Friday 12.15.17

Party: 11:11 — Holiday Reunion Special

I got a good laugh when I saw Ladyfag post the flyer for her 11:11 Holiday Reunion Special. For those who don’t know (maybe you’re a new gay), 11:11 was Ladyfag’s weekly Friday night gig on the Lower East Side that ushered some of nightlife’s now most-famous faces through it’s doors. Honey Dijon was resident DJ for a while, Sussi used to host before she moved to London to work Gucci parties, and everyone’s favorite flawless queens Aquaria and Amanda Lepore kept the haunt in their party repertoire up until the party’s very end. In the spring we heard 11:11 was no more, which was sad but also forgivable, considering summer was starting and all of the outdoor functions were taking off. I’ve mouthed off to a few people at this party and rolled my eyes at a model I booked for forgetting my name. What am I saying here? The party is ego-friendly and ego-encouraged. Ladyfag brings out the most camp people the world has yet to see. Getting photographed by GAYLETTER at a Ladyfag party is honestly a riddle for fucking success. Head to our party library on the .com to see some of the parties past, and take a gander at the models and industry insiders you’ll be boozing and bumping with. For the reunion special, Lady has booked some of the party’s favorite DJs from seasons past, including Christy Love and Michael Magnan (who started the party with her). As for your hosts, the gangs back in town. Expect to see La’Fem LaDosha (shout out to her work at the New Museum), Stephanie Stone, the polished as hell Ryan Burke, everyone’s favorite punk-rock priestess Harry Charlesworth, plus the legend herself, Amanda Lepore. Bring your wallets, the bar is pricey!

$10 after 11pm, 10:00PM-4:00AM, Open House, 244 E. Houston St. NY, NY.


Thursday 12.14.17

Party: Straight Acting – Fresh Tilapia

Do you remember Gia Gunn’s entrance in season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race? If you don’t, you gotta do your Drag Race homework. It’s one of my favorite entrances ever — “Just got off the boat, you know, little trip from Asia, just landed like fresh tilapia.” — while throwing her X-Large Hula Hoop Runway Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 bag on the worktable. I still don’t know whether it was a good fake or the real bag, but it doesn’t matter. Gia has contributed to the world some of the best quotes in Drag Race herstory, here are a few: “Gia’s a fishy girl, she’s C.C.C.: Crazy, cuckoo, cunt!,” “I’m feeling my oats, let me feel my ooooooooats!” If you are a fan of Gia here’s your chance to see her perform live. The party also features a group of Straight Acting regulars and special performances including Rify Royalty, Dusty Ray Bottoms, Vic Sin, Queen Robert, Shitanya Fayce and more. Lets just end this post with another Gia Gunn quote: “Feelin’ like pussy, feelin’ like cunt!” Let's say it one more time: “Feelin’ like pussy, feelin’ like cunt!”

$5 before 11:00pm, 9:00pm, METROPOLITAN BAR, 559 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 12.09.17

Party: After Dark – A Discovery! at Julius Bar

Oh Julius, we love this local bar. It’s an institution, but unlike many institutions there’s nothing stuffy about this place. It’s alive and popping. Maybe not on a Wednesday afternoon, but whenever they throw a party it’s generally crammed to the rafters. Which is maybe annoying for some people, but I find it wonderful. I love been crammed against a bunch of warm bodies. Back to the party. “Winter is HERE! Time to snuggle tight into your leisure-wear and dance the cold away at After Dark! Your monthly disco-rock-new wave dance getaway (from REALITY) celebrating the best music from the best years of After Dark Magazine! Come on down to Julius and grab a cocktail, one of their 'AMAZING' burgers, or other super snaxxx!” The party After Dark- A Discovery! has no cover, and there’s also a happy hour from 8pm-9pm! What more can you ask for???

FREE, 9:00PM, JULIUS, 159 W. 10th St. NY, NY.


