Friday 04.28.17

Party: The Final 11:11

Ladyfag brought us the party 11:11 for over four years, that’s a long time for a NYC gay party —  Congratulations for keeping it going so long! The party is now coming to an end with the final edition happening this Friday, March 28. Ladyfag told me that “it’s bittersweet for sure, it could have kept going for a lot longer, but I think it’s always wise to leave any party while it’s still fun and not at the end of the night...the same applies here. It’s been an amazing 4.5 years, it’s been a home sweet home for so many of 11:11 wish really did come true...So much love & gratitude to my amazing team & most of all big thanks to my partner in crime Michael Magnan who has been my rock through it all.” Awe that’s sweet, we love Michael too, he’s such a great DJ and a sweetheart. Come to the last edition of 11:11, it’s time to say goodbye to another great NYC party. Music for this last event will be provided by Fatherhood (Michael Magnan & Physical Therapy), Christy Love, Donkey (Josh Sparber & Mikey Fuentes) and Will Automagic. Lots of hosts including the fabulous Amanda Lepore, Aquaria, Stephanie Stone, Bailey Stiles, Marco Ovando, La’fem Ladosha, Will Sheridan, Sussi and many more. Oh, and one more thing, I heard rumors that Lady might have another Friday night party coming soon, so stay tuned.

Free before 11:30 $10 after, 11:11PM, 244 East Houston St. NY, NY.


Saturday 04.22.17

Party: METRO*Sensual with Rupaul Drag Race’s Charlie Hides Live!

Until you’ve been to the /r/rupaulsdragrace subreddit, you may not know how far a carry can go. These internet children go in really deep to get a gag. As I’m writing this, an image from our Katya story, in the latest issue of GAYLETTER, is trending in the “hot” section. The magazine isn’t even in stores yet and we’re pretty sure we never posted this spread online. Yet, there she is. Every member of the subreddit chooses a queen from the current season to appear next to their username. Before Season 9 began airing, the community was feeling Nina Bonina Brown (duh), Shea Couleé (sure), Sasha Velour (I see it), and, Charlie Hides. These kids clearly know everything, so I’ve been leaning on trust for that last one. However, I’m not confident the show has done her justice. Luckily, this Saturday, Charlie Hides is performing for the second installment of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Brooklyn Rusidency at Metropolitan Bar. Can’t stand to watch another queen lip sync? That’s fine, gal! Charlie Hides decidedly, defiantly, and demonstrably does not lip sync. She sings live. And she’s funny. And she’s very sweet. I’m excited to shed her edit and meet the Charlie that built up her decades-long reputation. Drag shows at Metro are about as intimate as it gets — you see it all. It’s the perfect chance to begin a reddit career with some exclusive footage of the Dame herself. Then for the rest of the night, Frankie Sharp and La’Fem Ladosha will be DJ’ing. Hopefully the back patio will be open and bumping too. So stay all night, they’ve got what you need.

$5, 10:00PM, Metropolitan Bar, 559 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, NY.


Thursday 04.20.17


It’s 4/20 so you know what I’ll be doing today. The past few years we have done some fun celebrations on 4/20 from baking a variety of THC infused gourmet sweets to frying tempura with a group of friends, we even had the food magazine Put an Egg On It come to my small apartment to photograph the whole thing. Fun right? I am a bit annoyed that 4/20 falls on a Thursday this year, but whatever, anytime you can take a puff on that day, please do it, your mind and body needs it. I spoke with JT Almon about this party (he’s DJing), here’s what he had to say: “it’s one of those — if you happen to peel yourself off the couch and have a cup of coffee come out to dance — parties...we are just starting it on 4/20. I wanted to start a less gendered party than Bromo to have women and femmes feel more welcomed, but mostly my goal is to provide a free party in Brooklyn with great music where they gays can hang and feel comfortable — accessibility is a really important thing to me.” The party is at Bossa Nova in Brooklyn which JT describes as a cute and intimate space. Other DJs joining him are Bearcat and Physical Therapy. Plus hosts for the night are Patti Spliff (she’s lovely), Jason Scott Rosen (lovely name) and Gio Rgi Mjavanadze (also lovely). For god sakes, please, please, please don’t forget to get high.

