Saturday 09.26.15

Party: Metro Tek – Let’s Dance

My friend Frederic stopped by the NYABF last weekend and reminded me that this monthly downtown Brooklyn dance party is back! If you haven’t been you should check it out, the party has gotten a great response so far. Metro Tek takes place in the backroom of a bar called Harry O’s that “caters to office workers during the week — in fact, it’s usually closed on Saturdays, but we convinced the owner to open up for us.” Expect fog and lasers, (so you should probably bring your friend Molly — she loves going out all year around.) It’s Hosted by Danny Kaplan and Jacob Robichaux, with music by Pete Madden & Tad Haes. “For this event, we’re joining forces with Jacob Robichaux and Danny Kaplan in order to introduce some new folks to our little gem of a dance party. If it’s anything like our last one, things could get...uh, lively.” I like the sound of that. If you are in NYC this weekend and want to avoid the Pope crowd don’t waste your time going to any uptown parties...People and cops are all over the place waiting for the old man, it’s nuts. Stay downtown and in BK. Trust!

$5 before midnight/$10 after, 10:30PM, Harry O’s, 120 Lawrence St. BK, NY.


Thursday 09.24.15

BABY TEA :: 9/20

The Dauphine of Bushwick X Wise Men: Music by Gerry Visco and JX Cannon! Hosted by Ryan Lobo, SocialDucky, and Arantxa Araujo

Wednesday 09.23.15

Party: F.:.NCY HAIR

Mark Dommu told us about his new party called Hair that he started last week and I was like oh cute, love that name. Mark told me that for this week’s edition he’s teaming up with Shane Shane (who’s super fun.) “Shane is one of my favorite queerdos and Fancy has always been one of my favorite performance nights, so this is such an exciting match for me...the crowd was a great mix of cute boys, queers, trans kids, and queens. The shows were fun — Bridget Barkan absolutely SLAYED singing “Aquarius” from Hair and is now going to sing a different song from the show at every party. The vibe is very laid back and inclusive and Macri is definitely the new gay space Williamsburg has been waiting for.” I have to say you gotta love these party kids, they can come up with anything to sell a party. I learn something new every day. Anyways, we always say at GAYLETTER that if it’s a new party — give it a try, you have nothing to lose and you could even look brand new if the crowd doesn’t know you, as opposed to “there’s that tired queen wasted again...” You know what I mean ;).

FREE, 11:00PM, MACRI PARK, 462 Union Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Wednesday 09.16.15

Party: Joey LaBeija Album Release

Joey LaBeija is one of our favorite DJ/producers. He played at our Pride Ball at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn in June and killed it. If you want a refresher on his skills google the live set he did on Sway’s radio show (Sway in The Morning) on Siriusxm. We played it on our last road trip and it made the time fly by. On Wednesday Joey is releasing his debut album, the deeply personal, Shattered Dreams. Here’s what he told The Fader about the album: “Shattered Dreams is a story inspired by the last year of my life, which was this erratic and melancholic journey of confronting insecurities, letting go of the past and discovering my self-worth. This project serves as the soundtrack/background music to the conflicts and self inflicted nightmares that took place in my head through my daily struggle, as opposed to what was actually happening.” I’ve been listening to the album and absolutely love it! On Wednesday Joey will play a DJ set (his last performance before he moves, temporarily, to Kansas City.) Le1f is also djing and Abby b2b Geng and $hayne HBA will be hosting. Congratulate Joey on the new album and wish him safe travels on his adventure to Missouri. Come back soon BB, New York needs you!

$10, 8:00PPM, Cameo Gallery, 93 N. 6th St. Brooklyn, NY.


Saturday 09.12.15

Party: Wrecked pres. Wolfgang Tillmans w/ Michael Magnan & Sean B.

So apparently it’s NY Fashion Week, yeah I know, weird right? I’m still hungover and covered in sand from last weekend — I have no idea how I’m going to pull myself together for all the upcoming parties. Maybe I won’t! Maybe I’ll just watch Netflix in bed all week and save myself for Saturday for the latest edition of Wrecked. This is a special one. The legendary artist Wolfgang Tilmans (pictured) is DJing along with the Wrecked crew (Ryan Smith + Ron Like Hell), Michael Magnan and Sean B. Hosts include Ashton Anders, Michael Bullock and Stewart Uoo. Wrecked parties are always a lot of fun. Expect a lot of dancing, lots of boys, sweat, bodies, booze, poppers…the usual suspects. Come early, stay late. Fuck fashion week and retarded PR white girls with bad attitude, this is the only party you need to be at! Click here for advance tickets.