Friday 12.08.17

Party: Maricón

Of course I grew up in the Dominican Republic hearing the word “maricón” around town, and I always pretended that I didn’t hear it whenever someone was saying it to another as an insult. For those of you that don’t know, “maricón” best translates to “faggot,” which we all know is not very nice. Sometimes Dominicans use to use the word and add ‘azo’ at the end, “mariconazo,” because I guess it sounded more dramatic and you know we Latinos love some drama. I personally never thought about the word when I lived there, it didn’t really haunt me, it just sounded ugly to me and I just decided to ignore it. But, after I came to NYC and I started to learn more about the power of words and the effect that they can have on others, I started to pay more attention and realized that language has way more power in America. Egos are also bigger in America and it’s easier to activate their collective pain bodies… All kinds of words get too much publicity here, and people give them bigger platforms, but I understand not everyone is able to remove the power from a word and just ignore it. People seem to just be more sensitive in the USA. I spoke to José (one of the organizers of this party, who's also DJing) because I was curious about why he called it Maricón. “I called the party Maricon because that’s a word that growing up I would hear constantly that I actually really hated, I just wanted to reclaim the word.” He told me that the party started about three years ago with his friend Sam, but he didn’t have time to really focus on it. Now he’s bringing it back! He told me to expect “lots of reggaeton, dembow, baile funk and more.” He seems very excited about it, I am too. “What I can hope for is lots of dancing, sweating, loving and celebrating of our roots…” Music by Stud1ntDraquéHon2ou and Joselo. Los Maricones!

$10, 11:30PM - 4:00AM, Mercury Lounge, 217 E. Houston St. New York, NY.


Saturday 12.02.17


Lots of people hate when others use “Yasss” and I am not sure why because I find it simply fun. So, for those of you out there that hate it, stop hating, it’s just a fun, light, gay, word to say! Just relax… The name of this party made me smile so much that I had to include it in this week’s letter. What makes this party’s name the best is that it’s a combination of two super gay exclamations: “Yas” and “Mama.”  When you add the word Mama to the end of anything it takes the carry to a whole new level. Mama gets it lit! I sound like a millennial, I know… but, yas mama. That’s the t t Mama. The party is presented by the lovely Horrorchata who also will be DJing along with Hanna Lou and guest DJ Sol Nova. Expect salsa, hip hop, Cumbia, Reggaeton, and more, it’s Latina night Mama. The flyer is written in Spanish and the legendary Selena Quintanilla is on it, so that is a big plus. I just got back from DR and so my English sounds super ESL again, so this party is perfect for me too. The girls are saying that it will be “una noche de baile y puteria,” that translates to a night of dance and whoring? Sounds good. Shows by Jenn D’Role and surprises. Esa es la que hay, Yas Mama.

$5, 11:00PM, C’mon Everybody, 325 Franklin Ave. BK, NY.


Friday 12.01.17

Parson James presents: SugarCube

The new monthly party included special guests Lil Kim, Amanda Lepore and Zeke Thomas

Party: The Whorer Party

Gio Black Peter is probably one of the funnest people we know. He’s also a lovely guy and a proud whore. Which is great since he created a party named after his life of whoring. The Whorer Party is held in a 2,000 sq.ft. private dungeon in Brooklyn (you’ll have to email to receive the address). “You can dance, you can chill, you can watch or you can fuck. It’s great being an adult.  We are expecting 200-250 hotties so arrive early. Music is by Gio Black Peter, Tyler Stone _ \ • / _ jeaneon and Rembrandt Duran. Video installation by Brian Kenny & Rich Juzwiak. Performance by Boy Radio. Live photo sessions all night by Tayte Hanson.” We’re told that they will have a special guest for the night, the amazing Straight To Hell magazine. Gio told us to invite all our readers and “the whole GAYLETTER crew of hottie twinks that work for you.” I’m not sure who he’s exactly referencing, as some of our team are aging out of the twink category, but I’m sure they’re still welcome to attend. This party is very adults only (duh) if you’re not comfortable with nudity and people fucking in front of you, you probably shouldn’t show up. Whatever you do, please just practise safe sex: condoms, PrEP, whatever that is for you, take care of it. The thing that is great about these parties it how respectful of everyone people generally are. People are super conscious about consent and boundaries, which is amazing, and as it always should be.

