Saturday 01.21.17


We are so excited to be hosting American Whorer with our lovely friend, the artist Gio Black Peter. I can assure you that any party Gio is involved with is gonna be fun — that boy doesn’t know how to do boring. Here’s what he told us to share with all of you: “Anything goes, 2,000 sq.ft. Dungeon Party. You can dance and chill or you can do other things. The space is huge, there are plenty of secretive places to do secretive things. Party is BYOB. No dress code but most guests will be wearing jocks, leather gear, fetish gear, speedos…” The BYOB thing is super convenient, you know how expensive it can get to go out, I always hear lots of people complaining that they are spending too much money partying, so this is for you. Gio confirmed to me that they’ll “supply the ice, cups and sluts.” We’ll be helping Gio host the event along with Casey Spooner and Jacolby Satterwhite. Dj sets by Tyler Stone & Gio himself. Video Installation by Paul Gunn. Pre-order tickets for cheap, available while supplies last, by emailing: We can’t wait to see all of you horny slutty whores. We promise we’ll be extra friendly.



Friday 01.20.17


Organized by Gio Black Peter. Hosted by Casey Spooner, Jacolby Satterwhite and GAYLETTER. DJs sets by Tyler Stone and Gio. Video Installation by Paul Gunn

Wednesday 01.18.17

Party: Oops

I think Oops is such a great name for a party, If you think about all of those drunk ‘mistake’ nights you’ve had in the past, where you woke up the next morning and thought WTF. I feel like the best way to handle these things in 2017 is to just say “oops,” and keep it moving. Oops is a new party happening every Wednesday at The Rosemont. I spoke with Merrie Cherry who’s bartending at the party, she’s so flexible this girl. Merrie said that she was too filled to the brim to be involved with any other events, so she’s just gonna be behind the bar at this one. She told me that the party “has already stirred up some tea. I of course have nothing but respect for all the people involved...” Apparently this party was originally gonna be called Hard Gag, but for some reason it’s now Oops. It’s a bit confusing, but maybe they want to play with the name, I mean its a new party, so whatever. Expect Drag Performances by Jacquée Kennedée, Zenobia & Whopper. Pole shows by Brian Rich and music by DJ Ickarus. Hosted by Jeffrey Scott. Oopsies.



Saturday 01.14.17


2017 is already here and so far we have been trying to ignore the political nightmare as much as possible and simply carry. Carrying is the only way to live, if you are not carrying you are maybe, possibly, a boring person and if you are a boring person then too bad for you, simply stay home. Hey, it’s 2017, a year that already looks like a nightmare, but don’t take it too seriously, you could die tomorrow. Not to sound dramatic, but hey, it could happen to any of us. Too deep? This post is not about anything serious, it’s just a party that we like, that has been around for a long time now — we have mentioned it in our newsletter a few times — It’s The Carry Nation (pictured)and it’s the first one for 2017. Who’s ready to carry? It will be lots of fun and there will be lots of weed and molly friendly music provided by The Carry Nation (of course), Christy Love & W. Jeremy, Caleb Maisonet, Bearcat and DJ Haram. Your hosts for the night are a bunch of sluts (not sure if this is true, but let me carry for a bit), including Orlando Estrada, Simon Fortin, Bailey Stiles and Becca McCharen (Chromat). Also, I heard that some of them are into pissplay. I guess that’s the carry for 2017.

$10, $15, $20 after midnight, 10:00PM-5:00AM, GOOD ROOM, 98 Meserole Ave. BK, NY.


Friday 12.30.16


Here's what you can and should do on the last night of of the year

Hello, Hello, Hello,

Welcome to GAYLETTER’s NYE round-up. Here you’ll find a list of all the best parties you can attend this Saturday night. We will probably be at least a couple of them, so if you see us, feel free to stop by and say hello. A kiss would also be nice. And if you’re feeling extra friendly a quick handy would also be a wonderful way to welcome in the New Year.

See you in 2017!



PARTY: Love Is the Message Benefit
NYE is my favorite holidays because it’s based on nothing religious and everything revolves around alcohol. Not really sure what else to say. So, yeah, if you’re like me, you’re trying to get this weekend started on the right foot. Eli Escobar is a sweetheart and rounded up some fabulous DJs to put on an amazing evening at Good Room that will graciously say goodbye to 2016 “by sharing some love on the dancefloor. Twelve NYC DJs are donating their time for the ‘Love is the Message Benefit’ with all proceeds going to the Trevor Project and the International Refugee Assistance Project.” Some of my favorite NY DJs will be spinning (Amber Valentine, JD Samson). After a really wonky year, this is the really your best way to put a start to the end.
$20, 10:00pm, Good Room, 98 Meserole Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


