Saturday 02.18.17

Party: Gayletter & Eastern Bloc Present: Interracial No. 25 – A fundraiser to benefit the ACLU

Wow INTERRACIAL is back! It’s been a while since we did the last party. I remember the last time was for Halloween. Some trolls came strong on Twitter calling us racist, etc… I mean I am from Dominican Republic and Tom is from Australia, so we created this party a few years ago as a celebration of being different races. If those people would’ve done their research then they wouldn’t be talking out of their asses, saying we were “fetishizing” guys who are interracial. This edition of Interracial is particularly special to us, not only because we are bringing it back to Eastern Bloc — the venue where we did our first Interracial many year’s back—but also because it’s a fundraiser to benefit the ACLU. Given the state of this country (with pupu-caca-Trump in the White House), we must do everything we can to fight for a better America. The event is hosted by GAYLETTER which is me and my partnerinti Tom Jackson, along with Stephanie Stone, Ms. Ter, B. Hollywood and Shiny Penny. Music will be provided by Darren Dryden and Tom Jackson (I hope he’s ready). There’s also a special performance by Will Sheridan. Come say hi, it will be cute, casual and cunt.

$5, 10:30PM, EASTERN BLOC, 505 E 6TH ST. NY, NY.


Friday 02.17.17

Party: Powerhouse Sean B. & Tad Haes co-hosted by GAYLETTER

We love love love this space. Analog BKNY is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but maybe that’s just because we live in Manhattan. If you live in BK, it’s probably not that big of a deal, lol. It’s a really cool, open space with an amazing sound system. It kind of feels like a club in Wynwood in Miami or in Los Angeles. We’re gonna be co-hosting the evening with a bunch of other queens. We suggest you grab a ticket now while they’re cheap (only $8, click here for tickets). Music for the night is by Sean B. (Spank / Xanadude) and Tad Haes (Occupy the Disco / Paradisco). Visual stimulants for the night are provided by Deputy. Expect lots of dancing, carrying, kiking, poppers etc. This is a gay, gay, gay party for people who like to get sweaty and dance. Bring your friends — You’ll have a ball. We promise.

$8, $10, $15, 11:00PM, Analog BKNY, 177 2nd Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 02.15.17


I was watching PWR BTTM’s new video and as usual it was queer as all hell. It got me thinking a lot about queer spaces and how having fun in the winter can be hard because you’re carrying, but also literally carrying a coat, which is not cute. Just last week, I was at a party where Abi was feeling himself and touched a stranger’s faux-fur. I’m won’t name the victim, but my point is that coats can be fun, but without one you can overdose on glitter and that’s more fun. The Footlight is having their first monthly queer party and they asking you to “glitter up or die.” The theme is Anti-Valentine’s (amen) and they note they “will party hard in the name of resistance against the capitalist machine that forces us to fall for this bullshit concept of what is love in relation to mula!” Maybe glitter up or die is an extremity, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and if you want looks to be brought, ultimatums are key. People are protesting President Dump every week, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some have been arrested, and legal fees are nuts, so this party is raising funds to help them out. “LET’S DANCE FOR OUR LIVES AND LIBERATION OF ALL PEOPLE. We will rise above our oppression in the outside world and unite this space where radiance and true love always prevail.” I’m with them on that one!

$5-$10, 8:00PM-2:00AM, THE FOOTLIGHT, 465 Seneca Ave. Ridgewood, NY.


Friday 02.10.17


This one is probably gonna sound random, but I thought we needed to tell you about it. I always find that the best parties happen in the most random places. From where I am from (Dominican Republic) one of the most popular places to party is at the gas station, I know it sounds a bit dangerous, but it sure gets lit. Roberta’s is a very popular restaurant in Brooklyn, it also seems to be a popular destination for queer people, I guess now that I think about it more, it’s not that random, restaurants can get out of control in NYC. Which brings me to this party that one of our star writers, Jonny, who also works there told me about. “It’s like a dance party in their back bar. Kinda small but could be fun if you were in the mood for a Bushwick moment...Yeah it’s queer, we’re so progressive, come on down.” Their Facebook event says “good vibes, go go boys, go go girls, cheap drinks and perverts…” Alright Roberta’s come thru. They’ll be playing some haunted house, terrifying techno and dead disco. Should be fun!

FREE, 8:00PM-1:00AM, ROBERTA’S, 261 Moore ST. BROOKLYN, NY.


Thursday 02.09.17


I just spoke with Casey Spooner (pictured) about this party that he’s DJing along with Carlos Jadraque. He was also telling me about the crazy party that I missed last week at his place, he had over 100 people, “hot dudes, great mix...I am still cleaning, I am hoping the Americano will be as good.” It sounds like I better not miss this one, Carlos told me more about the origin of the party. “I started doing this party last Spring throughout the Summer on Thursdays at the rooftop of Hotel Americano. It is mainly gay (lots of cute boys) but everyone is welcome. The vibe in summer was sexy with great fun music and the perfect start of the night by the pool...” The Hotel Americano has asked him to do a winter edition of the party, “this time it will be held in the basement, where the vibe will be more clubby and we can play music till later (10pm to 2am). It is going to be a bi-weekly party, starting on Feb 9th, to kick-off the official start of NY Fashion Week.” OK, I’m in!

