Monday 08.21.17

Friday Night Soiree at the Museum of Sex

Featuring appearances by Justin Angel, Amanda Lepore, Linux, Kyle Farmery, Pauli Cakes, Grisel Lopez, Pan Dulce, Radical Pomm, Baby Yors, Ryker Allen, Heather Jones, Brian Brigantti, Femmeasfuck, Marcus Tyler, Luxury Carcass, Gia Garison, Guvanch, Sassy Cilantro and many more.

Saturday 08.19.17


Of course the first question that I had when I read Rockaway Beach, was “is it on the beach?” I reached out to Justin and Matty who are the hosts/organizers of the event. The party is taking place on the balcony and rooftop of The Castle. “It’s a very nice place where they usually hold conference style meetings — MoMA PS1 for example — cause Klaus is out here...” The last time I asked the boys about Femme they told me about the party: “We wanted to really celebrate all things femme. Gay, straight, lesbian, trans, etc. and provide a safe place for people to be as queer as they damn well please without having to worry about not being ‘masc enough.’” It makes perfect sense because Rockaway Beach is lit and it’s super queer. So, I’d say arrive early, enjoy the sun and the beach for a few hours, get your tan on and then head to the party. DJ’s are Matty Glitteratti and DJ Love Story, with performances by Justin Harter, Bombazeen Bean and Tiffany Jones Sterling. In case you don’t know how to get there, here are some options: NYC Ferry, Rockaway Beach Bus, MTA (A train), or simply ask a friend that has a car. Hey Charlie! (Can you drive us sexy?).



Friday 08.18.17


With performances by Quay Dash and Dick Van Dick


Where to begin? Woof. Let me get this started for you with the party’s hashtags: #ExplodetheSpectrum #MatrixWide #Bislashtry #ActualShockValue #Morftmtf #FemaleValidation. These should set the tone. Does anyone reading this remember Palisades? That dingy corner spot off the Lorimer (L train) where I used to mosh? Yes? Anyone? I’d seen Juliana Huxtable (pictured) before, but I was there on that fateful night the NYPD party patrol marched their boring asses in and shut down the place. (I was drinking a Modelo at the time when all of the lights came on and men were telling us to get out. Juliana was about to step into her set. One of the parolees happened to be my hometown neighbor. I hid behind my friends who are 5’1”. I’m 5’11”.) The party is totally off the radar like a lot of the gigs at Palisades were. We definitely want to keep it that way because it’s not for everyone. Not sorry!


Shock Value always has a really ridiculous DJ line up, and this installment is no different. It’s a ton of NYC babes (AkanbiBebeCunty CrawfordHelen HarrisHon2ou, plus “Ya Gurl Slash Queen Doll” Juliana Huxtable… ok work) plus two out-of-towners: Ziur (she flew in from Berlin for this gig!!!) and Abby from Detroit. It’s a big old get together. I just met one of the night’s hosts Diamond Stingly the other week at the New Museum where she will exhibit in their forthcoming fall show “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon” and we talked about facemasks but also our bodies as unintentional weapons against ourselves. …

Monday 08.14.17

Girl + Gay Power Karaoke

Duet with your good Judy

I recently went to a karaoke event and watched my best friend perform Lana Del Rey’s classic song “Video Games” in the style of a dirge. It was the first time I’ve cried in three months. (Not actually, ha, but it was a really good night.)


If you’re like me and you regret not belting your heart out the last time you went to a karaoke party, tonight’s your night to redeem yourself. Girl + Gay Power is the karaoke dance party to save you from the Monday blues; taking place from 8pm until midnight in the basement of Cape House in Bushwick, this kiki is sure to be a hoot and a half. There will be free shots for those who sing, but I’ll say more.


Celebrate inclusivity and unity with your baddest bitches, bring your whole gang of girls and gays out for a night fit for queens. We’re told the mood is a mix of super pink/disco/bubbly/punk/girly, and I’m yasssing my way to the bank because tonight could clearly be anything!


It would seem that if there’s ever been a time to relish in faggotry and throw your inhibitions to the wind, it’s now. Take a stand against those who want you to stay silent — you betta work that microphone, mama.