PARTY: Glitter Fest

This is about the gayest of gay events you could attend this NYE. …

Thursday 12.22.16


Earlier this year I feel like I got to know Lady Bunny a bit more by going to her Trans-Jester show at The Stonewall. This bitch is absolutely insane, (as I mentioned before in my recommendation to see her show) in the best possible way. We decided to keep this Christmas week as gay and iconic as possible, yeah that’s right, look at this entire letter. That’s what we are giving you. I am not sure what Lady Bunny is gonna be doing at Metropolitan Bar this Thursday, December 22, but here is what I read: “The Lady Bunny is traveling all the way to Williamsburg to spread Holiday cheer...” I think even if she just sits around that should be enough of reason for you to go to Metro, just stare at Bunny or try talking to her, she’ll teach you some new stuff, trust me. DJ Michael Cavadias will spin “disco, rock, funk & more to make you go wild all night like the Christmas Tree you secretly are.” Who’s the Christmas tree? Never heard that as a compliment. A la inti!



Sunday 12.18.16

Party: Battle Hymn: Last Battle of 2016!

We kind of forgot we were hosting the last edition of Battle Hymn for 2016 until we started planning our week yesterday. We have so many Xmas parties this week that we’re gonna have to pace ourselves to make it to Sunday, but trust we’ll get there. Battle Hymn is one of our favorite parties. There’s really nothing else like it at the moment. Not only is the space incredible, but the sound system is probably the best in NYC. Only Output comes close to sounding as good. Hosting with us this week is: Amanda Lepore, Aquaria, Boomer Banks, CT Hedden, Christina Visca, Desi Santiago, Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza, Hana Quist, Harry Charlesworth, Jason Rodgers, Javier Ninja, Kyle Farmery, Magdalena, Marco Ovando, Martin Gregory Muffy, Nick Contrera, Oscar Ouk and Sussi. That’s a lot of names, so be prepared to have a lot of fun. We know it’s Sunday night, but chill girl, you’ll live going to work on Monday with a hangover. It’s Xmas season anyways, so no one will be really paying much attention to your tired ass. I promise!

$5 before 11:30PM $10 after, Flash Factory, 229 W 28th St. (B/W 7&8th) NY, NY.


Saturday 12.10.16


When Ladyfag throws a new party we have to tell you about it! It's only polite. This one is happening in Williamsburg at this place called Schimanski which I've never been to, I just googled it and it looks like it’s in the old Verboten space, so my drunk body has been in that space, but maybe it’s all remodeled into a whole new experience. The party is called The Closet and we just know she’s gonna turn it out. This is a new monthly party. In her email to us she says: “believe it or not, I still have holes that need filling...Brooklyn. Dark beats.” OK girl. She also said that the venue has 2 rooms with “an insane sound system....” The music sounds promising and molly-friendly, it will be provided by resident DJ's Fatherhood and Butched. For the first edition they flew in DJs Spencer Parker from Berlin and Kim Anh from Los Angeles. Others involved in the party, who Lady is calling "her skeletons," include Alissa Brianna, Bcalla, Forrest Wu, Gio Rgi Mjavanadze, Jor-El Garcia, Patti Spliff, The Culture Whore, Tyler Ashley and many more. “Come out, come out wherever you are…

$15-$20, 11:00PM, Schimanski, 54 N. 11th St. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 12.02.16


“NYC Inferno is a new monthly party for friends, fuckbuddies and lovers of all kinds.” I’m talking about a sex party! That doesn’t mean that if you go you must participate, but if that’s your mood, here you have it. I know that before people go to sex parties, they are not walking around saying “Mom, I am heading to a sex party tonight,” but come on, don’t pretend that it’s not a natural thing. We know you whores fuck around, it’s cool, it’s very popular with gay men. We are not gonna judge you, so go at it! Adam (who’s helping promote the party) told me more about what to expect at the party, “people should expect a hot, diverse, attitude-free crowd of people —  the vibe is very open, not-shady, kind and respectful whether you're into someone's scene or not…” Sounds chill. He also told me that they’ll have “a Troll Hole Popper Shop open from 10-12AM. Troll Hole, is Bushwick's amazing queer feminist sex shop.” So, you don’t have to worry about if you forgot to buy poppers. Also, “All proceeds for the evening will be split equally between two amazing charities that work for justice for queer people of color both in NYC and the Deep South: SONG (Southerners on New Ground) and F2L.” You can always just go and watch, or simply dance (DJ Will Automagic will provide tunes) don’t get too drunk, be safe and be friendly. Aren’t you glad I told you about this event, You are so welcome :).

$20, 10:00pm-4:00am


Monday 11.28.16

BABY TEA for T 2.0: A Trans Advocacy Fundraiser Benefiting Callen-Lorde Community Health Center and Trans Lifeline