$25, $20 before 11pm. BYOB, Email for details.


Saturday 11.25.17


Four rooms. Ten DJs. If that doesn’t ring any bells, you must have never been to the Holy Mountain. And if you haven’t, or even if you have, this is a perfect opportunity to Climb up the mountain and fall down the rabbit hole to a kaleidoscopic land where words drip from the page and the line between real life and imagination begins to blur.” Sounds like the last time I dropped acid, tbh. But this edition of Holy Mountain is special it’s the third anniversary of the party, as well as a celebration of the iconic Amanda Lepore’s birthday. Everyone’s gunna be there: La’fem Ladosha, Aquaria, Boomer Banks, Jordan Stawecki, Kyle Farmery, Linux, and a ton of others. There will be performances by Ian Isiah and Love & Hip Hop’s Dreamdoll as well as sets by numerous DJs. It’s safe to say it’s going to be lit as hell. If you’re looking for an excuse to trip balls, gargle balls, or simply get into some mischief à la Alice and her Wonderland adventures, look no further. Important to note is that this is not a budget party, aka you gotta pay to get in, queen. The cover charge goes like this: $10 before 11:30. $15 before midnight, $20 after. Or, if you come in full psychedelic giddyup, your cover will just be $15 no matter how fashionably late you pull up in the trippy ass fairytale pumpkin carriage of yours that is Lyft (or Uber, if you’re that bitch).



Saturday 11.18.17

Party: CLONE

Most of the parties we profile in this newsletter follow the same general formula — there’s a specific genre of music (typically something danceable), there’s drinks, and queers throwing looks, both fierce and not-so-fierce. Clone breaks that mold a little bit. Sure, there will be drinks and queers, and probably a fair amount of controlled substances, but the point of this party doesn’t seem to be dancing, its essence is “old-school sleaze as physically close to the old Piers as possible.” To go along with the vintage porn playing inside, there will be music sourced from “the cruise bar heyday, 1976 to 1984” and spun by DJs Martin and Damian. There will be an optional $1 clothing check as well! Very yassy. So if you’re tired of the mainstream Something Special-esque parties and you feel like being a shmessy whore, check this one out. Also important to note is that the mood will be a “lax, friendly vibe” (how can it not be lax when there’s a clothing check, papa?) and you get a free shot with your $5 cover. Don’t forget your poppers. Don’t forget your kiki. Miss me with the Tina but hey, if that’s ya game, I won’t stop you from playing it. And remember: lax and friendly — so sharing is caring!



Thursday 11.16.17


Something about basements just makes parties better. Black Flamingo is a taco joint that harbors one of nightlife’s best kept, but also not so best kept, basement dance floors. When I first visited, I ended up dancing with a bunch of British tourists who didn’t offer me any coke (rude) and struggled to not take my shirt off, so I settled for the next best thing: exposing my chest for indefinite periods of time and doing poppers alone. Parties here are intimate as fuck, considering the basement is just about as large as some apartments and can really hold maybe 70 people comfortably? I think. Luckily, it’s a true dance crowd, so everyone moves in waves, gyrating near each other, exchanging sweaty looks in the strobe light and gallivanting upstairs because that’s where the only bar is, so it never feels too blobbish when you’re dancing. This new weekly Thursday party is all about funk and I’m here for that. Expect to be familiar with nothing you hear from the night’s DJs, which is a good thing because you’ll feel free from the known and able to totally settle into the groove for the evening. The bar has a knockout cocktail menu, so don’t make the same mistake as me and end up with tequila sodas all night. As I said, it’s in a basement space and you’ll feel like a silly teenager about to rub shoulders with the cool kids in school… or maybe that’s just me fetishizing my third-tier popularity. (Everyone knew me because I was gay, hunny.) Usually we’re covering parties that are for turbo-gays, and while that’s fabulous, this is a terrific option for a lowkey night out. I mean, it’s Brooklyn, so everyone’s sexy and looks sharp, you can still find a mouth to kiss. Try the tacos and let me know how they are!

FREE, 10:00PM-LATE, Black Flamingo, 169 Borniquen Pl., BK, NY