Thursday 06.11.15


Elkel is opening another pop-up shop (June 11-21) on Orchard St. in New York City that you should all go check out. It’s the only store in the US that stocks one of GAYLETTER’s favorite brands, Julian Zigerli, plus they’re selling our magazine, so like, hashtag obsessed. Some of the other brands they carry include Dusty, Bleach Project, Ytinifninfinity, IndyAnna, TILLYandWILLIAM and many more. Here’s more info about the shop: “Tightly curated by founder Kelvin Goncalves, the selection is a sought after mix of local independent makers from all across the globe; Sweden, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, England and the U.S. From styles such as structured, cut-out, digitally printed tailored shirts, to surreal internet glitch tees, to angular mesh tanks, to tops that turn into chaps, the prices hit a diverse spectrum, much like the shoppers themselves.” Weird, hard-to-find, slutty fashion that anyone can afford is what I got from that quote. Basically my dream shop. Melt that bowl in your freezer holding your Discover card and buy some shit!

JUNE 11-21, Elkel, 160 Orchard St. NEW YORK, NY.


Tuesday 06.02.15

Susan Sarandon’s “Embrace Change” Tee

The limited edition tee is available only for a few more hours!

For the longest time when I thought of Susan Sarandon I thought of the haunting beauty she played in Rocky Horror. Years later I still have this reaction, but the woman is so much more than the iconic Janet Weiss. Sarandon is a self-proclaimed feminist, supporter of LGBTQ rights, and everything I wish Hollywood could be. One of Susan’s latest projects, for which she serves as executive producer, is Deep Run — it’s a documentary that tells the story of Cole Ray Davis, an Evangelical teen undergoing a gender transition in a Bible-ridden North Carolina community. The film delves into the main character’s ever-changing family dynamic, his relationship with God, and it could not be more relevant today with trans-visibility in the public eye more than ever.


To help finance the film, Susan has designed a limited edition tee that boldly reads “Embrace Change.” Split and appropriately accented by a lightening strike, the shirt also features two photos of her from her notorious Rocky Horror role. The shirt is available on sale for less than 24 hours with 100% of the proceeds going towards financing the film, which is set to premier this Summer. Buy it betch. Caitlyn Jenner’s isn’t the only trans-tale worth telling!


Get it here. …

Tuesday 10.29.13

Going Nude Against Homophobia

Watch the UK rowing team Warwick Rowers strip down

If you’ve been looking for a good excuse to hop across the pond next year, your search is officially over: the Warwick Rowers are prepping a 2014 edition of their annual nude calendar, shot this time around by photographer Angus Malcolm. And judging by the boys’ sunkissed, totally-NSFW sneak peek video, complete with some of the most superbly gratuitous ass shots you’re likely to see all year, it’s already shaping up to be their best outing yet.


Stripping down for the fifth year in a row, the hot UK rowing team haven’t been baring their perfectly sculpted bodies and flouncing around the English countryside with each other for nothing (not that we’d complain if that were the case, either). As if you needed a better reason to grab your own copy of the calendar, the bulk of the proceeds go directly to Sport Allies, a reach-out program that raises awareness about homophobia, bullying, and low self-esteem, as well as providing 24/7 hotlines for at-risk teenagers struggling with their sexual identity.


Gorgeous, naked, and charitable? Please form a line right in front of me. Check out the video below, and be sure to order your copy of the 2014 calendar at the Warwick Rowers online shop to support their cause.





Wednesday 10.09.13

BUTT’s 2014 calendar

Most calendars are pretty shit. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you even thought about buying one? The 2014 BUTT calendar is going to change all that. First off it’s 384 pages long and an inch and a half thick. It features 100’s of hotties pulled largely from the Men of Club Butt (BUTT’s dating and hookup site). Included in that thick slab of man meat is none other than GAYLETTER’s very own: Abi Benitez. It’s a very modest photo of him cos he’s classy like that, but it’s on Jan 2nd so you know 2014 will get off to a good start.


Besides the sexy photos the calendar also features 12 “gossipy, ultra-frank Q&A’s with some known homosexuals from around the globe.” It’s on sale now at all your favorite gay friendly bookstores (Printed Matter for example) and of course from the Butt online shop…can 2014 hurry up already!? —TOM

Wednesday 07.31.13


Cupcakes and ice cream and pies — oh my! PAPER is back for round two with its Super(Duper)Market. The pop-up shop showcases over 35 vendors selling goodies and treats ranging from jam and spices to kombucha and green tea confections. And that’s not all, there will be ongoing workshops on how to make fanciful food creations like banana dogs and pretzel butterflies. How cute is that?



This fantastical grocery store, curated by PAPER Co-Publisher, Editor, and downtown dynamite Kim Hastreiter, will occupy 4,000 square feet on Mulberry St. The featured markets come from both the west and east coasts, which means you can try yum-yums from California that you’ve never even heard of, or indulge in signature dishes from local favorites like Momofuku Milk Bar and La Esquina. Whatever you want, baby you got it.



FREE, Friday August 2nd and Sunday August 4th 11AM-4PM. Saturday August 3rd 11AM-6PM. 258 Mulberry St. NY, NY.




Thursday 02.14.13

Last minute valentine’s gift!

I personally hate Valentine’s Day. I find it stupid. I see all these basic people buying ugly flowers at designer prices and I just want to vomit. Here at GAYLETTER we have higher standards, so if you’re looking for a gift for someone you love or someone you simply fuck on a regular basis, then this is what we suggest: Battles Pillowcase Set by illustrator and director Mike Mills.


A rainbow may be just a cute cliché for some, but there’s a powerful history behind it. In the 70’s “the rainbow was becoming the symbol for Gay pride. Gilbert Baker created the first rainbow flag by hand, using fabrics he dyed for the 1977 San Francisco Gay Pride parade.” Mills has done Gilbert proud with his updated version. Get this pillow and have a Gay Valentine.  —ABI


$90/$76.50, available at the New Museum StoreEdition of 1000; 2 standard 100% cotton pillowcases

Sunday 11.25.12

Shop: BgSQD

We checked out the opening of the BGSQD (Bureau of General Services Queer Division) pop-up store on the Lower East Side, last Thursday night, and we knew immediately we had to write it up. It struck us as we browsed through the awesome collection of Queer books and zines, that there aren’t any gay-themed bookstores left in NYC. I know you can still buy queer lit on the net, but let’s be honest there’s nothing like browsing touching the real thing in a store filled with all sorts of literature curated just for you. BGSQD was set up to give the fags of New York that exact experience. It’s a place to purchase queer books, magazines, art works, and it’s also an event space. Over the next few months they’ll be hosting a bunch of interesting affairs from readings by Eminent Outlaws author, Christopher Bram to I’m from Driftwood contributors reading stories from the site’s recently published book. The store is open everyday except Monday, through Jan 2013. It’s the perfect place to pick up some Xmas presents for your fam. Some queer knowledge would do your mother good.

11-7pm, BGSQD at the Strange Loop Gallery, 27 Orchard St NY, NY.