$5-10, 10:00PM, Good Room, 98 Meserole Ave. Brooklyn, NY.


Tuesday 09.08.15


The Dauphine of Bushwick takes the quaggle to Fire Island Pines — Music and Shows by the House of Bushwig! Horrochata, Charlene, Patti Spliff, and Lol' Kim. Happy Birthday JamesMichael Nichols!

Saturday 09.05.15


Yo Yunique! Thanks for your email. I got it. Yunique wanted us all to know about this party she’s putting together with Neon Christina, and Tygapaw (Fake Accent). Yunique is “a queer female identified Jamaican artist living in NYC. I’m apart of a collective with 2 other Jamaican queers labeled “Bruk 0ut!” An organization  focused on elevating the Caribbean culture within the community.” I am from the Caribbean too, yes Dominicano, so I just got super excited. On their Facebook page the party is described as “a Caribbean Queer Basement For the Massive!” You gotta trust me with this one, this is gonna be a good party. Especially with this line-up of DJS: Juliana Huxtable and Joey Labeija as headliners, then, TYGAPAW, SHYBØI and BattyJack. Don’t come to this party tired or with an attitude, that’s not gonna work. Alright! Loosen up, get ready to get your pussy reset (more about this later), see you there! “Unno Ready?”

$10, 11:00PM, Black Bear Bar, 70 N 6th St. BK, NY.


Thursday 08.27.15

Party: Owl at Julius

Julius throws one of our favorite parties: Mattachine, hosted by John Cameron Mitchell, but it’s not the only fantastic party the tiny west village bar hosts. There’s also Owl, created by my friend David Orton and Nick Schiarizzi, who throws the massive Rhonda parties. So what can you expect from this month’s edition? I’ll let David fill you in on the specifics: “You can expect an evening of dancing, burgers, lust, jealousy, rejection, and disco-induced diarrhea. No other party guarantees to send you home smelling like beef. WE DO.” I mean Eau de beef, what else do you need? How about free therapy sessions? Well, yeah they also have that! “Mini therapy sessions are on offer, from an actual therapist. Because you’re crazy.” Tell me about it! Fix my life Iyanla! But first let me get a vodka soda. I don’t do therapy unless I have a bit of a buzz!

FREE, 9:00PM, Julius, 159 W 10th St. New York, NY.


Sunday 08.16.15


Metropolitan Bar has been hosting a Sunday BBQ for years now, I remember when I was going to FIT and I used to party a lot. Some Sundays I ended up there during the afternoon to pick up where I left off from the night before. I never ate the burgers because I really didn’t grow up eating hamburgers and I was there just to drink — also I was new to the “gay scene,” you get the drill, it was messy, messy, messy… This party Strays happens every Sunday after the BBQ, it’s a “party for the people who like the off nights. The weirdos. Cat Dancers. Hoarders.” Some of the peeps involved in this party are Lady Simon — who’ll be serving “entertainment and wit as per the usual,” plus DJ Jerk Party, DJ Lol Kim, and Michael and Erwin who plan to “serve it up!” Not sure if they are the bartenders or gogos but I am hoping the latter.



Friday 08.14.15

Party: DOODz

Hi Chris Harris, we got your email, thank You! We get lots of emails about happenings in NYC everyday, but we thought yours was particularly good. Chris performs under the name Chris of Hur (pictured, we’ve seen you perform, we are fans!) — she told us about the monthly performance showcase that she runs at Macri Park called DOODz. “The music vibe, helmed by Gringo Starr and Rami Lollipop, steers towards danceable punk, rock, and soul — while staying entirely away from anything even resembling diva pop or electronic dance...a punk/soul dance night with draggidy art faggidy #showzah! At midnight we throw up a clamp light and put on a show!” For this edition of DOODz the performers are Alberto Cortes, Boy Georgia, Erika Klash, Glace Chase, Glossy, Sasha Velour, Ann Artist and more. The resident emcee is Lady Simon. I’d say it’s Friday night! Pop a Miley, or have some puffy, puff, puff and start your weekend right.

FREE, 10:30PM, Macri Park, 462 Union Ave. Brooklyn, NY.