Friday 06.23.17


With a performance from Nina Bonina Brown and, on the roof, LINDA with the Misshapes

Tuesday 06.20.17


We have to admit it — Pride Month this year a little bit strange! The parade is being televised for the first time on ABC for one thing, and then there’s Facebook with their new pride rainbow reaction emoji, Urban Outfitters is doing some half-assed rainbow t-shirts, McDonald’s is making fries gay. Honestly, we’re a little upset the crosswalks aren’t rainbow colored! What the fuck, NYC?!


That said, we’re back with our GAYLETTER PRIDE GUIDE to offer a little consistency to the now ever-so-trendy pride. While cruising our emails and Facebook events, it seems as though everyone working in queer nightlife is ready to hit the ground running. There are a few brand new parties premiering this week, along with some very fresh ones and of course the super great recurring ones.


The New York Times is reporting that queer nightlife is back. There are a ton of new queer communities popping up in every borough and it’s really exciting to be partying considering there are spaces being started or taken over for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community.


Let’s not forget why this month started and that we should celebrate every day after June 30th. We’re just entering the thick of the next four, orange-hued years. Let’s keep our heads up and our skirts hiked even higher.





Tyler Ashley has been throwing Baby Tea for three awesome years, but it’s time “to take a break.” It’s actually coming back two times this summer on Fire Island, so watch out for those event postings. …

Friday 06.16.17


The Misshapes are back!


This is exactly what we need to be doing this Friday night. And I’m not kidding. We all need to get our tight (or loose) butts to The Eagle for this very worthwhile jockstrap happy hour. Yes, you heard me right, a jockstrap happy hour. It is as exactly what it sounds like, but there is a twist that should warm all our little hearts. This particular jock strap happy hour at the Eagle in Chelsea is also a fundraiser for the “Leather Archives and Museum, a Chicago based organization dedicated to preserving the history of leather and kink.” I heard Dan Savage mention that when asked in surveys more than 50% of people say they have an interest outside of what is considered “normal” sexual behavior. This could be anything from voyeurism to feet, to of course, leather. Basically, he was arguing that if a majority of people have kinks then that should be what’s considered “normal” sexual behavior. I couldn’t agree more. I’m still discovering my kinks and I hope you are too. Kinks are fun. Go find a few more at The Eagle this Friday and raise some money for a good cause. It’s a win-win!

$5, 7:00PM-9:00PM, THE EAGLE NYC, 554 W. 28TH ST. NY, NY.


Thursday 06.15.17

LINDA at The Public Hotel

A new party by The Misshapes

Back in 2004 I used to be a regular at the party Misshapes, which was created by the NYC creative collective of DJs Greg Krelenstein, Leigh Lezark and Geordon Nicol (pictured). It used to be THE party to go to every Saturday, I probably made out with half the people there. It was lit and kissing everyone in sight was the thing that young drunk kids were doing. The party got so big that even Madonna came to DJ, I remember we all went nuts! The Misshapes are back with a weekly party called LINDA starting June 15 at the rooftop of the Public Hotel.


I reached out to them to learn more about it. Geordon told me that “The name LINDA just randomly came up and then about a week after talking about it I was watching the Gregg Araki movie ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’ which is set in this county in California called Loma Linda, then coincidentally I was watching ‘Enter The Void’ and the first line of the movie is “Hey, LINDA” so I took it as a sign…..” Leigh added: “Those Lindas over there, Linda Evangelista, ¡Qué Linda!” The Misshapes will DJ every party, but they will also have a group of rotating DJs and hosts. Some of the peeps involved are Ty Sunderland, Joey Quiñones, Avie Acosta, Eli Escobar, Roman Jody, RJ King, Martin Gregory, Jordan Stawecki and many more. …

Thursday 06.08.17


Lots of our queer female readers always tell us, why don’t you guys cover more lesbian events? The truth is that I am not a lesbian and no one at GAYLETTER is a lesbian, yet! But, trust, we are trying… I am glad that I inquired more about this party, Peggy, and of course I opened my inquiry with the possibly dumb question: “Why is it called Peggy?” This is how Daniella, whose throwing the party, explained to me via email: Gays: How was your date, Hannah? Hannah: It was great! I got pegged for the first time. Gays: Oh,, you didn’t. Misguided Hannah may not have known the difference between girl on girl strap-on sex and hetero-pegging, but we get what she was saying and we’re owning it.” I mean, duh! Daniella added that “Peggy started between a group of friends who wanted a place where lesbians can have a drink, dance to 2000’s remixes, and run into their 5 ex’s. Peggy Pride will be its third installment and now that it’s summertime, we’re ready to come out of hibernation, take over the backyard and shamelessly flirt with “straight” girls.” Yesss get that Summer pussy! The party has rotating DJs and this week DJ KuoKuo & DJ Cate Millar will spin. $6 tallboy and a shot and for this Pride edition they’ll be serving “a very special, very sapphic drink…” I am not gonna write what I am thinking, but squirting is always fun.



Wednesday 06.07.17


Presented by The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men with music by DJ Skirtsuit AKA Amber Alert and performances by Gypsy Hill, The Dauphine, and Beirut's finest Pun Najjar! Happy Birthday dollfaces Emira and Gypsy!

Friday 06.02.17


We always say that it’s very hard to keep a party going in NYC for longer than a couple of months. As easy and fun as it sounds to produce a party it’s also a lot of hard work. “We can’t believe it’s already been a year of dancing and prancing at Powerhouse! This party has been everything we hoped, huge sound at a killer space with an amazing mix of BK beards and Manhattan booty.” Powerhouse is celebrating its one year anniversary with what they are calling a “blow out.” We have been to the party, and hosted it a few times, so take our recommendation seriously! If you are looking for a party to dance and sweat this weekend, then this is it. Analog is a really cool, open space and their sound system is amazing. Open Vodka bar from 11:00PM-Midnight. Visuals by Deputy and music by Sean B. (Spank/Xanadude) and Tad Haes (Occupy The Disco/Paradisco). Limited $5 tickets on sale now. Go and get one before they run out. Happy one year anniversary!

$5,$7,$10,, 11:00PM, Analog BKNY, 177 2nd Ave. BROOKLYN, NY.


Tuesday 05.30.17


Sunday 05.28.17

Party: The Sliiide (daytime)

I might or might not have been on mushrooms when I visited The Woods a few summers ago, the location where this party is happening. I know it doesn't really matter what my state of mind was, but I guess what I am trying to say is that I am still no sure if I have or have not been there. Anyways, Amber Valentine and JD Samson) two of our favorite DJs in NYC) are bringing us a new monthly Sunday afternoon Disco party at The Woods. Joining them to DJ is Beppe Savoni (who I haven't seen in ages, hey Beppe!) and Justin Strauss. This sounds more exciting to me because I love an outdoor party that involves day drinking. Expect "special guests, delicious food, and ice cold drinks..." It's also the celebration of Amber Valentine's Birthday. Happhy Birthday, girl! As I write this post, I'm crossing my fingers that they'll have a slide there. I really hope so.

FREE, 2:00PM-10:00PM, The Woods, 48 S 4th st. Brooklyn, NY.