mind and who needs sleep anyways? There’s an ongoing contradiction in my head right now. To party or not to party… Then I read this promising quote about our pick for Friday: "The Drag Life Dance Party promises to be the most adventurous Friday night extravaganza in NYC as guests are encouraged to flip the script and dive deep into the gender blender of sexual disorientation. The festivities include a pop-up strip club with open pole, make-over station, glamour shot photo booth, ass jazzling, manicures and pedicures,  glam drag, butch drag, daddy drag, and then some!” That sounds kind of fun… Music for the night will be provided by Nomi Ruiz, Carlos Jadraque, the sexy Williams Francis, Din/Void, Exit sense, Derek Piotr and Gerry Visco (that girl, m m m). Free yourself from the jail that is masculinity — that shit is boring — tuck, put a wig on, gender bend it, get free. Click here for tickets.

Free before 11:00pm with RSVP, $15.00 pre-sale, $20, 9:00PM-5:00AM, HOUSE OF YES, 2 WYCKOFF AVE. BK, NY.


Thursday 07.21.16


This is the third installment of Bette Davis, a party organized by Markus Kelle and James Twigg. I wanted to go and check out the first week, but didn’t make it. So, I decided to reach out to some of the people involved in the party to get more info — Markus told me more about Bette Davis, he says it’s  “an underground disco beneath the hotel Americano which started out rather organically, in that my group of friends (the shitty kitties; James Twigg, Eric Worsech, Nicholas Phinney and Josh Helman) are rather well know for our excursions and house parties.” Ohhh I’ve seen those queens carrying. “We called it bette Davis because the front room is nearly entirely black and white, and to an extent some of the character she played rather embody the energy of the night. ” Josh told me that this week is gonna be extra because it’s also the after-party for The Hudson boat party. Sure, gtk summer!

$5, 10:00PM-3:00AM, HOTEL AMERICANO, 518 WEST 27TH ST. NY, NY.


Friday 07.15.16

Party: Thotlandia 1 YEAR Anniversary

The official definition for the term THOT is: THAT HOE OVER THERE. It basically refers to a man’s side chick... it’s a derogatory term for a loose woman. Of course many gay people have embraced the term. We root for side chicks, we celebrate the slut. We even named a party after the term. Thotlandia is one year old! Congrats for keeping a party alive for 12 months. That’s no easy fete in this city, trust. Music for the night is by Mister Vacation, DJ DJ Dese (love her, girl knows how to carry — I just clocked her yesterday on V Magazine — #Slaysian), Tigga, Calore and Vyle. The party is hosted by a boat load of people so I’m not going to list them all. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good night. When the weather’s this lovely the THOT’s come out in full force. Have fun!

$5/$10, 11:00PM, Republic Lounge 990 Broadway, 990 Broadway BK, NY.


Thursday 07.14.16


Young + Evil is on my list as one of the best party names I’ve come across since we started writing the newsletter. After seeing it on Facebook, I spent a few hours googling the party to figure out where it was coming from and finally the Y+E’s FB page for the party responded to me, Yay! I chatted with one of the organizers, Matt Pieknik, and he told me more about this newish weekly event. This week is the third time they are doing it at Lonewolf which is usually a “straight” dive bar in Bushwick — “truly a gutter.” The party is “inspired by Charles Henri Ford’s old novel, The Young and Evil, about wicked amoral homosexuals and artistes in 30s Greenwich, it’s one part salon, one part dance party. Filth and unapproved behavior is encouraged.” About the music: “it’s classic gay dancefloor vibes — true to the spirit of 70s era disco.” This week the music is by DJ Joey D. The party is still new, so it’s up to all of you homos to make it hot.



Wednesday 06.29.16


Monday 06.27.16


Wednesday 06.22.16

GAYLETTER’s Pride Guide 2016

Pride, hunty! So many boys to meet, so many parties to see!

Gay_flag copy.svgcopy

Like everything else in New York, Pride week is packed. This year it is really important to remember that NYC Pride is a direct result of the Stonewall Inn riots of 1969. Following the Pulse Nightclub shooting, many of us LGBTQIA New Yorkers gathered there on Christopher Street to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters lost in Orlando. It was powerful and a simple reminder to the world that the LGBTQIA community is here to stay, and that we are larger and stronger than ever.


As you will see below, nearly all of the Pride events detailed have some part, if not all of their proceeds going to the victims in Orlando. If there is one thing the community knows how to do, it’s party and provide unwavering support. After every one in the world has tried to kick us down, we have gotten right back up, which is exactly what we’ll be doing this week.


NYC Pride is another testament to why our community is the one of (if not THE most) most creative, resourceful, understanding and powerful communities in the world. There is so much shit to do this week and I think if this was a perfect world, each of us would be doing our best to get to every event to show our love and dance the night away. Perhaps the best advice the world could learn from the LGBQTIA community comes from Mama Ru… if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?  …

Saturday 06.11.16


It has been too long since anyone at GAYLETTER has carried at The Carry Nation — we used to go and carry so often, we really miss carrying. I was getting a little sad ‘cos I thought by “season finale” they meant that the party was coming to an end. They are clever with that name it’s just their final installment before they leave NYC for the Summer. They will be at the Good Room and this is your last chance to see them for a while. Music for the night is by the Carry Nation (of course), with a special guest DJ Gavin Russomwho is taking a break from touring with LCD Soundsystem, just to DJ with us.” There’s gonna be “Bad Room takeover with the Factory Girls.” Hosts for the night are The Culture Whore, Gage of the Boone, Bobby Clemens, Sam Banks, Nicholas Contrera, Queen Sateen & Exquisite. Call Molly she’d love to attend, sweat her out, dance the blues away. And remember, if you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance, and if you’re alive you can carry!


Friday 05.27.16

Party: CRUISE 2

It’s been a year since the first edition of Cruise. Cruise 2 is brought to us by GAYLETTER contributor Tanner Cohen, and his friend Ivan Dutton. This Friday they will be celebrating their one year anniversary with a “tropical, nautical, cute-fest at one of Brooklyn’s most special hidden gems...” I found the venue, The Call Box, super interesting. It seemed like the bar had not changed in decades — it was a good contrast with all the young queers at the event; lots of them probably weren’t even born when the bar opened. Here’s what they are promising besides the fact that it’s gonna be “catered by McDonald’s (seriously). “Everyone will get laid. We just want to celebrate the fact that we’re stuck together in the city by drinking as much rum as possible and pretending we’re on a yacht. A sad, old, but cute yacht filled with LITERAL hunks and babes and queens and extremely fun music for you all...” OK!



Thursday 05.26.16


We wrote about this a while back but it feels like the right time to mention it again — it’s finally getting warmer, (I guess at least for now, NYC weather is not coming thru). This is a super chill party, it happens at Metropolitan Bar, on the last Thursday of the month. Here’s what to expect: “Pulling out the freshest of their collections, we give you the treatment of deep disco, with a touch of soul, funk, house & techno…” DJs for the night are Madam Baran, Porkchop and David Sokolowski (from the parties Psychic and Hot Fruit). The performance for the night is by Elizabeth James, and it’s hosted by Sparklez. $4 drafts, get to know dive bar, yassss.  Also, maybe unrelated, but super important, we’ll be hosting another Pride Ball on June 25th, at the Wythe Hotel, so mark your calendars. It’s gonna also be 70’s theme. Disco!!!

FREE, 10:00PM-4:00AM, Metropolitan Bar, 559 Lorimer St. BK, NY.