Issue 15

Jovanni Furlan & Harper Watters | Photography by Malik Dupree

Ana Benaroya | Text by Tyler Akers

Willy Chavarria | Photography by Eric McArthur | Text by Chris Stewart

Macy Rodman | Photography by Daniel Cavanaugh | Interview by Charlene Incarnate

A short history of the thong | Text by Shiv Kotecha | Photography by Abi Benitez

Krzysztof Strzelecki | Text by Tyler Akers

Tama Gucci | Photography by Jean Toir | Text by Julian Kroll

Jenna Gribbon | Portrait by Malik Dupree | Text by Tyler Akers

Lady Bunny | Photography by Vincent Dilio | Set Design by Tyler Akers | Text by Elias Baez

Sal Salandra | Portrait by Jorge Sánchez | Text by Logan Lockner

Patrick Carroll | Photography by Blake Jacobsen | Text by Langston Dillard

Cole Escola | Photography by Norbert Garcia Jr.

Altu | Photography by Wish Thanasarakhan | Set Design by Abigail Lewis | Text by Tom Jackson

Troy Montes-Michie | Artworks by Troy Montes-Michie

Charli XCX | Photography by Matt Grubb | Styling by Chris Horan | Text by Tom Jackson