Friday 09.13.19


Featuring Forbidden Denimeries, Julia Heueur, Vanessa Schindler, Yvy and our dear friend Julian Zigerli

Tuesday 09.10.19

Backstage at Helmut Lang S/S 2020

Wednesday 09.04.19

Julian Zigerli F/W 2019 – Ring My Bell

Prints in collaboration with Swiss artist & textile designer Christoph Hefti

Sunday 06.30.19

Join The Parade

Artist Michael The III and his beau, Xavid, present us with a selection of vibrating looks perfect for our next pride celebration.

What does pride mean to you?

Xavid: Pride to me is when we as the LGBTQ+ community come together as one to face bigots, bullies, politicians, institutions and media who disagree with who we are or want to put us in a box and throw us into the chimney just because we don’t fit into their “mould”.We are here, loud and proud, to celebrate who we are, who we love and the ride of our life.

Michael: Pride for me, at least this year, has been a time to reflect on the achievements and progress of our community. I’m less interested in rainbows for the sake of rainbows or viewing us all from a distance. I’m interested in learning and educating myself on the individuals who have got us here. And when it’s not time to look backwards, Pride is a time to remember that if we aren’t throwing bricks, we need to be laying them down on the ground, paving a road for more people to tread, giving more opportunities, empowering more individuals of all types, and making sure it’s love that binds each bring together.



What was your thought process behind the looks in Issue 10?

Xavid: I just wanted to have fun, I wanted it to be colourful, vibrant and with a personality that represents how I am as a gender-nonconforming individual. I wanted to exude “flabulousity” from head-to-toe.

Michael: Well Xavid did a great job styling the looks, and my thought process as the photographer was to reflect the mood of the clothing in each scenario; to imagine the clothes as part of the narrative and of course make it gay, queer, fun, everything we love for pride. …

Friday 06.28.19

A dinner celebrating pride 2019 and GAYLETTER issue 10

Hosted by 10 Corso Como with looks by Loewe

Tuesday 06.18.19

Palomo Spain S/S 2020 Collection POMPEII

Friday 06.14.19

Parke & Ronen Resort 2020 Presentation

"Beyond The Rainbow" - their launch event to celebrate Pride month

Monday 06.10.19

NIHL Spring / Summer 2020 at Nowhere Bar

Nowhere Bar is a queer dive destination in the East Village, NYC since 2003.

Friday 06.07.19

N.Hoolywood Spring / Summer 2020

Ka Wa Key Spring / Summer 2020

New York Men's Day

Todd Hessert New York Spring / Summer 2020

Thursday 06.06.19

Telfar celebrates his CFDA nomination for Accessory Designer 2019 at Public Arts