Friday 04.29.16


Oh wow even The Monster is stepping it up in 2016. Apparently they have made "tremendous" updates to the club. They have “re-vamped their DJ booth, sound system, mixer and lighting in order to cater to an even wider array of DJs and performers while putting on a better experience for club-goers. At the upstairs bar they’ve made both of their restrooms gender neutral with a brand new stall added to the one time men’s only restroom – they’re eager to accommodate all genders.” Yasss Monster come thru. I haven’t seen what they did, but that place was always fun and totally ratchet. Ratchet is good, but an update is always welcome. Their newest party is called KWIR, and it’s a collaboration with Yamil x. It’s a dance party “for the entire community, a safe space for everyone to let loose, dance and sing.” Don’t miss their first night. The password for free entry is ‘BLAZE’ oh and they’ll have $5 Stoli vodka drinks from 10:00PM onwards. Not bad!



Monday 04.25.16


The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: Music by Alexis Blair Penney and Raul de Nieves! Performance by The Dauphine! Hosted by Birthday Boys Alan Salcedo and Robert Kessler. Tea Set Winner Merlot!

Sunday 04.17.16


Earl Dax (pictured) is someone we have known for at least 7 years. He is the producer of many wonderful performance events, the most famous of which is Pussy Faggot, which is a night of a thousand performers from all walks of life (next Sunday is its 7-year anniversary.) Earl has been travelling for a while now, he was in Mexico and most recently he returned from Cuba. He’ll be celebrating his b’day after Carol Lipnik’s show at Pangea on 2nd ave. Carol is a cabaret singer who’s famous for having a million, trillion octave voice, so she’s def worth seeing. Earl has organized a deal where if you use the code EFFN45 you’ll get tickets to Carol for half price (only $10). See a show, party with Earl, sounds like a pretty nice way to spend a Sunday night. Happy birthday kween!.

FREE, 9:00PM, Pangea, 178 2nd Ave., NY , NY


Saturday 04.16.16

Party: The Gentlemen’s Event

I checked out this party a few weeks ago with some multiracial friends. It’s a party that takes place in the basement of the Hotel Americano and I’d say it’s 95% black dudes. The other 5% was me, my Mexican friends, my Turkish friend and Andy Cohen from Bravo. He was in heaven, I guess that queen likes himself some dark chocolate. I don’t blame him, the crowd was hot as hell. The basement at the Americano is not a big space, but it’s perfect for the size of the crowd who showed up when we were there. Also, the DJ was fucking amazing. He was this cute Asian dude with incredible taste. I was dancing my ass off. The Gentlemen’s Event happens once a month. My friend had a text invite and got us in with no problems, but they were acting a little cunty at the door, so as always, be patient and polite. Have fun.

Free before midnight,, 11:00PM, HOTEL AMERICANO, 518 w 27th st., NY, NY


Thursday 04.14.16

HUMP 4.6 at Rumpus Room

Wednesday 04.06.16

Party: Bromo

This is the second installment of the party Bromo. It’s brought to us by Butched (Joey Quinones and JT Almon) who are also DJing along with A Village Raid. The night is gonna be “heavy on the techno” and they are promising “to deliver their friendly blend of fucked-out techno and maddening house tracks all night long for this mid-week debauchery.” It’s a party for “bromos, their friends, and their lovers.” Hosts for the night are Forrest Wu, Gio Rgi Mjavanadze, Nino Shengalaia, Jor-El Garcia, and Cameron Dang. Most of them are hot and not white, so that’s a good sign, variety is always a good thing, gotta keep it Interracial! They say everyone is welcome, “including bros.” Ok then!



Sunday 04.03.16


Here’s a brand new party by Ladyfag! Battle Hymm begins this Sunday, April 3rd and continues “the long tradition in gay culture of going to “church,”” she’s calling it a “post-T” party since it starts early (at 9:00PM). Knowing some of you, you will likely just be finishing with brunch by then. “We’re playing disco & classic house, then we’ve got house & tech house to make you dance till dawn…” The music will be provided by resident DJs The Carry Nation and Honey Dijon. This week the DJ Todd Terry will join the opening party. It seems that Ladyfag will have surprises each week: who else is coming for the opening week? We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s Spring and the flowers are coming out, the cum trees are almost blooming, this is all very exciting. We have been waiting for a great Sunday party, this one seems very promising. Ladyfag is describing it as “The gospel according to the dancefloor…” Cute.

free before 10:00pm, $10-15 after, 9:00PM-3:00AM, Flash Factory, 229 W 28th St. NY, NY.


Saturday 04.02.16

Party: RAZOR 5000

This party is produced by the Brooklyn based drag queen Horrorchata, it’s an “LGBTQ event done in a diverse, safe and sickening way.” Razor was a slang word in the 90s and 5000 “is the level of turn up” Horrorchata told me over Facebook chat. Yeah we are modern. “Razor happens every full moon — but more like once a year lol.” There’s going to be a special performance by the amazing Merrie Cherry and a “latina take over” which sounds great, anything to make Trump mad. Yasss Latina power. Basically lots of the people involved are Latinas including Zemmoa (she is Mexico city’s new it girl according to Paper Magazine), Amor Prohibido (Selena Cover Band), Will Zanni. DJs BeBe (Tortura), Honey Daniels and Horrorchata. Also involved, are some “dragz” including Untitled Queen, Lady Quesdilla and Raul de Nieves. Trust me they are not the only ones in drag. Other hosts include: JamesMichael (Huffington Post), Avory QuincyAgony (Hey Queen), Alan Salcedo Alrahi III (Social Ducky) and Tyler Ashley (Dalphine of Bushwick). These people love a title. Food is by Empanada Lady NYC. That’s it.



Tuesday 03.29.16

Daybreaker presents DUSK #2 Inside Willy Wonka’s Head

A positive love/dance-fest that is booze free

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)_GAYLETTER

Our friend Beatrice has been going to this Daybreaker party for some time now. She’s asked me to come a couple of times, the only problem is they start at 6:00AM, which is not an hour I will ever get up at unless I’m going to the airport or running from a burning building. This week, on March 29th, the party is switching shit up and taking place in the early evening. If you’re unfamiliar with the Daybreaker concept, it’s basically a positive love/dance-fest that is booze free — it’s a dance party for people who care more about dancing than partying. Which means you probably get a lot of self-righteous health nuts, but hey, people who don’t drink (for whatever reason) should still have a place they can comfortably go to to let their hair down. This city is tailor-made for lushes (which is why we love it so much) but that doesn’t mean everyone else should have to suffer. Put on your dancing shoes, grab a green juice and get lit, naturally.


$35-$45, 6:30pm, The Gilded Lily, 408 W 15th St. New York, NY. …


The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: Music by Mister Wallace and Chris of Hur! Drag show debut by Dusty Shoulders! Hosted by Birthday Lady and Tea Set Winner Liliana Dirks-Goodman!