Saturday 10.15.16


I love the name of this party, but it’s probably not for me. Although just because it sounds a bit turbo gay doesn’t mean I can’t get in the mood — you gotta be open to everything. So, here’s the deal, it’s a “one time special event” and “one of the most anticipated events of the season, Trade Saturdays, is returning to one of New York City’s most exclusive neighborhoods…” (That’s what they are calling the Meatpacking District, OK sure.) The event is presented by sweetheart Brian Rafferty and the BR Productions Team, with music by Nina Flores (pictured) and an opening set by Ben Baker. It’s also in collaboration with Scruff — woof, woof, woof. There’s 2 for 1 drinks before 11PM, and maybe the most important part of this event, something to look forward to if you just want to keep it going, is what they “just announced.” Right after Trade, there’s an “all new Mint after hours” at the Gilded Lily — located 3 blocks away from the party ($15-$30), from 4:30am-11:00am, like seriously why go home? Trust me if you wake up early and live around that area, on Sunday morning Grindr and Scruff are gonna be lit. Yup!



Wednesday 10.12.16

Party: BROMO

We mentioned Bromo earlier this year — back in April when the party was brand new — but a few people I know are really into it. If you are in NYC and are starting to feel the cold weather, it’s the right time to go and warm yourself up on the dance floor and possibly find a cuddle buddy, at least for that night. The party is brought to us by Butched (Joey Quinones and JT Almon, pictured) who are also Djing along with Mauro Feola (Beitola, Berlin) and a “special performance” by Angelica Bess of Body Language. Hosts for the night are Oscar Ouk, Jor-El Garcia and Sean Bennett. As we told you last time it’ll be “heavy on the techno” and they are promising “to deliver their friendly blend of fucked-out techno and maddening house tracks all night long for this mid-week debauchery.” It’s a party for “bromos, their friends, and their lovers.” Sounds super fun for a Wednesday night. Everyone is welcome — like always!



Monday 10.03.16

BABY TEA : 9/25

The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: BABY TEA back-to-school special!! Music by Adi J and Claudia De Chalon! Tea set winner and bday gal, Adi!!

Saturday 10.01.16


This is the second installment of this party — they are planning to do 6 of these. Here’s more about it: “I (Simon) have been friends with Antonio Onio that runs a big party in Berlin called Makumba & Chase. Mathey who manages the seminal NYC label DFA Records got together with us to do something new.” They are describing the party as “NYC’s non-stop-dance party for disobedient lovers” I might be making the wrong assumption, but that sounds like you might need molly for it. Simon also told me about the goal of the party: “we aim to create a space in which its very music focused but very sex positive. Everyone is invited, we don’t have a strict door policy. Just be down for it... We like the idea of ‘no rules’, however saying that, the clothes check is at the door.” I like the sound of all of that. Click on this link to Manfreda’s latest track, so you’ll get a taste of what tunes to expect at the party. He’s “heavily praised for his recent releases on Multi Culti & Ivan Smagghe’s new label Les disques de la mort.” Also playing is Gloryhole’16 made up of Chase Mathey (DFA RECORDS) & Simon Leahy (Bottoms).” Panthera Lush is the resident drag queen, I had to mention her name., it’s very cool.

Sign up here for rsvp entry & address:


Friday 09.30.16

Party: RuffHouse 2-year Anniversary

This Friday night we will be on a plane to Los Angeles where we are going to be selling our magazine and other things at the Tom of Finland Art and Cultural Festival. For those of you still in NYC, head to Nowhere Bar for RuffHouse’s 2-year anniversary and host Bryan Beretta’s birthday. “With cheap drinks and specials, check your clothing and inhibitions at the door while you bump and grind into the night. This month’s theme: Jocks & Socks — back by popular demand! Come as you are in your jockstrap and sport socks — athleisure at its hottest.” It’s not so cold that you’ll be chilly in your jockstrap and sport socks, so don’t be shy. I have a feeling this could be a bit of a bro-y crowd, but just sissy it up and “woof, woof, woof” them if they give you any attitude!

Free, 10:00pm-4:00am, Nowhere Bar, 322 E 14th St. NY, NY.


