Issue 9

Miss Benny | Photography by Daniel Cavanaugh

À La Briefs | Photography by Mickey Aloisio

Michael Stipe | Text by Ryan Leahey | Photography by Alexey Kim

Soft Sculptures | Styling by Chris Stewart | Photography by Stephen Velastegui

Diego Montoya | Photography by Agustin Hernandez

Hearts of Glass | Photography by Cyle Suesz

Julian Zigerli x Walter Pfeiffer | Photography by Brian Vu

Vander Von Odd | Styling by Bcalla | Photography by Katt Fox

Your Post Has Been Deleted | Text by Gio Black Peter | Photography by Benjamin Fredrickson

Penny Arcade | Text by Patrick Sweeney | Photography by Lia Clay

Unity Skateboards | Text by Michael Bullock | Photography by Daniel Trese

Matthew Morrocco | Text by Arshy Azizi

Christeene | Text and Photography by Slava Mogutin

João Gabriel | Text by Benoît Loiseau | Portrait by Rodrigo Álvarez

She Shoots Men | Text by Tom Jackson | Photography by Vivienne Maricevic

Kim Petras | Text by Chris Stewart | Photography by Luke Gilford

Monumental| Text by Landon Gray Mitchell | Photography by David Benjamin Sherry

On The Clock| Styling by Christopher Rao | Photography by Vincent Dilio