FREE, 10:00PM, Bossa Nova Civic Club, 1271 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 04.15.17


I am obsessed with the 1978 film ‘Eyes of Laura Mars,’ set in NYC, and directed by Irvin Kershner. It stars Tommy Lee Jones and Faye Dunaway (Laura) as a fierce fashion photographer that somehow has the ability to see visions from a serial killer’s perspective. The music and the fashion in this film are fantastic, not to mention the carry is strong in those photoshoots. I strongly recommend you to go watch this film if you haven’t. It makes sense that they are throwing a queer disco party inspired by this film. It’s the third party that Alÿ Sálem is hosting at the Hotel Americano, he did two other themed parties there before: an “Egyptian” and a “Weimar Berlin” one. For this one he’s encouraging you to wear “seventies chic… Wide lapels, bell-bottoms, platform shoes, Laura Mars style fur coats over lingerie, Jerry Hall side-swept Hair, Farah Fawcett hair, sequins, Gold Lamé Turbans, Patti Hearst Symbionese Liberation Army gear, Rollerina Chic, Platinum Records as Head Gear, Grace Jones Butch Realness, Bianca Jagger riding in on a white horse and sky-high stilettos.” Music will be provided by Carlos Jadraque. I’d say watch the film then go out, you deserve it homo.

SEARCH EYES of LAURA MARS on FACEBOOK TO RSVP, 8:00PM-1:00AM, Hotel Americano, 518 W 27th St., NY, NY


Friday 04.14.17


Much to my discontent, I still haven’t gone to this party! GAYLETTER has hosted before, and Abi is always raving (no pun intended) about Analog’s light fixtures. It’s a grid that hangs above the dance floor that will either keep your pussy in check or push your senses over the edge. I guess it depends on how lit you’re feeling. Hopefully it’s the latter! Abi is always telling me the sound system can carry, and because of the music, the boys, the lights and the drinks, you get an atmospheric boner. Actually, my sister, Christy Burlington Coat Factory, was so “overwhelmed” last time she was at Powerhouse she stepped outside with a friend for some “fresh air.” One only wonders what they did, but she felt relieved soon after. Last time we hosted I had to miss it on account of my mom’s birthday, but had major fomo for obvious reasons. I am always loving the stories the boys give me after a night out with Sean B. & Tad Haes. Expect the music to keep your heart pumping and your skin wet. Spring has motherfucking sprung so leave your windbreakers and jeans at home. Trust, you’re going to want to dress light. The space is intimate and the bass is deep. If I haven’t sold you yet, there is an open vodka bar from 11pm-12am. What more do you really need?

$5-$10, 11:00PM-6:00AM, ANALOG BKNY, 177 2nd Ave. BK, NY.


Thursday 04.13.17

REBAR NYC Launch Event

I have some memories of this space, where the former G Lounge used to be. It brings me back to my “prostitution” years. I was going to FIT in the neighborhood, I was 22 with a curly afro and I used to wear tight, over designed Diesel jeans. I would go to EVERY gay happy hour in that area, between classes, in the middle of class, after class… I mean, I was thirsty. One day I was at G Lounge with a friend and this older man put $50 in my jacket pocket and smiled at me. I sort of smiled back and used the cash to pay for drinks for me and my friend. Later the guy came over and asked me what I was doing after and I told him I wasn’t sure… And then he put in my pocket some more cash. My friend told me, “You know you look like a prostitute right?” I was like “Really?”


A few weeks after that, at the same place, a man waved some money at me in the bathroom area and was like “Come with me I’m close by…” Hey! I used that money to take my friends to Benny’s Burritos the next day.