Sunday 08.28.16


I’ve always liked the name of the location for this party: “Secret Project Robot Art Experiment.” She’s nuts and bananas! Which is fitting for this party as it is also a little nuts and the best possible way. “Come celebrate the end of summer with: BBQ + Happi hour until 7pm, cheap drinks all day and empanadas from the Empanada Lady.” Music is by some of our favorite people from around the world. There’s Abby, Bebe, Habibio, Mungo and DJ DJ DeSe. Secret Project is moving locations so this is the last chance you’ll likely have to party there. And as mentioned this is also the last Tortura party for the summer! They have a great backyard which will be open all night. There’s a million hosts listed for this event so I have a feeling it’s gonna be lit. Get outside and enjoy this nice weather while we still have it queen!.

FREE, 5:00PM, Secret Project Robot Art Experiment, 389 Melrose St Brooklyn, NY.


Thursday 08.25.16


The Dauphine of Bushwick and Tommy & Victor present Baby Tea Fire Island! Music by Lemon Verbena and Qossip Qurl. Performances by Merrie Cherry, Patti Spliff, Claudia Cliffer and The Dauphine. Hosted by Mamma San Kazuko and Casey Spooner.

Thursday 08.18.16

Party: Femmequerade Ball – Party to Cure Toxic Masculinity

If you’re still unconvinced that toxic masculinity is an epidemic plaguing our country, please take a moment and Google, “Trump rally.” Are we now all on the same page? While identifying the problem is Step 1, what to do next is a bit trickier. Luckily the brains behind Femmequerade Ball have an answer: “We aim to create a space free of toxic masculinity, where all are liberated to fearlessly dance and love themselves. We believe that if we lovingly spread a hate of cis masculinity, we can manifest self-love in all ppl through the domination of femmenergy.” Quite literally a “feminine Masquerade Ball,” people are encouraged to attend in costume or at least wear a mask. The Ball is hosted by Mima Good and the long list of performers include Jay Boogie (pictured), my friend Zenobia and my other friend’s sister Ashni (impressed that I could somehow make this about me?). Tickets are available in advance at a reduced price, and also at the door. Best of all, cis white straight men will be charged $3 extra because, well, they should be. Come out Thursday night and join the fight to find a cure.

$10 in advance, $15 door, $18 for cis straight white men, 8:00PM, GOOD ROOM , 98 MESEROLE AVE BK, NY.


Friday 08.12.16

Party: Thotlandia HOE Olympics

Yay, the Olympics are on! It’s a chance to see some of the fittest people on the planet compete for sporting glory, often in tiny clothing, which is very kind of them. I’ll be watching the swimming, diving, wrestling, and gymnastics. If they don’t show skin, I’m not in! To coincide with the Games, Thotlandia, the long running Brooklyn party are hosting a “Hoe Olympics” addition. I’m Very excited for this one. Music for the night is by KCSB, Mazurbate, DJ DJ Dese (love her!) and Mister Vacation. It’s hosted by Vyle and Zaina, Apple Drysdale and a bunch of other queens who I would mention if I had the space. Starts at 9:00PM, and ends at 4:00AM. It’s always a cute crowd at this party, and plenty of carrying. Break some records, go for gold, hoe.



Thursday 08.11.16


I was away with a group of friends at a lake house in Maine and I realized how comfortable all of them were at being nude. One of them rarely wore any clothes when he got into the lake. I mean why bother right? It’s more natural anyways. This brings me to this event, which is not a full nude thing, but I think you can push for it. You can check your pants once you get there with the queen Zalika Parsons — she’s handling the clothing department. It’s a “Boylesque Show and underwear party,” presented by Madame Vivien V. Yay! Their Facebook page is amped: “We’re back and ready to show off our summer bods! Come get sweaty as we amp up the heat at Brooklyn’s sexiest underwear party. A night packed with incredible pop house DJs and the most in demand boylesque performers. Strip away your worries and celebrate your sexiness. This party is for YOU!!” Expect music by DJs Penny Lane and Logan’s Run. Also featuring GoGo Gadget, Jackie Nova, Vin Sin. It’s at Metropolitan Bar in Brooklyn, anything can happen there, trust.