Click here to watch the promo video. …

Saturday 08.12.17


class="s1">Oh honey... oh bitch, you know they did that. “You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, you’re a model. Everything about you is perfect. Did you stone those tights? Oh, you’re smiling! They eat her up every single time she’s on that damn stage...” As part of Frankie Sharp’s summer series at his weekly shindig, Metro*SENSUAL, Miss Congeniality (fan favorite) of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Nine, Valentina will be performing. I remember hearing about this event early on in the summer, and I’m dripping because now it’s finally approaching. I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of Valentina on her season, but I’ve come to be such a fan of hers because she knows she’s glamorous and can be kind of cunty about it. Makes me think of a certain queen from season three. The Latina Goddess is going to turn the house inside the fuck out down boots and you better be there to see it. Also it’s my birthday next Wednesday, just saying if you want to buy me a drink or something I probably wouldn’t say no.



Friday 08.11.17


With performance by Aquaria

Thursday 08.10.17


In last week’s letter I was promoting Thursday night drinking. This week, I am pleased to be back again doing just that! Yasss thirsty Thursdays. Don’t let your little brother tell you it’s just for him and his frat bros. I might be a 2017 graduate but I’ll be partaking in Thursday cocktails until I’m 40. Truzzzzt… In June, when I was partying four out of seven days of the week and dabbling in one too many uppers, my friend Jonny introduced Jordan Alper to me because, in a moment of nightlife ego, apparently they think I have some kind of platform? Thanks GAYLETTER? I mean, I do get into most parties for free. Teehee! Anyways, Jordan let me know he was throwing a new party in August that was for the queer community and specifically geared for those of us that fuck heavy with techno/electronic music. (Like, sober.) He didn’t say that exactly, but that’s how I chose to interpret it. Most people just let the music tickle through their toes when they’re at Holy Mountain or something but a lot of us queers are traversing through Mixcloud on our Monday morning commute. Myself and Jordan included. “I’ve been disappointed that a lot of house music-centered events in New York don’t really represent the largely queer, intersectional history of the genre,” Jordan told me. “The idea of this party is to celebrate that history, and dance. It’s difficult to create a party that feels queer enough, open enough, safe enough; I think it takes a lot of fine tuning and willingness to take in feedback to create nightlife ventures worthy of the folks seeking them out.” Featuring a late, but sure-to-be-stellar, set by Jenifa Mayanja and opening vibes by NYC newbie Phoneg1rl, this brand new party, I cannot recommend enough.

$10, 10:00PM-4:00AM, EL CORTEZ, 17 Ingraham St. BROOKLYN, NY.


Monday 08.07.17


After 12 years, Eastern Bloc threw its last party, featuring performances by Severely Mame, Bible Girl, Daphne Sumtimez, and DJ sets from Cameron Cole, Frankie Sharp and Darren Dryden.

Sunday 08.06.17


Eastern Bloc holds a special place in our hearts. It’s the kind of timeless neighborhood bar that never goes out of style, and its mere existence is comforting. When we first started writing the newsletter, we would finish each letter by walking over to Eastern Bloc to get more drunk (pictured). Back then we were wasted, before, during and after we’d written the letter. The newsletter started under the influence, so the only thing that made sense to us was to keep it going and since we live so close to Eastern Bloc, we would always go say hi to it’s owner Darren who was more than willing to get us drunk. I remember when I was younger I used to hit on Darren, lol. It never led to anything, but points for trying. Hey Daddy Darren, let’s finally do it! Eastern Bloc, as you might have heard, is closing, only to reopen as Club Cumming. They’re planning to renovate the space before it reopens, and Darren tells us that when it does reopen we should expect “a lot more. Daniel Nardicio and Alan Cumming are buying into the business so there will be a lot more going on. A lot of performance events, still gay.” This Sunday they are celebrating the last night of Eastern Bloc, with performances by Severely Mame, Bible Girl, Daphne Sumtimez and DJs for the night are Cameron Cole, Frankie Sharp and Darren Dryden himself. Come have a drink and give Darren a kiss. Congrats on an amazing 12 years. See you in September for Club Cummings.

$5, 9:00PM- 4:00AM, Eastern Bloc NYC, 505 EAST 6TH ST. NY, NY.