The other day, I was walking by that block and some of those memories came back to me, I wondered where are all the fun local bars in Chelsea now? Well, a new bar called Rebar NYC is opening in the same space on April 13th, 2017. …

Tuesday 04.11.17

SLATHER FACTORY at Mmhmmm, The Standard, Hollywood (3.24.17)

With Edward Vigiletti, Love Bailey, Bashir Naim, Alanna Pearl, Simon Seapony, B.J. Dini, Jon Vaz Gar and many others

Sunday 04.09.17

Party: Paradisco – Music by Occupy The Disco

The roof has been opened for a little while at the Standard, Highline but, now it feels like the right time to go hang out up there. It’s finally warmer in NYC and it’s time to do more things outdoor, I have already been having drinks at my terrace (which is my fire scape), I am thirsty for the warmer weather and for the chance to leave my apartment. Occupy The Disco, the DJ collective comprised of Josh Appelbaum, DJ RuBot & Tad Haes bring us a new edition of Paradisco at Le Bain at The Standard. We’ve mentioned this party a few times in the past, it has been around for awhile now — they just celebrated their  5th year anniversary last week. For those of you that throw parties, you’ll know that it’s very difficult to keep a party going strong in NYC for that long. Congratulations guys, keep it up! It seems that their formula is working. Rhu Bhatt, one of the DJs, and creators of the party, told me that “it’s a party where the focus is the music, really. We don’t have hosts, go-go-boys etc...we play Disco, House, even some R&B. people can expect good music...” I just checked the weather app on my phone and it says that it’s gonna be sunny and close to 60 degrees. How lovely is that!?

FREE, 3:00PM-9:00PM, Le Bain at The Standard, High Line, 848 Washington St. NY, NY.


Saturday 04.08.17

Party: BE CUTE

Be Cute. It’s a novel concept. Some people are naturally cute, but I do believe that everyone has the ability to be cute. It’s got nothing to do with looks, being cute is an attitude. Being confident is cute. Knowing who you are is cute. Having standards and being clear about them is cute. Wearing a nice outfit and doing your hair is cute. Being nice is cute. And being cute is always cunt. This Saturday the party ‘Be Cute’ is celebrating their 4th year anniversary. I asked one of the hosts, performer, fam friend to the party, Tyler Ashley (pictured), what we should expect and here’s what he had to say: “Be Cute is always the best mixed queer dance party with a lovely...and rowdy...fam, so who the hell knows what will happen — and Horrorchata (the creator of the party) is celebrating 4 years of it!! Expect fierce showz on one of the best drag stages in BK, great beats by the likes of THE JD Samson, and the incredible Empanada Lady NYC serving delicious eats! What more could you want?!” Now that’s how you be cute! Thanks never failing to deliver the cute Tyler. See ya’ll there!

$5/$10, 11:00PM, Littlefield, 622 Degraw St. Brooklyn, NY.


Friday 04.07.17

Party: Gayletter x Roberta’s present: Chapman & Harley at ROBERTA’S TIKI BAR

I was wrote earlier this year in a previous letter that Roberta’s was lit. I wrote about this party when one of our writers/ GAYLETTER family member,  Jonny, who also works at Roberta’s, told us that we had to check it out. Now it’s officially a gay party, we (GAYLETTER) are gonna be co-presenting the event — we are ready for Roberta’s. It’s also Jonny’s Birthday, so it’s all extra special. This is what I told you last time… “It’s like a dance party in their back bar. Kinda small but could be fun if you were in the mood for a Bushwick moment...Yeah it’s queer...good vibes, go go boys, go go girls, cheap drinks and perverts…”  This week is going to be extra fun at Roberta’s Tiki Bar cause we are coming and all of you are joining us. Their FB page is telling you “to do poppers and pass out on the dancefloor...Shag a dude in a dark corner. Indulge in a super alcoholic pink frozen drink. Tell Jonny “Happy Birthday” with a paddle to his ass.” Will do! Music is by Chapman & Harley. Join us right after you watch Rupaul’s Drag Race. It’s your first stop this weekend. See you there!

FREE, 8:00PM-1:00AM, Roberta’s, 261 Moore St Brooklyn, NY.