FREE, 10:00PM-2:00AM, HOTEL AMERICANO, 518 W 27th St. NY, NY.


Saturday 01.28.17

Party: MATTE Presents a party with A Club Called Rhonda

I am writing about this party because I love the venue where it’s taking place: Capitale. This space is grand (pictured), giant! I’m also writing about it because the boys from the LA party ‘A Club Called Rhonda’ always turn it out. The party is presented by MATTE which I just learned (thanks to google) is a “creative agency and production company focused on culture and content creation.” I am not sure if they focus on gay events, I don’t see that on their site, (maybe they don’t want to scare their other clients). The party seems very promising, it looks like a fun, ravey night. They have several DJs spread out between the main stage and upstairs — Kevin Saunderson, Wolf + Lamb, Eric ‘Dunks’ Duncan DJ, The Juan MacLean, b2b, Nancy Whang, Nicky Siano, GODDOLLARS & Paradise. Their Facebook page says that they are still celebrating the new year, I think that’s OK since we’ll need several re-dos with the new jerk in the white house. “With two majestic floors of dancing and revelry, a party recalls a bygone time when nightlife meant spectacle, surprise, and intrigue. The night will once again be set beneath the old Bowery Savings Bank’s Corinthian columns, with vaulted 65-foot ceilings under a Venetian glass skylight and expansive marble dance floors.” Got it! Sounds sissy as hell!

$20-$50, 10:00PM-4:00AM, Capitale, 130 BOWERY NY, NY.


Thursday 01.26.17


While Trump is fucking everything up as we expected (told you so — he’s gonna do exactly what he said, and maybe even worse.) Living in NYC, we live inside a “bubble” (which I’m glad, imagine living in those states that elected him.) So let’s take advantage of our ecosystem and do a little gay disco dancing this week at Metropolitan Bar in Brooklyn before the disgusting yellow head officially starts to fuck with the LGBTQ community. There’s something so gay and hopeful about Disco, it always makes me smile. The tunes for the night will be provided by DJs Sparklez (Catiriana Reyes) & Jody (David Sokolowski) with a special guest DJ Cory Hall. A cheap local bar in the BK, friends, disco, what else could you ask for? Never forget that the reason we have relatively safe spaces is because we created them. Gay bars like Metropolitan must be protected. We can’t give up now, go out there and dance your disco butts off. You deserve the distraction.

FREE, 10:00PM, METROPOLITAN BAR, 559 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 01.21.17


We are so excited to be hosting American Whorer with our lovely friend, the artist Gio Black Peter. I can assure you that any party Gio is involved with is gonna be fun — that boy doesn’t know how to do boring. Here’s what he told us to share with all of you: “Anything goes, 2,000 sq.ft. Dungeon Party. You can dance and chill or you can do other things. The space is huge, there are plenty of secretive places to do secretive things. Party is BYOB. No dress code but most guests will be wearing jocks, leather gear, fetish gear, speedos…” The BYOB thing is super convenient, you know how expensive it can get to go out, I always hear lots of people complaining that they are spending too much money partying, so this is for you. Gio confirmed to me that they’ll “supply the ice, cups and sluts.” We’ll be helping Gio host the event along with Casey Spooner and Jacolby Satterwhite. Dj sets by Tyler Stone & Gio himself. Video Installation by Paul Gunn. Pre-order tickets for cheap, available while supplies last, by emailing: We can’t wait to see all of you horny slutty whores. We promise we’ll be extra friendly.



Friday 01.20.17


Organized by Gio Black Peter. Hosted by Casey Spooner, Jacolby Satterwhite and GAYLETTER. DJs sets by Tyler Stone and Gio. Video Installation by Paul Gunn

Wednesday 01.18.17

Party: Oops

I think Oops is such a great name for a party, If you think about all of those drunk ‘mistake’ nights you’ve had in the past, where you woke up the next morning and thought WTF. I feel like the best way to handle these things in 2017 is to just say “oops,” and keep it moving. Oops is a new party happening every Wednesday at The Rosemont. I spoke with Merrie Cherry who’s bartending at the party, she’s so flexible this girl. Merrie said that she was too filled to the brim to be involved with any other events, so she’s just gonna be behind the bar at this one. She told me that the party “has already stirred up some tea. I of course have nothing but respect for all the people involved...” Apparently this party was originally gonna be called Hard Gag, but for some reason it’s now Oops. It’s a bit confusing, but maybe they want to play with the name, I mean its a new party, so whatever. Expect Drag Performances by Jacquée Kennedée, Zenobia & Whopper. Pole shows by Brian Rich and music by DJ Ickarus. Hosted by Jeffrey Scott. Oopsies.