Thursday 06.06.19

Telfar celebrates his CFDA nomination for Accessory Designer 2019 at Public Arts

Wednesday 06.05.19

Vasilis Loizides Spring / Summer 2020

New York Men's Day

Wednesday 05.29.19


Sunday 05.26.19

RuPaul’s DragCon LA 2019 – Day 1

Wednesday 05.08.19

Met Gayla – Camp: Notes on Fashion

Presented by Chiquitita, with special performances by Baby Love, Mthr Trsa, Rify Royalty, Vigor Mortis and West Dakota

Monday 04.01.19

Brian Kenny’s SPECTRUM t-shirt

The artist Brian Kenny, a friend and contributor to our publication, has found function for his reimagined vision of late icon and inspiration Gilbert Baker’s rainbow flag featured in GAYLETTER Issue 7 as a homage to Baker. The story asked that several visual artist from different backgrounds pay homage to Baker by presenting their take on the rainbow flag. Kenny’s submission took form in a new rendition of the flag — blending together a rainbow gradient to create his own interpretation. Kenny explained: “We are starting to move beyond separate sexual labels into a more fluid notion of sexuality and gender, where our own unique expressions or identities fall somewhere on a spectrum between gay and straight, male and female, and can change over time.”


As a reminder of this year’s celebration to the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, World Pride will be held in New York City this year, which means we gotta start early looking for those rainbow looks. For the occasion he’s created a t-shirt that utilizes his “Spectrum” design. Start getting together your short shorts, glitter, and sunscreen for what’s going to be a memorable Pride extravaganza and pair it with this t-shirt.






Get your SPECTRUM t-shirt here. …

Saturday 03.16.19

Slava Mogutin x Helmut Lang: Helmut Go-Go

Call 1-833-HELL-YES, it’s not phone sex it’s Helmut Lang.

Here’s the freshly released Slava Mogutin x Helmut Lang collection — Slava, our friend and collaborator (remember the Katya Zamolodchikova feature from Issue 6?), paired up with artist and South African creative director Jan Wandrag to create a new edition in the Helmut Lang ‘Logo Hack’ collaboration. The series features a variety of artists that bring their own taste to the classic Helmut Lang staples. Known for their reimagined uniform and workwear, Helmut Lang keeps it’s classical construction with tinges of new embellishments brought to you by Mogutin and Wandrag themselves.


This wouldn’t be Slava’s first time working with Helmut Lang, the collaboration is derived from a decade old project under the same title, “Helmut Go-Go” where then studio manager of Helmut Lang, Joakim Andreasson, gave Slava the opportunity to photograph his personal archive. Slava’s known for his hypersexual photography so you should already know he fashioned cheeky go-go boys and rough trade in the rich archive that ended up being too raunchy for the fashion industry. The original Helmut Go-Go images can almost exclusively be found in his most recent book from 2017 entitled ‘Bros and Brosephines,’ which you should definitely add to your collection.


The other imagery accompanying the Helmut Lang archive in ‘Bros and Brosephines’ caught the eye of current creative director Thomas Cawson who enacted the ‘Logo Hack’ collaboration. The designs also made direct reference to Mogutin’s 2008 book titles ‘Stock Boyz’ which balanced the line between the hypermasculine financial sphere and the feminine trials of sexuality. …

Thursday 02.21.19

VAQUERA Fall/Winter 2019

Wednesday 02.20.19

Susanne Bartsch presents: BOOM! Valentines Day

Kabaret Boom at The Top of the Standard, NYC.

Monday 02.18.19

Gauntlett Cheng Fall/Winter 2019

Tuesday 02.12.19

Patrick Church Fall/Winter 2019 “Dearly Beloved”

Monday 02.11.19

Backstage at Palomo Spain Fall/Winter 2019